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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 101

101. Smoky Blue Shower!

“Li Li, are you okay?”

Seeing Ji Mingzhu’s Phoenix Redeemer successfully rescue Li Li from Zhu Rong’s grasp, the Thunder Division Minister breathed a sigh of relief and quickly asked over the communication channel.

“I’m fine.”

Li Li regained her composure and replied, “My mech is damaged. Does the Calamity Control Bureau have any other mechs left? I can still continue fighting.”

“How can you continue fighting like this?”

The Thunder Division Minister sighed, “Being able to survive from the Titan’s hands is already fortunate. I’ve requested support from other satellite cities. Right now, all we can do is delay and wait for the Titans from other cities to arrive for any hope of victory.”

“How long until the other Titans arrive for support?” Li Li asked.

The Minister remained silent for a moment. “At least two hours.”

Two hours would be enough for Zhu Rong to ravage Yangyuan City from top to bottom.

“Do your best to delay,” Ji Mingzhu spoke up. “Can you cooperate with my attack rhythm? Zhu Rong has been provoked. If we let him rampage in the city like this without waiting for Titan support, Yangyuan City will be almost destroyed by then.”

The Thunder Division Minister paused for a moment and said, “I will have the mech units of the Thunder Division cooperate with you. This… unnamed pilot, I’m counting on you.”

Rarely did the Thunder Division Minister, who symbolized the power of the Sky City, speak in such a humble tone. Ji Mingzhu noticed the way he addressed him and smiled, “I’ll do my best.”

With that said, he set Li Li down, glanced at the remaining energy of the Phoenix Redeemer, then activated the mech. The fiery red mech once again transformed into a meteor, leaping through the city towards Zhu Rong’s direction.


A commander next to the Thunder Division Minister whispered, “Isn’t Ji Mingzhu the wanted fugitive from Shangjing City? Should we be…”

“Ji Mingzhu?”

The Thunder Division Minister pretended to be clueless, “What Ji Mingzhu?”

He certainly knew who was sitting inside the Phoenix Redeemer. However, those who reach the position of a minister are adept at handling situations, and he knew what the optimal decision was under the current circumstances.

Right now, Yangyuan City had limited mechs available for deployment, and the number of S-class mechs was even scarcer. Ji Mingzhu was one of the top Titan pilots from Shangjing City, and judging by his actions in rescuing Li Li, it seemed he bore no ill will towards Yangyuan City—in fact, he appeared willing to help them. How could the Thunder Division Minister pass up such a powerful ally?

Thus, he deliberately referred to Ji Mingzhu as the “unnamed pilot” in the public communication channel, pretending to be unaware of his true identity. This way, even if there were repercussions after the battle, he could claim ignorance about the pilot’s identity to evade responsibility.

The commander quickly understood and fell silent, saying no more.

Meanwhile, he watched Ji Mingzhu’s mech with a hint of worry in his eyes.

Titan pilots are indeed formidable, especially those piloting S-class mechs, who are virtually invincible. But against a rogue Titan, human strength is insignificant compared to such a godlike being. Could he really save Yangyuan City…?

“Yao Guang, Tian Ji.”

Ji Mingzhu opened another communication channel: “Where are you?”

A response came quickly from the other end: “I’m with Tian Ji in the lower district.” After a pause, Yao Guang asked, “Are you really going to help the Calamity Control Bureau? It’s too dangerous, I think…”

“The power core is with you, right?”

Ji Mingzhu interrupted Yao Guang, saying, “I need you to bring the power core over. The Phoenix Redeemer’s energy is running low.”


Yao Guang could hear the determination in Ji Mingzhu’s voice. He wanted to dissuade Ji Mingzhu from getting involved, but the words wouldn’t come out.

Despite being a fugitive, he was still willing to help Yangyuan City in such a critical moment. Wasn’t he afraid the Calamity Control Bureau might turn on him?

One had to admit, Ji Mingzhu’s decision at this moment… was quite foolish.

“I understand.”

Yao Guang took a deep breath and agreed, then hung up the communication.

“Let’s go to the battlefield,” Yao Guang said to Tian Ji.

Tian Ji’s eyes glinted with a smile, seemingly unsurprised by this answer.

That was Ji Mingzhu for you.

Although he usually had an easygoing attitude, he was incredibly reliable in critical moments. He was the same Ji Mingzhu who, when Shangjing City was in peril, was willing to confront the Netherworld Organization to pilot a Titan and save the city.

From a utilitarian perspective, his decision was undoubtedly foolish. However, if he could remain unmoved by the cries of millions of Yangyuan City’s residents and choose only what was beneficial for himself… then he wouldn’t be Ji Mingzhu.


The power core’s hum echoed through the sky as Ji Mingzhu glanced at the remaining energy: 44%.

Barely enough.

Zhu Rong, having been ambushed by the sudden appearance of the Phoenix Redeemer, had a massive wound slashed on its arm. Though it quickly regenerated, this had undoubtedly infuriated it.

Now, Zhu Rong’s attention was solely on the returning Phoenix Redeemer. With a deep growl, it lifted its steps towards Ji Mingzhu, its movement causing tremors in the ground.

The hundred-meter Titan contrasted sharply with the seventeen-meter Phoenix Redeemer amid the shattered cityscape. The two drew closer, creating a scene reminiscent of a hero confronting a dragon from ancient myths.

Everyone’s eyes were on the Phoenix Redeemer, their hearts pounding for its pilot.

The distance closed rapidly!

Ji Mingzhu piloted the Phoenix Redeemer, leaping from one high-rise to another. This angle allowed him to see the colossal Titan at eye level. Zhu Rong loomed like a towering mountain, charging towards him. The interwoven, blood-like tendrils and exposed armor, its eyes glowing red, every detail of the Titan was clearly visible.


Ji Mingzhu’s gaze hardened. He pulled the control lever and quickly flicked the switches above—

The Phoenix Redeemer pushed off a skyscraper with great force, launching itself into the air.

Like a phoenix spreading its wings, its fiery red armor gleamed brilliantly under the moonlight!


The power core roared, and the Phoenix Redeemer accelerated mid-air. A surge of force erupted around it, shattering the glass of the buildings below with the deafening sonic boom!

Botler Zero-Type Power Overclocking!

Phoenix Blink!

The intense layering of power, breaking through limits, made the Phoenix Redeemer vanish from its original spot, only to reappear on Zhu Rong’s raised arm!

Thud, thud, thud—

The mech raced along the Titan’s arm, charging upwards with unstoppable momentum!


Zhu Rong let out a deep roar, raising its other hand to swipe viciously at the Phoenix Redeemer on its body!

Everyone watching felt their hearts tighten in an instant!

In the next second, Ji Mingzhu pushed the control lever sharply, and the Phoenix Redeemer once again soared into the air. With an incredibly smooth arc, it executed a triple flip on Zhu Rong’s arm, propelling forward and dodging Zhu Rong’s swat before charging ahead again!

“All units, attack!”

Ji Mingzhu’s voice echoed in the communication channel, and the Thunder Division Minister didn’t hesitate to repeat his command.

“All squads, follow my command, attack!”



Immediately, all the mechs and fighter jets surrounding Zhu Rong roared to life, launching a barrage of lasers that blazed across the sky. The dazzling beams created a blinding spectacle, converging in a massive volley on Zhu Rong.


Boom, boom, boom—!!

The combined firepower created an earth-shattering explosion, engulfing Zhu Rong in a cascade of flames. However, the Titan’s formidable force field made it impervious to the barrage. Its field could easily tear through the biological force fields of Disaster-level Aberrations, rendering all but S-class mech firepower ineffective.

Nevertheless, the torrent of laser fire still generated enormous flames and smoke, enveloping both Zhu Rong and the Phoenix Redeemer.

Zhu Rong lost sight of the Phoenix Redeemer amid the chaos, and the surrounding laser rain further enraged it. It unleashed the solar shoulder cannons on its shoulders, sweeping them around. The ensuing wave of intense heat instantly melted the nearby mechs and fighter jets!


From the smoke and flames, the Phoenix Redeemer burst forth!

Like a phoenix reborn from the flames, it emerged with a resounding clang as the Undying Slash was unsheathed and firmly gripped in hand.

“Dock Axis Missiles!!”

Following Ji Mingzhu’s command, the fighter jets swooped in, launching a barrage of Dock Axis Missiles at Zhu Rong’s head.

The explosion tore through the force fields, not only disrupting Zhu Rong’s but also breaching the Phoenix Redeemer’s. Without the protection of the S-class force field, the Phoenix Redeemer’s armor was as fragile as paper before Zhu Rong!

Ignoring the cockpit’s red warning lights about the breached force

“Sorry, I’m late.”

Li Li’s voice rang out, mixed with the deafening, raucous heavy metal music: “This is the only heavy firepower S-class mech left at the Calamity Control Bureau, so make do with it.”

Ji Mingzhu’s head throbbed from the noise: “…Turn off the speakers!”

Li Li casually turned the volume up two more levels: “What did you say? I can’t hear you.”

Ji Mingzhu: “…”

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