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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 23

23. Eighteen Levels of Hell 6

“But I can’t go with you guys. I’ve been all over this street these past few days, and even the rats know me! I’ll be cheering you on from the back, jiayou!” Little Fatty Yuan clenched his fist.

“I have social anxiety.” Han Rong glanced at Ji Yan, implying something. “I think some people would feel quite at home in a place like that.”

Han Rong wasn’t born gay and had never been to such places, while Chen Sheng often frequented them. He must have met the reincarnated vixen Ji Yan in a gay bar. His mood suddenly soured, and he said blandly, “Excuse me,” then went back to his room, sat at his computer, and opened Word to work. Ji Yan followed him, squatting in front of him, observing his expression carefully, then reached out and held his hand. “Please don’t be mad.”

Han Rong ignored him and opened a game page.

“Please don’t hate me. I’m willing to do anything for you,” Ji Yan said sincerely, then added after some thought, “except for breaking rules or laws.”

Han Rong laughed despite himself, not even knowing what he was angry about.

“Let’s go,” he stood up. “We’ll wait outside. I hate smoky places.”


The cross-dressing male brothel in Fanshi District’s Red Light District was called “A Patch of Green Among Thousands of Flowers.” Its exterior had a rather fresh and clean look, resembling a café. At the entrance was a reception stand with a heavily made-up person in a qipao. Seeing Ling Feng and Ding Ding approach, they flashed a standard smile showing eight teeth and greeted them, “How many of you? You look new here, first time?”

Ling Feng had a ruffian look, and Ding Ding was wearing Yuan Fei’s street vest, making them look more like they were there to rob the place than to patronize it. Both had grim expressions. Ling Feng said stiffly, “Two, give us a lively spot.”

“Please follow me.”

Han Rong and Ji Yan sat in a milk tea shop on the corner, observing without a word. After a while, Han Rong said, “Wanna bet? They’ll be out in less than twenty minutes, and they’ll get nothing.”

Ji Yan replied, “I’m sure I’ll lose to you.”


Stirring his coffee with a small silver spoon, Ji Yan smiled gently, “No reason.”

Ji Yan’s long, thick eyelashes lowered as he smiled slightly, giving him a rare, clean, and innocent look.

Han Rong spoke without thinking, “I have to say, you look…”


He wanted to say “domestic,” but instead, he said coldly, “Not so bewitching.”

Ji Yan squinted with a smile, “I’ll be whatever you like.”

Han Rong put down his milk tea and stared into his eyes, “You’re quite strange. I’ve never seen you before, I don’t know you. Why do you always act so affectionate?”

Ji Yan met his gaze, speaking sincerely, “You just don’t remember. How can you be sure we’ve never met?”

Han Rong frowned. Damn, he really did have a strange feeling that they might have known each other long ago! Fortunately, the awkwardness didn’t last long. Ling Feng and Ding Ding approached with unpleasant expressions.

Ji Yan glanced at the clock on the wall, smiling, “Ten minutes and thirty seconds. You won. What reward do you want? How about I give you a kiss?”

Han Rong rolled his eyes at him.

“We failed. We didn’t have time to ask questions before they started their performance. It was… really too vulgar!” Ding Ding said, his face red with embarrassment and frustration.

“I figured. There’s another way.” Han Rong pointed to the prominent job notice on the bulletin board by the street for “A Patch of Green Among Thousands of Flowers” recruitment. “This place is hiring, requiring males under 28 with good looks. Let’s assign a handsome guy from the team to go undercover.”

Ding Ding’s face turned pale at the suggestion. Han Rong said, “You won’t do; your eyes are too pure. It’s obvious you come from a good family.”

Ling Feng said, “If I dressed as a woman, I’d scare the customers impotent. You’d be perfect, young and handsome.”

Ji Yan interrupted coldly, “No way!”

Han Rong gave them a curious look. “What are you thinking? There’s already someone here who looks androgynous without even wearing women’s clothes.” He flashed a wicked smile at Ji Yan. “Dear, didn’t you say you’d do anything for me? Then be a temporary ‘duck’ 1 for a while!”

Ling Feng, knowing Ji Yan’s true identity, screamed internally: Ancestor, do you know who he is? Aren’t you afraid our little police station will be flattened by a tank battalion?

Then he heard Ji Yan, without a moment’s hesitation, say, “Sure.”

Ling Feng secretly swallowed his saliva, deciding not to report this sudden incident to his superiors for the sake of the team’s future. On the way back, he took advantage of a moment alone to sidle up to Ji Yan and asked, “Young Master Ji, does love really make people lose their heads?”

Having won a bet and received a kiss from Han Rong, Ji Yan happily replied, “Who says it doesn’t?”

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Translator Notes
  1. slang for male prostitute[]
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