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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 103

  1. Focus Attention

“He refused.”

On the rooftop, Huo Zai watched the silhouette of Ji Mingzhu piloting the Phoenix Redeemer as it departed. With a sigh, he spoke softly.

Bi Fang was silent for a moment before saying, “Differences in principles make cooperation impossible. Even though he is a clone of the Netherworld Organization, strictly speaking, he belongs to the new human faction.”

Huo Zai laughed self-deprecatingly and said, “Maybe my earlier judgment was wrong. I didn’t realize that Tian Shu is someone who repays evil with good. Despite being wanted by Shangjing City, he chose to stand by the satellite city. I thought his views would align more with ours.”

“At least he got one thing right.”

Bi Fang said calmly, “New humans and old humans share certain flaws. They have the same basic vices and human greed. Similarly, new humans possess the complexities of humanity, and their choices are based on various intricate reasons. There’s no need to delve too deeply.”

Huo Zai shook his head, “What a pity. The destruction of Yangyuan City is already a foregone conclusion. No matter how skilled Tian Shu is as a pilot, in the face of an out-of-control Titan, he is still nothing but an ant.”

On the other side of Yangyuan City, Yao Xiangrong was half-kneeling on the ground, speaking to the figure in front of him.

The other person had a face almost identical to Ji Mingzhu’s. He was lazily sitting in a chair, raising his eyelids slightly, his tone somewhat indifferent.

“How did Tian Shu discover your identity?” Qi Ling asked.

“I’m not sure.”

Yao Xiangrong lowered his head, “But I feel that his purpose in coming to Yangyuan City isn’t just to evade Shangjing City’s pursuit. And he just so happened to appear at Madame He’s party. I sense another motive.”

A trace of displeasure flashed in Qi Ling’s eyes, “What a… persistent little insect.”

“But our objective has already been achieved.”

Yao Xiangrong said, “The Titan is out of control. No matter what Tian Shu plans to do, he won’t have the opportunity.”

“What about the situation in other satellite cities?”

“Shangjing, Jiusheng, Guoyun, and Baiquan, the satellite cities closest to Yangyuan City, are preparing to dispatch Titans to aid Yangyuan City,” Yao Xiangrong said. “At Titan’s speed, they should arrive within about two hours.”

Qi Ling smiled, “In that case… it’s time to send out the gift we’ve prepared for them.”

Shangjing, Calamity Control Bureau.

“You Jia.”

You Jia, who had already changed into his mech suit and was about to board Zhu Jiuyin, heard a voice from behind. He turned back in surprise, “Red Guard Commander?”

Zuo Quanzong looked up and down at You Jia and smiled, “It suits you well.”

After a moment of silence, Zuo Quanzong continued, “Although you volunteered to become a Titan pilot, I still need to remind you…”

“I know,” You Jia interrupted Zuo Quanzong. “My piloting skills are still lacking, and my compatibility with the Titan isn’t the highest… but Mingzhu isn’t in Shangjing anymore, right?”

After a pause, You Jia said, “Back during the Aberration tide in Shangjing City, I had already prepared myself for the consequences. I know my decision is somewhat reckless, and even if I pilot Zhu Jiuyin, I might not be able to save Yangyuan City, but…”

He looked at the Titan Zhu Jiuyin in front of him, yet to be activated. From the Titan’s immense figure, he seemed to see the shadow of a certain someone. “But even so, I’ve decided to go. I want to… become someone like Mingzhu.”

Zuo Quanzong looked at him for a long time, then slowly said, “Go ahead.”

At the same time, Titans in Jiusheng City and Baiquan City were also being activated.

The Titan going out of control was a major event, and this news had already reached the other eleven satellite cities via Yangyuan City. All the citizens were very concerned about the safety and survival of Yangyuan City, urging the Calamity Control Bureau in each satellite city to dispatch support.

If Yangyuan City were to become a wasteland after tonight, it would be a huge blow to the confidence of the people if one of humanity’s twelve final forts were to be breached by an out-of-control Titan. The other eleven satellite cities would inevitably feel a sense of shared fate 1. Therefore, the satellite cities closest to Yangyuan City chose to send Titans to support Yangyuan City.

Major news organizations worked overtime through the night to report on the situation in Yangyuan City, broadcasting its status via satellite images.

This night was not only a night of disaster for Yangyuan City but also a night of anxiety for everyone in the other eleven satellite cities.

In the satellite images, the out-of-control Zhu Rong rampaged through Yangyuan City like a mythical demon god, its enormous body blotting out the sky and the sun. People finally realized at this moment that the idea of Titans being the guardian deities of the satellite cities was nothing more than an illusion. If one day, the Titans they trusted lost control like Zhu Rong, what kind of apocalypse would await them?

“Look! That mech!!”

The satellite images faithfully broadcast the situation in Yangyuan City. Countless citizens, whether on the streets or hiding at home, watched everything happening before them. Suddenly, someone pointed at the bright red mech that appeared on the screen and shouted.

The Phoenix Redeemer streaked like a meteor from afar, rescuing the Titan pilot of Yangyuan City and inflicting damage on Zhu Rong. Its dashing and carefree figure, extreme maneuvers, and unstoppable momentum seemed to burst through the screen, overwhelming the viewers.

The camera zoomed in, and everyone could clearly see every detail of the fiery red mech. Its mottled paint, the scorched back armor where Zhu Rong’s solar rays had grazed it, and the flaming red Undying Slash…

“It’s Ji Mingzhu!!”

“Ji Mingzhu, the Titan pilot!!”

The people of Shangjing City were extremely familiar with this mech’s pilot. Just a few weeks ago, his name was a rising star in Shangjing, a savior in the eyes of the citizens. Even though Ji Mingzhu had been declared a traitor and was now wanted by the Calamity Control Bureau, countless people still believed in him.

The sight of the Phoenix Redeemer descending from the sky instantly reminded many of the figure who once piloted [General Don Fred].

“This is a live report from our station. The Titan rampage in Yangyuan City is ongoing. According to reports from war correspondents, the city’s destruction level has exceeded 25%. The devastation from the rampaging Titan has surpassed that of the Aberration tide invasion, and the destruction rate continues to rise…”

A female reporter in Shangjing was urgently reporting in front of the camera. Then, looking at the screen, she couldn’t help but gasp.

“The Phoenix Redeemer… the Phoenix Redeemer has appeared in Yangyuan City!”

The reporter covered her mouth, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “An unidentified pilot in the Phoenix Redeemer has appeared, rescuing Yangyuan City’s Titan pilot Li Li and causing damage to Zhu Rong. It seems that he has reached some sort of agreement with the Calamity Control Bureau in Yangyuan City, and they are now cooperating to fight the rampaging Titan…”

The reporter regained her composure. She didn’t mention Ji Mingzhu’s name, but her emotional tone betrayed her excitement: “We always knew he would come. Whether it was during the disaster in Shangjing or this moment, we see this person appearing when we need him the most.”


The ground’s ruins roared with surging flames again. Amidst the crackling fire, the Phoenix Redeemer burst through the blaze and sped out.

“B4, C7, target Zhu Rong’s leg armor at the eleven o’clock direction, coordinate and shift.”

The clear, youthful voice resonated in the Calamity Control Bureau’s public communication channel. The voice was young and resolute, and no one questioned it. The next second, his orders were faithfully executed.

The fighter jets circling in the sky began to dive, coordinating with the ground mech units to bombard Zhu Rong’s legs.

Countless laser beams rained down like a torrential downpour, painting a vivid scene in the sky.


With its power core replaced, the Phoenix Redeemer was now fully energized. Ji Mingzhu sat in the cockpit, his arm muscles taut, the continuous cannon fire and Zhu Rong’s roars bombarding his mind, making his blood seem to boil. Yet his body remained exceptionally calm.

He pushed the control lever, activated the overclocking mode, and the Phoenix Blink initiated. The mech’s internal components and cables synchronized instantly, ramping up to full power.


His position was enveloped by Zhu Rong’s solar rays. In the blinding white light, rubble flew and was instantly carbonized, making it impossible to see what was inside.

However, the Calamity Control Bureau’s mech units remained focused, doing their jobs without distraction. No one exclaimed in shock or let worry affect them.

If it were an ordinary pilot, they would have been dead by now. But they knew the person sitting there was Ji Mingzhu.

He was the insurmountable pinnacle in the hearts of every pilot, an invincible existence even among Titan pilots.


Sure enough, in the next second, the fiery red mech burst from the blazing white light like a phoenix spreading its wings. The mech, standing over ten meters tall, landed on the rubble-strewn ground, each step causing a tremendous rumble as it charged towards the Titan.

The mountainous Zhu Rong symbolized overwhelming power, overshadowing everything. The tiny Phoenix Redeemer stood only as tall as the Titan’s leg armor, the size difference immense, like a god and a human in a distant stare, a moment frozen and then flowing again.

Watching this scene broadcasted on the satellite feed, everyone seemed to hold their breath.

“The key has been transmitted to your light brain.”

The voice of the Thunder Division Minister echoed in Ji Mingzhu’s cockpit, tinged with a sense of all-or-nothing desperation: “…We’re counting on you.”

Ji Mingzhu smiled slightly. “Thank you for your trust… Li Li!”

Hearing his call, Li Li laughed heartily. Smoky Blue Shower strode forward, firing two laser cannons at Zhu Rong. Using the mech units for cover, he quickly rushed to Phoenix Redeemer’s side.


An energy beam wrapped around Phoenix Redeemer’s waist. Smoky Blue Shower spun in place and, like throwing a shot put, hurled Phoenix Redeemer fiercely!!

The intense beat of heavy metal rock, the raspy voice with its hallucinatory rips, filled with harmful, vulgar, and supernatural noise, everything turned wild with the frenzied rhythm. The music lines converged into a prelude, like the background music of an apocalyptic stage play, etched into the minds of everyone witnessing this scene.

Under the propulsion of the energy beam, Phoenix Redeemer shot out like a cannonball, breaking through the heavy, crazed sound waves, and flew towards the mountainous Zhu Rong!

The target was Zhu Rong’s cockpit!


Ji Mingzhu’s voice was both calm and crazed, met with Axiu’s calm and childlike response.

“I’m here.”

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Translator Notes
  1. 兔死狐悲: Lit: If the rabbit dies, the fox grieves – Have sympathy with a like-minded person in distress[]
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