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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 108

108. Di Jiang

When the Titan from Jiusheng City, “Ju Mang,” appeared, all the pilots of the Netherworld Organization’s mechs in Yangyuan City breathed a sigh of relief, feeling certain in their hearts.

Although there were many mechs from the Netherworld Organization appearing in the city, in front of the Titans, they were nothing more than ants. Even if their numbers were multiplied several times, victory would only be a matter of time.

Moreover, it wasn’t just “Ju Mang” from Jiusheng City that arrived; “Gong Gong” from Woyun City, “Zhu Jiuyin” from Shangjing City, and “Di Jiang” from Baiquan City were also on their way. These Titans were originally coming to help Yangyuan City resist the rampaging Zhu Rong. Now that Zhu Rong had fled and only the mech units from the Netherworld Organization remained, it wasn’t a wasted trip for the Titans.


The pilot of the Titan “Ju Mang” from Jiusheng City picked up the communicator in front of him and reported the current situation: “I have piloted Ju Mang to the outskirts of Yangyuan City. Right now… my god.”

The Titan pilot raised his head. Sitting in the huge Titan, he could easily see the entire Yangyuan City. From this angle, through the city walls, he could see the huge black hole at the center of Yangyuan City, the dilapidated buildings, and the ruins engulfed in flames. Countless laser cannons crisscrossed within the city, creating a scene of devastation.

Was this still the economically prosperous Yangyuan City of the past? At a glance, there was not a trace of its former prosperity left.

“Zhu Rong has already escaped. Currently, Yangyuan City is under attack from the Netherworld Organization’s mech units.”

The voice of the commanding officer of the Netherworld Organization’s mechs in Yangyuan City came through the communicator from Jiusheng City: “Time is limited. Yongliang, the Titan pilot, please cooperate with the Netherworld Organization’s mech units in Yangyuan City to clear out the remaining forces and then return.”


Seeing the situation in Yangyuan City, the pilot, Yongliang, didn’t waste any words. “Ju Mang” crouched slightly outside the city and took off the next second!

The towering Titan blocked out the sky, and everyone couldn’t help but look up, watching the distant Titan leap into the city. The hundred-meter-high city walls couldn’t stop its stride. The next moment, “Ju Mang” landed inside Yangyuan City, and the entire city seemed to shake for a moment.

“Ju Mang” was covered in dark green armor, with a unique armor design resembling countless intertwined branches. However, upon closer inspection, one could still discern the metallic sheen of the branch-like armor.

As soon as it landed, “Ju Mang” immediately went into action. A mechanical arm “swished” and a long green whip shot out, dancing in the air as if it had a life of its own.


With a light swing, the green whip swept away the Netherworld Organization’s mech units in an instant!

Regardless of the level of the mechs, their defense force fields were no match for the Titans. Although the whip appeared slender in “Ju Mang’s” hand, it was in proportion to the giant size of the Titan. Landing on these ordinary mechs, it was like a giant python traversing the earth, instantly blasting apart any mech it touched!

The overwhelming momentum of “Ju Mang” boosted the spirits of the pilots of the Netherworld Organization’s mechs in Yangyuan City. They no longer retreated or contracted their formations but directly charged toward the Netherworld Organization’s mech lineup!

The Netherworld Organization’s mech units began to retreat in defeat, showing signs of collapse soon.

A few minutes later, another colossal black shadow appeared outside Yangyuan City.

Coming is the Baiquan City Titan, “Di Jiang”!

Di Jiang is a rare model among the twelve Titans, possessing the ability to fly. It has a slender figure, with a golden coating all over its body, shining like the sun even in the darkness of night. Behind it are six symmetric golden mechanical wings, which, from a distance, resemble descending gods.

Satellite city Titans are seldom seen by ordinary people. They only activate during major crises. The appearance of multiple Titans in Yangyuan City in such a short period of time is truly a rare sight.

Just one “Ju Mang” mech would have been enough for the Netherworld Organization to drink a pot 1 , and now, with another “Di Jiang” appearing, they were undeniably putting heavier stakes on the side of victory.

However, what surprised people was that, with the appearance of the two Titans, the Netherworld Organization’s mech squadron showed no signs of retreat. On the contrary, they became even more frenzied in battle. Like fearless warriors, they launched a desperate counterattack against the Calamity Control Bureau, catching them off guard and causing significant losses to the Bureau’s mechs.

Something’s not right…

The Thunder Division Minister’s brow furrowed as he noticed the unusual behavior of the Netherworld Organization’s mechs. Normally, facing a Titan, people wouldn’t even consider resisting, but these Netherworld Organization members seemed to not care at all about the appearance of the Titans. They fought even more ferociously, willing to exchange death for death without retreating.

This is too unusual…

“The “Ju Mang” and “Di Jiang” from the Calamity Control Bureau have arrived in Yangyuan City.”

On the other side, Yao Xiangrong was reporting to the superior, “Our mechs have suffered heavy losses, Chief, take a look…”

Mechs are weapons strictly controlled by the Calamity Control Bureau, and each mech is precious to the Netherworld Organization.

Qi Ling slowly spoke up, “”Zhu Jiuyin” and “Gong Gong”, how long until they arrive?”

“Shangjing and Woyun’s deployment of Titans was relatively late, so it may take a little while longer,” Yao Xiangrong pondered for a moment, then said, “But our mech squadron may not hold out until then.”

“So be it.”

Qi Ling smirked, “Let’s accept these two gifts for now.”

“Ahahaha, long time no see, Yong Liang.”

The voice of the “Di Jiang” Titan’s pilot came through the communication, and Yong Liang was taken aback, “Zong Si, Baiquan City actually sent you over?”

“Is that not okay?” The Titan’s pilot, Zong Si, chuckled, “I thought there would be a fierce battle… didn’t expect Zhu Rong to be completely absent, leaving only some small fry. How boring.”

Yong Liang frowned, “Don’t be careless.”

“You’re always so cautious,” Zong Si said, “The last time we met was several years ago, right? After the battle, why don’t we go have a drink together…”

Boom, boom, boom!!

Before the sentence could finish, there was suddenly a rumbling vibration in their ears.

The momentum was immense, like the tremors of an earthquake, as if some colossal entity was speeding rapidly. This sound was all too familiar to the Titan pilot. Both of them turned their heads at the same time—

“It’s Zhu Rong!”

The Thunder Division Minister was dumbfounded, his expression incredulous.

Zhu Rong, returning once more, still bore evident wounds. The cracked armor had not been repaired, lending its colossal frame a captivating aura of battle damage. Flesh and armor melded anew upon its body, resembling from afar a calamitous aberration hurtling towards Yangyuan City!

“How could this…?”

Zong Si’s face was filled with disbelief, but the next moment, his expression changed, and he sneered, “Perfect timing.”

With a lift of the control lever, as he maneuvered, the Titan Di Jiang raised its hand, causing a vast storm to stir faintly in the air.

“Be careful.”

Yong Liang cautioned cautiously, “Zhu Rong seems a bit off…”

“Rest assured.”

The six wings behind Di Jiang suddenly spread wide, revealing a golden prism-shaped energy shield before it.

Constructed entirely of energy without physical form, the golden shield emitted a terrifying aura. As Di Jiang tightened its grip on the control, the illusory shield floating before it suddenly flew out and collided head-on with the charging Zhu Rong!


With a deafening roar, Zhu Rong’s body was sent flying by the golden shield, and even from afar, one could still hear its beast-like roar.

“Tsk, not a trace of a Titan left.”

Faced with the beast-like Zhu Rong, Zong Si frowned, seemingly disdainful of its current state. “Yong Liang, send a message to headquarters. Should we recover Zhu Rong? Or…”

“Watch out!”

Suddenly, Yong Liang’s voice came through the communication, startling Zong Si, who looked up in surprise.

Zhu Rong, sent flying by the golden shield, hadn’t lost its fighting ability as expected. Instead, after tracing an arc in the air, it landed again, shook its body, and once more charged towards the two mechs in the city!

“Seeking death?”

With a cold laugh, Zong Si summoned another golden shield before Di Jiang, even larger and more solid than before, resembling the gates of heaven from myth, and then sent it hurtling towards Zhu Rong!


This time, Zhu Rong didn’t charge foolishly. Faced with Di Jiang’s attack, numerous cannon ports opened simultaneously on its body, and countless energy beams and solar rays gushed out, colliding with Di Jiang’s golden energy shield!


The confrontation between the Titans was like a battle of the gods played out in reality, with astonishing power. After the collision of the two forces, the entire satellite city began to tremble, and the explosion’s smoke and dust obscured everyone’s vision, like a sandstorm conjured out of thin air.

Just when Yong Liang and Zong Si thought the outcome was decided, in the next moment, the figure of Zhu Rong suddenly burst out from the swirling dust and smoke!

Zong Si was taken aback, then summoned the golden shield once again.

However, this time, before the golden energy shield could fully form, Zhu Rong collided with it head-on!

Although Zhu Rong still bore the silhouette of a humanoid mech, its flesh armor and beast-like stance made it markedly different from the two Titans before it. Fiercely crashing, it seemed to sprawl like a spider onto the still-forming golden shield. In the astonished gazes of Yong Liang and Zong Si, it opened its mouth wide and fiercely bit down!


The golden energy shield shattered into countless energy fragments.


Before Zong Si could speak, in the next instant, Zhu Rong had leaped forward like lightning, toppling the equally massive Di Jiang to the ground!

The two mountainous Titans pressed toward the city, and in an instant, countless ruins were wrought!!

Originally floating in mid-air like deities, Di Jiang was now pulled down from its pedestal by Zhu Rong. The two Titans tangled and rolled on the ground. Despite neither being specialized in close combat, they were now engaged in a brawl.

In the dimensions unseen by all, the Titans’ force fields were tearing at each other.

Yong Liang wanted to step forward to help, but the two Titans were too entangled for him to find an opportunity to intervene.

“F*ck, f*ck…”

Inside the cockpit, Zong Si frantically manipulated the controls, his expression somewhat anxious. Amidst the intense tussle, he struggled to regain balance, and Di Jiang, known for its elegance, was now in disarray, awkwardly pinned down by Zhu Rong—

Crimson light gleamed in Zhu Rong’s eyes as its flesh armor suddenly expanded, like countless blood tendrils bursting forth, wildly dancing in the air!

Then, to Yong Liang’s astonishment, Zhu Rong opened its mouth and bit down towards Di Jiang’s cockpit!


Yong Liang only managed to utter a short syllable before the sound of Zong Si’s voice abruptly ceased in the communication!


Zhu Rong let out an excited roar, like a victorious beast in battle. Then, the dense mass of flesh tendrils on its body surged wildly into the crevices of Di Jiang’s cockpit. From the outside, it looked as if a monstrous mass of flesh was enveloping both Titans.

From afar, Qi Ling quietly observed the scene from a high vantage point.

“It’s obedient, isn’t it?”

Qi Ling smiled at Yao Xiangrong and said, “Graceful, steadfast… these words don’t belong to Titans. Wildness and destruction, that’s how they should be.”

Seconds later, Zhu Rong and Di Jiang separated and stood up simultaneously.

The vine-like flesh entangled their armor, emitting a visceral barbaric aura. Di Jiang moved its arms, crimson light gleaming in its eyes, while its golden wings had now transformed into six fleshy ones, resembling demonic beings crawling out of hell, standing side by side with Zhu Rong.

Yong Liang couldn’t help but tremble.

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