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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Hotpot 1

The Serious Crime Unit of the Hucheng Police Sub-bureau.

“The victim, male, aged between 28 and 35, died around 3 am. His stomach contained undigested beef and mutton, with a large amount of alcohol in his blood. His genital organs were removed, and the wounds were rough and uneven. There are no signs of struggle on his body. DNA identification will take some time to confirm his identity,” Bai Xinhuai read the autopsy report expressionlessly.

“The last victim was a woman, and now it’s a man? Is this person a male prostitute?” Ding Ding, with his left elbow in a cast, a white bandage wrapped around his neck, remarked.

“Have you ever seen such an ugly male prostitute?” Ling Feng raised his hand and patted the back of Ding Ding’s head. “Nowadays, most men who like playing with men are wealthy people with high tastes.”

Han Rong raised an eyebrow. “It seems Officer Ling is quite well-informed about Anti-Pornography matters.”

Ding Ding gave a knowing smile, and Ling Feng coughed awkwardly. Sensing Ling Feng might choke on his saliva, Han Rong tactfully changed the subject, “Take me to see the deceased. I want to conduct a psychological autopsy.”

The deceased was about 175 centimeters tall, with a sharp chin, a large nose, a slim figure, and flashy tattoos on both arms, wearing a yellow tank top and large shorts.

After observing for a while, Han Rong said, “The deceased didn’t have a legitimate occupation, possibly involved in petty theft. He had a strong sexual desire and prowess. He liked to go to disreputable massage parlors in the Red Light District. From the undigested meat in his stomach, it seems he visited a food stall or hot pot restaurant three hours before his death, drinking heavily with friends. After dispersing, he was drunk and disoriented, walking alone, and was caught and killed by the perpetrator, who then mutilated his genital organs. Based on the psychological autopsy of the deceased, it is speculated that the perpetrator was familiar with the victim’s habits, knowing when he usually had late-night snacks and entertainment. It’s likely that the perpetrator observed the victim for some time.”

Ding Ding asked, “He died in an alley behind the Red Light District. The owner of a food stall found him when taking out the trash. But how did you determine he had strong sexual prowess?”

Han Rong pointed to the victim’s face. “By reading his physiognomy 1. Generally, people with large and prominent noses have good sexual abilities.” He teased Ling Feng, “Just like your boss.”

Ling Feng retorted, “Mr. Ji has such a prominent nose, so he must be good too. Why didn’t you mention that?”

Han Rong suddenly felt strange in his heart, thinking that Ling Feng’s words made sense, but why did he want to agree with him?

Ding Ding asked strangely, “Why are you blushing?”

“Huh? Am I blushing?”

“Yes,” both Ding Ding and Ling Feng nodded, and Bai Xinhuai even considerately took out a mirror and opened it in front of him so he could see clearly.


Son of a b*tch! Who’s this guy in the mirror blushing like a monkey’s butt?

Ji Yan chuckled softly beside him.

“No laughing allowed!” Han Rong shouted, and when he met Ji Yan’s smiling phoenix eyes, his face flushed even more.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Based on my two months of experience in Anti-Pornography work, these two definitely have an affair,” said the officer sitting in front of the computer, with a slightly round figure. He looked about the same age as Ding Ding, probably just graduated.

Han Rong remained indifferent. “New recruit?”

Ding Ding shook his head. “The Serious Crime Unit is short-staffed, so the Anti-Pornography Unit next door provided friendly support and specially loaned an information officer.”

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Translator Notes
  1. physiognomy- the supposed art of judging character from facial characteristics.[]
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