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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Mother 2

Followed by a few furtive little bugs, who looked quite young, maybe around twenty-four or twenty-five, like lost lambs who had just graduated from college and hadn’t found their direction in life yet.

Han Rong didn’t pay much attention.

It was a rare sunny day, and it was his first time going out to shop since moving to this city.

After Ling Feng left, Ji Yan proposed cohabitation.

“I can afford half of the rent, and I can also cook, do laundry, and clean for you. Since I need to eat myself, you don’t need to give me money for meals.”

Thinking about his meager Alipay balance, Han Rong hesitated for a moment but agreed in the end.

Ji Yan was very happy and suggested going to IKEA to buy things, ordering a set of European-style sofas, wardrobes, kitchen utensils, and so on. Han Rong asked, “Why don’t you buy a bed?” Two people sleeping together was too crowded.

Ji Yan looked around and always said the quality was too poor and would affect sleep, so in the end, they didn’t buy one. Then they went to Walmart to buy groceries.

“What do you want to eat tonight?”

“Sweet and sour pork ribs, lemon fish.”

Ji Yan picked fresh pork ribs and a fish, then went to the fruit section to buy lemons. When he paid, his eyes kept turning to the shelves beside the counter. Han Rong looked over and saw a row of newly launched Durex condoms.

“Do you prefer watermelon or strawberry flavor, spiral pattern or polka dots?” He asked excitedly.

Han Rong withdrew his gaze and said coldly, “I prefer not to wear.”

Ji Yan was stunned for a moment, seemingly not expecting Han Rong to be so straightforward. Then his face turned visibly red, and after a long time, he said softly, “Then let’s try tonight.”


For some reason, Han Rong’s face also flushed.

The little rascals behind them had been following them to the entrance of the community. Han Rong asked Ji Yan to go home and cook first, while he went to the nearby supermarket to buy cigarettes. Ji Yan replied with an “oh” and obediently went in, his ears still red, as if he hadn’t come back to his senses yet.

Han Rong bought a big bubble gum and was about to leave when he inexplicably turned back, grabbed a box of Durex from the shelf, paid for it, and left.

Deliberately walking to a corner with no one around, he lured them in and, chewing on his bubble gum, approached them from behind and said, “It’s late, isn’t your mom calling you home for dinner?”

The ruffians looked at each other, then as if making a determined decision, they surged forward. Of course, Han Rong had to fight back, but before he could throw a punch, Ding Ding, who had been hiding in the trash can all day, jumped out with a click and handcuffed him. Almost simultaneously, a police car roared up to the alley entrance, and a group of uniformed burly men got out, took him away directly.

Han Rong: “…”

This is really f*cking absurd!

“Why are you arresting me?”

“Somebody reported a group fight involving you.”

Han Rong was locked in a cell with a television. The TV turned on, and a female forensic scientist with a beautiful silhouette was conducting an autopsy. Watching the familiar scene on the screen, he realized it wasn’t a TV show but surveillance footage from the police station.

The female forensic scientist stated in the autopsy report, “Female, aged between 35 and 40. Engaged in sexual activity within 48 hours before death. Cause of death was excessive bleeding. The uterus was removed, and the genital area was artificially stitched. Medical-grade surgical thread was used, indicating the perpetrator’s proficient suturing skills. Residue of cigarette ash found on the victim’s nails, and evidence of being whipped on the body… No DNA other than the victim’s has been found.”

There was a table in the cell with paper and a pen. While the female forensic scientist was reading the report, Han Rong also picked up a pen and started scribbling on the paper.

Ding Ding in the monitoring room was puzzled, “What is he doing?”

Ling Feng stared at Han Rong with a discerning look and explained, “He’s conducting a psychological autopsy. It’s a reconstruction of the deceased’s emotions and cognitive characteristics, a psychological analysis of the deceased. This method can determine whether the cause of death is due to subjective or objective factors, that is, suicide or homicide, thereby inferring the killer’s preferences in murder.”

Han Rong wrote on the paper: She likes to smoke, has a strong tobacco addiction, a pack doesn’t cost more than ten yuan. Smoking may be due to high life stress or boredom. Emotionally empty, low education level, no legitimate occupation. Likely involved in transactions, had a relationship with the perpetrator, likes S&M. So, the characteristics of the perpetrator might be…

Suddenly, the pen stopped, and Han Rong dropped it, refusing to write any further.

Ding Ding in the monitoring room looked for a while and said, “Just by Han Rong’s words, he infers what features the killer possesses, who is most like the perpetrator. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate? Haven’t you considered whether Han Rong intentionally misleads our investigation logic and direction, thereby framing an innocent person? What if the suspect he leads us to isn’t the real killer?”

“Do you think we haven’t thought about this issue? Keep your composure, rookie!” A male detective in his forties said.

Ling Feng stared at the screen and asked, “Why isn’t he continuing to write?”

Ding Ding bluffed, “Maybe this killer makes him uncomfortable, bringing up bad memories!”

“Boss, someone has come to pick up Han Rong.”

Han Rong was inexplicably tracked, taken to the police station to watch an autopsy performance, and then inexplicably bailed out by Ji Yan. When he returned home, the food on the table had gone cold. Feeling extremely unlucky lately, he decided to buy a pomelo, peel it, and dispel the bad luck.

“You take a shower first, I’ll go reheat the food,” Ji Yan said diligently.

Han Rong quickly took a hot shower, then went back to his room, opened his laptop, and started writing. Despite his recent misfortunes, life had to go on. He wanted to earn lots of money, buy a seaside house, and raise three cats and three dogs.

When he was deeply focused on writing, he vaguely heard someone ringing the doorbell but didn’t pay attention. It wasn’t until he finished writing a new chapter that he rubbed his sore neck and stood up, stretching lazily.

“Dinner’s ready,” Ji Yan knocked on the door.

Han Rong pushed the door open and walked into the living room, only to find Ling Feng sitting on the sofa, holding a cup of black coffee, scrutinizing the surroundings.

“Officer Ling, when did you arrive?”

“It’s been a while. Mr. Ji said you were busy, so I didn’t disturb you. What are you doing in your room?”

“I’m writing a novel. You should be familiar with my job, a third-rate writer on Jinjiang Literature City.”

Ling Feng put down his cup, smiling, “Would you mind if I read your masterpiece? Actually, I’m one of your readers.”

“Of course.” Han Rong printed out the newly written manuscript and said, “Recently, I haven’t been able to log in due to some website issues. It’s unusual not to have readers urging for updates.”

Ling Feng smiled and took the manuscript handed to him. Gradually, his smile faded, and his expression became serious.

“What’s wrong? Did it scare you? The new chapter does have some heavy themes.”

“May I ask where you got the inspiration for this chapter’s plot?”

“This is the plot after ‘The Five Ghosts Longevity Technique’ in ‘Yin-Yang Murder,’ the Tears of the Doll…” he explained at length.

Ling Feng glanced at Ji Yan, who was slicing fruit after dinner, seemingly oblivious, showing no concern.

Looking at the fruit knife in his hand, Ling Feng suddenly felt a chill.

“Han Rong, take a closer look at what you’ve written.” Ling Feng brought the manuscript in front of Han Rong, sternly questioning, “Is this a detective novel, or a criminal diary?”

“What are you talking about?” Han Rong shifted his gaze to the manuscript.

[… I’ve been watching that woman for a long time. She always reveals her plump, white br*easts around two or three in the morning, standing at the entrance of the park. This park is ancient, with outdated facilities, even the square dancing grannies avoid it. Only drifters and migrant workers linger here.

Because there are no city management patrols here. Drifters sleep here, and those who are broke and lonely come here to meet their needs. They know that there’s a group of women lingering here waiting for prey to take the bait… I watched that woman capture her prey tonight like a victor… My heart was beating fast, excited, I knew that soon this woman would become my prey… I finally caught her. She thought it was fun, giggling, showing her smoke-stained yellow teeth… She called me baby, darling, like that woman… I gave her a sedative… A heavy dose, she didn’t feel any pain… I removed those organs that nurture life, and stitched them up one by one…]

Han Rong’s pupils constricted.

This wasn’t an update chapter of “Yin-Yang Murder,” but a complete set of murder records. The victim killed was the woman he saw at the police station today.

Every word in front of him turned into blood, enveloping Han Rong until it drowned him.

Ji Yan put down the fruit knife, swiftly caught Han Rong as he fell backward, and said in a cold voice, “Get back to the hospital immediately!”

“I transferred to the Hucheng District Serious Crime Unit, and the first case I followed was the puppet murder case he solved. All the seniors in the team warned me to stay away from him. I was confused because he looked so handsome and logical when solving cases, talking confidently like a normal person. Why did everyone tell me he was crazy? It wasn’t until the captain asked me to track him for 24 hours that I knew the details of his case-solving, how he reasoned out the murderer.”

“He simulated the perpetrator’s actions, step by step reconstructing the details of the case, so real as if he had done it himself. He even nearly lost himself in the mental world he constructed, almost killing our officers.”

Ling Feng held his coffee. “Dr. Ji, do you believe in the concept of ‘perfect crime’? We often instill in the public the idea that there is no such thing as a perfect crime, to make criminals feel afraid, to prevent them from having the illusion that darkness can dominate everything. But Dr. Ji, do you really believe that there are no perfect crimes in this world?”

Ji Yan remained silent, tucked the blanket around Han Rong, and then walked out.

Following him, Ling Feng closed the door of the ward and said, “As long as the evidence left by the murderer and all the disguises at the crime scene point to someone else, as long as the framing is successful, then it’s a perfect crime!”

Ji Yan turned around and looked into his eyes. “Officer Ling, what are you trying to say?”

“Dr. Ji, I think you understand very well why I haven’t left Han Rong all these years.”

“I understand. Your and the police’s unwavering commitment to Han Rong is the thought that he might be the true culprit behind these cases.”

Ling Feng gave a bitter smile. “What Ding Ding said that day brought back some bad memories. If the assumption just now is true, isn’t it terrifying? Han Rong committing crimes under our noses, and even helping us catch the so-called ‘culprits.’ It makes me feel like I’ve been fooled into a fake detective university.”

“Officer Ling, prolonged tension and excessive reliance on substances can lead to paranoia and hallucinations.” Ji Yan slipped a business card into his pocket. “This is a junior disciple of mine, specializing in stress relief. You can consult with him.”

Ding Ding, never one to read the room, bluntly said, “Boss, this pretty boy is mocking as a nutjob!”

Ling Feng rolled his eyes at him, then caught up with Ji Yan, following him into the office and leaving Ding Ding outside. “Dr. Ji, what I want to talk to you about today is not that. It’s during the investigation of ‘Yin Yang Murder.’ Han Rong stopped simulating the actions of the murderer and became an author. He put himself in the perspective of a bystander, coldly analyzing the criminal’s psychology. Including the recent case. He only put the actions and thoughts of the murderer on paper, without personally carrying them out. I think this might signify the effectiveness of your treatment. Han Rong is separating himself from the criminals. I’ve found out that Han Rong’s recent relapse was because the hospital replaced you with another doctor. Seven years of constant companionship may have made him somewhat dependent on you. I believe you are important to him.”


“Please continue to stay by his side, don’t give up on him.”

Ji Yan remained silent, while Ling Feng’s lips curved into a smile, devoid of any humor. “Of course, if I find out that Han Rong is the real culprit, and you are his accomplice, I will bring both of you to justice.”

After Ling Feng left, Ji Yan returned to Han Rong’s hospital room with the analysis report in hand.

Han Rong was already awake, staring at the ceiling in a daze. After a moment, he spoke, “Doctor, I had a dream. I dreamt that we were shopping together at the supermarket, and you bought strawberry-flavored condoms. Doctor, do you have a sex life?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Because you seem like someone who’s sexually incompetent.”

The room suddenly fell into a deathly silence, giving Han Rong a feeling that the person in front of him was genuinely angry.

“Just joking.” He flashed a charming smile, his eyes twinkling with mischief, looking handsome and alluring, “Because you keep rejecting me. Not to brag, but back in school, I was quite the heartthrob for many.”

“I accept your offer.”


Ji Yan rolled up his sleeve, revealing a well-defined arm, and found a vein, slowly inserting the needle, “I’ll date you.”


Han Rong was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “Sure. If Chen Sheng knew that I’ve defiled his ice beauty, he’d probably be spitting blood! Just thinking about it gets me excited.”

Ji Yan reached out and touched his cheek. “Don’t you know how attractive you are?”

The place touched by his fingertips inexplicably heated up, spreading to his ears. Han Rong opened his mouth to speak but found himself speechless when he met Ji Yan’s serious gaze.

Ji Yan wasn’t joking.

Was he actually flirting with him in earnest?


The psychiatrist who treated my mental illness for seven years turned out to be deep in the closet!

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