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A Lunatic Says He Loves Me

Author: 信渡

Raws: 一个神经病说爱我

Chapters: 52 Completed

Han Rong has been very unlucky lately.

His boyfriend cheated on him, and the love rival even came to demonstrate.

Han Rong: … I want peace and quiet.

He woke up from a nap and found out his ex-boyfriend had died.

Han Rong: … Karma came too fast, like a tornado.

Police: Mr. Han, please come with us.

Beauty Doctor gong X criminal profiling master shou.

Modern setting, all characters are fictional.

Content Tags: Romance, Inspirational, Modern Fantasy, Suspense, Detective, Drama, Happy Ending

Search Keywords: Protagonists: Han Rong, Ji Yan ┃ Supporting Characters: Bald Detective, Charming Monk, Anti-Vice Fat Otaku, Rich Second Generation, Forensic Doctor ┃ Others: Crime Side Story, Suspenseful Detective, Supernatural, 1v1 Happy Ending

One-sentence Synopsis: The world is mad, I’m not.

Concept: Concept to be supplemented.

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