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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Mei Sha 1

The two of them quickly decided to go to the amusement park. It happened to be the weekend, and most of the visitors in the park were happy families of three or high school students wearing school uniforms.

“Chen Sheng once fought with me over a girl, just because the high school beauty liked me and rejected him,” Han Rong said, holding a strawberry ice cream in his hand, sitting cross-legged on the parallel bars. His irregular sleeping habits over the years had led to malnutrition, making his calves slender, hanging down like the white lotus roots in the Jiangnan region.

“Now that I think about it, he must have thought it was fun to be with me. Things like bisexuality, really can’t stand it. Doctor, are you gay?” Han Rong tilted his head to look at him.

Ji Yan said, “I’ve never liked women, nor have I liked men.”

He circled his arms around Han Rong’s calves, tilting his head up to meet his gaze, his long and beautiful phoenix eyes filled with affection.

“I only like you.”

Han Rong’s eyes sparkled with peach blossoms, tinged with a blush of peach blossoms.

He stretched out his hand to Ji Yan, acting coquettishly, “My back hurts, can you carry me?”

Ji Yan took a step forward, opened his arms to wrap around Han Rong’s waist, and effortlessly lifted him down. Despite Han Rong weighing around a hundred pounds, Ji Yan remained calm and composed, looking quite relaxed.

“Do bookworms nowadays all have such strength?”

Ji Yan smoothly set him down on the ground, “To protect my Oliver.”

Han Rong couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, took a bite of the ice cream, and continued walking.

“When I was manic, guess what I used to do?” Without waiting for Ji Yan to ask, he answered on his own, “I felt so bored, really bored, it was a kind of spiritual and psychological emptiness. To keep myself from being bored, I observed all sorts of people every day. I speculated about what kind of person they were, what kind of interpersonal relationships they had, and their family background based on their facial expressions, body language, and attire. Sometimes it was quite interesting. You could see different scenery and even peek into other people’s privacy.”

Han Rong pointed with his chin not far away, at a high school couple standing at the entrance of the carousel. They were still wearing black and white school uniforms, the girl leaning against the boy’s chest, her face radiant with a smile.

“They look carefree and very affectionate, don’t they?” Han Rong nodded.

“But look at the girl’s feet. Her toes are pointing towards the exit on the other side. There’s a saying in psychology, ‘The movement of the feet more truthfully reflects a person’s inner feelings. The direction of the feet represents desires.’ Obviously, she doesn’t want to stay on the carousel, or rather, she doesn’t want to stay in the boy’s arms. For some reason, she can’t say it outright. But deep down, she really wants to leave, so her feet have already made the decision ahead of time.”

“Look at their outfits again. Although they’re both wearing standard school uniforms, there are still some differences. The girl has a shiny bag on her back, decorated with jingling and jangling trendy ornaments, and a fashionable pendant inset with a photo of some cute guy. Her hair is tied up in a high ponytail, and you can tell from the curly ends and slightly yellow color that she has had it permed and dyed. She has three piercings in her left ear, and she’s wearing gray-colored contact lenses. She’s also wearing light makeup. The boy, on the other hand, is more restrained, with a clean and tidy collar, and his backpack and shoes are all domestically made goods. He should be a well-behaved student.”

“The girl is outgoing, lively, and has a good social circle. She enjoys entertainment activities and likes chasing stars and singing karaoke. She won’t be satisfied with a stable and unchanging life. Maybe this trip to the amusement park is their journey to break up.”

Not long after he finished saying this, the young couple emerged from the carousel, seeming to have had an argument. The girl walked ahead on her own, while the boy stood in place with his head down.

As the girl brushed past them, her eyes were red, and it was unclear whether she was genuinely upset or if something had gotten into her eyes.

The curve of Han Rong’s lips, which had been slightly raised, decreased by a few degrees. “Isn’t it interesting, Doctor? As long as you observe carefully, you can see many aspects of people.”

In a sober state, Han Rong resembled more of a knowledgeable psychologist. Undoubtedly, after his split, he became a professional and frightening criminal profiler. Whether it was a normal person or a criminal with psychological or mental abnormalities, it seemed that none could escape his keen insight.

Ji Yan instinctively asked, “So, how do you see me?”

“No danger,” Han Rong said with a smile.

No danger meant someone you could get close to.

He thought to himself.

Dr. Ji made a mistake that most boys in love would make—bringing up the subject’s ex.

“So, why didn’t you see through Chen Sheng at first?”

Han Rong answered casually, “Because love blinds people.”

Dr. Ji seemed to recall something and suddenly fell silent. He remained silent until they had gone through all the attractions and were on their way back home.

Back at the apartment, he disappeared into the kitchen to prepare a midnight snack. Han Rong sat in the living room watching the news for a while. When Ji Yan came out with sesame glutinous rice balls, he said, “You’re not happy, are you?”



One denied swiftly, while the other countered decisively.

“Let’s eat the rice balls,” Ji Yan placed the bowl on the table.

Han Rong beckoned him with a finger, and Ji Yan obediently approached. Before he knew it, he was unexpectedly tackled onto the sofa. Ji Yan lowered his head, meeting Han Rong’s bright peach blossom eyes, and heard him ask, “Why aren’t you happy? Is it related to me?”

Dr. Ji suddenly felt powerless.

Regardless of which Han Rong it was, they could see through him completely, tightly, able to see into his heart at any moment. This was enough to prove that Han Rong’s eyes were not clouded by love. Dr. Ji, understanding this, felt despondent, and his expression darkened.

Han Rong blinked, then leaned in to kiss his cheek, lips brushing against his ear as if sharing a secret intimately, “Doctor. When I slept with Chen Sheng, I never reached climax. He said every time he slept with me, it was like sleeping with a corpse. In reality, I had to muster all my strength to remain rational, just to avoid punching the person invading my space.”

“I think the reason our sex life was incompatible might be because he couldn’t give me a hundred percent sense of security. But, Doctor, after sleeping with you, even though my back is sore, I just want to sleep more.”

“Because with you, I don’t sense any danger signals, not even a bit.”

“I think you’re special to me.”

“There’s a psychologist abroad who studied serial killers, and he once said, ‘When their love is lacking, and their mental and emotional desires are not fulfilled, they will turn to crime to relieve the pressure and satisfy their desires.'”

“You’ve filled the void in my heart. Please don’t leave me.”

Ji Yan tightened his embrace around him, saying earnestly, “I won’t leave you. Never.”

Ji Yan didn’t bring Han Rong back to the hospital, and neither of them mentioned it tacitly. They lived like an ordinary couple, buying groceries, cooking, watching TV, going on dates, and strolling together for two months.

July in Xuezhou City was already unbearably hot. The air conditioning in the living room was set to 18 degrees Celsius, and they had to chew on ice popsicles to beat the heat.

“This weather is so hot!” Han Rong searched online for cooler destinations, when suddenly the doorbell rang.

Opening the door, a tall, bald man stared at his own feet as if reciting lines, “Mr. Han, sorry to bother you again. Our experts are away for the summer, could you assist the police in solving a case?” He raised his head, noticing Han Rong looking at him with a half-smile, he rubbed his bald head, “Hmm. This vibe doesn’t seem right.”

Yuan Fei nodded, saying, “Looks a lot like a serial killer!”

Ding Ding interjected, “Could it be something normal?”

“If I’m normal, shouldn’t you guys be happy?” Han Rong was speechless. Perhaps they found pleasure in being abused.

“How can you solve a case if you’re not sick?”

Han Rong casually replied, “Although I can’t do profiling, I can read minds. During college, I also took courses in criminal investigation.”

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