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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Mother 4

“Killing his mother was the trigger for him to start committing crimes,” Han Rong’s voice carried an unusual chill. “Were these two prostitutes wandering in the same park?”

“Yes. However, that area doesn’t fall under our jurisdiction. We haven’t received the authorization for cooperation from their police station yet. We obtained the information this time thanks to the cooperation of the *Anti-Vice Unit,” Ding Ding furrowed his brow, “We have to follow procedures for everything; people can die waiting!”

*literally – yellow sweeper. Yellow is used to refer to porn.

“Criminals generally have four patterns for selecting targets: hunting, poaching, baiting, and setting traps. Clearly, this case falls into the hunting category. The short time interval between the two murders suggests that the perpetrator is currently in a phase of heightened criminal passion after killing his mother. He is very familiar with the abandoned park’s geography. Perhaps his mother used to stand near that park,” Han Rong analyzed, then looked at Ling Feng, “You haven’t deployed a lot of police officers there, have you?”

“Is that a problem?” Ding Ding asked.

“If the criminal is familiar with that park, he must have already identified people who frequently linger near the park. Suddenly having many unfamiliar people with unique characteristics will certainly raise his suspicion,” Han Rong explained.

“You can relax about that. After the second murder, we assigned an experienced plainclothes officer to keep an eye on the area. He used to be a professional extra at Hengdian World Studios, capable of disguising himself as different people. It’s a small case for him,” Ding Ding assured.

Han Rong fell silent for a moment and then said, “Can this undercover officer disguise himself as a smoking sex worker?”

“Are you asking him to act as bait, luring the murderer into a trap?” Ding Ding exclaimed loudly. “If anything happens to him, are you going to take responsibility?!”

“Weeds isn’t as fragile as you think. When he caught the first perverted murderer who cooked and ate human flesh, you were still a freshman at the police academy,” Ling Feng patted Ding Ding on the shoulder and said, “Tell him to come back to the police station to discuss strategies. If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility.”

“But…” Ding Ding wanted to say more, but seeing Ling Feng’s warning gaze, he swallowed his words and reluctantly sent a message to recall Weeds.

All professional undercover officers and informants don’t use their real names in public settings; they only have code names. The undercover officer who was observing the park goes by the code name “Weeds.”

Two hours later, Han Rong met Weeds. A disheveled, dirty-faced, homeless-looking man emitting the stench of an unwashed body for several weeks. The nauseating odor could be smelled even from 800 meters away.

Everyone felt their stomachs churning, and the food they had just eaten seemed to want to find a different exit. Ling Feng covered his mouth and coughed, saying, “Weeds, go clean up first. Change into your usual attire, and later, I’ll introduce you to the new expert in our Serious Crimes Unit.”

Weeds reluctantly acknowledged and went to take a shower.

Another half an hour passed, and an ordinary-looking man, 168 centimeters tall, in his early thirties, with a crew cut, emerged. His demeanor was also quite ordinary, the type that blends into a crowd effortlessly. Such a person was perfect for undercover work.

“Let’s go to the conference room,” Ling Feng said. “Tell us if you’ve noticed any special individuals recently.”

Everyone got up and headed to the 101 meeting room.

“As the end of the year approaches, every department is striving to achieve good performance to receive bonuses for the New Year. The Anti-Vice Unit has already thoroughly inspected the nightclubs and discotheques in the area, so lately, we’ve been focusing on checking small parks and old residential areas. The park where I was watching has also become a key target of their investigation. The rumors have scared off the customers. So, no suspicious suspects were found,” explained the plainclothes officer.

“Can you inform the Anti-Vice Unit to relax their patrols around this park in the near future? The perpetrator is likely to strike again at the same location, as he is currently in the phase of heightened criminal passion. If the police frequently patrol there, he will surely become more cautious. Once he enters the cooling-off period, it may take several years, or even decades, for him to strike again. By then, it will be much harder to catch him,” suggested Han Rong.

“No problem with that!” Ding Ding said. “The Anti-Vice Unit is on the next street. I’ll ask the boss to talk to them. As long as the boss is willing to sacrifice his dignity.”

Ling Feng glared at him. “You talk too much!”

Han Rong turned to Weeds and said, “This time, I need you to disguise yourself as a middle-aged streetwalker.”

Weeds nodded. When he was younger, he often played extra roles and did cross-dressing. “Disguising as a prostitute won’t be a problem. However, places like these have specific customs. For example, on XX Red Light Street, streetwalkers usually tie a red scarf around their wrists to attract clients. If a client is interested, they’ll untie the scarf. Due to the recent crackdown, I haven’t had the chance to observe the customs of soliciting in abandoned parks. We need to gather this information, or else it’s easy to blow our cover. Nowadays, clients are becoming more and more alert.”

“Unfortunately, they’ve had to learn from their mistakes. Our colleagues from the Anti-Vice Unit often disguise themselves as prostitutes to catch johns,” Ling Feng remarked.

“You policemen have quite a few tricks up your sleeves too,” Han Rong commented.

Ding Ding rolled his eyes at him. “You don’t understand. This is called giving your all for the cause!”

Han Rong continued, “The Anti-Vice Unit should have experts on the ‘customs’ of streetwalkers in parks. You should invite one of them to share their experience. The more convincing the disguise, the higher the probability of luring out the criminal.”

“We’ll have to see what the boss decides. Only he can make the Anti-Vice Unit move,” Ling Feng said.

Suddenly, Ling Feng’s expression turned strange. He then took out his phone. “I’ll make a call outside.” After a while, he returned and said, “They need to gather some information. They’ll be here in ten minutes. I’m going to the supermarket to buy cigarettes.” With that, he hurriedly left, seeming like he really didn’t want to meet the Anti-Vice Unit’s members.

Raising an eyebrow, Han Rong asked, “Has Captain Ling been targeted by the Anti-Vice Unit before? Why does he react like a mouse seeing a cat as soon as he hears they’re coming?”

“It’s worse than that,” Ding Ding shook his head. “Once, to catch a criminal, the boss disguised himself as a john. Then he ended up soliciting a colleague from the Anti-Vice Unit who was undercover as a prostitute.”

“Ah, so the expert coming later won’t be that colleague, right?”

“It shouldn’t be. She’s 1 usually very busy.”

“Old lady?” Han Rong imagined Ling Feng soliciting prostitutes and suppressed a laugh as he asked, “How old is she?”

“She’s not actually old. It’s just that only someone with enough seniority can hold that position.”

“Your boss doesn’t have a low rank either. He looks quite young.”

“Thanks to you. Over the years, with so many changes in the Serious Crime Unit—people transferring, resigning, or dying—our boss has become the most experienced. Following you for so many years, not a single major case has gone unsolved. Promotion and salary increase came like a rocket; with one swoop, he rose to the top,” Ding Ding explained.

At that time, there was a joke circulating within the Serious Crime Units of various districts in Xuezhou City: “Hold onto Han the Madman’s thigh tightly, and you’ll easily reach the pinnacle of life.”

However, Han Rong’s thigh wasn’t so easy to hold onto. Almost everyone from Unit H of the Serious Crime Unit had almost been killed by the nearly insane Han Rong. Only Ling Feng, with his exceptional resilience and endurance under pressure, stood by until the end.

“Then you work hard to live to a ripe old age,” Han Rong said. “Stick with me, and you won’t lack for meat soup.”

Ji Yan furrowed his brows.

Ten minutes later, the sound of clicking high heels echoed in the corridor. Ding Ding’s earpiece also picked up the security guard’s report from the entrance, “Members of the Anti-Vice Unit have arrived.”

They saw a woman with flaming red lips and golden waves, about 172 centimeters tall, with a curvaceous figure. She wore a tight red dress on top and black stockings on her shapely legs, resembling a man’s dream lover.

Han Rong asked, “Who is that?”

Ding Ding replied, “The boss of the Anti-Vice Unit, Lu Xin.”

There was a saying among the departments in District H of Xuezhou City: the boss of the Anti-Vice Unit looks like the target of a sweep, while the boss of the Serious Crime Unit looks like a major criminal who’s been caught.

Lu Xin had a seductive appearance and a worldly demeanor, looking only about twenty-seven or twenty-eight, but in reality, she was much older. Meanwhile, Ling Feng sported a shiny bald head with a sparrow tattoo on his neck. Although his face was handsome, there was a menacing air about him, as if he had been through hell and back.

In any case, these two seemed perfectly matched and both looked like targets for anti-pornography and anti-crime efforts.

“What’s Ling Feng up to? The Anti-Vice Unit is giving him face by sending their boss. Why hasn’t our boss, the head of the Serious Crime Unit, returned to entertain her yet?” 

As they spoke of the devil, Ling Feng arrived.

Lu Xin and Ling Feng entered the conference room one after the other, one with a cold expression, the other looking very embarrassed.

Ding Ding whispered, “I thought the boss wouldn’t come back.”

Han Rong, with his keen ears, heard it and asked, “Why?”

Ding Ding said, “Because last time, Lu Xin locked the boss up in jail, and I had to bail him out.” Seeing Han Rong’s inquisitive look, Ding Ding reluctantly nodded and revealed a shameful incident that had become part of the history of the Serious Crime Unit’s investigations. “The prostitute that the boss solicited was Lu Xin, who was on a mission.”

“This is…” Han Rong carefully chose his words and said, “a heaven-sent match.”

“Pfft!” Ding Ding couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

The expressions of Lu Xin and Ling Feng became even more subtle, both looking like they wanted to tear someone apart.

Han Rong said, “Since Officer Lu has taken the time to come, let’s get down to business early and not delay her work.”

Over the phone, Ling Feng had already made the requirements clear, and colleagues from the archives department of the Anti-Vice Unit had gathered the necessary information and handed it to Lu Xin.

“In Hua Hua Park, streetwalkers will hold an unlit cigarette in their mouths. If someone approaches and asks if they need a light, and she nods, that’s the first step of soliciting. Then the customer will ask how much for the cigarette. That’s the price for soliciting. Finally, the customer will ask if she likes strong-flavored cigarettes. That’s inquiring about whether she accepts special sexual preferences, like S&M. The soliciting always takes place at the woman’s home, generally within three kilometers of Hua Hua Park in the old residential area.”

Lu Xin dropped a stack of documents and left with the click-clack of her high heels.

Han Rong said, “Officer Ling, aren’t you going to see her off?”

Ling Feng’s face stiffened, then he gritted his teeth and followed.

Ding Ding muttered, “Isn’t it just delivering some documents? Is it necessary for Officer Lu to go in person?”

Han Rong abruptly asked, “Are you a virgin?”

Ding Ding’s face flushed red, and he stammered angrily, “Wh-what does that have to do with… anything?!”

Han Rong said, “Officer Lu clearly likes your boss, and they’ve definitely been intimate.”

Ding Ding exclaimed, “What?” His mouth gaped in shock, big enough to fit an egg.

Damn! It seemed like there was new gossip in the H District Serious Crime Unit’s gossip WeChat group!

Han Rong said, “Time is of the essence. Get dressed as a middle-aged streetwalker as soon as possible and wait in the park for the prey. Do you have someone specialized in makeup for undercover operations?”

“Yes, we do. Our boss specially recruited an expert from headquarters.” Ding Ding made an internal call, and shortly after, a woman in a white coat with straight black hair and a pale complexion entered, placing a dark makeup case on the table.

Ding Ding introduced her, “This is Miss Bai Xinhuai from our Forensics Department. She used to be a mortician before.”

“And?” Han Rong inquired.

“She’s exceptionally skilled at makeup!”

Two hours later, Weeds put on a wavy wig, smoked teeth, and a padded bra, transforming into a greasy, decadent middle-aged streetwalker.

Han Rong noticed Bai Xinhuai taking out a small blue bottle filled with liquid from the makeup case, preparing to spray it on Weeds.

He asked, “What’s this?”

“Dior perfume.”

“I know. What I mean is, why are you spraying such an expensive perfume on him?”

Bai Xinhuai said, “The two victims I autopsied both had this type of perfume on them. I thought, maybe the killer likes this scent.”

Han Rong said, “Do you think a transient streetwalker would spend a lot of money on a bottle of luxury perfume? Especially this type of middle-aged streetwalker, struggling to make ends meet, only able to afford cheap tobacco to numb themselves.”

Ding Ding angrily said, “Miss Bai is a professional. She says if there’s Dior perfume on the victims, then there definitely is!”

Han Rong shook his head. “I’m not doubting her intentions; I’m questioning the origin of the perfume.”

Bai Xinhuai replied, “If it wasn’t bought by them, then it must have been given by someone else.”

Ding Ding asked, “Who would give them high-end perfume?”

Han Rong replied, “A lover with money.”

Ding Ding was astonished. “People like them have lovers?”

“Have you forgotten the profile I gave of the killer? A successful professional with exceptional skills.” Han Rong rubbed his nose to relieve the soreness in his eyes. “I didn’t have close contact with the victims’ bodies before, leading to an incomplete psychological autopsy. Now, I want to add something: the killer is very likely to have been in a romantic relationship with them before striking. As I said, he has a severe mother complex. He finds women resembling his mother, falls in love with them, engages in relationships, satisfies his twisted motherly desires, and then falls into deep regret and self-blame, seeing it as a disgrace. To erase the shame, he chooses to kill them.”

Bai Xinhuai returned the Dior perfume to the makeup case, then picked up her bag and left without saying a word.

“Bai Jie is very nice, just a bit independent,” Ding Ding explained.

Han Rong didn’t pay much attention either. He said to Weeds, “So it’s up to you now, make sure to protect yourself.”

Weeds nodded and left through the back door of the police station.


Ten days later.

“Is this the one?”


“How many have we tried?”


Outside the Anti-Vice Unit of the Police Sub-Bureau.

Lu Xin crossed her arms, sneering, “Looks like we need to report to the higher-ups that this year’s best officer award should go to Officer Ling. How come your Serious Crime Unit is not investigating murderers now and instead focusing on anti-pornography and anti-illegal activities?”

Ling Feng’s face stiffened even more, resisting the urge to lash out at this woman’s sarcastic remarks. The nearly two-meter-tall bald giant rarely backed down. After tossing the captured individuals into the cells, he dragged Ding Ding away in frustration.

“Thanks, Officer Ling. Feel free to come again!” The brothers from the Anti-Vice Unit lined up at the door, greeting them like welcoming guests. They were ecstatic because catching one john, even if it was for anti-pornography, meant no worries about their year-end bonus. Haha!

Ding Ding, with a mournful face, said, “Boss, why is it like this? We followed Han Rong’s instructions, so why did we only catch real johns? Is Weeds too charming?”

Ling Feng’s mouth pressed into a straight line, hands gripping the steering wheel tightly. He veered the off-road vehicle towards Han Rong’s apartment in frustration.

On the other side, Han Rong was watching TV. He had eaten too much for lunch and was feeling a bit uncomfortable. He lay on the sofa, watching a boring variety show while rubbing his stomach.

He touched his abdominal muscles and felt they weren’t very pronounced. Speaking to himself, he said, “I seem to have gained weight.”

Ji Yan placed the washed fruit on the table and casually replied, “No, you haven’t.” He looked at Han Rong from head to toe, smiling, “Still as cute as ever.”

Han Rong looked at his face and said, “You smile like a fox.” Then he nodded to himself and concluded, “A fox spirit specifically enticing men!”

“Have I caught your attention?”

Han Rong coldly replied, “I’ll never let you have your way.”

“That’s a pity.” Ji Yan walked behind the sofa, bent down, and blew into Han Rong’s ear. “You’re a cute one who says one thing but means another.”

Han Rong was irritated by his warmth, his face turning red, “Get lost! You’re the cute one, pah! You’re not cute at all. And don’t call me cute!”

Ji Yan chuckled and sat on the sofa.

Han Rong shouted, “Stay away from me!”

“Nope.” Ji Yan licked his lips, which were bright red, and said with a smile, “I’ll go crazy if I leave you.” He turned to look at Han Rong, his expression not serious, but his eyes were sincere, still smiling, “Seriously crazy.”

“You lunatic!” Han Rong rolled his eyes and ignored him.

The doorbell rang incessantly. At first, Han Rong ignored it, but it disturbed his sleep, so he kicked Ji Yan lightly, giving him orders, “Go and answer the door.”

After a while, Ji Yan’s voice floated over from the foyer, “It’s Officer Ling and Officer Ding.”

Han Rong yawned lazily, saying, “I guess the murderer wasn’t caught, but a bunch of johns were.”

“Did you already know it would be like this? Are you playing us?” Ding Ding charged over, looking fierce, as if he was about to hit someone. His arm was suddenly held back, unable to move. He turned to see Ji Yan smiling and saying, “Didn’t your family teach you manners when receiving guests?”

“Ding Ding, calm down!” Ling Feng admonished.

Ji Yan let go of his hand, and Ding Ding’s arm throbbed with pain. He rolled up his sleeve to see it swollen and red. When he met Ji Yan’s eyes, he suddenly shivered, feeling as if he was facing the psychopathic murderers they had caught before.

Ling Feng stepped forward, pulling Ding Ding behind him to block Ji Yan’s line of sight, and said to Han Rong, “You guessed it right. It seems like the killer is hiding.”

Han Rong said, “If you were the killer, after your murderous desires were satisfied, and suddenly a new streetwalker appeared, would you immediately strike?”

Ling Feng contemplated for a moment and said, “I would observe her for a while. I might act, or I might decide against it.”

Han Rong nodded, “Exactly. There are two reasons why the killer isn’t acting. First, he’s in a cooling-off period and temporarily not in the mood to kill. Second, he’s observing if this streetwalker is an undercover cop.”

Ding Ding interjected, “So, what do we do?”

Han Rong sat up and said, “Stimulate his desire to kill.”

“How do we do that?”

“Long-term domestic violence and sexual abuse are the reasons behind his psychological abnormalities. Find two people to stage a violent and sexually explicit scene in front of him.”

Ding Ding rolled his eyes, “You make it sound easy. Where do we find such people? And how do we act in front of him? We can’t even locate him now.”

“He is definitely observing in secret. I guess his home is near the park.”


Hua Hua Park had a small grove that became eerie at night, with some dimly lit areas due to broken streetlights. Faint fireflies and starlight were the only sources of illumination. Many young couples seeking excitement liked to engage in activities here.

Two intertwined figures merged with the dancing shadows of the trees, nearly indistinguishable.

“Are you going to dawdle forever? Will you do it or not?” Han Rong asked in a low voice.

Ji Yan wore a wig and a black skirt, pressing Han Rong against a tree. His left hand held a sensual whip, teasingly tracing Han Rong’s body without delivering any blows. After a while, he said, “I can’t bear to do it. You should hit me instead.”

Then he handed the whip to Han Rong and switched positions.

“You should hit me after those clients did these things to his mother. His mother vented her anger on him. So, it doesn’t matter who does it; it’s the same,” Ji Yan explained.

Since the other party said that, Han Rong didn’t hold back. He raised the whip and struck Ji Yan’s waist several times. Ji Yan’s fair skin immediately turned red, as if a layer had been broken.

Ji Yan gasped.

Han Rong embraced him and whispered in his ear, “It seems someone is watching us.”

Ji Yan leaned against his shoulder and whispered, “The killer?”


Ji Yan’s voice carried a hint of laughter, “What’s the next step?”

After the infliction of pain, it was time for the grand finale of the symphony of light and shadow.

Han Rong scolded, “Nonsense laughter ah! Shout quickly!”

Ji Yan said somewhat aggrievedly, “I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

Han Rong: ???

Angered, he whipped the person again.


“You’re amazing, dropping the ball at a critical moment!”

Ji Yan winced in pain and chuckled, “You’re a man too, you should understand that feeling of being willing but unable, right?”


No way, if you can’t rely on others, rely on yourself.

Han Rong cleared his throat, then called out, “Darling, you’re amazing, I’m going to heaven—”

His arms around Han Rong’s waist tightened.

Ji Yan chuckled lowly, his voice husky, “Darling, you’ve gotten me hard.”


The two of them acted for half an hour in the grove, then tidied themselves up and left sneakily.

That feeling of being watched persisted until they left the park.

Back at the apartment, they prepared to shower and sleep.

“You go shower first,” Han Rong said, tossing the whip into the trash.

“Okay,” Ji Yan replied, taking off his clothes. His skin was fair and tender, the wounds from the whipping were horrendous. Even Han Rong’s tough heart felt a twinge of guilt.

“Does it hurt?” 

Ji Yan hadn’t paid it much mind, but hearing the self-reproach in Han Rong’s tone, he immediately began to whimper softly, “Yes, it hurts a lot.”

When the male fox spirit acted coquettishly, it was irresistible.

Feeling even more guilty, Han Rong said, “Let me apply some medicinal alcohol for you.”

Ji Yan smiled coyly, “I don’t like medicine. How about you lick it for me instead?”

“I’d rather give you another whipping.” He bent down to pick up the whip.

Ji Yan rushed over and hugged him, planting a few forceful kisses on his cheek. The dead pig, not afraid of scalding water 2, said, “Since we’re all going to die anyway, might as well have a good meal before dying.”

Han Rong’s whip didn’t fall. He carefully avoided Ji Yan’s wounds, hugged him back, looked into his narrow phoenix eyes, sighed, then kissed his delicate chin.

“Good boy, let me apply some medicine for you.”

Ji Yan’s face flushed like it was on fire, he whispered softly, “You’re cheating.”

“Ignore you!” He pushed Han Rong away and ran into the bathroom.

“What’s with the purity act?” Han Rong looked at the whip in his hand, feeling amused and exasperated, “I was actually considering giving it a try.”

As for what to try, Ji Yan would never know.

Three days later, Ling Feng caught the suspect and notified Han Rong to meet at the police station.

“The arrested johns wanted to lighten their punishment, so they volunteered to do some free publicity, claiming that Weeds was a new girl in the area and tasted good, successfully reducing the suspects’ vigilance. Unlike before, he didn’t take Weeds home, but instead drugged her and took her to his own house to commit the crime. Ding Ding followed closely and didn’t let him succeed.”

“What about Officer Ding?”

“He’s getting treated at the hospital. The kid was too reckless and got injured. It’s also a good lesson.”

“What about the suspect?”

“He’s being interrogated. Do you want to take a look?”

Han Rong followed Ling Feng into the interrogation room.

White Xin Huai was in charge of taking the statement. “The murderer is an obstetrician and gynecologist. Those hands have held many newborn babies. Colleagues say he’s very cheerful and proud of his profession. He owns a villa in the XX area, but it’s mostly vacant. He usually lives in the XX community, a kilometer away from the Huahua Park, in his mother’s house. Our team found his mother’s body in the freezer compartment. He confessed to his actions without hesitation.”

“I know this is a trap,” the suspect said. “I finally managed to lock the beast in its cage. But you let it out again. I couldn’t control my anger. You despicable man, you’ve opened up my heart and exposed it for everyone to see! In fact, I’d rather kill you than that fake whore. I’m hunting, and you’re baiting!”

Through a glass window, Han Rong saw the suspect’s face lift.

It was a face identical to Han Rong’s, with a sinister look in his eyes and a bloodthirsty grin on his lips.

The surroundings quickly receded, and the clock continued to tick forward.


Han Rong woke up and heard the sound of a pen scratching on paper. He turned his head and saw Ji Yan sitting next to him, analyzing a report.

“Doctor, what’s the conclusion this time?” he asked.

Ji Yan said, “Every time your constructed mental world is built upon real-life scenarios. When you have an episode, what you see, hear, and feel may be real or imagined. For example, when I’m sitting on the couch peeling an apple, it might appear to your brain as if I’m about to use the fruit knife to harm you.

Previously, we tried to explain to you that this was not real, what your true identity was, but your brain couldn’t receive these signals and persisted in its delusion. However, this time, I don’t know if you noticed. Ding Ding mentioned that Ling Feng has advanced faster in his career compared to some peers or even superiors because he has been working with you on cases for many years. And you easily accepted this signal, even encouraging Ding Ding to prioritize self-protection for career advancement. This indicates that when you have an episode, your brain and subconscious no longer reject us pulling you back to reality.”

“You are constructing a complete mental world, closer to reality. Over the past seven years, each time the mental world of the cases has been different, and the identities you assign yourself have been different. But this time, you connected the Yin-Yang Murder case with the Oedipus complex case. You continue to use your identity as the ‘author.’ I speculate that the next time you have an episode, you will still use this identity.”

“So, is the ultimate outcome for me to fully awaken from this world or ultimately lose myself in it, forgetting my original identity?”

“That depends on the resolution you give to ‘Author Han Rong.'”

“I don’t understand.”

“Don’t think too much about it. I will cure you.”

Han Rong chuckled, “As long as you stop the split, that’s considered a cure. Then it doesn’t matter which Han Rong appears in front of the public in the end, right? Do you prefer the emotionally detached Han Rong over me?”

Ji Yan took his hand and gently kissed the back of it.

Han Rong pursed his lips, “That answer is too evasive.”

After a moment of silence, Ji Yan said, “I like you.”

“Do you like me, or do you just like me? Well, I know that’s a bit demanding. Because both are me, right?” Han Rong’s lips couldn’t help but curl up, “Ah, Chen Sheng must be furious.”

He chuckled to himself for a while, then stared at Ji Yan’s handsome face, “What should I do, Doctor? I really want to devour you now. Strip you bare and devour you bone by bone.”

Ji Yan tucked his hand under the covers, stood up, and bid him farewell, “It’s late, see you tomorrow.”

Han Rong tilted his head and asked, “You’re really not X Incompetent?”

In response, Ji Yan quickened his pace to leave the ward, with Han Rong’s carefree and triumphant laughter echoing behind him.


Is JY’s personality in HR’s mental world an act he puts up or is it HR’s imagination? It’s hard to imagine the cold aloof doctor being a flirtatious fox spirit!

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Translator Notes
  1. *DD uses lao ren jia – which is a polite term of address for an old woman/man[]
  2. A person with nothing left to lose will go to any extent despite the consequences[]
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