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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

A Lunatic Says He Loves Me: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Confession

Han Rong had just woken up, feeling wide awake, so he threw off the covers and got out of bed, opening the door and stepping outside. He still remembered when he first entered 717, his hands and feet were shackled, just like a hardened criminal in a TV drama.

Chen Sheng was a bit of a spoiled young master, not too mischievous but with a bit of a pampered attitude. After he and Han Rong got together, they often argued and fought. Chen Sheng didn’t hold grudges, but Han Rong was stubborn, occasionally needing Chen Sheng to humble himself and coax him.

Perhaps after being coaxed for too long, he became impatient. So, he cheated, with the other person being an obedient and gentle junior. After cheating, Chen Sheng did try to reconcile, even crying and begging for forgiveness, but Han Rong, knowing he wasn’t in a good state of mind at the time, ignored him. Eventually, Chen Sheng got angry too, and they argued.

The worst thing to say in a lover’s quarrel is something that hurts deeply. Chen Sheng had a bad habit; when he got angry, he would say hurtful things, bringing up Han Rong’s deceased mother. His mother was always a sore point for Han Rong, and he instantly suffered a mental breakdown, impulsively wanting to take Chen Sheng down with him. When he nearly beat Chen Sheng to death, Father Chen’s men arrived.

After that, Han Rong was locked up in 717, cut off from the outside world.

Later, there was a series of crazy serial killings in a certain district, and the local experts and detectives were at a loss. Someone mentioned that the split Han Rong had been identified by experts as a master detective, so, as a last resort, they brought him in to solve the case. Han Rong locked onto the culprit within a day, and from then on, he became famous in the national law enforcement gossip WeChat group.

And thus, Han Rong had a chance to leave 717.

There was a debate about whether to keep him isolated and under strict supervision or to let him go for good, and that’s when Ji Yan appeared. A medical student only 20 years old, he was rumored to have a significant background, with even the Chen family having to show him some respect. When he arrived, the guards watching over Han Rong were withdrawn.

His first words upon seeing Han Rong were, “Take off his shackles.”

Looking at his hands and feet suddenly feeling lighter, Han Rong, freed from his restraints, suddenly felt a sense of rebirth. A thought popped into his head: could this refined and beautiful young man be his redemption?

Han Rong stepped outside quietly. His ward was a separate building with a tidy courtyard filled with flowers. He sat barefoot on a swing, rocking back and forth, gazing at the night as dark as ink, suddenly remembering many things.

He remembered his childhood with Chen Sheng, innocent and carefree, playing hooky and getting into fights together. He remembered Chen Sheng, bruised and swollen, confessing to him, saying, “My dad cut ties with me, you’re all I have left.” He remembered Chen Sheng saying, “I’m fed up with you. Do you really love me? Why won’t you ever compromise for me?” He remembered coming out to his father and getting his leg broken in return, lying to Chen Sheng about going on a trip while he was in a hospital in another city. He returned to find Chen Sheng had cheated on him.

Back then, their love was so pure, experiencing joys and sorrows together. But, in the end, it was Chen Sheng who stabbed him in the heart, nearly killing him.

Ultimately, he still couldn’t let go because of his reluctance. The old Han family nearly lost two lives and almost fell apart completely. Why was the Chen family still thriving?

Han Rong even darkly wondered if Chen Sheng had deliberately approached him, intentionally deceiving him to reveal his true feelings before abandoning him.

At times like these, his blood rushed through his body, his hair stood on end, his eyes reddened from excitement, like he was ready to devour someone.

Then he remembered Ji Yan, the handsome doctor who was cold-hearted yet kind, and he closed his eyes, trying to suppress all the violent and destructive desires.

When he opened his eyes again, whether he was having another episode or something else, he had a hallucination; he saw Chen Sheng standing outside the courtyard gate.

He stood there, lost in thought, his gaze somewhat vacant, reminiscent of when they were students and Chen Sheng would daydream. He seemed much thinner, with a tired look, but still handsome and upright, exuding the air of an elegant young gentleman.

Han Rong sat still, afraid that if he moved, he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself from strangling him.

After a while, Chen Sheng noticed Han Rong’s “attention ceremony,” a hint of panic flashing in his eyes, like a student caught in puppy love, at a loss for words.

Seeing this familiar foolish look, Han Rong chuckled sarcastically.

Chen Sheng finally managed to organize his thoughts for their “long-awaited reunion,” “I heard you’re getting better, so I came to see you. That kid from the Ji family didn’t lie to me; he’s really confident he can cure you. It wasn’t in vain that I begged…” He suddenly stopped himself and changed the subject, asking, “Did you receive the flowers I sent you?”

What flowers?

He did remember seeing Chen Sheng sending many Blue Enchantresses to Ji Yan recently, just like how he used to pursue Han Rong.

Han Rong didn’t say anything, unsure what to say. He felt annoyed and was suppressing the urge to do something bad, waiting for Chen Sheng to leave gracefully.

But it seemed like Chen Sheng’s brain had malfunctioned; he kept chattering away, “I actually wanted to come see you a long time ago, but Father wouldn’t allow it.”

“I feel very guilty. I know it’s all my fault, making you end up like this… I’m sorry.” After a long pause, he looked at Han Rong with sincere and regretful eyes, speaking earnestly.

The Chen Sheng who never apologized was actually apologizing?

Han Rong was a bit surprised, then chuckled sarcastically. So what? It was too late, far too late.

“I know you’re not ready to forgive me, it’s okay. I’m willing to wait, as long as you don’t refuse to see me anymore… I… I really miss you.”

What nonsense was he spouting?

When had Chen Sheng ever come to see Han Rong, and why didn’t Han Rong know about it?

Of course, if he came to visit, Han Rong wouldn’t see him.

Han Rong looked up at the sky; the moon was full and bright, probably the fifteenth. It was a waste to spend such a good day reminiscing with a scumbag, so he lazily and dismissively said, “Just leave.”

“I don’t want you, and I don’t want to see you.”

Chen Sheng hesitated for a moment, a wounded look flashing in his eyes, then he steadied himself and, in a deep and magnetic voice, said, “Rest well, I’ll come see you again.”

His expression was gentle, his tone affectionate, as if they were just a couple who had a small fight and were now sulking.

But it made Han Rong sick to his stomach. He jumped off the swing with force, strode into the house, and slammed the door shut with a bang.

The loud sound seemed exceptionally jarring in the quiet night.

A white figure emerged from a dark corner.

Chen Sheng forced a smile, a bitter expression on his face. “Master Ji, you were right. He really detests me and doesn’t want to see me.”

Ji Yan spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, devoid of any emotion, like the white coat he wore. “For the sake of Mr. Han’s condition, please refrain from visiting in the future.”

Cold and meticulous, just like his white coat.

“I still want to give it a try,” Chen Sheng said. “If he hates me and resents me, it means he hasn’t forgotten me, that I still have a place in his heart. He’s a very emotional person, I know.”

He turned and took out the Blue Enchantresses from the car, handing them to Ji Yan. “Please give these to him. He loves these flowers the most. Although he might have looked disgusted when I gave them to him before, he was actually very happy.”

Ji Yan accepted them, and Chen Sheng glanced at the dimly lit house before getting into his car, his figure somewhat desolate.

Ji Yan stared at the Blue Enchantresses in his hand, lost in thought. These flowers were enchanting, pure, and captivating, just like Han Rong.

The door behind slowly opened, and Han Rong walked out as if nothing had happened, glancing at the flowers in Ji Yan’s hand, whistling casually, and said with a lack of seriousness, “Oh, Eldest Young Master Chen sending flowers late at night, really making a big move. Doctor, are you moved?”

Ji Yan’s gaze was somewhat confused as he replied, “Moved or not? What does it matter?”

“If you’re moved, I’ll be angry.”

“Why would you be angry?”

“I don’t know, probably jealous,” Han Rong shrugged.

Ji Yan seemed unusually talkative tonight, adopting an interrogative tone, “Why jealous? Jealous of whom?”

“My ex-boyfriend sending flowers to my current boyfriend, and my current boyfriend accepting them. Shouldn’t I be jealous?” Han Rong looked at him with a smile, but there was no humor in his eyes, only a chilling coldness.

Without hesitation, Ji Yan tossed the expensively packaged flowers into the trash bin and said indifferently, “I won’t accept them. If he refuses to leave, it’ll disturb your rest and worsen your condition.”

Han Rong laughed, a genuine, sweet laugh. He licked his dry lips and said, “Doctor, how about a kiss?”

Then, in a whirlwind of motion, Han Rong found himself pressed against the iron door by Ji Yan, his lips forcefully crushed by his tongue. Han Rong opened his mouth with a smile, and Ji Yan’s tongue darted in, aggressively exploring his mouth for saliva. The kiss was dominant, domineering, like a king declaring his territory. Despite Han Rong’s composure, he was momentarily overwhelmed by Ji Yan’s sudden wildness, his knees going weak. He grabbed onto Ji Yan’s clothing around his waist, and intermittent moans escaped from his throat, “Why are you… so excited? Ah!”

After kissing for quite some time, when Han Rong’s brain was almost fainting from lack of oxygen, Ji Yan let go of him.

The handsome and aloof man kissed his forehead with dry, warm lips, whispering like a pledge and like the murmurs between lovers, “I won’t leave you.”

“Don’t be afraid.”

These nine words instantly shattered Han Rong’s facade and psychological defenses.

Truly a professional doctor, Ji Yan instantly grasped Han Rong’s weakness.

Rarely, Han Rong spoke in a slightly weak and soft voice, “Once I recover from my illness, you’ll leave.”

Ji Yan said, “Right now, I’m your boyfriend.”

Han Rong chuckled, “Just a male friend.”

Ji Yan fell silent for a moment, then picked up Han Rong horizontally and walked towards the ward with a firm and resolute voice, “Then let’s make it official. I’m your man.”

Han Rong was surprised for a moment, then reached out to wrap his arms around Ji Yan’s neck, smiling mischievously, “Wow, it’s not easy, the wooden fish finally sees the light.”

In the ward, Ji Yan placed Han Rong on the bed, then reached out to turn off the lights, but Han Rong stopped him.

“I want to see you,” he said.

“I feel uneasy if I can’t see you.”

“Okay.” Ji Yan fell silent for a moment and began to take off his coat.

Then Han Rong saw the horrifying scars on his body. These wounds were all too familiar. Han Rong’s smile froze, and he reached out, his fingertips trembling as he touched those wounds, “It’s true, Doctor. Everything in the dream is real.”

Ji Yan didn’t say anything. He grabbed Han Rong’s hand and kissed it lightly.

Han Rong felt his heart trembling.

This person in front of him, so proud and outstanding, had become so humble and submissive to accommodate his quirks. Not just once, not just for a day, but for a whole seven years, countless times.

“What are you doing? It’s embarrassing,” Han Rong felt his nose tingling, and his eyes stung a bit. He reached up to cover his eyes.

At the moment when he thought he was abandoned by the world, this person grabbed his hand and pulled him back to reality with all his might.

Now wasn’t the right atmosphere for anything inappropriate. So Ji Yan prepared to put on his clothes. Just as his fingers touched the white coat, Han Rong grabbed him. He lifted his head, saw the redness at the corners of the other’s eyes, and chuckled with a smirk, “You made me cry; you have to take responsibility.”

Ji Yan nodded, reached out to pull him into his arms, kissed his ear, and whispered gently, “Then cry a bit more later. I’ll take responsibility for a lifetime.” That night, Han Rong seemed to cry all the tears of his life. His voice hoarse, he begged, “You’re not X  incompetent. I was wrong, I was wrong…”

The next morning, while hanging the glucose, Han Rong, with a hoarse voice and a disgusted expression, said, “Doctor, do you even know what you’re doing? Your skills are so lousy.” He wasn’t referring to the IV. Ji Yan’s face and ears turned red. With a serious tone, he said, “It’s my first time.” Under Han Rong’s astonished gaze, he continued with the attitude of a diligent student, “I’ll make sure to practice diligently with my wife in the future.”

He touched Han Rong’s cheek, ready to turn around and leave, but his waist was firmly hugged. Han Rong rubbed against his clothes and murmured, “Doctor, what should I do? I think I’m starting to like you more…”

“You can like me a little more, and trust me a little more,” Ji Yan said. “I won’t let you down, I won’t give up on you, never.”

Han Rong quieted down for a moment, then said softly, “I’ve known Chen Sheng for so long, but in the end, he still cheated. We’ve only known each other for seven years.”

Ji Yan turned around and sat on the bed, pulling him into his arms, pressing their faces together, and holding his hand against his chest. “You can cut open this place anytime and see if it’s filled with your name.”

“How is that possible?”

Ji Yan said, “If that day ever comes, you can cut open this skin, dig out my heart, and carve your name on it.”

“I’m not Chen Sheng.”

“I’m willing to die for you.”

“Why are you trying to make me cry so early in the morning?”

Ji Yan kissed the corner of his reddened eyes and said, “I feel heartbroken when you cry. I don’t know what to do.”

Han Rong chuckled and said, “You weren’t like this when I was losing it. How can you be so different from your real self? Have you also split?”

Ji Yan said, “Learning from you.”

Yes, Han Rong’s reality was a shameless and seductive slut. Ji Yan had seen enough of it and naturally learned to mimic it.

Han Rong leaned against his chest, held his hand, their fingers intertwined. Lazily, he asked, “I don’t even know about your situation, but you know everything about me. It’s not fair.”

“What do you want to know?”

“How many people are there in your family? What do your parents do?”

Ji Yan mentioned a few names, and Han Rong widened his eyes in surprise, then chuckled, “Am I going to be thrown into the sea to feed the sharks this time?”

“No.” Ji Yan said firmly, “I’m not like Chen Sheng, that waste; I’m not bound by family constraints.”

Han Rong didn’t think too deeply about Ji Yan’s implications and asked, “If we’re together, how do you plan to explain it to your family? Do your parents still want grandchildren?”

“I have two older brothers above me.”

The matters of carrying on the family line and inheriting the family business weren’t his concern.

“I actually ended up sleeping with the young master.” Han Rong laughed heartlessly, “I’ve really outdone myself.”

“Just an ordinary little doctor. Now, I’m your lover.”

Han Rong laughed with narrowed eyes, “Big families are different; grace is ingrained in them. Unlike the Chens, who want to proclaim their minor status to the world.”

“But speaking of which, your parents really have no objections?”

Ji Yan said, “After spending seven years at 717, they knew what I wanted. From childhood to now, they’ve never interfered with my choices. Besides, my older brother is more suitable for inheriting the family business.”

That’s what they call the most favored “youngest son,” right?


Did I mention that this isn’t a “serious” criminal investigation novel. It doesn’t involve a lot of logical reasoning and the MC’s profiling may seem to come out of thin air with no explanation of how he reached that conclusion. It’s more of The Mentalist type than something like Chicago PD or NCIS. So just a disclaimer to the readers on this.

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