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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Hot Pot 3

Rewind a few hours.

Huangkou Red Light District, 23:00.

Ding Ding had never ventured deep into the decadent and debauched Red Light District. Standing at the entrance, he felt terrified at the sight of scantily dressed women and refused to take a step forward.

Yuan Fei, on the other hand, was different. Assigned to the Anti-Pornography Unit even during his internship, he seemed to be quite “worldly-wise”. He had shed his solemn police uniform for a non-mainstream, ripped T-shirt, topped with a yellow wig, and adopted a sleazy appearance. He pulled Ding Ding’s arm and walked forward, strolling through the Red Light District as if it were his own backyard.

Ding Ding was surprised, “Aren’t your informants all otaku? How come you seem so at ease?”

Yuan Fei chuckled, “Who fed you that misconception? Besides, do you think undercover work requires us to announce loudly, ‘I’m a cop, sellers stand on the left, buyers stand on the right, passersby stand in the middle’?”

“How else are you going to investigate then?”

Yuan Fei flicked his coquettish bangs and swaggered with a confident gait, “Quickly learn from the dedication of our Anti-Pornography Unit sir!”

Yuan Fei led Ding Ding into an alley, “Huangkou Red Light District is famous for its massage parlors, offering foot baths, massages, and hairdressing services all in one. If you ask around, buddy, which massage parlor nearby is good? Eight out of ten times, they won’t take you to a brothel. Everyone in this business is very cautious. They would rather not do business than take risks. Therefore, brothels here only do business with acquaintances or through referrals. They judge if you’re ‘familiar’ using ‘slang’. The slang for brothels varies in each area.

Here in Huangkou, it’s like this: ‘Old pal, us two brothers have itchy heads, which shop here is clean?’

‘Are there many styles?’

‘Is the pricing reasonable?’

Yuan Fei intercepted a burly man and had a conversation with him in a practiced manner. After the man pointed out a shop, Yuan Fei took out a pack of Double Happiness cigarettes from his pocket and handed one to him. The man didn’t refuse and lit it up immediately. After puffing out some smoke, he nodded at Yuan Fei, glanced at Ding Ding, and smirked lasciviously, “You young folks know how to have fun.”

Leaving behind this puzzling remark, the man walked away.

Yuan Fei headed in the direction indicated by the man, and Ding Ding quickly followed, asking, “Why did I feel so disgusted by the way he looked at me just now?”

Yuan Fei replied, “Oh, I told him that we, the two brothers, were looking for a threesome with a beautiful woman.”

Ding Ding: ???

Yuan Fei glanced at him and grinned mischievously, “Who do you think is itching?”

Ding Ding received the signal, his mind quickly processed it and his face immediately turned bright red. After half a day he choked out a stifled, “F*ck!”

“Society, it’s still your Anti-Pornography Unit’s society!” 

Officer Ding was impressed.

The location of this massage parlor was quite remote. Through the semi-transparent glass door, several women in black silk camisoles could be seen sitting inside, playing with their phones. Yuan Fei was about to push the door open when his arm was grabbed. Turning his head, he saw Ding Ding, blushing furiously, hesitatingly asking, “Are we really going in?”

Yuan Fei was amazed. Ding Ding, who usually feared nothing, was unexpectedly innocent.

“Otherwise, are you going to wait for me outside? We’ve also discovered during our anti-pornography operations that there are lookouts. Don’t worry, they won’t suspect us.”

After a brief mental struggle, Ding Ding shook his head with determination and clenched his fist, “I want to observe and learn!”

“Pff,” Yuan Fei couldn’t help but laugh, patting his arm, “Let’s go, old pal. With big brother taking you to fly, no female evil spirits dare to eat you!”

As the door opened, a few lazy glances swept over them, and with a cautious tone, they asked, “You look unfamiliar. What do you want?”

Yuan Fei casually walked in and closed the door behind him. He replied, “Hmm yeah. Just started working here. Heard it’s fun, so came over.”

A blonde woman with big wavy hair stood up, smiling, “What service do you want?”

“Full health care ah!” Yuan Fei squinted his eyes and glanced at her chest.

“What are you staring at? So rude.” The woman coquettishly scolded, pulling Yuan Fei towards the curtain. Yuan Fei quickly beckoned Ding Ding, “Bro, come on in.”

Ding Ding followed them inside. Behind the curtain was a small room with two massage beds and several stools. Ding Ding quickly sat down in a corner, picked up a magazine, and absentmindedly flipped through it.

Yuan Fei took off his shirt, lay down on the bed, and asked, “What should I call you?”

“Xiao Wei.” The woman rubbed some massage cream on her hands and started massaging his shoulders.

The two chatted casually, and soon became familiar. Yuan Fei entertained Xiao Wei with internet jokes, making her giggle.

After a while, Yuan Fei sighed, “I was originally afraid to come.”

Xiao Wei pinched his waist, “Afraid that big sister would eat you?”

Yuan Fei held her hand, smiling meaningfully, “Can big sister handle me? Afraid big sister’s little mouth might hurt.”

“You naughty boy!” Xiao Wei blushed and withdrew her hand slowly. Then she heard him say, “I heard someone nearby was killed in revenge.”

Xiao Wei added with a smirk, “Good riddance.”

Ding Ding flipped through the magazine, seemingly casually asking, “Was that person thoroughly wicked? Why celebrate their death?”

Xiao Wei snorted, “He used to be in a gang and later became someone’s kept man. That woman often bullied and oppressed other sisters, not letting them do business. They even teamed up to deceive innocent girls.”

Yuan Fei’s mouth oozed with oil again, “Oh, is that woman pretty? Is she good in bed? Hahaha.”

“What’s there to be good at? Aren’t they all the same? Bad guy, thinking about other women even here.” Perhaps out of a sense of rivalry, Xiao Wei smiled enchantingly, holding Yuan Fei’s hand and rubbing it against her chest.

Just as they were about to make contact, Yuan Fei pulled his hand away, took out a work badge from his pants pocket, and said with a smile, “Sister, police investigation.”

Xiao Wei’s smile froze on her face, and then Ding Ding’s cold voice came from behind, “Where is that woman?”

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