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About Me

Welcome one! Welcome all!

I’m an avid reader of Chinese novels even though the only Chinese characters I can spot is “En” and “of”. And yet here I am bringing my ignorance to life by engaging in the sacred art of Machine Translation. I work in Tech so of course I’ve gotta support my people.

The Chinese novel universe is vast with numerous galaxies but the voyagers are few. Some stars end up undiscovered due to the limitations of the available voyagers. And so I, an amateur frankly unqualified explorer, have taken up the mantle and hopped into my mediocre starship to save some of these stars from burning out before they even get to shine.

You might notice there’s a particular “type” I’m attracted to🙊. I honestly have two extremes, romantic tooth-rotting fluff with minimal angst or action-plot centric with a romantic subplot that focuses on plot development. Hard nos for me are dog-blood. You will never catch these eyes going through hundreds of tear-jerking, snot-inducing barbaric plots. My default settings for angst-tolerance are F-Class and my system does not allow upgrades. So don’t expect such projects on this sacred good-vibes-centric site.

I know the limitations of MTL as opposed to human translations so I’m not going to promise literary outputs that will move you but I can at least promise they’ll be better than raw MTLs. This is where the beauty of Chinese literature meets the world of machine translation and my godlike editing skills[not] (even though English isn’t my first language neither am I a language major and I have the attention span of a goldfish…) So, yeah join me as we unlock the gateways of imagination and celebrate the transformative power of words.

PS: Since these are Machine Translations, I don’t think they are suitable for retranslation into other languages. It’s basically deteriorating the quality of the OG novel even further. So if you want to retranslate from me, my answer is no. I’m not hoarding the translation or anything since in the first place they don’t belong to me, I only edited it, I’m just trying to ensure the authenticity of the story. Kindly use the Chinese raws. You can use my output as reference for some things but don’t directly retranslate from what’s here.

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