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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Hot Pot 5

Meanwhile, Ding Ding and Yuan Fei also returned with news.

Ling Feng asked, “How did it go?”

Yuan Fei stood tall and saluted, “Mission accomplished smoothly!” His belly protruded a bit because he stood too straight. On the other hand, Ding Ding looked dispirited, as if he had been through something traumatic.

Ling Feng pointed at Ding Ding, “What’s wrong with him?”

“Oh. Officer Ding almost got solicited by a lady.”

“I call this sacrificing oneself for righteousness!”

“Selfless devotion, selfless devotion!” Yuan Fei chuckled along.

Han Rong’s mouth was like a needle dipped in venom, piercing straight through, drawing blood, “Do all of you in the Serious Crimes Unit like to exchange bodily favors for information?”

Ding Ding muttered quietly, “It’s all because the boss sets a bad example.”

Yuan Fei nodded repeatedly, “A fish rots from the head!”

“What about me???” Ling Feng, lying down, felt hit too.

Ding Ding said softly, “The deceased had a mistress named A Cai. According to her account, the deceased had complained to her that a boss of a stall occasionally followed him. Boss, I suggest listing the person who made the call to the police as a suspect.”

“Let’s not arrest him yet,” Ling Feng said, “I’ll go have a look.”

To make himself less intimidating, Ling Feng wore a wig. The group changed into casual clothes and drove to the stall in Huangkou Back Street. It was bustling as it was mealtime.

“Lao Liu, two bottles of beer!”

“Lao Liu, ten skewers of kidney!”

The boss was lean, looking somewhat taciturn. Upon hearing the customers’ calls, he nodded and swiftly served the dishes.

“Order whatever you want. I’ll go talk to the boss.” After Han Rong and the others were seated, Ling Feng stood up and approached Lao Liu.

Lao Liu was slicing lamb, the meat evenly cut, with skillful knife work.

“Nice knife skills, Boss,” Ling Feng praised.

Lao Liu didn’t respond. Ling Feng, unperturbed, started a conversation, “Ah, we brothers here have left our hometowns to make a living. It’s tough, isn’t it? But with the fast development and high wages here, it’s cool. Once I earn enough money, I’ll build two Western-style buildings back in the village and find a wife. Boss, how long have you been running this stall? It must have been tough coming here alone from your hometown.”

“It’s okay.” Perhaps Ling Feng’s words stirred Lao Liu’s memories, and he became less silent, “It was difficult at first, the pace here was too fast. But I got used to it slowly. After working for a while longer, I plan to return to my hometown.”

Ling Feng asked, “Is it profitable to run a stall like this?”

“It mainly depends on the ingredients and prices. If your food is delicious and reasonably priced, you’ll naturally have no trouble attracting customers.”

Ling Feng: “How do you make the dishes so delicious?”

As soon as cooking was mentioned, Lao Liu began to talk confidently, “First of all, the ingredients must be fresh. I go to the suburban market every morning to buy them… The signature dishes are all made by me, and once the customers get used to them, it’s hard to have someone else do it because the taste is different. When cooking, knife skills and timing are crucial…” He raised the knife in his hand and said, “This knife has been with me for some years. Although old, it’s still handy to use.”

Ling Feng casually remarked, “So you chose to use it to cut down what Cai He had as your ingredients.”

Lao Liu nodded subconsciously, admitting it. Before he realized it, he was already surrounded by a group of plainclothes police officers.

“Wow,” Yuan Fei exclaimed excitedly, “Is Officer Ling so awesome? Even chatting can make the suspect confess!”

Ding Ding gave him a sidelong glance, “This is one way the boss interrogates suspects. Learn from it!”

“I haven’t done anything wrong, I’m cleaning up society!” Lao Liu insisted as he was taken away in custody.

Since the suspect had “confessed,” Han Rong didn’t go to the police station with them. Instead, he returned to the apartment with Ji Yan. Pushing open the bedroom door, he collapsed onto the bed, eyelids drooping, drowsy, with one hand still clutching Ji Yan’s sleeve, “I’m tired and need to rest. Don’t disturb me, and you’re not allowed to leave.”

“I won’t leave,” Ji Yan reassured, sitting down on the chair by the bed, “I’ll stay by your side, nowhere else to go.”

With his assurance, Han Rong fell asleep peacefully.


He walked through a long corridor, brushing past many familiar and unfamiliar people. He wandered aimlessly forward until he saw an arched bridge at the end. A tall figure stood on the bridge, reaching out a hand to him.

He couldn’t see the other person’s face.

Han Rong opened his eyes and met Ji Yan’s face. Although there was no extra expression on his face, Han Rong still saw a hint of relief in his eyes.

“You’ve slept for a long time,” Ji Yan said. “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“I’m a bit hungry.”

“What do you want to eat?”


“Wait for me for a moment.”

Half an hour later, Ji Yan entered the room and placed a lunchbox in front of Han Rong. Opening it revealed a bowl of porridge, “Your stomach can’t handle sweets. After a few days of rest, I’ll buy you donuts.”

“Oh.” Han Rong ate spoonful by spoonful, and after he finished, Ji Yan took the bowl out to wash. Han Rong followed behind him, watching him tie on an apron and said with a smile, “Doctor, you look so virtuous like this.”

Ji Yan paused, raising his head to ask, “Han Rong?”

Han Rong nodded, his eyes squinting into crescents as he smiled, “I’m back to normal now.”

Ji Yan took off the apron, preparing to call the hospital to come pick them up. Han Rong ran up and covered his phone with his hand, meeting his questioning gaze with a smile, “Let’s not go back yet, let’s have a date!”

“A date?”

Han Rong explained to him, “When you’re in a relationship, you have to go on dates. Since we’re dating, we must go on a date!”

“Okay.” Ji Yan put the phone back in his pocket and asked, “How do we go on a date?”

“Plan A: Watch a movie and then go home to sleep. Plan B: Finish a visit to the amusement park and then go home to sleep. Which one do you choose?” Han Rong tapped his chin with a finger, looking innocent, “And each plan has a different posture. Plan A: I’ll tie you up, then sit on you and rock back and forth until you beg for mercy and I’ll release you. Plan B: You tie me up and make me all wet, then I’ll beg for mercy. Which one do you choose?”

Ji Yan’s fair face quickly turned red as if blood was about to drip from it. After a while, a barely audible voice sounded in the quiet living room.

“…Plan B.”

“Wow.” Han Rong widened his eyes in surprise, then licked his lips, smiling like an innocent demon, “I also want to choose this one.”


I love how their personalities switch haha.

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