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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Eighteen Levels Of Hell 11

“I haven’t done anything wrong, why are you arresting me? Do you have any documents? I’ll sue you for illegal detention!”

Two hours later, the police car carrying Liu Qing entered the Serious Crime Unit compound. As soon as the door opened, his furious shouts echoed. Ding Ding, with a stern face, stepped forward to lead him. He nodded to the officer in charge of escorting, “Thanks, mate!” With a click, he handcuffed Liu Qing and escorted him to the interrogation room.

Liu Qing’s face turned green, his features contorted in anger as he demanded, “What right do you have to handcuff me? Show me your police ID, I’m going to file a complaint against you!”

“Badge number 92456, feel free to complain!” Yuan Fei opened the interrogation room door with a cheerful smile. “As long as you can walk out.”

A chill ran down Liu Qing’s spine. Somehow, in Yuan Fei’s tone, he sensed something ominous. He shouted in agitation, “I haven’t broken any laws, why are you arresting me?”

“Whether you’ve broken the law or not, we’ll find out.” Ding Ding pressed him into a chair and then stood stoically in the corner. Yuan Fei closed the door from outside.

Han Rong rested his chin on his hand and asked with a smile, “Mr. Liu, do you know that Pang Dahai is dead?”

Liu Qing stiffened.

Han Rong’s smile widened. “Looks like you do know. Mr. Liu, our colleagues found you at the airport. Are you going abroad for a vacation or settling down? Why didn’t you attend Pang Dahai’s funeral before leaving?”

Liu Qing retorted loudly, “We barely knew each other. Why would I change my plans because of him?”

“Let’s not rush to distance yourself, Mr. Liu.” Han Rong smiled gently. “We’ve been talking for so long, and I haven’t even introduced myself. We’re from the Hucheng District Serious Crime Unit, currently investigating the murder of Pang Dahai. We need your cooperation for some questions. Apologies for the lack of proper ‘communication’ when our staff ‘invited’ you here.” Han Rong said politely.

Liu Qing sneered, “Do you think this explanation will satisfy me? I will definitely complain! Definitely! Also, Pang Dahai and I were merely acquaintances. I have no idea about his affairs! You’ve got the wrong person!”

“Whether to complain or not is your right, and we cannot interfere.” Han Rong spread out Liu Qing’s income report on the table. “In November 2008, Mr. Liu, you transferred to the Hucheng District Psychiatric Hospital, earning a monthly salary of 3200 yuan, which increased to 3500 yuan six months later. In April 2009, a substantial amount was deposited into your account, and that same month you purchased a house worth 800,000 yuan and a car worth 100,000 yuan. According to our investigation, your parents are ordinary farmers with modest income and no significant assets. Can you explain the source of this income?”

Liu Qing clearly hadn’t expected Han Rong to ask this question. A flicker of panic crossed his eyes, followed by a cold reply, “You’re from the Serious Crime Unit, why are you investigating my finances? Is this related to Pang Dahai’s case? How come, nowadays, people aren’t allowed to have side businesses?”

Han Rong smiled and said, “When you speak, your eyes keep glancing upwards, which in psychology indicates a sign of guilt. What are you feeling guilty about?” Without waiting for Liu Qing’s answer, he suddenly turned serious, raised his voice sharply, and demanded, “Because this was the hush money Pang Dahai paid you, isn’t that right!”

“Nonsense!” Liu Qing “slammed” the chair as he stood up, the legs scraping against the floor. He turned around to leave, reaching for the door handle. “I’m leaving here. I refuse to cooperate with you! You have no right to restrict my personal freedom!”

“Mr. Liu, nine years ago, a girl named Yang Qin drowned.” Han Rong’s voice, tinged with a smile, slowly sounded behind him, sounding like a ghostly voice in his ears, striking his nerves one after another.

“Yang Qin’s mother, Yang Wen, reported it to the police. Later, you voluntarily approached the police, identifying yourself as a doctor and disclosing that Yang Qin had thoughts of depression and suicide.” With each sentence Han Rong uttered, Liu Qing’s complexion changed slightly. When he mentioned, “Now we suspect that Yang Qin’s drowning case is related to Pang Dahai,” Liu Qing clenched his fists, roared angrily, “Is this case not closed yet? Are you trying to force a confession?!” As soon as the words left his mouth, his expression changed immediately, followed by clamping his mouth tightly, his face looking extremely unpleasant.

The room fell silent for a while. Then Han Rong made a “chuckle” sound, slightly mocking, and lifted his head to look at Liu Qing, asking calmly, “Do you know what we’ve learned that requires us to extract a confession?”

“You also understand that your testimony to the police at the time was problematic, don’t you?”

“You also know that you can’t escape from this matter, right?”

With each question Han Rong asked, Liu Qing’s face turned paler. But he still bit his teeth tightly, stubbornly saying, “Aren’t you supposed to ask me about the murder of Pang Dahai? Is the case nine years ago related to this?”

Han Rong looked at him mockingly and said, “Mr. Liu, haven’t you heard the saying, ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’? Have you never guessed who Pang Dahai had a grudge against, or why he was killed so cruelly? I’m sorry, but our police have not yet arrested the killer who murdered Pang Dahai. The reason for the lack of progress in the case may also be due to the police being misled during the investigation, possibly obtaining false evidence. Of course, I’m not implying anything about you. Just trying to lighten the mood with a joke.”

As Han Rong spoke, Liu Qing was almost in tears.

“Now the police suspect that Pang Dahai’s death may be related to the drowning of Yang Qin nine years ago. So here’s the question, Mr. Liu: Do you think that after the killer killed Pang Dahai so brutally, they would let you off?” Ding Ding spread out the photos of the crime scene in front of Liu Qing. When he saw the human stick in the frying pan, Liu Qing really cried.

Han Rong stood up, tidying up the materials on the table casually, and said, “Mr. Liu, you’re a smart person who has always known what you want most. It’s just money, right? And now you want to live to spend all that money—” He looked up at Liu Qing, “Then you’ll have to rely on the police to protect you. Isn’t that right? Haha!”

Han Rong laughed innocently, but there was a cunning calculation in his peach blossom eyes.

Liu Qing’s face turned pale, his head hanging low as he despondently admitted, “I admit, I gave false testimony back then.”

Ding Ding asked, “How did you meet Pang Dahai?”

“We met at a gay bar. He knew I was a psychologist and consulted me about some matters. Later, there was an incident where I got drunk and got into a fight with another patron, accidentally injuring him. He demanded an exorbitant amount for compensation, threatening to sue me if I didn’t pay up! At that time, I had just transferred to Hucheng Hospital. If this matter got out, I’d be finished! But I couldn’t come up with that much money at once. That’s when Pang Dahai said he could help me, and in a moment of weakness, I agreed. He wanted me to lie, saying that Yang Qin privately sought treatment from me for depression and mentioned suicidal thoughts.”

“Later, Yang Wen caused a scene at Pang Dahai’s company and was sent to our hospital. I conducted a preliminary assessment on her, and she was normal. Pang Dahai wanted me to continue lying. He said if I didn’t help him, he would expose this matter. Not only would I lose all the money, but my career would also be ruined! And if I continued to help him, he would give me another apartment and a car. At that time, I was preparing to marry my girlfriend, but she insisted on having a car and a house. I had just started working and couldn’t afford these things.”

Ding Ding asked solemnly, “Do you know anything about Pang Dahai murdering Yang Qin?”

“I really don’t know about that!” Liu Qing shuddered, shaking his head repeatedly. “I just vaguely feel that her death wasn’t simple!”

Han Rong observed his expression and said, “He’s telling the truth.”


Liu Qing was transferred to the Civil Dispute Division.

Yuan Fei clicked his tongue and said, “Forgery of medical records, falsifying evidence—aren’t these enough for this damn doctor to get into serious trouble? I think our colleagues in the Economic Crime Unit should thoroughly investigate his source of income. Someone so driven by greed, once they make a mistake for money, they only escalate!”

Ding Ding placed the files of Yang Qin’s case into the drawer and said, “Originally, we thought Li Yueran was the one who killed Pang Dahai, but who would have thought that Pang Dahai himself was also suspected of being involved in a homicide.”

“Oh, speaking of Li Yueran reminds me of something.” Yuan Fei said, “A few days ago, didn’t I go to see Li Yueran’s middle school homeroom teacher? I unexpectedly found out that Li Yueran and Pang He, Pang Dahai’s nephew, were roommates, and they had intense conflicts. Li Yueran has a cross-dressing fetish and stole underwear from female classmates, which Pang He caught and exposed. Because of this, Li Yueran was looked down upon by other boys, physically assaulted, and insulted.”

Ding Ding paused in his folder organizing and repeated, asking, “Pang He said he saw Li Yueran stealing girls’ underwear?”


“And Yang Qin said she saw Pang He cross-dressing and being intimate with Pang Dahai?”

Yuan Fei nodded, “Exactly ah.”

The two glanced at each other, belatedly realizing what was going on, their faces suddenly changing color.

Ling Feng finished his cup of black coffee and summarized for them, “Actually, back then, it was Pang He who had the cross-dressing fetish and was stealing girls’ underwear, which Li Yueran happened to witness. Pang He, afraid of Li Yueran exposing him, falsely accused Li Yueran. Li Yueran not only suffered unjustly but also endured bullying at school because of this, harboring deep hatred towards Pang He. But shortly after, Pang He died in a car accident, and this incident weighed heavily on Li Yueran’s heart. When he grew up, he encountered Pang Dahai. Out of resentment, he killed Pang Dahai! Do you think it happened like this?”

Ding Ding and Yuan Fei nodded in agreement.

Ling Feng continued, “The reasoning is perfect, but to convince a judge, it’s not enough just with these. Ding Ding, any news from the Forensic Science Division?”

Ding Ding looked disappointed as he shook his head, his voice lowering, “No fingerprints found.”

“Don’t be discouraged. Solving a case is like peeling an onion, unraveling layer by layer to reveal the truth. I think we can find some clues at the bar. Now, let’s see what our ‘007’ can uncover!”

After finishing with Liu Qing, Han Rong hurriedly went to work at the bar. Today happened to be Monday, the day with the least customer traffic. Xiao Hong, at the front desk, stood bored outside. When the lobby manager went to check the VIP rooms, he swiftly slipped inside and approached Han Rong, striking a seductive pose and flashing frequent flirtatious glances at him.

“I don’t know why, but tonight, I find you particularly charming!”

Han Rong set down the polished highball glass, reached out to grasp Xiaohong’s chin, lips curling slightly as he stared into his eyes, leaning close to his ear deliberately exhaling, his voice deep and magnetic as he murmured, “Perhaps the night is just too seductive.”

Xiaohong blushed intensely from his hot breath, his heart pounding like a startled deer, and in a coquettish tone, he pinched his throat and said, “Oh, you’re so annoying! If you want to invite me to spend the night, just say it directly~”

*Crash!* Nearby, Ji Yan accidentally broke the highball glass he was cleaning. He looked expressionlessly at the startled guests and flatly apologized, “Sorry, slipped.”

“No, it’s okay!” The guest who had intended to make a move surreptitiously while he wasn’t paying attention quickly withdrew his wandering hand under the table, inwardly crying in a storm: “Wuwuwu, the handsome guy’s expression is so scary!”

Author’s Note:

Han Rong: Watch me use the handsome guy tactic to gather intelligence!

Ji Yan: You might just kill me with anger.

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