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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Yin-Yang Murder 4

“The surveillance for the 24 hours before the victims were killed is gone.”

“All three of them lost their surveillance?”


“This is not normal,” Han Rong said. “They don’t live in the same community, so how could the surveillance disappear simultaneously? Are you sure it’s not the security guards responsible for monitoring deleting it out of fear of taking responsibility?”

Han Rong suddenly closed his mouth, seeing a hint of embarrassment on the other person’s face. He had actually hit the nail on the head. As the saying goes, not afraid of god-like opponents, but afraid of pig-like teammates.

“Then immediately use landline and mobile phone records to find out who accepted the delivery orders for Chen Sheng, Qiao En, and Mo Yi during the time they were killed. At the same time, inquire with those security guards if there were any delivery guys around on the day of the crime. Let’s skip checking Chen Sheng’s neighborhood and Qiao En’s garden; those are densely populated areas, and ordering takeout is common. Focus on the funeral home. Delivery guys on the ‘Have You Eaten’ platform can choose orders, and some may autonomously decline orders for distant deliveries. I don’t think many people would like to take orders from a funeral home. Therefore, there shouldn’t be many delivery guys going in and out of the funeral home. As long as the security guards are not senile, they should remember.”

The police comrade in charge of investigating and collecting evidence at the funeral home returned.

“Mo Yi was on duty that day and ordered takeout at around 5 p.m. At around 11 p.m., the director found her murdered in the crematorium.”

Han Rong asked, “Do the security guards remember the faces of the delivery guys?”

“No. The wind was strong that day, and the delivery guys wore hats and masks. Mo Yi ordered takeout via her phone, and the delivery guy was called Liu Er.”

Han Rong asked, “Does Liu Er overlap with the delivery guys who accepted orders for the other two victims?”

“We checked the orders placed by Chen Sheng and Qiao En on the ‘Have You Eaten’ platform for the three days before their deaths, and there were a total of four different delivery guys. One of them was Liu Er.”

At this point, the police officer conducting the interview with Han Rong issued orders, “Quickly lock down Liu Er’s address and search his residence!”


Han Rong asked, “Officer, what’s your surname?”

“I’m Officer Ling, Ling Feng.”

Han Rong glanced at the rank on his shoulder, giving the impression of a high-ranking position.

With three consecutive deaths, all mimicking the murder scenes from a novel, it was enough to attract attention from higher-ups, prompting an influx of police resources. During the search of Liu Er’s house, the police found the murder weapon: an embroidery needle stained with the victims’ blood. In his computer’s bookmarks, they discovered a link to the Jinjiang Literature City website, leading to Han Rong’s author column. Liu Er was a devoted reader of Han Rong, having purchased all of his novels.

The police formally submitted an arrest application to the higher-ups, and after approval from the prosecutor’s office, Liu Er was arrested, bringing the case to a close.

Ling Feng escorted Han Rong out of the police station, and Han Rong curiously asked, “Why hasn’t the so-called senior expert you mentioned shown up until now?”

Ling Feng cleared his throat and said, “He’s very busy.”

“Why did he call me to solve the case? Isn’t he afraid that I might be the killer, and I’d inform my accomplice?”

“The killer committed murders mimicking the plot of ‘Yin-Yang Murder,’ and you are the author of ‘Yin-Yang Murder.’ No one would understand the content of the book better than the author. He speculated that you could deduce the killer’s next move based on the plot.”

Han Rong suddenly remembered Ji Yan and asked, “How is the person who was in the adjacent cell doing?”

“He has already been released.”


“When we arrested Liu Er.”

At this point, Liu Er, wearing a head covering, was also brought in, passing by Han Rong. Frowning, Han Rong said, “Wait a moment.” He asked Ling Feng, “Can I participate in the interrogation process?”

Ling Feng said, “I’ll report to the superiors.”

Liu Er was taken to the interrogation room.

Han Rong waited outside, and after a while, Ling Feng returned, saying, “You can go in. It shouldn’t take more than three minutes.”

Han Rong entered the room, and Liu Er still had the head covering on. He asked puzzledly, “Why don’t you take off his head covering? There’s no audience here.”

A young police officer said, “To avoid stimulating you.”

“Why would it stimulate me? Hurry up and take off his head covering; I find it annoying.” Han Rong, for some reason, felt his heart pounding, unusually restless and agitated.

The young policeman hesitated for a moment and reported to Ling Feng in the monitoring room.

“Do as he says, and it’s time to send him back now.”

Liu Er’s head covering was quickly removed.

Han Rong’s pupils contracted instantly.

Liu Er had the exact same face as Han Rong. He smirked wickedly, “The case has been solved. Aren’t you awake yet?”

Time seemed to freeze. Then, everything around Han Rong, people and objects alike, rapidly rewound as if in reverse…

Han Rong woke up.

Opening his eyes, he was met with pitch-black darkness, the sound of a respirator beeping in his ears, and the chill of an IV drip in his veins.

He remembered.

He wasn’t some Jinjiang writer; he was a psychiatric patient undergoing treatment.

In his sophomore year, he came out to his family, but his hot-tempered father considered it a family disgrace and sent him to the hospital for electroshock therapy. He escaped, and his mother was killed by a robber on her way to find him.

Then he went mad, becoming a schizophrenic patient. During his episodes, he completely forgot about his illness and would assign various roles to the people around him, with his reasoning skills skyrocketing. He was often released from the hospital on police bail to assist in investigating various bizarre murder cases.

After solving the cases, the police would return him to the hospital as if escorting a prisoner—just like earlier, when he helped the police arrest Liu Er, fell into a coma, and then woke up.

Han Rong lay on the bed, surveying the simple hospital room. A bed, a stool, no bathroom, balcony, window, or table. There was a camera in the corner, monitoring his every move 24/7. He slowly sat up, got out of bed, walked to the door, and opened it.

Opposite his room was the attending physician’s office.

The hospital’s soundproofing wasn’t very good, and fragments of conversation could be heard from inside.

A magnetic, calm voice said, “I’ve tried time and time again to construct a complete, safe mental world for him, attempting to establish a connection between him and reality. Yet you let them break down the protective walls time and time again, pushing him back into his own fantasy world!”

An elderly voice said, “You have to admit, during his episodes, his talent for criminal cases is extraordinary.”

“Have you ever considered that as he assists the police in solving cases, identifying the loopholes in the criminals’ actions, and using them to catch the perpetrators, he continuously absorbs different methods of crime and criminal knowledge, constantly refining criminal loopholes, and evolving into a perfect criminal?”

“Dr. Ji, you and I both know there’s no such thing as a perfect criminal in this world, nor perfect crime. As long as it’s a human, there will be flaws.”

“Yes. But you can’t deny that, even without perfect crimes, there are still many unsolved mysteries and suspicious cases in the world. Criminals are not gods, and neither are those who solve cases. As long as the criminals grasp their weaknesses, they can easily escape the law!”

“Dr. Ji, that’s not something you need to worry about. Your only job is to ensure his emotional stability when he’s on a mission.”

“Stabilizing the patient’s emotions is just one of my responsibilities. My ultimate goal is to cure him! But you don’t want me to do that now, do you? Do you know what you’re doing? You’re cultivating a perfect criminal!” Dr. Ji’s voice became very low, as if grinding his teeth.

“That day will never come.” The aged voice said, “Have faith in the organization.”

Dr. Ji’s voice turned cold again. “Can I understand that before he becomes a perfect criminal, you will eliminate this potential threat?”

“You’re overthinking it. I hope you can see this matter correctly, Dr. Ji Yan.”

Footsteps approached the door, and Han Rong quickly slipped back into his own room, obediently lying down on the bed.

The door opened, and a person walked in. The room remained unlit, shrouded in darkness, making it impossible to see the other person’s face.

In the darkness, Han Rong heard the other person’s calm and flat voice ask, “Why didn’t you turn on the lights when you woke up?”

Han Rong smiled mischievously, “Energy conservation!”

With a “click,” the light came on.

A young man in a white coat stood by the bedside, holding a leather notebook. He was tall, around six foot three, with a remarkably handsome face and a cold demeanor, like an ice beauty.

Han Rong whistled like a street thug.

“Doctor, do you know what role you played in my mental world when I cracked the case of ‘Yin-Yang Murder’?” Han Rong remembered the split world in his clear state, but he couldn’t fully distinguish what was real and what was fake in that world. For example, he didn’t know if the seductive and wicked Ji Yan, who stole his former boyfriend, was real or imagined.

“What?” Ji Yan sat down on the chair, opened the notebook, and took out a pen from his pocket, starting to write. He wouldn’t overlook any details about Han Rong’s condition.

Han Rong seemed to think of something and smiled happily, lifting the corners of his mouth, “A wh*re who can get with anyone’s husband.”

Ji Yan didn’t get angry, only calmly said, “It seems you don’t like me.”

“It’s natural. No psychiatric patient likes their attending physician, especially when you’re the only doctor I have. How long have you been treating me? Three years or five years. Sorry, my memory isn’t very good recently.”

Ji Yan glanced at the watch on his wrist and said, “Seven years, three months, and four days exactly.”

“So long. If we were a couple, we would have already passed the seven-year itch. By the way.” He changed the subject and asked, “Do you doctors who often study mental illness with psychiatric patients end up becoming mentally ill one day? I’m not fear mongering, you know there’s a Chinese idiom called ‘Near Ink Is Black,’ right?”

“I will cure you.”

Han Rong chuckled, “Only a lunatic truly understands another lunatic. You need to become like me to know what I’m thinking, what I want, and slowly cure me. If you approach me with a superior doctor’s attitude, do you think I’d pay attention to you? You think I’m sick, but I think you’re all sick too!”

As he turned his head, his gaze met Ji Yan’s. The attending physician who had tormented him for seven years remained as calm and composed as ever, with no emotional fluctuations in his eyes, but he was very well-mannered and seemed not to be angry at all.

Suddenly, a thought crossed Han Rong’s mind, and he sweetly suggested, “Doctor, have you ever considered having a love-hate relationship with one of your patients? Maybe it will help with their recovery.”

Ji Yan closed the notebook, stood up, and tucked Han Rong in. “It’s late, you should go to sleep. A good routine will help with your recovery.”

“Oh,” Han Rong responded, reaching out to grab the sleeve of Ji Yan’s right hand, then closing his eyes.

Unable to break free from his grasp, Ji Yan sat back on the chair, took out a pen, and started writing in the notebook, analyzing Han Rong’s condition from various angles.

After about fifteen minutes, he heard a light chuckle, lifted his head, and met Han Rong’s bright eyes. Han Rong smiled and asked, “Doctor, what have you analyzed?”

Ji Yan said, “The ‘Yin-Yang Murder’ is real, someone imitating the ‘Yin-Yang Murder’ is also real, but you are not the author of ‘Yin-Yang Murder.’ In your mental world, you became the author. I think this concept helps you analyze the perpetrator’s psychology, motives, and methods from the author’s perspective. Whether it’s a mental world constructed by the patient or one constructed by the doctor, it’s a place that makes the patient feel safe. Subconsciously, you feel safe in the role of a detective novelist.”

“Do you mean to say I became mentally ill because of a lack of love?”

“Safety and lack of love are not the same.” Ji Yan looked down at the notebook and said, “In your current mental world, Chen Sheng was killed by the murderer. Do you have any unusual feelings towards him, similar to disgust?”

Han Rong said, “Not disgust, but hatred. After all, this scumbag cheated first. I tried to kill him later, and fortunately, I was diagnosed with a mental illness and didn’t go to prison for attempted murder. But what’s the difference between here and prison? Oh.” He glanced at Ji Yan and joked, “There is a difference. There’s no beautiful prison doctor like you in prison.”

After a while, Han Rong said, “Doctor, before my last episode, I saw Chen Sheng give you a bouquet of Blue Enchantresses. He was pursuing you, right? He used to like sending me flowers too. So, would you have accepted his advances?”

Ji Yan didn’t give a direct answer, only saying, “I think you should try to let go.”

Han Rong smiled and said, “He’s a good person in your eyes. I almost killed him back then, but he still sent me to the best hospital and hired the best treatment team for me. I should be grateful, right?”

“When I was a freshman in high school, Chen Sheng pursued me like crazy for three years. I told him if he could get into the same university as me, I would consider it. I thought his mediocre grades wouldn’t get him in, but he did it. He said it was the first time he worked so hard for someone, and he would never betray me. I believed him. But in the end, he broke his promise.”

If Chen Sheng hadn’t pursued Han Rong, Han Rong wouldn’t have come out, wouldn’t have been sent to the hospital for electroconvulsive therapy, wouldn’t have escaped. His mother wouldn’t have been killed by the robbers while looking for him.

If Chen Sheng hadn’t cheated on Han Rong after his mother’s death, Han Rong wouldn’t have had another episode, and wouldn’t have been so agitated as to want to die with him. He wouldn’t have been sent to this top psychiatric hospital for attempted murder. 

The doctors who had treated Han Rong wouldn’t consider these factors. They would only think that Han Rong was sick, very sick. It wasn’t anyone else’s fault; it was Han Rong’s fault.

Ji Yan remained silent for a while before saying, “He hurt you, that’s beyond doubt.”

Han Rong said, “Doctor, you’re the first one to think Chen Sheng did wrong.”

Ji Yan replied, “Chen Sheng isn’t worth worsening your condition. You can hate, but it shouldn’t affect yourself.”

Han Rong retorted, “Hate is a strong emotion. How can it not affect life?”

Ji Yan advised, “Then let it go.”

“If I don’t hate my ex-boyfriend, then I’ll just have to find a new boyfriend to love. Doctor, are you single? Would you consider me?”

Ji Yan puzzled, “Why me?”

Han Rong casually said, “Because Chen Sheng seems to really like you now. He cheated on me before, so of course I have to do the same!”

Ji Yan clarified, “So, if he pursued someone else, you’d also ask them out, out of revenge?”


“Revenge will worsen your condition, which is not advisable.”

“Fine. I think I’m going to sleep.” Han Rong yawned, his vision gradually blurring. He smiled at the handsome young man and said, “Doctor, can I have a goodnight kiss?”

Ji Yan held Han Rong’s hand and gently kissed the back of it soothingly.

“Sleep now.”

“Doctor, would you give Chen Sheng a goodnight kiss?”


“Would you give other patients a goodnight kiss?”

“Currently, you’re my only patient.”

“Currently, meaning there will be others in the future.”

“After you recover, I’ll take on new patients.”

“Is that a promise?”


“I hate people who break promises. If you deceive me, I’ll kill you.”


After Han Rong fell asleep, Ji Yan left the ward and returned to his office. He opened his computer to read some medical literature on schizophrenia, then checked his email for work-related matters.

“Doctor Ji Yan, after discussions in the hospital’s senior management meeting, it’s recommended for the sake of your physical and mental health that you temporarily suspend the treatment of Mr. Han. You’re free to go on a trip during this suspension period. The hospital has arranged for other doctors to take over your work.”

“I don’t agree.”

“Perhaps my wording earlier was too gentle. Doctor Ji, if you refuse to comply with the arrangement, we will report this matter.”

“I believe your father wouldn’t want his son to continue wasting his youth on an incurable mental patient.”

Ji Yan’s voice was chilling, his gaze fixed on the person in front of him as he spoke word by word, “Who told you he’s incurable?”


At seven o’clock the next morning, Han Rong woke up punctually. He sat on the bed, waiting for the attending physician’s rounds. The door opened, and a female nurse and an unfamiliar bespectacled doctor walked in.

“Is Dr. Ji Yan in a meeting?”

Adjusting his glasses, the bespectacled doctor, with lenses 5mm thick unable to hide the impatience and disdain in his eyes, spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, “Starting from today, I’m your attending physician. Dr. Ji has taken over other patients.”

Han Rong nodded obediently, saying, “I see.”

“You’ll be having a blood test today.” The nurse said, rolling up his sleeve.

“Okay.” Han Rong complied.

After the nurse prepped his arm with alcohol and took out the needle, Han Rong made a move. No one saw how he snatched the needle from the nurse’s hand, pinned the bespectacled doctor against the wall, and aimed the sharp tip of the needle at the carotid artery in his neck. He grinned and said, “Guess how many ways to kill enemies with a needle I learned in military school? A total of one hundred and eight methods.”

The nurse turned pale, frozen in place, while the bespectacled doctor panicked and shouted, “Go get help!”

The nurse rushed out in a panic.

“You liar!” Han Rong’s face twisted, a grimace forming on his face as he gritted his teeth, “Ji Yan, you liar!”

He clearly said there wouldn’t be any other patients until he recovered!

Liar, liar, liar, liar, liar, liar, liar, liar!!

Han Rong’s eyes quickly reddened, his world enveloped in a dense shade of crimson.

Soon, many strong security guards rushed in, bustling to push Han Rong back onto the bed.

The bespectacled doctor yelled anxiously, “Quick! He’s having another episode! Get him sedated! Tie him up!”

Then another group of people rushed in, well-trained and not like ordinary medical staff. With each command came a corresponding action, as they injected a sedative into Han Rong’s body.

Drowsiness swiftly overcame him, and Han Rong fell into unconsciousness.

“Fool! Lunatic!” the bespectacled doctor cursed angrily.

At this moment, a police officer walked in wearing a police uniform, glanced at Han Rong on the bed, and said, “Oh, having another episode? Excellent!” Noticing the hostile look from the bespectacled doctor, he shrugged. “I mean, there’s a case. I’m here to take Han Rong out of the hospital.” He looked around and asked, “Where’s Doctor Ji?”

An elderly doctor with white hair replied, “Officer Ling, the hospital has decided to assign a new attending physician for Mr. Han.”

Ling Feng said, “In the hospital, you have the final say, but when it comes to missions, it’s better to cooperate with us in law enforcement. Doctor Ji has been responsible for Han Rong all this time, so let him continue. Solving a case isn’t child’s play, and if there are any mistakes due to Han Rong’s unstable emotions, none of us can bear the responsibility. Director, what do you say?”

“I’ll contact Doctor Ji right away.”

Ji Yan hadn’t slept all night after studying Han Rong’s condition. He had just taken a shower in the dormitory as dawn approached, his wet hair making him look delicate like a lotus emerging from water. Ling Feng whistled teasingly, saying, “Doctor Ji, hurry up and take your sleeping beauty home. With you absent, there are people trying to harm him.” He glanced meaningfully at the bespectacled doctor and added, “The minimum requirement for being a doctor is not to look down on patients. Those without medical ethics should be shot!”

The bespectacled doctor, recalling Han Rong’s fierceness, shrank his neck in fear. Though scared, he remained stubborn, “Who are you trying to scare?”

Ling Feng retorted, “I’m just stating facts. When Han Rong was in military school, he was top in shooting, combat, and personal combat training. He could easily kill you like squashing an ant. I advise you not to provoke him. Heaven forgives sins, but self-inflicted ones are unforgivable!”

“You!” The bespectacled doctor turned red with anger, but seeing Ji Yan’s cold gaze, he didn’t dare to act tough and retreated like a turtle retracting its neck.


The sunlight was a bit dazzling, and the birds chirped cheerfully in the trees, seeming joyful. Han Rong’s eyelids fluttered, slowly opening his eyes to see a smiling face, both beautiful and annoying.

Han Rong looked at Ji Yan expressionlessly and said, “Why haven’t you left my house yet?”

Ji Yan adjusted the pillow and smirked, “Your bed is very comfortable. I can pay rent, please don’t kick me out.”

“Lunatic,” Han Rong rolled his eyes and shifted his gaze to the ceiling, saying, “The murderer who killed Chen Sheng has been found.”

“Oh,” Ji Yan replied.

“At first, I thought it was you who killed him,” Han Rong said.

Ji Yan asked, “If it wasn’t me, do you feel disappointed?”

Han Rong retorted, “Do you think a normal person would feel disappointed because the person sleeping next to them isn’t a psychopathic murderer?” He kicked Ji Yan’s thigh and ordered, “I’m hungry, go cook!”

“Okay,” Ji Yan obediently responded, slowly sitting up as the blanket slid down, revealing his long and sturdy body.

Forcing his gaze away from the six-pack abs of the other person, Han Rong looked shocked, his eyes screaming “shameless.” “Do you sleep naked?”

Ji Yan blinked, smiling cheekily, “I’m used to sleeping naked.”

He put on his clothes and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Han Rong stayed in bed for a while before sluggishly getting up and shuffling into the bathroom in his fluffy slippers.

The toothpaste was squeezed out, and the water cup was filled. He could use them directly.

Ji Yan wiped his face and then leaned close to his ear, lowering his voice, “Darling, last night you snuggled into my arms, relentlessly demanding a goodnight kiss.”

Han Rong spat out the toothpaste into the sink with a disgusted expression, looking at him with disdain. “You must be dreaming about me.”

Suddenly, Ji Yan planted a quick kiss on Han Rong’s cheek and escaped from the bathroom while Han Rong was about to strike, laughing heartily, “You’re cute either way!”

Han Rong was left speechless with anger.

Ding dong ding dong ding dong—

The doorbell rang urgently.

“Coming!” Han Rong opened the door to find a group of neatly dressed people outside. He sighed helplessly, “Officer Ling. What brings you here? Is someone committing crimes again, copying the plots from my books?”

Ling Feng said, “Mr. Han, it seems you have a knack for predicting the future. Unfortunately, another inexplicable murder case has occurred in the city. Our experts are unable to return from overseas, and they hope you can assist us in the investigation.”


Pause….WTF!!!! That came right out of left field!!! I thought JY was the psycho doctor😭.

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1 month ago

… Pardon my french but what the fuck just happened? 😔

I’m still steaming over the “cheated author accused of killing his ex-bf” and the novel sidelined me with the “it’s all a dream!” plot.

…Well, whatever. The cheating scumbag is still here, so MC has a chance to personally kill him.

Not bad. Not bad.

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