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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Hot Pot 4

“A’Sir, you’re a bit too wicked. It’s just after the New Year, and as soon as we open, you come to bring bad luck to us. Do you still want us to survive?” Xiao Wei pouted, then smiled seductively, “The two younger brothers look unfamiliar, just graduated from the police academy?”

“Don’t waste time!” Ding Ding reprimanded in a low voice, “What’s the name of the dead hoodlum, and where is his kept woman?”

Xiao Wei asked in surprise, “How come the Anti-Pornography Unit is dealing with a dead man’s case?”

Ding Ding impatiently showed her his detective badge from the Serious Crimes Unit Yuan Fei smiled and said, “Sister, we are now working together across departments for efficient law enforcement! If you don’t want to end up in jail, please cooperate.”

“Fine, fine.” Xiao Wei, seeing that they were rookie undercover cops in their twenties, felt less scared and explained, “The dead person’s name is Cai He, and his kept woman is the boss lady of the A’Cai Hair Salon, just in the alley behind us. Since Cai He’s incident, that woman hasn’t opened her shop. The whole street is spreading rumors that Cai He was targeted for revenge, and that woman is afraid of getting involved.”

“Let’s go.” Ding Ding put his badge back in his pocket and prepared to leave. Xiao Wei watched Yuan Fei go out and called after him, “Police brothers, am I considered a witness? Will there be a reward for me after you solve the case?”

Yuan Fei put his finger to his lips and made a “shh” sound, “Our boss is outside. If you don’t want to be invited for tea, keep it low-key!”

Although these ladies hadn’t seen Lü Xin, they had heard of her reputation—the Exterminator of the Anti-Pornography Unit, not someone easy to mess with. They quickly hushed up.

Yuan Fei’s eyes rolled around, and he said, “This time, A’Sir caught you red-handed. Do you want to redeem yourself?”

Wide-eyed, Xiao Wei nodded.

Yuan Fei smiled and whispered something in her ear. Xiao Wei looked at him coquettishly and said, “Hateful, you’re holding onto other people’s little tail, it’s not like you can do whatever you want!”

Ding Ding turned around and saw a greasy, chubby-faced man and a bold street girl duo. No matter how you looked at it, they seemed wretched, giving him goosebumps.

He rolled his eyes and left.

After a while, Yuan Fei came out and walked towards the A’Cai Hair Salon with Ding Ding.

“What did you say to her?” Ding Ding asked.

“I told her to quit this job and just stick to washing hair and giving massages honestly.”

Ding Ding glanced at him, “Do you think you’re Mr. Ding, the veteran of the Serious Crimes Unit, on your first day here? Kid, confess and you might get some leniency!”

Yuan Fei smiled and flattered, “There’s nothing you can hide from Officer Ding.”

“It’s too chaotic around here, and the old residential area doesn’t have surveillance. Afraid that it would be hard to investigate future incidents, I asked her to become our informant. Let’s forget about this incident for now, after all, it was unsuccessful. But she shouldn’t do it again in the future.” He said to Ding Ding, “As an informant, you need to establish your own intelligence network.”

Ding Ding smirked, “So you turned a chicken head into an informant.”

Yuan Fei shrugged, “It’s called making the best of the situation. After all, I’m in the Anti-Pornography Unit!”

Serious Crimes Unit.

“The DNA report of the deceased is out. According to the report, information was found in the public security system.” Bai Xinhuai pushed open the door of the office and read in a formal tone, “Name: Cai He, age 32. No legitimate occupation. Previously involved in a small gang in Huangkou District. Two months ago, he was detained for a period of time due to a fight with customers at a street stall while intoxicated.”

Han Rong asked, “Which street stall did he fight at?”

Ling Feng replied, “The street stalls behind the Huangkou Red Light District. The person who reported the discovery of the body this time is the owner of that stall.”

“People like him tend to talk nonsense when they’re drunk,” Han Rong pondered for a moment and said, “Do we have the record of Cai He’s detention for the fight? What exactly caused the dispute that day?”

“Wait a moment. I’ll retrieve it from the system.” Yuan Fei wasn’t there, so Ling Feng, now acting as a gofer, typed away on the keyboard with his ten thick fingers.

Han Rong asked curiously, “Officer Ling, the salary in our Serious Crimes Unit isn’t low, why do we have so few officers? Can’t you ask for more manpower from higher-ups?”

Ling Feng thought, it’s probably because of you, this lunatic, that nobody dares to come here. They’re afraid of being taken out by you before the criminals get to them.

Of course, Officer Ling wouldn’t say these words out loud. He was afraid that before he got taken out by Han Rong, he would be taken out by the young master of a certain prominent family.

Soon, the record was retrieved.

Ling Feng looked at the computer records and rubbed his bald head. He chuckled, “This guy, after getting drunk, peed at the neighboring table. Anyone would get angry about that. Fortunately, it wasn’t me; otherwise, I would have cut off his descendants!”

Han Rong asked, “How could he just pee for no reason? Did someone provoke him?”

Ling Feng continued reading, raising an eyebrow, “Indeed. According to Cai He’s confession, he lost his temper because the owner of the street stall kept staring at that area, noticing his bad temper, which made him lose control and expose himself in public. Bah! Shameless.”

Han Rong inquired again, “Why was the owner staring at him, and how did he know the owner was looking at that area? Did he say something that diverted others’ attention upward? Retrieve the record of the person who had a dispute with Cai He.”

Ling Feng read another record, “After drinking too much, Cai He had a foul mouth, mocking the street stall owner because he couldn’t perform well, and his wife ran away. A regular at the neighboring table couldn’t stand it, retorted a few words, and then the dispute happened. The owner called the police.”

“Now I’m going to start the complete psychological profile of the killer.” Han Rong walked into the morgue, observed the deceased expressionlessly for a while, then closed his eyes, gradually reconstructing the events that occurred on the day of the crime, and even earlier, between the deceased and the killer.

【I’ve been noticing that person for a long time. He doesn’t have a proper job, and when he was young, he was in a gang. I don’t understand why these idle people deserve to live in this world. Why do they have the right to have a healthy body, why should they live more carefree than those of us who work hard with our hands?

In this dirty and chaotic old neighborhood, good news doesn’t go out, but bad news spreads far and wide. Everyone here knows about the incident where my wife ran away with a client. That thug, I don’t know where he heard about it, often uses this to make fun of me. Therefore, he frequently visits my stall, either having a free meal or paying less. He comes to eat at my street stall two to three times a week around 10 p.m., gets drunk every time, and likes to insult me. He knows about my physical defect, so he often boasts about himself, and I can’t help but look over there. He feels extremely proud, even stands up, unzips, and shows it to me. I know he’s demonstrating; he wants to see me embarrassed.

The people at the neighboring table are regular customers, couldn’t stand seeing me bullied, and said a few words to him. They fought, and a lot of blood was shed. I immediately called the police. Scum like this should spend their whole lives in prison. But he was released immediately. He resumed his routine of coming to my stall, having free meals, bragging, and provoking me. I know he has an old lover in the Red Light District district, and they collaborate, both not good people.

I went to the hospital again. The doctor said it’s a congenital defect, and if western medicine doesn’t work, it’s better to try a different therapy, use some dietary supplements. He suggested that I see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. The Chinese medicine doctor prescribed some medicines for me to nourish the kidneys. It seems to have some effect. I can feel a slight warmth in that area. I started inquiring about tiger whips and deer antlers, but the country regulates them strictly, saying it’s to protect animals. It’s difficult to obtain pure and wild ones.

Occasionally, I feel angry. Every time I walk in the alley, someone points fingers and mocks me for being cuckolded by my wife. If it weren’t for the cheap water, electricity, and rent here, I wouldn’t have stayed in this place running a stall for so long. I’ve decided to move away in a while. But before that, I want to completely cure my illness.

On Wednesday night at ten o’clock, he arrived on time, accompanied by several friends, and ordered a case of beer, two hot pots, and some beef and mutton kidneys… all very nourishing things. As he ate, he looked at me with disdain in his eyes. I knew he was about to start mocking me. People like them, who do nothing, only seek attention in this way. Sure enough, he started making jokes that weren’t funny at all, boasting about how skilled he was in bed and how he had made his famous mistress want to ascend to heaven and descend to hell.

I was very calm today, feeling neither angry nor embarrassed, because I knew this would be the last time he boasted. So I was very polite to him, actively giving him a free meal and even sending them a lot of high-end beer and dishes. He was very happy, perhaps feeling again the feeling of being the boss when he used to collect protection fees. They dispersed around one o’clock in the morning. He was very drunk today, swaying as he walked. I hadn’t even taken off my gloves, still in my work clothes, following behind him. I approached to help him, asking if he needed assistance. He asked me to take him to his old mistress’s place. I agreed, then led him to another location.

He was dead drunk. I took off his pants, greedily staring at that area, knowing it’s very nourishing. After I eat it, I’ll definitely recover, maybe become as vigorous as him. I prepared the hot pot and condiments, sliced it like a piece of beef and mutton… he woke up in pain because of the effect of alcohol, feeling weak all over…

I did nothing wrong. I was cleaning up some useless scum for society. I called the police, they don’t need to thank me.】

After Han Rong finished speaking, he sighed, then opened his eyes, which were shining with cold stars. Ji Yan had been beside him the whole time, quickly embracing him and kissing the corner of his eye.

“F*ck!” Ling Feng kicked the table in anger, “A thief crying, ‘Stop the thief’ 1!”

Who would have thought that the culprit would turn out to be the one who called the police.

After calming down for a moment, Han Rong separated his own psyche from that of the criminal, then looked up and asked, “Have you seen the owner?”

Bai Xinhuai nodded, “He seems very introverted, somewhat timid, and he really likes the police. When we responded to the call, he repeatedly thanked us, saying we had worked hard.”

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Translator Notes
  1. Cover up one’s misdeeds by shifting the blame[]
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