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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 102

102. Zhu Rong’s Ultimate Weapon

Li Li was defiant and unyielding, and for a moment, Ji Mingzhu couldn’t do much about her. He had to ignore the noisy background: “Can you cooperate?”

Li Li: “How?”

“What’s the maximum power output of your mech’s main weapon?”

“Fourteen million mols.”

Ji Mingzhu: “Then use your main weapon to apply strong pressure and help me break through Zhu Rong’s force field.”

He then turned to ask the Thunder Division Minister: “How many Dock Axis Missiles do we have left?”

The Thunder Division Minister quickly replied: “Seventy-six.”

“That should be enough.”

Ji Mingzhu’s brain was working rapidly. In his long career, he rarely encountered such situations, but as a top professional player and champion team captain, devising tactics quickly had become second nature.

“Coordinate the Dock Axis Missiles with Li Li’s firepower. Target weak points at the nine and eleven o’clock positions, following my lead.”

After saying this, he pushed the control lever, and the Phoenix Redeemer’s power core buzzed again: “Don’t lose the rhythm.”

With that, the Phoenix Redeemer charged forward, heading towards Zhu Rong.

Li Li didn’t waste words either. Smoky Shower unleashed its full firepower, with multiple cannons rapidly deploying all over its body. The targeting system activated, locking onto Zhu Rong.

The Thunder Division Minister was momentarily taken aback: “…Wait, why should I listen to him?”

Despite his words, in a battle of this magnitude, the judgment of a Titan pilot was worth serious consideration. Seeing that both pilots had already engaged, he reluctantly said, “All squads, follow the command, coordinate the attack, and prepare the Dock Axis Missiles…”

The Phoenix Redeemer’s ability to advance was undeniable, and in an instant, it was beneath Zhu Rong. Awakened Titans had beast-like instincts, and as Ji Mingzhu and Li Li approached, Zhu Rong sensed that these two mechs posed the greatest threat on the battlefield.


Zhu Rong’s body bent slightly, and the cannon barrel on its arm extended, aiming at Ji Mingzhu’s charging direction.

Li Li: “Be careful, Zhu Rong has started using its weaponry.”


Ji Mingzhu responded, and the Phoenix Redeemer emitted a sharp screech of friction. He executed a sudden lateral pull, causing the mech to perform a high-difficulty lateral displacement in place. After a momentary pause, it burst forth with even greater speed!


Zhu Rong fired directly, and the explosion erupted behind the Phoenix Redeemer. Ji Mingzhu’s exceptional prediction had allowed him to dodge the locked-on target area ahead of time. The mech’s body then drew taut like a bowstring, and with intense power core rotations, it executed a triple acceleration burst!

“Li Li!”

Li Li responded promptly to the command. Her mech’s force field deployed, and a barrage of lasers poured out from Smoky Shower. The concentrated laser beams roared ferociously, exploding against Zhu Rong’s arm!

A Titan pilot’s battlefield intuition is incredibly sharp; without needing much explanation from Ji Mingzhu, Li Li had already grasped his intention.

Li Li’s cover was effective. The massive impact caused a brief pause in Zhu Rong’s movements, and the ensuing fire and smoke obscured Zhu Rong’s vision.


In the next second, an energy beam shot out from Smoky Shower’s armguard, wrapping around the Phoenix Redeemer’s waist and whipping it upward like a lash—

The Phoenix Redeemer soared high, rising into the sky!

The fiery red mech burst through the smoke and flames, suddenly appearing in Zhu Rong’s line of sight!

Zhu Rong instinctively retracted its hand, opening its solar shoulder cannons and quickly locking onto its target.

It seemed unavoidable!

The solar shoulder cannons were Zhu Rong’s most iconic weapon, capable of evaporating even S-class mechs in an instant. Everyone held their breath, anxiously sweating over Ji Mingzhu’s daring maneuver.

Clang, clang, clang, clang—

The Undying Slash unsheathed, and Ji Mingzhu’s eyes were calm yet wild in the cockpit. He gripped the control lever tightly, staring unblinkingly at Zhu Rong’s movements. He pushed the lever to its limit and then pulled it horizontally, simultaneously activating several high-frequency rotation switches.

In full view of everyone, the Phoenix Redeemer performed a sudden rotational slash mid-air. The blade vibrated as the mech spun, sweeping up Zhu Rong’s arm!

Sparks flew as the blade fiercely scraped along Zhu Rong’s arm. The entire sequence was incredibly fluid, and in less than a second, the Phoenix Redeemer had reached Zhu Rong’s face!

—Frost Hyper-frequency Lateral Shift!

The maneuver was more perfect than any textbook example, leaving the surrounding mech pilots covered in goosebumps. In that moment, the Phoenix Redeemer, with its daring and graceful ascent, and Ji Mingzhu in the cockpit, became godlike figures in their minds!

Time seemed to slow as the Phoenix Redeemer executed the hyper-frequency lateral shift with extreme difficulty, the Undying Slash spiraling for the kill!


“Dock Axis Missiles!!”

Li Li promptly opened her cannon port, launching a Dock Axis missile that roared through the air. Simultaneously, the other fighter jets and mechs also fired their Dock Axis missiles, countless light points converging from all directions, aligning with the Phoenix Redeemer’s attack rhythm to strike Zhu Rong!

From an aerial perspective, it looked as if the Phoenix Redeemer’s wing flaps had stirred up a storm, sending countless light points, like a dragon, surging towards the Titan!


Boom! Boom!

Numerous Dock Axis missiles exploded simultaneously, and in the instant Zhu Rong’s force field was torn open, Ji Mingzhu’s Undying Slash struck as well.


In that moment, everyone held their breath.


The blood-vine tendrils on Zhu Rong’s head were instantly torn apart, and a deep gash appeared in the underlying armor!

It worked!

The Thunder Division Minister clenched his fist, barely restraining himself from shouting in the public channel.

Who else could do this?!

Besides Ji Mingzhu, who else could execute such a maneuver?!

Zhu Rong’s head armor was split with a massive crack, making it appear even more ferocious. It opened its mouth, releasing a terrifying sonic wave and airblast towards the Phoenix Redeemer.

The vitality… it was too strong.

Ji Mingzhu was shocked. Although his attack was effective, against the Titan, the assault from an S-class mech was not enough to render it powerless. In the next instant, a powerful shockwave struck, sending the Phoenix Redeemer flying tens of meters away!

The Phoenix Redeemer quickly regained balance mid-air, performing two gymnast-like Kearns spirals before landing.

“No, the Titan’s vitality and self-repair capabilities are too strong once the restraints are lifted.”

Li Li’s face was grim. “The attack power of S-class mechs is far from enough.”

The Thunder Division Minister said, “The Calamity Control Bureau doesn’t have any more S-class mechs… Can you hold it off until reinforcements arrive?”


Ji Mingzhu said, “Zhu Rong is already enraged.”

Repeatedly wounded by Ji Mingzhu’s Phoenix Redeemer, Zhu Rong visibly grew more furious, its eyes flashing with an even more intense red light. It let out a roar, and the solar shoulder cannons emitted a fierce blaze, wreaking havoc in the city center.

Everything touched by the solar rays instantly melted. Centered on Zhu Rong, the surrounding buildings, roads, and mechs were all carbonized into a pitch-black expanse. Ji Mingzhu swiftly activated the Phoenix Blink, narrowly escaping Zhu Rong’s attack range.

“At this rate, with Zhu Rong’s frenzied attacks, Yangyuan City won’t last half an hour.”

Ji Mingzhu said, “Is there any other way to stop the Titan?”

Li Li replied, “No… The only thing that can fight a Titan is another Titan.”

“Tian Shu!”

Yao Guang’s voice came through the communication: “I’m here!”

Ji Mingzhu looked up and indeed saw the figures of Yao Guang and Tian Ji behind the Calamity Control Bureau. Yao Guang held an object emitting a blue light, waving at Ji Mingzhu’s mecha.

“I’m going to change the power core.”

Ji Mingzhu said, controlling the Phoenix Redeemer to run towards Yao Guang and Tian Ji, starting to manually replace the power core.

The Thunder Division Minister saw this scene and his eyes flashed.

During the replacement of the power core, the mech couldn’t be operated. At this moment, surrounded by members of the Calamity Control Bureau and with Li Li, the ace Titan pilot, if they were to act now, not only could they catch Ji Mingzhu, a wanted fugitive, they could also acquire an S-class mech…

This thought lingered in the Thunder Division Minister’s mind for a moment, but then he calmed down.

…Forget it.

Ji Mingzhu was here to help them. Betraying him at this moment would not only be disgraceful but also unlikely to be approved by the other members of the Calamity Control Bureau. 

“Where did you get the S-class power core from?”

The Thunder Division Minister suppressed his thoughts and asked.

Ji Mingzhu: “Guess.”

The Thunder Division Minister’s brow twitched, thinking that the Titan pilots from the capital city were really impolite, but he didn’t have time to argue with Ji Mingzhu. He asked, “What’s next?”

Unconsciously, he had already regarded Ji Mingzhu as a savior and backbone. After all, Ji Mingzhu’s recent maneuvers were extraordinary. Having been in the ministerial position for many years, he had encountered many Titan pilots, but none of them possessed such terrifying driving skills as Ji Mingzhu. Moreover, he was so young.

He couldn’t understand why someone as powerful as Ji Mingzhu would be willing to become a wanted criminal. If this were Yangyuan City, he would have treated Ji Mingzhu like an ancestor.

“Only Titans can fight Titans.”

Ji Mingzhu said, “Didn’t Li Li already say that? I’m not a deity. Can I turn an S-class mech into a Titan?”

“Mainly, there are no effective weapons in Yangyuan City that can cause significant damage to a Titan.” Li Li said, “Even if we create an opportunity, we can’t stop Zhu Rong…”

“Yes, we can.”

Yao Guang suddenly interjected.

Others were stunned.

“Isn’t there one?” Yaou Guang pointed upwards, “Over there.”

“You mean…” The Thunder Division Minister’s eyes lit up.

Li Li also realized: “The Celestial Empress Orbital Penetrating Cannon?”

The Celestial Empress Orbital Penetrating Cannon, Zhu Rong’s exclusive satellite orbital weapon, rotates in space like a planetary orbit and can launch devastating strikes on the ground.

“Zhu Rong has already gained preliminary control over the firepower system, but to use the Celestial Empress, authorization from the Calamity Control Bureau is required. Even if the restraints are lifted, Zhu Rong itself can’t use it.” Li Li’s eyes gradually brightened, then she said, “However, the Celestial Empress requires both Zhu Rong’s program and the Calamity Control Bureau’s encryption key to start. Now that Zhu Rong is out of control, how can we access its program?”

“I have a way.”

Ji Mingzhu’s voice attracted the attention of others, “Create an opportunity for me to get close to Zhu Rong’s cockpit position, and I can obtain the startup program for the Celestial Empress remotely.”

The Titan’s cockpit is the restraint, and the startup program for the Celestial Empress is bound inside it. If Ji Mingzhu can get close to the cockpit. Although the restraint effect of the cockpit has been lifted, the cockpit itself is not damaged. As long as he can get close to the cockpit, Ji Mingzhu can remotely infiltrate it and obtain the startup program for the Celestial Empress Orbital Penetrating Cannon.

“Just having the startup program is not enough.”

Li Li said, “We also need the Calamity Control Bureau’s encryption key.”

The Thunder Division Minister immediately said, “That’s impossible!”

The Celestial Empress Orbital Penetrating Cannon is Zhu Rong’s ultimate weapon. Although Yao Guang’s proposal is feasible, it means he has to hand over the encryption key to Ji Mingzhu, an outsider, and a wanted criminal at that…

If Ji Mingzhu gets the key and takes possession of the Celestial Empress Orbital Penetrating Cannon, the Thunder Division Minister wouldn’t have enough lives to make up for it.

Ji Mingzhu said coldly, “It’s also not okay to give it, then Yangyuan City will be buried with Zhu Rong.”

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