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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 1

Yin-Yang Murder

Chapter 1: Yin-Yang Murder 1

Han Rong is a third-rate writer, using the pen name “Adu Shisan”, currently serializing a mystery novel titled “Yin-Yang Murder” on Jinjiang Literature City, which combines supernatural elements and suspense. His side job is as a screenwriter for a film and television company. He is usually idle unless there’s a major scene to be filmed, in which case he accompanies the crew, eating and sleeping outdoors to be available for script revisions at any time.

Just after finishing a shoot, he didn’t attend the wrap-up party and returned home exhausted. Upon pushing the door open, he noticed two pairs of shoes in the entrance. One pair was very familiar, belonging to his boyfriend Chen Sheng, and the other pair was unfamiliar, belonging to someone he didn’t know.

The bedroom light was on, the door slightly ajar. He furrowed his brow and pushed the door open—there was a handsome man sitting shirtless on the bed, with torn condoms and open lubricant on the bedside table.

The man was playing with his phone and, upon seeing him enter, smiled and said, “Oh, you’re back.”

His tone made it sound as if he were the host here.

At that moment, Chen Sheng emerged from the bathroom, dripping wet. It wasn’t clear whether it was before or after the act, but his complexion didn’t look good.

Han Rong said, “Your *derailment partner 1?”

Chen Sheng remained silent.

Han Rong nodded, calmly saying, “Leave on your own, or shall I throw you both out?”

Not long after, he tossed the naked pair out the door with a bang, leaving the world peaceful again.

Han Rong had a serious case of cleanliness obsession. He glanced at the messy bed and scattered clothes on the floor, ran his fingers through his hair, pulled out a suitcase from the closet, packed his things, and left the city overnight.

“I need some peace and quiet,” he told himself.

He always felt that if he stayed here and continued to see Chen Sheng, he might do something irreparable.


Han Rong arrived in a new city, changed his phone number, bought a few psychology books, and rented a new house in a secluded upscale neighborhood.

Everything started anew.

He told himself that without Chen Sheng, it wasn’t so difficult.

He kept himself busy, typing away on a Word document, writing the new chapter of “Yin-Yang Murder”.

Only in the dead of night, when it was especially cold under the covers, would he suddenly think of his ex-boyfriend whom he’s known for ten years.

Why did he suddenly stray?

Let him think about it, it seems like Chen Sheng always complained that he wasn’t considerate enough and didn’t cooperate with him in bed.

Han Rong is emotionally cold. After so many years together, the number of times they had intimate contact could be counted on one hand.

Chen Sheng seemed to have a lot of grievances.

Han Rong thought: Would not doing it really kill him?

Perhaps for someone like Chen Sheng, who is used to lingering in the flower gardens, it really would.

The new apartment hadn’t turned on the heating yet, and Han Rong shivered in the cold of the late night, tossing and turning unable to sleep. At this moment, the doorbell rang incessantly. Han Rong ignored it, but then came the sound of knocking on the door.

“Who is it?”

Wrapped in a blanket, Han Rong, with an unfriendly expression, stepped on the plush slippers and went to the door, squinting through the peephole. All he could see was a black trench coat and a sexy Adam’s apple; the person outside was too tall to see the face clearly.

He stuffed the boxing gloves from the cabinet into his arms and opened the door.

“Hi.” Outside the door, a handsome and tall man waved and greeted him with a smile.

Han Rong subconsciously tried to close the door, but the other person squeezed in, saying with a smile, “Let’s talk.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. Chen Sheng, that stupid c*nt, I’ve given him to you as a present. May you live a long and happy life together and die with no progeny.”

*die with no progeny – die childless/ be the last of your family line

“I don’t want him.” Perhaps because of the cold weather, the other person’s lips were red, like a bright cherry. He licked his lips and stared straight at Han Rong.

Han Rong felt goosebumps all over his body from being stared at, and he pushed the man out, but the man still tried to squeeze in. So, Han Rong slammed the door shut, treating the man like a sandwich and giving him a hard pinch.

With a bang, it must have hurt.

He could see the cold sweat on the man’s forehead in an instant.

Stupid c*nt!

Han Rong finally couldn’t hold back his anger.

“Are you crazy?”

The other person had a smile on his face, but his voice was shaky from the pain. He still stubbornly asked, “Can we talk now?”

“No.” Han Rong coldly refused.

“So heartless.” The other person smiled with pleasure. His face was very beautiful and somewhat seductive.

Han Rong felt annoyed, why did he have feelings for his ex-boyfriend’s derailment partner?? Love and hate relationship, is it?

He kicked the other person out of the door with one foot, then slammed it shut with a bang.

The world became quiet once again.

After being exposed to the wind for a while, Han Rong froze like a popsicle. He quickly wrapped himself in a blanket and rushed into the bathroom, turning on the hot water tap and taking a brisk shower, finally feeling warm. He had originally intended to go back to the bedroom to sleep, but somehow, as if driven by some inexplicable force, he found himself walking towards the door again, leaning closer to the peephole to look.

The other person was sitting on the ground, leaning against the door, asleep. His eyes were purple, as if he hadn’t slept for days. His beautiful face looked tired and fragile. Han Rong couldn’t help but admit that even he, someone who was not easily swayed by emotions, felt a bit moved by the fox-like charm of that face.

No wonder Chen Sheng would abandon a ten-year relationship just like that.

Han Rong felt a hint of soreness in his eyes, rubbed them, and then went back to the bedroom to sleep.

But he couldn’t fall asleep.

He had trouble sleeping, so he asked a friend abroad to buy a high-tech bed to help him sleep, which cost him a year’s salary because of its advanced technology. But now, that bed had been tainted by adulterers.

He suddenly felt nauseous, his scalp tingling, his stomach sour.

Han Rong lay on his back, staring at the pitch-black ceiling for a while. The bed beneath him was uncomfortably hard, and he suddenly felt a surge of anger. He turned on the light, sat up, and took out his phone to access online banking.

Psychologically speaking, it’s not advisable to make decisions in the middle of the night because the brain isn’t fully awake at this time.

Han Rong understood this principle, but he couldn’t control his hands from ordering another high-tech bed. As he watched the balance in his account decrease rapidly, he did a quick calculation. MMP 2, he wouldn’t be able to afford next month’s rent!

Tragic ah. Truly tragic ah, extremely tragic.

He decided to get up and rush to finish his manuscript to earn money.

Han Rong quickly got out of bed, got dressed, opened his laptop, and typed for a while. His stomach growled with hunger. He planned to go to the kitchen to find something to eat. As he passed through the living room, he turned on the TV. The evening news reported that H City was about to experience a once-in-a-century snowstorm, which could lead to snow disasters. They advised all units and households to take preventive measures.

He looked out the window, and it was indeed snowing.

Feathery white snowflakes fell gently from the sky. The outdoor temperature was estimated to be several degrees below zero. Sleeping outside in this weather could easily result in death by morning.

It was unclear what would happen if his ex-boyfriend’s derailment partner died at his doorstep.

So, Han Rong opened the door, and a huge figure collapsed inside.

The man’s head knocked against the floor, instantly turning red. He touched his head, smiling hazily at Han Rong, “So cold.”

With the howling wind and snow outside, Han Rong reached out and pulled him inside, then slammed the door shut with a bang.

“Go take a shower. Don’t freeze to death in my house.”

After saying that, without even looking at the man, Han Rong walked to the kitchen and retrieved a bowl of instant noodles from the refrigerator. Afflicted by laziness, he didn’t want to boil water, so he tore open the packaging and chewed a few bites. The instant noodles were dry and spicy, difficult to swallow. Expressionless, he threw them into the trash can, deciding not to torment his stomach any further.

The man quickly finished his shower, steaming hot as he walked out. Seeing the half-eaten instant noodles in the trash can, he said to Han Rong, who was sitting on the sofa watching TV, “Eating this is unhealthy. Let me cook for you.”

“You won’t poison it, will you?”

The man laughed joyfully again, entered the kitchen, and rummaged through the refrigerator, where the cleaning lady had bought vegetables and meat. He washed them, cooked rice, made scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and a vegetable and tofu soup.

Watching his busy figure, Han Rong felt that life was truly miraculous. Wasn’t he still living in a dream?

His ex-boyfriend’s derailment partner was preparing a midnight snack for him.

It was really a suspenseful drama unfolding.

After finishing a variety show, the man called him for dinner. Han Rong went to the living room without saying anything, pulled out a chair, sat down, and started eating.

He wouldn’t mind being poisoned for real.

That way, he wouldn’t be restless anymore.

After he finished his meal, the man obediently went to wash the dishes.

Han Rong felt this must be a nightmare, so he tapped his forehead and returned to the bedroom to continue writing. Halfway through, a warm body pressed against him from behind.

His typing hand paused, and he coldly said, “Get off.”

The man’s hot breath was near his ear, and he chuckled, saying, “I see you shivering from the cold. Let me warm you up.”

The man’s body was very warm.

Han Rong turned to glance at him, “Is this the normal temperature for a regular person?”

The man laid his head on Han Rong’s shoulder, squinting his eyes and smiling, “The doctor said I have a slight fever.”

Han Rong glanced inside his coat.

This idiot was still wearing a hospital gown.

“Did you escape from a hospital? Which psychiatric hospital? I’ll take you back.”

The man kept laughing and didn’t answer, circled around Han Rong from behind, and buried his head in his shoulder. “Don’t you feel a bit warmer now?”

Indeed, it was quite warm.


What a way to start it off!

Another novel I started but never finished translating. This one is from back in March which is relatively commendable compared to the ones from like 2 years ago. I seriously have a hoarding problem. My drive is filled with a bunch of unfinished novels or ones that I only did the synopsis and forgot. I’m picking at random and committing to finish them by posting. This is the 3rd in my “Fiction Phoenix Forge” ( Get it? Coz they’re rising from the ashes of my drive like phoenixes and forge; furnace for smelting and shaping metal or the act of shaping the metal; in my case it’s novels). Anyway this particular novel made an impression on me because of a twist that caught me completely off-guard plus I’m a fan of detective/suspense novels. The other two were a fluffy one Overbearing CEO and a drama/steamy one Parental Guidance. This one is also longer that the other two, 50+ chaps. I don’t know whether it’s actually good since I post while reading but let’s find out together!

PS. You can check out the other detective novels I’ve worked on if this genre is your cup of tea! Criminal Investigation Notes(Completed) and Criminal Investigation Files(Ongoing)

Disclaimer 1: I’m an MTLER! As such, I do not promise accurate output from this site. There might be awkward-sounding texts that might bring about confusion. Be warned. The most I can promise is to edit enough to make it readable. If you spot any discrepancies in the sentence structure or flow e.g. random name changes, wrong pronouns etc., kindly inform me. HELP ME HELP YOU! I’ve already said it so if it ends up being a bit too much to handle all the errors and mistakes, it’s okay to stop reading until hopefully a human translator picks up the story in future. I accept productive criticism just don’t be harsh and make me feel like sh*t about it. I’m doing this for fun and it’s not fun being dissed.

Disclaimer 2: This story is listed under Danmei. For the pure ones out there, this refers to BL(Boys’ Love). TWO MEN WILL FALL IN LOVE! Kindly heed this before getting into the story if that is not something you’re comfortable with.

Disclaimer 3: I don’t have a schedule so updates may be sporadic. I work full-time while also studying so even if I’m just editing MTLs, I can’t be as fast as I want. I might go MIA once in a while due to school and work stuff, but I’ll make sure to inform you in advance, on discord, if I need to take a break.


Disclaimer 5: You can also support the editor

Disclaimer 6: I read while translating so I have no idea what goes on ahead. So for those who read far ahead, please feel free to edit the Novel Update tags for this or my other projects. You can also rate and add the novel to your reading lists while you’re there 😏

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Translator Notes
  1. Go off the tracks/derail – fig extramarital affair[]
  2. 媽賣批 [mā mài pī] This is a sexist expletive phrase from the Chongqing, Sichuan dialect. It means “Your mom is a prostitute.” The alternatives are mmp [pinyin acronym] and X賣批 [mā mài pī]. English equivalents could be motherf*cker, son of a b*tch[]
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