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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 100

100. Blazing Meteor


Sitting in the cockpit of the Phoenix Redeemer, Ji Mingzhu sighed. “I miss my brother. Do you think he’s still alive?”

Axiu remained silent for a moment, without answering.

“He’s probably gone by now,” Ji Mingzhu murmured. “If he were here, he definitely wouldn’t stand by and watch the world become like this.”

From a certain perspective, Ji Mingzhu should have been closer to Huo Zai, Bi Fang, and others, after all, they shared the common identity of “Old Humans.”

Humans are social animals, always in need of a sense of belonging and identity, whether it’s based on race, ethnicity, culture, or language.

But Ji Mingzhu didn’t want to stand with Huo Zai and the others.

Whether it was Feibo or the Netherworld Organization, they all had their own goals. They harbored grand narratives, attempting to decide the future and direction of the world for everyone. But it was often their existence that plunged the world into flames.

To overthrow the rule of the Immortals, for a better world, for a brighter future… People like Bi Fang and Qi Ling always had countless reasons to justify all the evil they did. But when it came to sacrifice, the cost was always innocent lives.

“I don’t agree with Huo Zai’s views.”

After a moment of silence, Axiu said, “He said the birth of the New Humans is inherently sinful. But no life exists on this land without reason. Just like every baby born in a satellite city, they can’t decide whether they should be born or whether they should exist. Bluntly pushing causality onto innocent people is too arrogant.”

The Phoenix Redeemer dashed through the night, dragging a trail of fiery stardust. The closer Ji Mingzhu got to Zhu Rong, the more he could feel the Titans’ power and terror. Before him lay a scene of carnage, with the cries and screams of countless citizens of Yangyuan City echoing in his ears.

Ji Mingzhu pursed his lips. “A world rebuilt at the cost of sacrificing everyone… what kind of world could that be?”


The Titan rampaged through the city, turning neat roads and buildings into ruins in an instant. Mechas and fighter jets surrounded Zhu Rong, raining down laser cannons that lit up the Titan’s body with intense bursts of fire.

But in front of the Titan’s force field, the attacks from the Calamity Control Bureau appeared weak and ridiculous.

“Squad 24, listen to my command, launch Dock Axis Missiles, concentrate fire!”

The voice of the Thunder Division Minister rang through the communication channels. Following his command, countless Dock Axis Missiles aimed at the force field were launched. In dimensions invisible to the naked eye, the Dock Axis Missiles transformed into spikes, tearing at the Titan’s force field.

Now was the time—

Li Li angrily widened her eyes and fiercely pushed the control lever!

The next moment, all the laser cannons on the mech she piloted opened simultaneously with a series of crackling sounds, unleashing a barrage of laser beams. Each laser hit precisely at the gap torn open by the Dock Axis Missiles!

At this moment, the Titan pilot’s control and precision were at their peak. Both the timing and the firing angle were impeccable. The opportunity created by everyone’s joint efforts finally paid off. Li Li’s lasers penetrated the gap in the force field, and with a loud explosion, a gash was blown open on Zhu Rong’s arm!

“We did it!”

A surge of excitement ran through all the pilots. Faced with the invincible Titan, their attack had finally managed to injure Zhu Rong. Although the wound was not significant, it gave everyone a glimpse of victory!

Zhu Rong let out a deep, thunderous roar. Vines-like flesh once again emerged from the location of the restraints, covering the wound on its arm, which instantly healed.

Seeing this scene, the excitement in everyone’s eyes was instantly doused.

Zhu Rong looked somewhat puzzled at its arm, then turned its gaze to Li Li’s mech, which was emitting slight movements at the shoulder.

Li Li’s heart skipped a beat.

As a former Zhu Rong pilot, she knew Zhu Rong’s attack patterns better than anyone else. Among the twelve Titans, Zhu Rong was undoubtedly a heavy firepower-type Titan. Although its armor strength was not as formidable as the other Titans, it was unmatched in long-range firepower.


Li Li cursed inwardly and pushed the control lever. Flames jetted out from behind her mech as powerful thrusters propelled her mech to the other side, evading. At the same time, Li Li’s voice rang out on the Calamity Control Bureau’s public channel.

“All drivers in direction B7, evacuate quickly!”

As Li Li’s voice fell, the cannon on Zhu Rong’s shoulder erupted in the next instant, spewing forth a blazing flame.


Like sun rays flickering, a straight beam of light swept out from Zhu Rong’s direction. The air temperature abruptly rose, and the brilliance was so dazzling that everyone experienced a momentary blindness!

Li Li evaded just in time, avoiding being hit by the beam of light. However, other drivers in the path of the beam weren’t as fortunate. Many of them couldn’t react quickly enough. In an instant, everything in the straight path of the beam evaporated due to the high temperature. All the buildings carbonized instantly, leaving behind a straight path of charred destruction. And all the mechs and drivers on this path turned into dust in an instant, leaving no trace of their existence!

Fear flashed in everyone’s eyes.

The invincible Titan had only shown a fraction of its power, yet it was enough to make the feeble humans lose their courage to resist.

Just like a newly awakened baby, the recently revived Zhu Rong couldn’t fully control its body yet. It needed some time to adapt. Therefore, when Zhu Rong just woke up, it didn’t use any firepower weapons. It simply relied on its powerful body to rampage through the city.

But its adaptability far exceeded Li Li’s imagination. In just a short time, Zhu Rong was able to use its Solar Ray Shoulder Cannon. If the stalemate continued for a little longer and Zhu Rong’s adaptability increased once again, it would be able to proficiently use all its firepower, even its signature move, the Celestial Empress Orbital Penetrating Cannon…

Li Li didn’t even dare to think about the consequences of that.

Before Li Li could react, a piercing sonic boom resounded in her ears!

Zhu Rong’s enormous arm was already swinging towards her direction!!

Li Li quickly pulled the control lever, maneuvering the mech to evade. However, Zhu Rong seemed very interested in her. Perhaps Li Li’s previous attacks had angered it. Regardless of how Li Li tried to dodge, Zhu Rong continued to chase after her mech, smashing through buildings with its massive arm, its target crystal clear.

The gap between Titans and ordinary mechs was like a chasm that couldn’t be bridged. Just by casually swinging its arm, Zhu Rong’s speed already exceeded the limits of ordinary mechs. Li Li’s mech wasn’t an S-class, and precise maneuvering wasn’t her strong suit. Soon, in just a few seconds, Li Li’s mech was caught in Zhu Rong’s grasp.

“Li Li!!”

The Thunder Division Minister couldn’t help but shout out at the sight.

The mechs surrounding Zhu Rong immediately fired lasers for support, blasting at Zhu Rong’s arm. However, this continuous attack posed no threat to Zhu Rong. Instead, it became annoyed by the harassment. Turning around, it fired another Solar Ray Shoulder Cannon, melting another large number of mech units in an instant.

It’s an invincible earthly deity, utterly unbeatable!

Countless people showed looks of despair.

Li Li was caught in Zhu Rong’s hand. No matter how she pounded the buttons in front of her or how she pulled the control lever, she couldn’t break free from the restraint.

A mech of several meters in height was like a toy in front of the hundreds of meters tall Titan. Zhu Rong held Li Li’s mech in its hand, examining it carefully in front of its eyes.

“Zhu Rong…”

Li Li could see Zhu Rong’s head, now covered in flesh, with vine-like flesh clinging to the mechanical skull. Its eyes were a glaring red. The appearance of this Titan, who had once fought side by side with her, now seemed utterly unfamiliar to her.

Zhu Rong lightly moved its palm, and Li Li’s mech, along with the cockpit, instantly deformed, beginning to crush her body.

The mech’s force field was crushed into pieces by Zhu Rong’s force field in an instant, and the warning lights indicating cockpit damage began to flash. All of Li Li’s struggles were in vain; she could only wait for her death.

The next moment, a fiery meteor streaked across the sky!!

“Thunder Division Minister, are you there?”

A young voice transmitted through the public channel to the ears of the Thunder Division Minister. “I need support with Dock Axis Missiles.”

The Thunder Division Minister’s face, filled with despair, froze for a moment.


But he didn’t have time to think more about it. The voice on the other end was resolute and unquestionable, almost instinctively commanding him in this moment.

“Team Three-Seven, launch the Dock Axis Missiles!”


As the Dock Axis Missiles traced arcs towards Zhu Rong, everyone’s gaze converged on the dazzling light in the sky.

With streamlined armor lines and a slender figure, it soared through the sky like a phoenix spreading its wings.

From the swift descent of that mech, everyone sensed an unparalleled aura!


The arm of the Phoenix Redeemer ejected ultra-fine barrels, and with only three charged energy swords, it simultaneously fired at the bundled firepower!

The target was not Zhu Rong but Li Li’s mech in Zhu Rong’s hand?!

The Thunder Division Minister was dumbfounded. He had thought the other party was going to kill Li Li. Just as he regretted following the commands of that voice as if he had gone mad, the Phoenix Redeemer unexpectedly landed on Zhu Rong’s shoulder, then suddenly stepped, leveraging the force to soar into the air once again!


The blade gate sprung up, revealing the Undying Slash!

The slender figure of the mech contrasted starkly with Zhu Rong’s immense form. The Phoenix Redeemer paused briefly on Zhu Rong’s shoulder before soaring into the air again. At the same time, the Dock Axis Missiles exploded all over Zhu Rong’s body, creating another brief gap in the Titan’s force field—


A torrent of blue light gushed out from the seams of the Phoenix Redeemer’s armor, emitted by the power core.

Overclocking, secondary overclocking!

The Butler Zero-Type Power Overclocking was instantly activated, coupled with the Phoenix Instant Speed System. The entire mech disappeared from everyone’s sight in an instant, then reappeared on Zhu Rong’s arm the next moment.

A blazing arc flashed past!

With a thunderous roar, the sound of the Undying Slash cutting through the air was like a brief thunderous roar in the night sky, shaking people to their core. The overwhelming momentum erupted from the Phoenix Redeemer in an instant!


Zhu Rong’s arm was slashed open, leaving a huge wound!

The outer layer of flesh was directly torn apart, revealing the armored skeleton of the Titan underneath. The air around them dispersed like waves under this swift strike, creating a brief burst of air explosion!


Zhu Rong let out a deep roar, involuntarily loosening its grip on the arm holding Li Li’s mech.

The momentum of the Undying Slash remained unabated. After splitting Zhu Rong’s arm, it surged forward, cleaving through Li Li’s mech as if it were rotten wood. The sharp blade effortlessly sliced through the cockpit, exposing the vulnerable pilot within.

Ji Mingzhu controlled the Phoenix Redeemer to reach out and scoop Li Li from the cockpit.

Behind them, the Titan raised its other hand and ruthlessly slapped it down towards the Phoenix Redeemer!


The power core spun rapidly once again as the Phoenix Redeemer agilely turned and leaped away from Zhu Rong’s sight. Its movements were unbelievably agile, each action like a dance on the edge of a blade, terrifying onlookers and making their hair stand on end, yet it accomplished the feat!

With ultimate precision and control, the Phoenix Redeemer successfully rescued Li Li from the invincible Titan, then raced to another damaged building, landing steadily.

It was only then that the Thunder Division Minister belatedly realized who the newcomer was.

How is it him?!


Isn’t this the description of Zhu Rong?! 

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