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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Split Up

Han Rong’s situation was excellent, and he felt that he had never been better. At night, Ji Yan held him as they slept, and he wouldn’t be awakened by those heart-wrenching nightmares at midnight. He rarely thought about Chen Sheng, almost forgetting what the other looked like. However, lying in Ji Yan’s arms, he occasionally made such remarks, “The best always waits for you in the end.”

He and Dr. Ji had never had a disagreement or a fight because Dr. Ji could understand his innermost feelings, knowing what he wanted and what he was thinking.

Every day, Dr. Ji blushed and confessed his love to him.

Dr. Ji’s life experiences were very pure, with a well-rounded development from an early age in moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic aspects. He didn’t engage in early romance or rebellion, and after growing up, he focused on medical research, achieving significant success. The only exception was his incurable affection for Han Rong.

He had some traditional and outdated Chinese views, such as valuing chastity and lifelong commitment in love. So, for the time being, Han Rong didn’t have to worry that Ji Yan would linger in the flower beds like Chen Sheng.

Ji Yan made Han Rong feel something deep from within. The stunning young man made of ice and snow genuinely cared about him, didn’t care about societal judgments, and truly loved him.

Han Rong was very happy. He sat on a swing, rocking back and forth, singing mountain songs. These were songs taught to them by instructors during their school days—some were heroic and passionate war songs, while others were lingering and sentimental love songs.

Ji Yan sat nearby, analyzing medical conditions, occasionally looking up at him.

At such times, Han Rong would smile, pointing to his lips, and then Dr. Ji would get up and walk over, bending down to give him a tender kiss, never tired of it.

This kind of life continued for three months.

“Doctor, I feel like I’m almost recovered. What reward are you going to give me?” Han Rong’s eyes sparkled with vitality. Time had not left any traces on him; he seemed forever like the handsome 22-year-old youth.

“Introduce you to my parents,” Ji Yan said.

“I won’t be chased away with a stick, will I?”

“No, my parents appreciate you a lot.” Ji Yan kissed the corner of his eye to reassure him. “They’ve wanted to meet you for a long time, but at that time, your condition was unstable, and they were afraid of affecting your treatment.”

Han Rong hooked his sleeve, smiling and saying, “The young master of the Ji family falling for someone with a mental illness doesn’t sound too good when spread around.”

“I like you, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re so outstanding; my brother said I wouldn’t be worthy of you if I didn’t work hard. He read your file from the military academy and really likes you.”

The elders of the Ji family all had a kind of cherishing talent sentiment towards Han Rong.

Han Rong’s lips curled up, and he buried his face in Ji Yan’s embrace.

“Rong’er, Young Master Ji, you two…” At this moment, a shocked and puzzled voice interrupted.

As soon as Han Rong heard this voice, a nerve in his brain started twitching. Ji Yan massaged his temples, “Relax, don’t think about it.”

After finally calming down, he said coldly, “I’m going to rest in the room.”


From start to finish, Han Rong didn’t even glance at Chen Sheng.

Chen Sheng still stood outside the small door, holding the fresh blue enchantress in his arms. His expression went from surprise to disbelief, then turned into anger, roaring like an enraged lion as he charged toward Ji Yan, “I asked you to treat him, not to seduce him!”

Ji Yan remained indifferent, “What right do you have to criticize us? You’re not even worthy of him.”

Chen Sheng forced a laugh, gritting his teeth, “What do you mean?”

Ji Yan said, “Your path in life will always be restricted by the family. If you want to go further and smoother, at present, you still can’t do without your father’s protection. But I’m different from you. I don’t have these burdens.”

Ji Yan achieved his current status without relying on his family at all. That’s also why he chose to study medicine in the first place. Although he could have succeeded in other fields, medical research was always pure, straightforward. It was either successful or not. This made him more independent. So, he had the confidence to oppose his parents. Even if he left the family, he could still live well.

“What you want in terms of interests and honors conflicts with Han Rong. You can’t have both. But I can. Chen Sheng, you can’t live without the glamorous and dazzling high life. So stop disturbing us.”

“Us? He belongs to me!”

“Just in the past. That time has passed. You’ve lost him. He won’t return to your side.”

Chen Sheng laughed in frustration, “Where does your confidence come from?”

Ji Yan replied calmly, “You can’t even protect the person you love, so what right do you have to talk about loving him? I’m grateful to you for going to great lengths to get him into 717, letting him escape from your father’s control, and for letting me meet him. From now on, he has nothing to do with you. I will cherish him, care for him, protect him, and heal him.”

“Please leave our sight. Don’t try to brainwash the dean or play such tricks as changing doctors. My father’s vision isn’t so narrow; he knows very well that Han Rong is an outstanding talent. As long as he’s cured, in time, his contributions to society will outweigh any drawbacks.”

Frustrated, Chen Sheng paced back and forth, pondering the information conveyed by Ji Yan’s words. He stood still and sneered, “You want to tie Han Rong to the Ji family. Every case he solves brings him great fame, which is equivalent to adding glory to the Ji family. And you say you’re not riding on someone else’s coattails! You’re using him!”

Ji Yan remained composed, “You need to rely on the family to make your life smoother, so you choose to hurt Han Rong, while I use the family to protect him. Are these two comparable? You’re worthless and oblivious; don’t you find that pathetic?” There was a hint of disdain in his eyes, as if saying, “How could Han Rong ever fall for trash like you?” He then realized that the thinking of a mentally ill person couldn’t be judged by common sense, so he let it go.

At this moment, Chen Sheng couldn’t maintain his noble demeanor any longer. He threw a large bundle of Blue Enchantresses at Ji Yan. At the same time, a figure rushed over and pulled Ji Yan away from that spot.

With a snap, the delicate and charming Blue Enchantresses shattered on the ground.

“If you don’t want me to kill you, get out!”

Han Rong returned to the room, tossing and turning on the bed, worried that Ji Yan, a liberal arts student, would suffer in the hands of Chen Sheng, who came from a military academy. So he walked out again. As soon as he pushed the door open, he saw Chen Sheng about to attack Ji Yan and immediately rushed out, restraining his anger to avoid kicking Chen Sheng to death.

As soon as Chen Sheng saw Han Rong, his anger dissipated, and a trace of sorrow appeared on his brows. His voice softened, “I know, I couldn’t face you because of your mother, so you don’t want to forgive me—”

“Shut up!” Han Rong suddenly interrupted him, his expression contorted, his voice piercing and sharp, “What right do you have to mention her?!”

Chen Sheng had touched his sore spot, unforgivable!

Before Han Rong could go mad and attack Chen Sheng, Ji Yan knocked him out with a karate chop.

“Get lost!” He caught Han Rong’s limp body, eyes chilling, and sternly shouted at Chen Sheng, “If you don’t want trouble for the Chen family, get out of Han Rong’s sight!”

Chen Sheng’s pupils contracted, “What do you—”

Ji Yan spoke into the miniature walkie-talkie on his collar, enunciating each word as if squeezing them through his teeth, “Escort, Chen, Young Master, out, of, 717!”


Soon, a group of well-trained bodyguards appeared and “escorted” Chen Sheng out.

Ji Yan held Han Rong tightly, his lips trembling as he kissed his forehead. Feeling the heat from the lips on his skin, Ji Yan’s mind became muddled and chaotic, as if it was about to split apart.

After a while, he heard a cold voice asking strangely, “What’s wrong? Did your wife die ah?”

Ji Yan lowered his head, and Han Rong, in his arms, opened his eyes, reaching out to touch Ji Yan’s face, saying, “Why are you so sad?”

“You have a fever again.” Ji Yan rubbed his cheek against Han Rong’s, face to face, still trembling, and said with lingering fear, “I’m so afraid that something might happen to you.”

“My health isn’t that bad.” Han Rong pushed him away, stood straight, and said, “Back in school, even in sub-zero temperatures in winter, I used to take cold showers.” Glancing around, he found the surroundings familiar and said, “Back at Xuezhou Hospital?”

“Mmh. It’s the closest to your home.”

“Oh.” Han Rong didn’t ask much, turned and walked out, saying, “Then let’s go home.”

Ji Yan followed, holding his hand. Han Rong shook it twice but couldn’t break free, so he just went along.

When they returned to the apartment, they saw a bulky figure squatting at the door, the shiny light bulb quite conspicuous. Han Rong looked somewhat helpless, touched his forehead, and said, “Officer Ling, every time I see you, it’s never good news. Are you bringing some bad news again?”

Ling Feng’s tone was even more helpless than his, “I don’t want to either. The expert from the Serious Crimes Unit hasn’t returned from a business trip yet, and there’s been another homicide in our jurisdiction.”

Han Rong stared at the raven tattoo on Ling Feng’s neck, saying, “Isn’t that a crow you’ve tattooed? Quickly wash it off; it’s unlucky!”

“…” Ling Feng remained silent for a moment and said, “It’s an eagle.”

Han Rong: ???

Han Rong looked at Ling Feng with a pitying gaze, as if he was looking at a dead client, and said, “Stop going to those foot-washing tattoo shops in the alleys. They don’t have good stuff.”

“Enough talk!” Ling Feng tossed his cigarette butt to the ground and stomped on it with his sneakers, saying, “Come to the police station with me. This case is a bit tricky.”

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