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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Eighteen Levels Of Hell 12

At three in the morning, the bar closed.

Han Rong changed out of his uniform and walked out of the dressing room. Xiao Hong was outside, head down playing with his phone. Upon hearing movement, he immediately looked up, tucked his phone back into his pocket, greeted Han Rong with a smile, familiarly hooked his arm, and affectionately said, ‘’Are you playing, little brother?’’ All night, Han Rong teased him until he couldn’t breathe steadily, his cheeks flushed, eager to immediately undress the other person and proceed on the spot.

Han Rong said, ‘’I’ll take you home,’’ and just as he lifted his head, he happened to see Ji Yan standing in the corner. The latter was staring directly at them with beautiful eyes as dark as pitch.

Han Rong casually whistled and called out to Ji Yan, ‘’Beauty, care to join us?”

Xiao Hong shouted excitedly, “No way!” He clung tightly to Han Rong’s arm, glared at Ji Yan, and said possessively, “If this person comes along, you’ll definitely only play with him. I don’t want that!”

Han Rong chuckled and said, “I thought you were afraid we’d play too many tricks and break you.”

Xiao Hong rolled his eyes at him and half-pouted, half-snorted, “What kind of people hasn’t sister seen? Am I afraid of you two little boys! Some people work at big companies, earning millions in salary, and still kneel like dogs, begging me to hit them!”

“Who has such heavy tastes?”

Xiao Hong blurted out, “The person who just died recently, he’s an old M, especially liked us in women’s clothes to abuse him! Especially liked Yue Yue——” He seemed to suddenly realize he said something wrong, immediately laughed it off, “Hurry up, it’s almost dawn!”

As they brushed past Ji Yan, the latter took a deep breath, firmly controlled his emotions, and with a slightly trembling but calm voice, thoughtfully reminded, “Remember to wear a condom.”

Han Rong couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Xiao Hong’s place was not far from the bar, in an old residential area, a fifteen-minute walk. He excitedly opened the door, beckoning Han Rong inside, chattering like a sparrow, cheerfully saying, “What position do you like? Cowgirl or missionary? Or something different, ah, I’ll go along with whatever you want!”

He talked for a long while before realizing Han Rong hadn’t followed him in, still standing outside smiling at him.

Xiao Hong asked in surprise, “Why aren’t you coming in?”

“I’m going back.”

Xiao Hong urged, “Hey, why are you going back? Didn’t you promise?”

Han Rong smiled ambiguously, “When did I say I was staying overnight?”

From start to finish, he had only talked about taking Xiao Hong home.

Xiao Hong stomped his foot in frustration, watching Han Rong’s back and cursing, “Are you going to see that vixen? Hmph! I’ve long seen through you two! Let me tell you, two tops won’t end well!”

Han Rong turned back, winked at him, “Unfortunately for you, I’m a bottom.”

Like a bolt from the blue sky, Xiao Hong stood in place, utterly disoriented by the revelation. The handsome and charming Han Rong, actually a… bottom?

“Damn it! Why didn’t you say so earlier! I’ve been acting all femme and bottom all day!” Then Xiao Hong regretfully hugged the door frame, pounding his chest and shouting, “Come back, I can be the top! Wuu wuu wuu! Heavens, earth! My life is so bitter!”


Ji Yan returned to his apartment alone, sat on the couch, and stared blankly at the empty living room for a while. Then he got up, went into the bedroom, took out the plush cat doll, and touched the crookedly engraved “Han Rong” on its forehead. His lips tightened into a straight line, then he angrily pounded it.


“Hit you!”

After venting for a while, when he came to his senses, the thread of the plush cat doll had come loose again. He affectionately kissed its forehead, murmuring, “Why aren’t you obedient?”

After Ji Yan finished showering and lay down in bed, he heard the sound of the door unlocking again, followed by the familiar TikTok music, “Meow! Meow meow! Turn around! Dig! Dig dig! Love is as sweet as how adorable cats are, I am the most coquettish cat in the cat world.”

Han Rong returned cheerfully. Every time he sang this catchy song, it meant he was in a very good mood. Dr. Ji felt even more depressed thinking about this, turned over, closed his eyes facing the wall.

After Han Rong finished showering and climbed into bed, he blew air into Ji Yan’s ear and chuckled softly, “Are you not even going to look at me? Are you mad?”

Ji Yan didn’t reply.

Han Rong chuckled softly, nibbled playfully on his earlobe, “Good hubby, don’t be mad.”

Ji Yan felt he couldn’t hold back any longer! He turned around and embraced Han Rong, lightly sucking on his lips, saying fiercely, “Today, this king must rejuvenate the husband’s dignity!”


Han Rong’s lightly defended position was a few hours later, when he cried and begged for mercy: “Husband, I was wrong, I was wrong…”

Ji Yan pinched his chin, his deep voice showing threats and warnings: “Still dare not use the handsome trick?”

“I dare not, I dare not.” Han Rong shook his head repeatedly, moved closer and kissed his cheek, with a soothing

Ji Yan tenderly kissed his hair and said quietly, “Good baby, husband loves you.”

The next day, Han Rong lay on his bed and sent a WeChat to the Serious Crimes Unit.

[Sunny Little Sun] After his parents divorced, Pang Dahai was awarded to his father by the court and lacked maternal love from a young age. The father often drunkenly beat him. I presume that after his father woke up, he would blame himself and regret it, and treat him extraordinarily well. Similar to a carrot and stick method. In Pang Dahai’s heart, he actually hoped that his mother would come back, even if he was whipped by her. The constant begging and not being able to do so caused him to have a twisted s*xual fetish as an adult, preferring to have a man in women’s clothing to whip and humiliate him.

[Rich Second Generation] I found out that Pang Dahai’s father didn’t remarry after his divorce. He died of alcohol poisoning when Pang Dahai was eighteen.

[Bald Detective] What do you think about Pang Dahai and Pang He? According to Yang Wen’s recollection, Yang Qin witnessed Pang He wearing women’s clothes and making out with Pang Dahai. And she claimed to report to warn Pang Dahai about child molestation. Was there coercion between Pang Dahai and Pang He?

[Sunny Little Sun] Nominally, Pang He is Pang Dahai’s nephew, but in reality, he is equivalent to an adopted son. The most morally corrupt psychological profiling – how the father treats Pang Dahai, how Pang Dahai treats Pang He. In front of strangers, Pang Dahai becomes a masochist who prays for his mother’s love. In front of his adopted son, he becomes a brutal abuser. I think Yang Wen’s words are believable, and Pang Dahai did assault minors.

[Anti-Porn Otaku] Say, I followed Li Yueyran last night and found where he lives, should I apply for a search? Maybe there’s some kind of murder weapon or something hidden in his house …… I’m still hiding in the flower beds of his neighborhood. He now goes to work at a convenience store.

[Bald Detective] Send the location.

Han Rong put down his cell phone and continued to nestle into Ji Yan’s arms to catch up on sleep. At the same time, Ling Feng, who got the location on WeChat, took Ding Ding and Bai Xinhuai and drove to Li Yueran’s residence.

Yuan Fei saw Ling Feng park the car and get out. He immediately popped out of the flower bed, jumped next to them, and said, “This residential complex doesn’t have a property manager, so we can’t get the owner’s keys. Should we apply for a search warrant and have Li Yueran cooperate with the investigation?”

Ding Ding’s eyes showed a faint disdain as he glanced at him, “Rookie, do you know what our boss Ling did before he became a police officer?”

Yuan Fei blurted out, “Mixed with the underworld?”

Ling Feng slapped the back of his head, “Even though I look ugly, I’m very gentle!”

“Then what did Boss Ling do?”

Bai Xinhuai said calmly, “Locksmithing passed down through generations.”


Then the rookie stood there dumbfounded as he watched Ling Feng casually pick up a thin wooden stick from the flower bed, clamber up to the third floor, and reach Li Yueran’s door. Skillfully, he inserted the stick into the keyhole, turned it a couple of times, and the door opened.

Yuan Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Boss Ling, with such skills, why did you become a police officer?”

“To prevent strengthening the underworld’s power.”

Yuan Fei followed Ling Feng inside, “If Li Yueran is innocent, we are trespassing.”

“Take a good look at these things, and you’ll know whether he’s innocent or not,” Ding Ding said coldly, pointing ahead.

There was no sofa or TV in the living room. Strange symbols were drawn on the floor with red paint, and there was a creepy altar with candles and joss paper, offering a portrait of a young boy.

Bai Xinhuai asked, “Who’s in the painting?”

“He looks familiar.” Yuan Fei looked for a long time, then slapped his forehead, “Oh! I remember now! It’s Pang He!”

Ding Ding asked puzzledly, “If he hates Pang He, why worship him?”

Ling Feng said, “That’s why we avoid judging by appearances when handling cases. Everyone, put on gloves and search around for any suspicious items.”

From the study came Yuan Fei’s voice, “Boss Ling, I found a handwritten copy of 《Rebirth Records》 and Li Yueran’s diary! Here, Bai Jie, for you.”

“Boss, come to the bedroom!”

Hearing Ding Ding’s excited shout, Ling Feng immediately ran into Li Yueran’s bedroom. After seeing everything clearly, he sneered, “This project is indeed enormous.”

The white walls were densely covered with photos of Pang Dahai, showing him in everyday life going to and from work, as well as unsightly private photos from nightclubs. These photos spanned many years, and without exception, each had a large “X” painted in red with the word “die.”

Bai Xinhuai’s voice unconsciously carried a hint of strangeness, “Li Yueran followed Pang Dahai for a full nine years.”

She held an open diary in her hand.

Yuan Fei’s eyes were red as he said, “Boss Ling, Pang Dahai deserved to die!” After a while, his voice lowered and he muttered, “I kind of regret following Li Yueran.”

Ling Feng took the diary, flipped through a few pages quickly, then calmly gave orders, “Ding Ding, go to the convenience store and keep an eye on Li Yueran. Bring him back to the station after he gets off work. Yuan Fei, go home and rest. Xinhuai, call the forensics team to come over and search.” He said this while sending a WeChat message to Han Rong.

[Bald Detective] We found evidence that Li Yueran killed Pang Dahai. Li Yueran did kill because of Pang He, but the motive is different from what we thought.

[Sunny Little Sun] Ling Sir, your text shows that you are very sad.

[Bald Detective] You haven’t seen me in person, and you can still read my mind?

[Sunny Little Sun] It’s simple. A normal person’s first reaction to catching a criminal is to be overjoyed, but you’re explaining Li Yueran’s motive to me. This shows you’re sympathizing with him.

[Bald Detective] We found Li Yueran’s diary.

After sending the message, Ling Feng thought for a moment and added another sentence, “A diary of unrequited love.”


Youthful matters turn empty upon reflection; parting words lazily rearranged in time. Question beauty, from withering, waistline reduced, similar to a lover’s.

—”Flying Frost Leaves”

“Li Yueran, my stomach hurts, can you ask the teacher for leave for me?”

Xiao He was beaten by his uncle again. I lifted his school uniform and saw his pale stomach covered in bruises. I asked him, “Why don’t you fight back?”

“My parents are dead, and my relatives all think I’m a burden, a debt collector, they can’t avoid me fast enough, how would they ever want to take care of me? Meeting Uncle Pang was already a huge blessing for me. He’s also very pitiful, every time after he beats me, he hugs me and says he can’t control himself. I advised him to see a doctor, and he said he recently met one. Maybe he can be cured. Once he’s back to normal, he won’t make me wear women’s clothes or beat me anymore!”

I rubbed his belly without saying a word.

In the evening, he rushed into the dormitory in a panic, “Li Yueran, what should I do! The dorm manager found out!”

I put down my exam paper and asked him, “Found out what?”

“My uncle wants me to wear the girls’ clothes from our class! Their clothes were drying in the yard behind the dorm building, and I took one! The dorm manager saw me! What should I do!”

Pang He wasn’t wearing his school uniform, but a yellow T-shirt. I took off his clothes and put them on myself, “You ran so fast, she probably didn’t see clearly. The dorm building’s surveillance can’t capture faces, only where you ran. They should be coming soon, whatever I say later, just agree with it.”

“Oh.” He was scared and could only nod.

The dorm manager and the class teacher checked the surveillance and walked into the dormitory.

I said, “I stole it, Pang He saw it. Right?”

Pang He said blankly, “Right.”

Both the class teacher and the dorm manager’s eyes changed, surprised and disbelieving. This matter wasn’t respectable, I knew the school would suppress it for the sake of the high school entrance exam. But there would always be busybodies.

“Li Yueran, did they hit you again? I’ll tell the teacher, it wasn’t you!”

“If you admit it was you, they won’t let me go, and they’ll beat you too. It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt.”

“Li Yueran, I can’t stand it. I really can’t stand it! I deliberately let her see me wearing the underwear and stockings, I deliberately let her catch me. She has such a bad temper, she’ll definitely spread this, and then I can be free from this suffering!”

“Li Yueran, she’s dead. I know it was my uncle who killed her. My uncle bribed that doctor. I caused her death.”

“Xiao He, let’s call the police.”

“It’s useless. Uncle also bribed the police handling the case, one of them is a leader.”

“Li Yueran, I hate him so much. He ruined me.”

“Li Yueran, you’re so good, don’t become a pervert because of me.”

“Li Yueran, I really can’t take it anymore. There are no bodhisattvas in this world, no one can save me.”

Xiao He committed suicide.

He rushed onto the road, and I couldn’t pull him back in time. I couldn’t tell him either.

“Xiao He, you’re not a pervert.”

“I like you.”

Xiao He, I miss you so much. I miss you so much it makes my head hurt as if it’s going to split. It feels like I’m about to die.

After turning myself into you, maybe it won’t be so painful.

Wearing women’s clothes isn’t perverted, Xiao He, look at me.

Very pretty, right? You are just as beautiful in my eyes.

Ling Feng stayed up all night reading Li Yueran’s diary. On the last page, there was a group photo of Class 2, Grade 9, during a spring outing. The tall Li Yueran was staring intently at Pang He, who was standing in front of him, as if in the boundless, blooming spring scenery, there was only this one person.

The young Pang He struggled painfully, barely hanging on, waiting for a bodhisattva to save him from Pang Dahai’s clutches. He thought he had found Yang Qin, but Yang Qin didn’t become a bodhisattva for money. He thought he had found a psychologist, but Liu Qing didn’t become a bodhisattva for fame.

“There are no bodhisattvas in this world. No one can save me.”

Who can understand the helplessness and pain behind these words?

In the interrogation room, Ding Ding recited the cause, process, and result of the case word by word, and finally asked, “Li Yueran, do you plead guilty?”

Li Yueran looked down at his hands, as if he wasn’t listening, yet seemed to be listening. After a while, he said blankly, “Why couldn’t he wait for me to grow up?”

He suddenly raised his head and shouted hoarsely, “When I grew up, I could have protected him—”

“Why couldn’t he wait for me—”

“I also want to die, but I can’t die without avenging him—”

“What kind of police are you—why didn’t anyone save him—why—”

Yuan Fei leaned against the door of the interrogation room, holding his mouth tightly with his hand, tears streaming down uncontrollably. He heard the sound of the chair being dragged inside and quickly wiped his tears and walked away.

Pang Dahai’s case came to an end, and various departments resumed their busy work. Upon learning that Ling Feng had urgently transferred Li Yueran to the prosecutor’s office, Yuan Fei threw the case file on the table and stomped on it a few times.

While unzipping a body bag, Bai Xinhuai said, “Ling Sir called a senior at the judicial office yesterday to help find a top lawyer to try to get a reduced sentence for Li Yueran.”

Ding Ding: “Sis, don’t say that carelessly. If others find out, he might not remain as the captain of the serious crime unit.”

Bai Xinhuai, still with her aloof ghost-like face, calmly said, “I was drunk just now. Huh?”

“What did you find?” Ding Ding and Yuan Fei leaned in to look.

“A long strand of hair.” Bai Xinhuai glanced at the short-haired deceased, used tweezers to pick up the hair caught on the deceased’s underwear zipper, and smiled faintly, “It might belong to the killer.”


Author’s Note:

Xiao Hong: You won’t believe it, but I’m a cross-dressing big shot general gong.

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