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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Mother 3

After Ji Yan hung the glucose drip for Han Rong, he reached out to touch his forehead, finding that the fever had subsided. Han Rong always experienced high fever during his episodes, but it never affected his physical health. The hospital had previously used antipyretics on him, but they were ineffective. Since Ji Yan took over, medication was discontinued, and only basic nutrients were administered.

Han Rong didn’t want to go back to sleep, but when on a drip, the doctor insisted he lie still. He held Ji Yan’s right hand and chatted with him, uttering a sentence here and there.

“Doctor, what hobbies do you have?”


“What kind of books?”

Ji Yan listed a long string of foreign literature related to schizophrenia.

Han Rong chuckled and said, “I enjoy boxing. In my junior year, I had a Thai boxing teacher. During the military academy graduation assessment, no classmate or instructor dared to challenge me one-on-one. I learned from him for two years, and he only charged me 150 yuan in tuition. Now, whether it’s a club or a gym, private lessons for Thai boxing start at 400 yuan. I asked the teacher why he charged so little. He said, ‘I didn’t lack money, so why take yours? The 150 yuan was the cost of water you drank while learning from me. The little bunny doesn’t look fat, but you sure can drink water. Every time you come, you drink half a bucket. Are you a water buffalo spirit ah?’”

Han Rong mimicked the tone and mannerisms of the Thai boxing teacher quite accurately.

Ji Yan also smiled, glanced at the IV drip, and continued writing the analysis report.

“Doctor, the mental construction this time failed. I withdrew from that world midway.”

“In the past, we tried to pull you back from the split world, but it was unsuccessful. This time, you voluntarily withdrew, indicating that a bridge has gradually been established between the split world and the real world. Once the bridge is complete, you can fully walk from that world to the real world.”

“Does this mean your treatment is finally effective?” Han Rong suddenly giggled, “I remember scaring away five grizzled professors, attempting to kill seven foreign experts before I finally got you. You were still in college that year, looking polite and green. I thought they had finally given up on treating me. Doctor, how old are you this year?”


Han Rong clicked his tongue a few times, saying, “Two years younger than me. Truly promising at such a young age.”

The IV drip was finished. Ji Yan removed the injection needle and secured the catheter button. Over the years, he had taken over all the tasks typically handled by the nursing sisters. As he stood up to take away the items, Han Rong grabbed his sleeve.

Lowering his head, Ji Yan saw a mischievous glint in Han Rong’s eyes, and a playful smile, making him look like a little troublemaker. Han Rong said, “Doctor, how about a kiss?”

Feeling the cool touch of fingertips gently caressing his cheek, Han Rong then sensed soft lips.

Warm and dry.

Ji Yan’s kiss was like a dragonfly touching the water, a brief touch and then a departure.

Han Rong’s eyes became slightly moist, misty and exceptionally clear and beautiful.

“The taste is good, but Doctor,” he licked his lips and smiled sweetly, “I prefer French kissing.”

Then Ji Yan leaned in to kiss Han Rong again. This time, Han Rong extended his tongue, kissing him with great detail. The intimate entanglement of lips and tongues, the feeling of mutual support brought by the close connection, caused shivers to run through his heart.

He couldn’t help but wrap his arms around Ji Yan, deepening this somewhat shocking yet sweet passionate kiss.

Is this considered a forbidden love between a doctor and a patient? Han Rong thought somewhat wickedly. When he parted from Ji Yan, he bit his lower lip, leaving behind a shallow tooth mark.

“Consider it a mark, to make Chen Sheng give up.”

Ji Yan reached out to tousle his disheveled hair, straightened his collar, and turned to leave.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang from behind, as if someone had kicked the iron bed, making Ji Yan’s heart skip a beat. He quickly turned around.

Han Rong stood barefoot on the ground, wiping his mouth with his hand, looking disdainful. “You pervert, you mounted a sneak attack on me again?”

Ji Yan was taken aback, then smirked, “Yes. I couldn’t resist.”

Han Rong split again.

He surveyed the untidy surroundings. “Where is this? Are you imprisoning me?”

“You had a fever,” Ji Yan said calmly. “This is a hospital.”

Ji Yan led Han Rong out through the main entrance. Han Rong glanced back at the sign – Xuezhou City 717 Hospital, no different from an ordinary hospital.

He didn’t know this was a cage established specifically for special individuals.

A few days after Han Rong returned home, Ling Feng visited again.

“Are you seeking refuge?” Han Rong paused when he saw him. Ling Feng had heavy black circles under his eyes, like a national treasure, bloodshot eyes, a chin covered in stubble, and a wrinkled coffee-colored leather jacket, as if he hadn’t washed in days.

“You have to come with me,” Ling Feng’s tone brooked no refusal. “Another person has been murdered.”

“Prostitute?” Han Rong asked.

“Yes.” Ling Feng rubbed his temples vigorously. “The murderer’s method is exactly the same as last time.”

“Have you found the identity information of these two victims?”

“Yeah, all the information is at the police station.”

Han Rong followed Ling Feng back to the police station. Ding Ding was busy organizing documents, with half-eaten instant noodles sitting on the table. In fact, when he saw the photos of the deceased, he couldn’t stomach any delicious food. Seeing Han Rong was like seeing a savior. He quickly threw away the stack of bloody photos and recited the information of the deceased as if reciting from a textbook.

“They belonged to the lower-end mobile prostitutes, not working in nightclubs, bars, or foot massage parlors, but wandering in parks and alleys with many vagrants and out-of-town workers. Because they are older and less attractive, business is slow, so they’re cheap. They’ll do anything for money. Some out-of-town people with special preferences would seek them out.”

The identity and characteristics of the victims matched the psychological autopsy Han Rong had conducted earlier.

After Ding Ding finished speaking, he asked, “Why would the killer remove the victims’ uteri?”

Han Rong replied, “What is the main function of the uterus?”

“To bear children.”

Han Rong said, “The killer removed the uteri of the deceased and sutured their genitals because he felt that prostitutes were not worthy of giving birth to life. He should be an extreme optimist, yearning for sunshine, fresh things, and advocating for life. After having a relationship with the other person, he killed them again. This indicates that he has a special desire for women who are addicted to smoking, enjoy sexual violence, gain weight in old age, and engage in improper professions.”

After a moment of silence, he proceeded with the unfinished crime profile from the previous one, “Male. With a legitimate profession and a preference for high-end technology, he may be a surgeon. He had an unhappy childhood and his parents divorced. He lived with his mother for a long time and had an Oedipus complex. His mother’s profession was not legitimate, and she may have been a call girl. Had a strong addiction to smoking and liked to have sex with customers in front of her son, often whipping his son… Perhaps the failure of marriage and financial difficulties have led to his mother’s moral corruption, resulting in sexual abuse of him…”

“He believes it is honorable and proud that his mother gave birth to him, but at the same time, he detests such a depraved mother. He has been extremely successful in his career and is very afraid of the exposure of this unknown past. Long term repression has caused psychological abnormalities, leading to murder.”

Ding Ding: “Because his mother had sexually abused him before, which distorted his psychology and led him to retaliate against other prostitutes who were similar to his mother. But why didn’t he directly retaliate against his mother?”

Han Rong said, “How do you know he didn’t retaliate?”

Ling Feng’s expression changed.

Han Rong said, “His mother may have been the first victim.”

Ding Ding said, “What do you mean… he secretly killed his mother, and this matter has not been discovered yet?”

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