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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 107

107. A Probability

“They’ve made their move.”

Bi Fang watched the Netherworld Organization mechs pouring in from the outskirts of Yangyuan City, his expression calm, as if he had anticipated this situation long ago.

“The Netherworld Organization… They’re really bold,” Huo Zai exclaimed. “With such a commotion, what exactly do they intend to do? Aren’t they afraid of the Titans from other satellite cities?”

“That’s their aim,” Bi Fang said. “Qi Ling… is declaring war on Sky City. His actions are also conveying this message to us.”

Although the Netherworld Organization and Feibo weren’t on the same side, they were united in facing the issue of Sky City.

“Should we intervene?” Huo Zai asked. “For Feibo, wouldn’t the risk be too great…”

“If Sky City is really drawn here…” Bi Fang paused, then continued, “then this is also a good opportunity for us to act. After all, the Incorruptibles have been hiding in Sky City for too long. If we miss this chance, who knows how much longer we’ll have to wait…”

“But once the Titans from other satellite cities arrive, the Netherworld Organization won’t be able to hold out for long,” Huo Zai frowned. “Is Qi Ling betting on us? If Feibo doesn’t act, the Netherworld Organization’s mech forces will be easily annihilated by the Calamity Control Bureau, resulting in heavy losses for them.”

“You underestimate him,” Bi Fang smiled. “Without complete confidence, Qi Ling won’t make a move. The Netherworld Organization has been lurking in the Twelve Satellite Cities for so many years, biding their time in the shadows. They never do anything without certainty. I guess… Qi Ling must have found a way to deactivate the restraint devices of the other Titans.”

That’s why Qi Ling dared to boldly launch a full-scale attack on Yangyuan City. Even with Titans about to arrive, he remained fearless. Even the loss of control over Zhu Rong, which would attract Titans from other satellite cities to support them, was within his expectations.

“A way to deactivate… the restraint devices of the Titans?” Huo Zai was astonished. “Can the Netherworld Organization really do it?”

Huo Zai looked incredulous. The release of Zhu Rong’s restraint was only achieved by the Netherworld Organization seizing the opportunity to hijack the upper echelons of power in Yangyuan City. This was related to the environment of Yangyuan City itself. The status and influence of the conglomerates were even greater than that of the Calamity Control Bureau in Yangyuan City. However, in other satellite cities, the method of causing Zhu Rong to lose control couldn’t be replicated.

Bi Fang fell silent for a moment, then said, “The person who created the restraint devices and manufactured the Titans originally planned to use the Mother Aberration to create just one Titan.”

“But the power of the Mother Aberration is much stronger than we imagined. There’s no material or technology in the world that can completely control the Mother Aberration. So he chose to divide the Mother Aberration into twelve parts and created twelve Titans. While preserving the power of the Mother Aberration, he also eliminated the risk of Titans losing control. As it turned out, he succeeded. The restraints he created were extremely stable. It’s been many years since the era of the old humans, and the Titans have never lost control.”

“But didn’t Zhu Rong in Yangyuan City lose control?”

“That’s because the restraint device Zhu Rong is currently using isn’t the original version.”

Bi Fang said, “It’s just something imitated by the conglomerate team in Yangyuan City. Except for Zhu Rong, the other eleven Titans still use the original version of the restraints.”

Huo Zai looked incredulous. “The technological level of the old era wasn’t as advanced as it is now, right? Things created back then still can’t be surpassed now?”

“Yes. That’s why… he’s a genius. A genius ahead of his time,” Bi Fang sighed softly. “The Netherworld Organization dares to act in Yangyuan City, even knowing that the Titans from other satellite cities are on their way to support. I suspect they’ve already found the decryption key for the original restraint device… This isn’t good news for us.”


A massive laser beam tore through the night sky and slammed into the position of the Calamity Control Bureau’s mech unit, causing brief chaos among the surrounding mechs.

“Team R4, change course, flank attack!”

The Thunder Division Minister roared, “Hold your ground!”

“Yes, sir!”

After the battle with the Titans, the remaining mech units of the Calamity Control Bureau were few. They felt somewhat inadequate in the face of the well-prepared assault by the Netherworld Organization.

This was the most massive offensive by the Netherworld Organization to date. Although the Netherworld Organization had been a significant threat to satellite cities before, their actions had always been relatively covert, mainly consisting of small-scale sabotage activities. They had never launched a siege-style attack on a satellite city like today, displaying such audacity.

This made the Thunder Division Minister somewhat uneasy, but he couldn’t retreat, nor could he.

The satellite city would never simply surrender to the Netherworld Organization. Even if it meant risking their lives, they had to hold out until reinforcements from other satellite cities arrived!


The laser beam pierced through the heavy mech in front, then continued backward, piercing through several Netherworld Organization mechs.

Smoky Blue Shower, piloted by Li Li, was an S-class mech. As a Titan pilot, her piloting skills were unquestionable. Although not on par with Ji Mingzhu, she was among the top tier of human pilots. She showed no mercy; all of Smoky Blue Shower’s firepower systems were activated, like a raging turret, unleashing countless laser beams and energy blasts from its barrels.

The outer ring of densely packed Netherworld Organization mechs pressed forward, surrounding the formation of the Calamity Control Bureau. Mechs exploded in the fire, but the surviving pilots continued to fight.

The Netherworld Organization’s mech unit noticed Li Li. Soon, several assault mechs surrounded her from the outside, intending to use close-quarters combat to force Smoky Blue Shower to reduce its firepower output.

Li Li snorted coldly and pushed the joystick. Smoky Blue Shower ejected an energy beam like a whip, fiercely striking two mechs in front of her. The raucous rock music deafened the ears as she yelled, “Team C7, keep pushing! Don’t retreat!”

“Over here!”

Sun Yi spotted the figures of Yao Guang and the others in the distance, quickly opened the gate, and called out towards Yao Guang’s direction.

When Tian Ji appeared carrying Ji Mingzhu, Sun Yi widened his eyes. “W-what… how did Boss Ji get injured like this?”

The main battlefield of Yangyuan City was in the Upper City District. The temporary base Sun Yi and his group found was in the central area of the Lower City, a distance away from the battlefield and temporarily considered safe. The entire Lower City’s residents had either evacuated to shelters or remained hidden in their homes, afraid to come out. The once bustling commercial streets were now empty, resembling a ghost town.

“This is the price of emulating Lei Feng 1 .” Yao Guang snorted softly, with a hint of dissatisfaction in his tone.

This dissatisfaction wasn’t directed at Ji Mingzhu. Yao Guang had long advised Ji Mingzhu not to get involved, but Ji Mingzhu never listened. In the end, although Ji Mingzhu successfully helped Yangyuan City repel the rampaging Titan, he himself was seriously injured. Not only did he fall into a coma due to his injuries, but the Phoenix Redeemer was also turned to ashes by the power of the Celestial Empress’s orbital cannon. The Thunder Division Minister didn’t care about his life or death. Although the Minister spoke nicely, he didn’t hesitate to activate the Celestial Empress. Perhaps in the Minister’s mind, Ji Mingzhu’s life was insignificant compared to the safety of the entire satellite city.

“So… what do we do now?”

Sun Yi looked at the unconscious Ji Mingzhu with some worry. “Shouldn’t we evacuate quickly?”

“Can’t evacuate.”

Tian Ji gently set Ji Mingzhu down. “The outside is full of mechs fighting. We’d be caught in laser waves if we took a few steps. We can’t evacuate for now, and without mechs, even if we leave the satellite city, it’s still dangerous in the wilderness… Are there any doctors in the black market?”

Sun Yi shook his head. “Most of the people in the black market have already left. Even if there are doctors in the black market who haven’t gone to the shelters, they probably wouldn’t dare to come out in this situation…”

“Contact a doctor,” Yao Guang said. “I’ll pay ten times the usual fee.”

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Yao Guang, with his deep pockets, didn’t care about the money. Ji Mingzhu was still unconscious, and they didn’t know if there were any side effects under the Celestial Empress’s bombardment. If he didn’t wake up, Yao Guang and the others would feel lost, filled with anxiety.

“All right… I’ll contact them!”

Sun Yi gritted his teeth and hurriedly said, “There should still be doctors willing to take the risk.”

“There’s something I’ve been puzzling over.”

Huo Zai thought for a moment and asked, “Since we were able to create twelve Titans initially, and the old humans hadn’t completely turned into Aberrations, why are we in the situation we’re in today?”

Bi Fang fell silent for a moment.

“Indeed, if that were the case, the old humans wouldn’t necessarily lose.”

He sighed. “The Immortal Clan’s  ‘Purification Water,’ in fact, was developed by the person who created the twelve Titans initially. At that time, although all the old humans had undergone mutations, with the existence of Purification Water, at least one-third of the old humans could revert to their original state. Strictly speaking, we wouldn’t necessarily lose.”



Bi Fang said slowly, a hint of resentment appearing in his eyes. “But that person betrayed us, and betrayed all the old humans. The Immortal Clan is the biggest threat to the old humans and the mastermind behind all of this. When all the old humans were undergoing mutation, we still had an ace up our sleeves—that was the hibernation chamber in the hands of the Immortal Clan. Inside slept the only old human. As long as he was handed over, the self-destruct program in the Immortal Clan’s source code could be activated, and humanity would win.”

“But he didn’t agree, he refused.”

Bi Fang sneered. “That person stood with the Immortal Clan and betrayed all of us.”

Huo Zai was startled.

So, the old humans were once so close to victory.

If that person hadn’t betrayed the camp of the old humans, chosen to save the mutated old humans with Purification Water, and activated the Immortal Clan’s self-destruct program, along with the twelve Titans… how could they have possibly lost?

Thinking of this, Huo Zai couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of resentment towards the person mentioned by Bi Fang.

“What’s his name?” Huo Zai asked.

Bi Fang glanced at him and said slowly, “Ji Qiming.”

“The creator of the Immortal Clan, honored as the ‘Father of Immortality’ by the Sky City, a genius ahead of his time, the treasure of the First Research Institute… and also, my former colleague.”

Huo Zai couldn’t hide his shock. “Ji… Qiming?!”

“You’ve heard of his name?” Bi Fang furrowed his brow. “No, in your era, he rarely appeared and never appeared in any newspapers. How would you know him?”

“I don’t know him, but I’ve heard that name,” Huo Zai took a deep breath. “In the wilderness outside of Shangjing City, at that time, Ji Mingzhu once asked me… if I knew Ji Qiming.”

“Ji Mingzhu?!” Bi Fang froze.


The current Ji Mingzhu was just a clone of the original “Ji Mingzhu” created by the Netherworld Organization using Ji Mingzhu’s genes. He was one of the more special clones created by the Netherworld Organization using Ji Mingzhu’s genes. Although he inherited the talents of the “Ji Mingzhu” of the old era, how could he possibly know the name Ji Qiming?

Could it be…

Bi Fang thought of a possibility.

Several hours ago, Ji Mingzhu stood before them and pointed to himself, asking them, “Do you think I’m a New Human or an Old Human?”

Bi Fang suddenly stood up!


Just then, a loud rumble sounded from the sky. A figure taller than the city walls appeared in the wilderness outside, rapidly approaching Yangyuan City.

The earth began to shake as it ran, and the Netherworld Organization’s mech units on the battlefield paused, all looking towards the direction of the colossal black shadow.

“It’s a Titan!!”

“The Titan from Jiusheng City is here!”

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Translator Notes
  1. a soldier in the People’s Liberation Army who was the object of several major campaigns in China. The most well-known of these campaigns in 1963 promoted the slogan, “Follow the examples of Comrade Lei Feng.” Lei was portrayed as a model citizen, and the masses were encouraged to emulate his selflessness, modesty, and devotion to Mao Zedong.[]
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