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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Eighteen Levels Of Hell 10

“Please tell me, what exactly happened between your daughter and Pang Dahai?” Ding Ding, who had only graduated from the police academy a year ago, spoke with the passion and resilience characteristic of youth. His respect and loyalty to the national flag and police emblem were evident in his firm and powerful words.

Under his exceptionally determined gaze, Yang Wen’s thoughts drifted back to nine years ago, and she slowly began to recount: “They were about to get married, even the rings were already bought. But not long after, I noticed that Qin Qin seemed unhappy, as if she had something on her mind. After repeatedly asking her, she finally told me that she suspected Pang Dahai was seeing someone else. She had found other women’s things in Pang Dahai’s villa—stockings, long hair, underwear… I suggested she might be mistaken. But she insisted that she wasn’t, that she had checked multiple times, and they weren’t hers.

Then one day, she came back crying and said she wanted to call off the engagement! I tried to persuade her not to be impulsive. Even though Pang Dahai was older, he was successful in his career and treated her well. Qin Qin hysterically shouted at me, ‘He’s a pervert, he doesn’t even like women!’

I was puzzled and asked how that could be since she had found other women’s things recently.

She retched and then told me that those things belonged to men! Pang Dahai had his nephew wear women’s clothes and pretend to be a woman. She had seen them kissing with her own eyes!

At first, I didn’t believe it. I had met Pang Dahai’s nephew; he was a very quiet and polite boy. But seeing how distressed Qin Qin was, I told her she could do whatever she felt was right, as long as she wouldn’t regret it.”

“Mom, he wants to marry me just to cover up! He’s using me!” Qin Qin said to me, growing angrier the more she thought about it. She decided to expose Pang Dahai’s true nature at his company. Big companies like his are very concerned about their reputation, and Pang Dahai’s career would definitely suffer. She also said she would report Pang Dahai for child molestation and get him sent to jail. I tried to dissuade her, saying that Pang Dahai was wealthy and influential and would definitely retaliate. I told her not to act impulsively. She didn’t listen and went to his company the next day. That evening, she came back with a big smile and told me she wouldn’t cause trouble for Pang Dahai anymore. Pang Dahai had agreed to give her an apartment, a car, and a million yuan in cash as a breakup fee, as long as she kept quiet.”

“A week later, Qin Qin called me saying that Pang Dahai had arranged to meet her by the seaside to give her the check. She said she would be home a bit late and told me to go to sleep first. The next day, Qin Qin didn’t come back. I called her, but she didn’t answer. My heart was racing with anxiety. I went to the seaside to look for her but couldn’t find her. I called Pang Dahai to question him about Qin Qin’s whereabouts, but he vehemently denied seeing her. The more I thought about it, the more uneasy I felt, so I called the police. A few days later, the police found Qin Qin’s body washed up on the shore. They investigated and concluded that Qin Qin had committed suicide due to depression.

How could that be possible?! My daughter had always been perfectly normal. How could she suddenly have depression? The police even showed me Qin Qin’s medical records from Hucheng District Mental Hospital! I didn’t believe it! This was all a meticulously planned trap by Pang Dahai. He had bribed that damned doctor Liu Qing to forge the medical records! But no one believed me, and the police ignored me. I was desperate and decided to confront Pang Dahai and die together with him! Then I was sent to this hospital. Liu Qing not only forged Qin Qin’s medical records but also falsely diagnosed me with delusional disorder! He told everyone I went insane from the trauma of my daughter’s death! They have united to lock me up here and isolate me from the outside world! “

At this moment, a nurse knocked on the door and entered, saying, “Visiting hours are over. The director hopes the police won’t disturb the patient’s rest.”

Yang Wen’s expression turned fearful as she grabbed Ji Yan’s arm, her features twisting in agitation as she shouted, “I’m not sick, I’m really not sick! Please, take me out of here, they’re going to kill me!”

The nurse approached with medication, preparing to give Yang Wen an injection, but Ji Yan stopped her. “Let her calm down before giving her the medicine.” Then he said to Ding Ding, “Officer Ding, you should leave first. I’ll stay here and look into her condition.”

“Okay.” Ding Ding stepped outside to report to Ling Feng, “If Yang Wen wasn’t lying and Liu Qing really colluded with Pang Dahai, why did he suddenly resign after Pang Dahai’s death?”

Ling Feng replied, “Imagine this: you’ve done something wrong, and it weighs on you heavily, causing sleepless nights and lost appetite. Nine years later, everyone who knew about it is either dead or insane. Would you stay here or flee? I think Liu Qing didn’t expect a nine-year-old case to be reopened.”

Ding Ding looked around the empty surroundings and asked, “Where are Yuan Fei and Han Rong?”

“I sent them to find the caregiver that Pang Dahai hired for Yang Wen.”

Ding Ding said, “And one more thing, does Yang Wen really have delusional disorder?”

“That’s easy. We’ll have Mr. Ji re-evaluate her.”


Yuan Fei found the caregiver in the inpatient department’s washroom. He took out his badge and announced, “Police investigation! We are investigating Pang Dahai’s cause of death. Please cooperate!”

The caregiver was doing laundry and was so startled that she knocked over the basin, falling off the small stool she was sitting on. She sat on the ground, pale-faced, and cried out, “Sir, I don’t know anything!”

Yuan Fei sternly said, “You answered before I even asked, so you must know something. I’m telling you, we already have some information, and now it’s up to you to be honest.”

The caregiver frantically waved her hands. “I really don’t know who killed Pang Dahai!”

Han Rong spoke gently, “We’re asking about matters related to Yang Wen. How was Pang Dahai’s relationship with Yang Wen? Did he visit her?”

The caregiver hesitated for a moment, and Yuan Fei glared at her fiercely. “Still not telling the truth?!”

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk! Their relationship was very strange. Mr. Pang would visit her every two weeks, and each time he would send us away. Once, I forgot something and went back, only to see Mr. Pang…beating Yang Wen. He looked like he wanted to eat her alive, saying something like, ‘I’ll kill you sooner or later!’ I was too scared to look and left immediately.”

Han Rong asked, “Have you told anyone about this?”

The caretaker shook her head, “No. In our line of work, we can’t talk too much. Besides, this kind of thing is quite common.”

“We’ve finished our questions. Thank you for your cooperation.” After thanking her, Han Rong and Yuan Fei walked back. Yuan Fei clicked his tongue, “Playing good cop, bad cop really works!”

They gathered in the car, shared information, and confirmed that there was something suspicious about Pang Dahai and many doubts surrounding Yang Qin’s death.

Han Rong asked, “Are you going to investigate this case?”

Yuan Fei was noncommittal, “As far as I know, reopening a case involves a very cumbersome process! Also, we don’t know who was responsible for this case back then. If we succeed in reopening it, there will be accountability issues, which might affect retired leaders from the bureau. It might put Boss Ling in a difficult position. Should we report this to our superiors first?”

Han Rong poured cold water on the idea, “Many years have passed, and many crucial pieces of evidence might be gone.”

Ding Ding’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Ling Feng, asking, “Boss, are we going to investigate or not?”

Ling Feng gritted his teeth, “Investigate! At worst, I’ll retire early! Yuan Fei and Ding Ding, find out Liu Qing’s whereabouts and have our colleagues in the Economic Crimes Unit check Liu Qing’s financial situation from nine years ago. If Pang Dahai really bribed him, it must have been a significant amount.”

Han Rong smiled and looked out the window, “It’s not that pessimistic. If you manage to reopen the case, you might even get promoted and receive a raise. Besides, with Dr. Ji helping you, what are you afraid of?”

Ling Feng rubbed his bald head and mused, “Why do I feel like you’ve changed after being gone for a few minutes?”

Ji Yan reached out and held Han Rong’s hand, who turned his head and playfully stuck out his tongue at him.

Ling Feng said, “Dr. Ji, could you give him a diagnosis? I’m a bit worried.”

“Off duty now,” Ji Yan replied calmly, “My brain’s off, no consultations.”

Back at the apartment, Ji Yan went into the kitchen to cook. Suddenly, he felt a weight on him as Han Rong leaned against him, resting his chin on his shoulder.

Ji Yan softly called out, “Han Rong.”

He lazily responded, “Hmm, it’s me.”

“You’re back.”

“I never left.” Han Rong curved his delicate eyebrows and said with a grin, “I’ve been watching all along. Seeing him bully you really pissed me off. Next time he throws a tantrum, just pin him down on the bed and screw him hard!”

While washing vegetables, Ji Yan considerately said, “It’s okay, I’m not angry.”

After a moment of silence, Han Rong burst out laughing, moved away from Ji Yan’s back, and walked out. His lazy voice came from the living room.

“You’ve fallen for him, doctor.”

There was a faint hint of mockery in his tone.

Ji Yan paused in his vegetable washing, then continued preparing the ingredients.

Half an hour later, Han Rong watched him busily bring all the dishes to the table.

He called out, “Dinner’s ready.”

Han Rong sat on the sofa, showing no intention of moving. Ji Yan looked over in confusion. Han Rong gave him an enigmatic smile, “Doctor, have you ever thought about it? If your treatment succeeds, in the end, only one of us can remain. That means one of our personalities must disappear. Of course, that depends on you. So, who do you want to keep?”

Ji Yan was silent for a moment, then said, “I want to keep Han Rong.”

Han Rong beamed brightly, “You’re so cunning. With such a well-thought-out answer, how can I find fault with it? He’s very charming, isn’t he? You like him a lot, right? Compared to him, I’m good for nothing except being agile. If only I could do criminal profiling too.”

Ji Yan squatted down in front of him, held his hand, and looked at him earnestly, “I like you.”

The sincerity in his expression left Han Rong unable to retort, so he just tugged at the corners of his mouth, “You’re really annoying.” After dinner, Han Rong quickly washed up and dived into bed. Ji Yan asked from the living room, “Have you seen the fruit knife? I’ll peel an apple for you.”

“No, I haven’t. Don’t bother, let’s just go to sleep early.” Han Rong beckoned him to bed and immediately hugged him from behind, biting his ear and laughing softly, “He insists on wearing a condom, but I don’t mind. So, I’m a bit better than him, right?” As he spoke, his hand continued to move downward, only to be caught by Ji Yan.

Ji Yan’s ears were red enough to drip blood, and he whispered, “You’ve had a long day, rest early.”

Han Rong withdrew his hand, let go of him, rolled to the inside of the bed, and pulled the blanket over his head, wailing, “You’re not interested in me anymore, huh. How sad, looks like I’m going to get cheated on again.”

Ji Yan turned over, pulled the blanket down, and looked at his face, “Something’s wrong with you, what happened?”

Han Rong blinked and said nonchalantly, “Nothing.” After a while, under Ji Yan’s serious gaze, he gave in and complained, “You never smile at me. You only smile at him. Isn’t liking someone supposed to mean you smile when you see them?”

Ji Yan lowered his head, kissed Han Rong’s forehead, and gently said, “I love you.” He took Han Rong’s hand and pressed it to his own chest, letting him feel the steady, determined heartbeat, each beat echoing his vow, “I’d give my life for you.”

Han Rong giggled, his bright eyes sparkling like blooming peach blossoms, “I’m not that murderer, who wants your life? But you really should be careful, don’t become another Chen Sheng. He messed up once, he won’t mess up a second time.”

Han Rong turned his head to the side, stared blankly at the white wall for a while, then turned back to Ji Yan with a smile, “Honestly, only one of us can stay. Who exactly do you want to keep? Give me a heads-up.”

Ji Yan looked into his eyes and said calmly, “I want to keep the cheerful, carefree Han Rong.”

Han Rong’s eyes flickered, his mouth opened without a sound, then he took the fruit knife hidden in his pajama sleeve and threw it to the ground, laughing, “How boring. I was planning to kill you if you said you’d keep him.”

Ji Yan pulled him into his arms, tightening his embrace unconsciously, and softly said, “Sleep, my dear.” After Han Rong fell asleep, Ji Yan got out of bed, went to the balcony outside the living room, and called Ling Feng.

As soon as the call connected, the other side interjected, “Doctor Ji, I was just about to ask you, has Han Rong switched back again?”


“He never used to revert during a case. Does this mean his condition is improving?”

“Quite the opposite.” Ji Yan’s voice was colder and more serious than ever. “The ability to switch personalities at will is a sign of worsening condition. Moreover, I’ve noticed his negative personality gradually influencing his positive one. It’s like a white sheet of paper being stained by ink. Once the paper is entirely black, a perfect criminal is born. Officer Ling, I’m calling to tell you that after this case is solved, I hope you won’t disturb him.”

Ling Feng clicked his tongue, his northeastern accent slipping out, “What do you mean, the frequent profiling has made him more psychotic? He’s about to become a full-blown psycho?”

Ji Yan abruptly hung up, finding such disrespectful comments about Han Rong intolerable. When he returned to the bedroom, Han Rong was crouched barefoot on the floor, holding the fruit knife in a daze. Hearing the noise, he looked up at Ji Yan and smiled eerily, “Sleeping with a ticking time bomb every day, aren’t you scared?”

Ji Yan walked over, took the fruit knife from his hand and placed it on the table, then lifted him onto the bed, speaking steadily, “No, I’m not scared.”

Han Rong leaned against his chest, listening to the pounding heartbeat, and murmured, “But I am. I’m afraid that one day I’ll wake up to find your corpse.”

“I won’t.” Ji Yan kissed his cheek and said gently, “When I said I’d take care of you for life, I meant it. It will definitely be me who dies later than you.”

Han Rong smiled and said, “You’ve seen ‘Farewell My Concubine’, right? Even a minute less isn’t a lifetime. You can’t break your promise.”

“Absolutely not.”

“I was just teasing you earlier. I won’t kill you.” Han Rong closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep, his voice muffled, “Before I kill you, I’d slit my own throat first.”

“In that case, I’d rather you come after me.” Ji Yan spoke as Han Rong had already fallen asleep. He gazed fondly at Han Rong’s sleeping face, softly kissed his forehead, and whispered, “Silly boy.”


Three days later, Yang Wen’s psychiatric evaluation results came out, showing she didn’t suffer from delusions. Ji Yan analyzed the report as he spoke, “She’s very clever. Knowing she couldn’t leave the psychiatric hospital, she knew how to protect herself, feigning madness to deceive Liu Qing and Pang Dahai, waiting for the day to seek justice for her daughter.”

Ding Ding remarked, “So initially, both Liu Qing and Pang Dahai knew her illness was fake. She outsmarted everyone by pretending to go insane. Pang Dahai threatened and assaulted her to test if she was truly mad — that’s what the caregiver witnessed. Eventually, everyone believed she was mad, including the attending physician, Liu Qing. So after Pang Dahai’s death, Liu Qing could leave this mess behind without worry.”

“Let me summarize the case. Pang Dahai had an affair with his nephew, and Yang Qin used this to blackmail him. Afraid of exposure, Pang Dahai killed her. He then bribed Dr. Liu Qing at the psychiatric hospital to forge medical records, claiming Yang Qin had depression and showed suicidal tendencies by jumping into the sea. Later, the police retrieved Yang Qin’s body, ruling out homicide and classifying it as suicide. Subsequently, Liu Qing falsely diagnosed Yang Wen with delusional disorder, making the police distrust her testimony. Pang Dahai confined Yang Wen to the psychiatric hospital for nine years.”

Ling Feng commented, “That’s a good analysis. How about the search for Liu Qing’s whereabouts?”

“Just got word from the Intelligence Division that Liu Qing has been intercepted at the airport. Our colleagues from the Economic Crimes Division checked Liu Qing’s income nine years ago. Yang Qin was murdered in February 2009. In April of the same year, Liu Qing’s bank account saw an extra million deposited, and he acquired a property and a car.”

Han Rong said, “This matches exactly with Yang Qin demanding severance pay from Pang Dahai.”

Yuan Fei nodded, “Exactly.”

Han Rong added, “Let’s interrogate him directly at the police station. I’ll handle the questioning.”

Ling Feng teased, “He’s a psychologist, are you sure you can read his mind?”

“He’s human, not a psycho. Everyone’s afraid. Fear leads to mistakes.”

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