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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 25

25. Eighteen Levels of Hell 8

He kissed meticulously, exploring every corner of his mouth, lingering and gentle. Han Rong shivered all over, his heart pounding, finally abandoning himself and hooking his waist.

Before meeting Ji Yan, Han Rong was convinced he was immune to love. After meeting Ji Yan, he suspected the other had cast a spell on him.

He hadn’t thought deeply about why he, who had been so resolute and decisive, always felt powerless and insincere whenever he encountered Ji Yan.


Before dawn, Han Rong was awakened by his phone vibrating with messages from the Eighteen Levels of Hell Case WeChat group, filling the entire screen. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and opened it to see [Depraved White Gown] flooding the chat with many Word documents.

Han Rong’s brain hadn’t fully booted up yet, so he didn’t immediately realize who this vividly named person was. It wasn’t until he clicked on the documents and saw their contents that he realized [Depraved White Gown] was none other than the original [Forensic Mortician] Bai Xinhuai. It seemed WeChat had upgraded its feature to customize nicknames based on Moments.

He forced himself to focus and carefully reviewed Bai Xinhuai’s overnight work. After a while, he said, “It’s quite a complex case; she’s done well.”

Although Bai Xinhuai had initially said “unable to analyze” upon seeing the deceased, she eventually overcame the obstacles and inferred the time of death—Pang Dahai died in the early hours of October 25th. The cause of death was massive internal bleeding, with the murder weapon being an ordinary glass bottle.

With this, the suspicion on the male *prostitute increased.

Han Rong further deduced the psychological profile of the perpetrator, “Male, between 24 and 28 years old, height between 175 and 178 centimeters, graduated from a technical college, engaged in niche entertainment work, possibly in the special services industry. Introverted and timid in daily life, but dominant and assertive in *sexual matters. Unhealthy psychological development during adolescence, possibly subjected to school bullying.”

[Rich Second Generation] My intuition tells me the pink lace duck and this case are connected!

[Bald Detective] What did our two undercover agents discover overnight?

[Sunny Little Sun] There’s a famous pink lace queen in the bar, but she’s been on sick leave recently and hasn’t come to work. I’ll pay more attention tonight.

[Bald Detective] That’s good, buddy. You’ve got some clues in just a few hours. Our unit is recruiting at the end of the year; do you want to try? The benefits are great!

[Sunny Little Sun] This job is too dangerous. I don’t want my future wife to become a widow.

[Anti-Porn Fat Otaku] Our department is safe! All members of the Anti-Black group welcome you!

[Rich Second Generation] It’s better to be a traffic cop than to go after porn!

[Anti-Porn Fat Otaku] Traffic cops are exhausting, exposed to the elements, rain, and sun, while going after porn is comfortable! But if you do it too much, see too much, you might have erectile dysfunction!

[Bald Detective] Serious Crimes Unit is okay, safety level is quite high, not like encountering psycho killers every day. The Anti-Black Unit 1 is the most dangerous, right?

[Anti-Porn Fat Otaku] Ah, Anti-Black! My hero dream!

[Bald Detective] The funeral expenses for the Anti-Black Unit are also the highest.

[Anti-Porn Fat Otaku] ???

At ten o’clock in the evening, nightlife begins. The colorful laser lights in the bar illuminate a scene of chaotic revelry. Han Rong wiped glasses while glancing at the dance floor, where a tall, slender cross-dresser in black lace dress swayed his body provocatively. Their rapid movements gave Han Rong a feeling that their waists might dislocate at any moment.

The front desk stood outside for a while but entered when no customers appeared. He approached Han Rong directly and noticed his gaze on the dancers. Pouting, he said, “I didn’t expect you to be into that kind of thing.”

“What’s his name?” Han Rong asked.

The front desk retorted, “Why should I tell you?”

Ignoring him, Han Rong observed the dancer more seriously. After waiting for a while and seeing Han Rong still uninterested, the front desk sighed and said, “Fine, I’ll tell you! His name is Yue Yue. I, this old woman is really unlucky to have set my eyes on such a stubborn donkey like you!”

Han Rong automatically ignored his last sentence and asked, “Didn’t you say there was another pink lace queen? Compared to her, who’s prettier?”

With a displeased look, the front desk glanced at him and said, “It’s him! The lace queen Yue Yue! I don’t know what’s gotten into him today, not wearing pink! I’ve already received three complaints! Many customers specifically come to see his pink wet shirt *temptation!”

At that moment, the lobby manager stormed over, hands on hips, and pointed accusingly with his index finger painted in red nail polish, “Xiao Hong, you’re being lecherous again, not going to greet guests and lingering here to prey on young boys! If you keep it up, you’ll be begging on the streets and relying on a gigolo to support you!”

“Fine, fine, I’m going!” Xiao Hong replied in frustration and left, casting a resentful glance at Han Rong as she went out to the street.

The lobby manager turned and walked away with a twist of his waist, scolding, “Let me tell you, the store explicitly prohibits employees from fooling around with each other! Don’t think just because you’re good-looking, you can mess around!”

Innocently, Han Rong said, “Someone else is trying to mess with me. I’m already trying hard not to get messed with!”

“Hmph!” The lobby manager huffed and walked off.

Once he was out of earshot, Han Rong immediately took out his phone from under the bar and sent a message.

[Sunny Little Sun] There’s a suspicious employee named Yue Yue in the bar! According to other colleagues, Yue Yue is the pink lace queen. But today, he’s come to work and changed his usual attire, wearing black lace instead! Pink lace is his signature, and many customers come specifically because of it. Why would he ruin his own signature?

[Rich Second Generation] Could it be that he’s feeling guilty and doesn’t dare to wear pink lace anymore, afraid someone will recognize him as the murderer?

[Bald Detective] Can Yuan Fei get Yue Yue’s information?

[Anti-Porn Fat Otaku] I’ll try!

Yue Yue seemed to be a part-time employee. After dancing belly dance for two hours, he went backstage to remove his makeup. Fifteen minutes later, he emerged from the shadows in his regular clothes, head down, hastily rushing out.

As Han Rong put down the glass, about to follow, he heard Xiao Hong anxiously shouting outside, “Do you have any documents? If you trespass, I’ll report you!” Then, a group of police officers marched in aggressively, with the lead officer standing tall, chest out, loudly commanding, “Anti-Pornography! Those selling stand on the left, those buying stand on the right, and those passing through stand in the middle!”

The lobby manager emerged from the crowd, angrily rolling his eyes and pointing with his pinky finger, “What’s the matter, officer? We’re a legitimate entertainment establishment!”

“The police received a report from the residents of Fanshi District saying someone here is organizing prostitution. Please cooperate and hand over all staff records to the police within ten minutes. We’ll know soon enough if everything is clean.”

“You guys are too rigid~, Weren’t you just here last month?”

“Who knows if you’ve hired any new shady people since then? Stop talking nonsense, or we’ll shut your place down!”

“Why so aggressive~ If you find nothing, I’ll definitely sue you!” The manager begrudgingly ordered someone to fetch the records.

As the Anti-pornography unit left, Yuan Fei, mingling in the group, flashed a V sign to Han Rong.

With this commotion, the customers lost their interest in enjoying the beautiful spring scenery and scattered like birds and bees, leaving the once-crowded bar empty in an instant.

“Damned cops, always bringing me bad luck! How come there was no tip-off about this raid?” The manager paced and cursed in the lobby, then saw Xiao Hong playing on his phone nearby and snapped, “Why are you standing around? Clean up and close the place! Do you want them to raid us again ah?”

Xiao Hong put down his phone and replied, “Oh, we’re closing early today?”

“No kidding! Can’t you see all the feathers on Donald Duck’s a$$ have almost been plucked out 2 ? All of you have no vision!”

At that moment, Han Rong received a message from Ling Feng: “Come to the Serious Crimes Unit after your shift to discuss the case.”


“Based on the data we gathered from ‘A Touch of Green Among Thousands of Flowers,’ this cross-dresser nicknamed ‘Yue Yue’ is actually named Li Yueran, 26 years old, a part-time worker at the bar, working three days a week. On October 24th, Pang Dahai requested Li Yueran’s services. Also, from the Anti-pornography unit’s database, we found that Li Yueran is a well-known Dom in the circle.”

Ding Ding organized the timeline: “On the 24th, Li Yueran was with Pang Dahai, who was found dead on the 25th. The body was discovered by property management on the 26th.” He looked at Han Rong and asked, “Earlier, you deduced from Pang Dahai’s psychological autopsy that he had masochistic tendencies. Given that Li Yueran is a professional Dom, could this case be a result of them not managing the boundaries during their session, leading to Li Yueran accidentally killing Pang Dahai?”

Han Rong replied, “For questions related to anti-vice matters, Officer Yuan should provide a more professional answer.”

Yuan Fei explained, “S&M is a special fetish within certain groups. The Dom is called the Master, and the submissive is called the Slave. Before the game begins, they agree on a safeword to stop the session if the Slave can’t handle it. For a Dom, it’s essential to be timely, sensitive, and quick in picking up signals from their subject. They cannot afford to lose control. Therefore, I believe Ding Ding’s hypothesis doesn’t hold. If Li Yueran is indeed the murderer, then this should be considered premeditated murder.”

Ling Feng asked, “Have you considered his motive for committing the crime?”

Han Rong replied, “In this world, normal people have three main motives for committing crimes: money, love, and revenge. However, abnormal criminals, especially serial killers, often have no motive and act on impulse. Therefore, understanding their crimes requires psychological analysis, tracing back to their upbringing, family environment, and so on.”

Yuan Fei added, “That’s psychological profiling!”

Ding Ding said, “Li Yueran’s age, height, and occupation match our previous profile. Now we need to verify his real personality and whether he was bullied in school.”

Ling Feng instructed, “Yuan Fei, you investigate this. Start with Li Yueran’s colleagues, classmates, and school teachers.”

“Yes, sir!”

Han Rong cautioned, “Criminal profiling is just an auxiliary tool. Don’t rely on it too much. To capture the perpetrator, we need more solid evidence. I suggest you approach the investigation with a dual strategy.”

Ling Feng touched his bald head and smirked, “I don’t believe such a complex operation like frying a human stick didn’t leave any clues! The murder weapon was a beer bottle, and the forensic pathologist only found glass shards inside the victim. So where did the rest go?”

Yuan Fei said, “The perpetrator probably disposed of it.”

Ling Feng ordered, “Ding Ding, have the forensics team conduct a thorough search of Pang Dahai’s rental house again. What if there’s a glass shard with the perpetrator’s fingerprints embedded in the floor cracks?”

“Yes, sir!”

Ling Feng then turned to Han Rong and Ji Yan with a flattering smile, “I need you both to endure a bit longer and continue your undercover work to gather more clues that will help solve this case. The dawn of justice is on the horizon!”

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Translator Notes
  1. OCTB – Organised Crime and Triad Bureau; Deals with things like human trafficking, money laundering, generally mafia type sh*t[]
  2. This was a tough one and I asked around. What I got is that this is a play on words. Donald Duck can also be translated as old Tang duck. With duck being a gigolo/male prostitute. So this Donal Duck could be referring to the brothel. And the feathers might either be the customers who left and the brothel was left bare or maybe the gigolos themselves being taken away. The original sentence is ““废话!没看到唐老鸭屁股上的毛都快被拔光了,一个个没点眼力界!”[]
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