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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Mother 1

“Why should I assist you in solving the case? You don’t even pay me a salary,” Han Rong said.

Ling Feng replied, “If you need it, we can request it from the higher-ups.”

“Forget it. I’m not so desperate for money that I have to work for the police. Bye.”

With a bang, Han Rong closed the door. Breakfast wasn’t ready yet, so he went back to his room, opened his laptop, and prepared to work.

“What’s going on? Has the website finally been hacked by hackers?” 

The screen displayed the login page of Jinjiang Literature City, with the option of “incorrect password” popping up every time. Han Rong switched input methods several times, but it didn’t work. He checked the username again, “It’s correct. Adu Shisan.”

He could only check the progress of the novel in another way, so he searched for the Baidu Writer’s Column, clicked on the link, and found that “Yin-Yang Murder” had been locked by the administrator.

Adu Shisan’s confession column: “Yin-Yang Murder” has been taken offline from all platforms.

When did this happen? His book was banned, and he didn’t even know?

Ji Yan walked over with a tray, explaining, “Due to the overly realistic depiction of certain case details in ‘Yin-Yang Murder,’ it has caused discomfort among netizens and has recently been banned.”

Han Rong raised an eyebrow. “Why are you so interested?”

“Because it’s related to you,” he said with a sly smile.

Ji Yan’s eyes were somewhat like those of classical beauties, known as “red phoenix eyes.” The corners were long and curved, resembling small hooks when lifted, very captivating.

Undoubtedly, he was very handsome, but Han Rong had an inexplicable feeling that he shouldn’t look like this. Perhaps more serious? By the time Han Rong snapped out of it, his cheek had been gently touched, as if a butterfly had kissed him.

“Breakfast is ready.”


“Criminal profiling started in the 1970s and is a profession that requires special training. Profilers analyze modus operandi, crime scene layouts, criminal characteristics, etc., to delineate the criminal’s psychology, thus deducing the criminal’s characteristics…” Ding Ding read from Baidu Baike on his phone, scrolling down to find a question from a netizen, “How to become an outstanding criminal profiler.”

Netizen 12: To some extent, you need to have a bit of mental illness.

Netizen Wind Blows Skirt and Eggs Tremble: If you are a severe schizophrenic patient, then congratulations! You’ve already obtained the pass to becoming a profiler!

Netizen: Do you know who proposed the concept of criminal profiling? A military psychiatrist (smiling).

“In the 1950s, a series of terror attacks occurred in New York for sixteen consecutive years. A bomber enthusiast was keen on playing with bombs in major public places, openly challenging the police.”

Ignoring Ding Ding, Ling Feng pressed the coffee machine’s power button, continuing the explanation while waiting for the coffee. “The police had no clues and were helpless, so they had to seek the help of a psychiatrist named ‘J.’ This ‘J’ was no ordinary person; during World War II, he had served in the military of Country M.”

“J conducted a psychological analysis of the bomber enthusiast, speculating on his personality, upbringing, profession, living environment, and next actions, successfully assisting the police in apprehending the criminal.”

“This method, which depicts a criminal profile by analyzing the criminal’s psychology, is called criminal profiling.”

Ding Ding asked, “Boss, why do we have to involve Han Rong in solving this case?”

Ling Feng took a big sip of bitter coffee, letting the caffeine flow down his throat to keep his tired nerves tight. “Because he is the profiler closest to the criminal.”

“Ding Ding, find a few hooligans interested in men to harass Han Rong.”

“Ah, Why?” Ding Ding looked at him with an expression that said, “Are you a pervert?”

Ling Feng slapped the back of his head with one hand. “If we don’t do this, how am I supposed to find an excuse to get him into the office to look at the corpse? Stupid, want to die, go quickly!”


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