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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 109

  1. Envelope

“Hey, Ji Mingzhu.”

In the sports equipment room, a few kids cornered Ji Mingzhu inside, looking down at him.

The young Ji Mingzhu lifted his head, a flash of nervousness crossing his face before he showed a stubborn expression. “What do you want?”

“We didn’t do anything.”

The leader of the kids reached out and pushed Ji Mingzhu lightly. “You, a transfer student, act so arrogantly… Heard your family doesn’t have parents, huh?”

“Yeah, his brother dropped him off at school the other day.”

“And it was him at the parent-teacher meeting, too.”

“Hahaha, heard he likes to play with robots, how childish…”

“Don’t you have any friends?”

The leading kid sneered, “Want to play with robots? Oh, my family has a robot too, but it’s our servant, looks like a lump of iron, specifically for cooking for us… You like hanging out with robots, too? Are you a robot?”

The mocking laughter was sharp and piercing, mixed with unceremonious shoving.

Not knowing what the other kids said, Ji Mingzhu was thoroughly provoked. Conflict arose between the two sides, and Ji Mingzhu was outnumbered. He ended up bruised and with a gash on his head.

“It’s been so long after school, why hasn’t he come out yet?”

“The location is nearby… Should be in the equipment room.”

“I didn’t know Mingzhu liked sports, he’s always been lazy to move, hasn’t he?”

A familiar voice came from outside the door.

“Canglan, Shenhong!”

Ji Mingzhu shouted, “I’m here!”

“Just because of this, you want to send Canglan and Shenhong away?”

The young Ji Mingzhu bit his lip. “It’s not their fault!”

“It’s not a big deal.”

Ji Qiming said, “But harming someone with artificial intelligence is taken seriously by the research institute. It’s an unstable factor.”

Pausing, Ji Qiming patted Ji Mingzhu’s head. “Those kids were seriously injured, their parents made a big fuss. To avoid trouble, the research institute had to make the decision to recall them.”

“Can I visit them in the future?”

Ji Qiming looked into Ji Mingzhu’s eyes and softened his heart. “If there’s a chance, I’ll take you.”

“Sounds good.”

Ji Mingzhu was dissatisfied. “I don’t even know where your research institute is, and you never take me there.”


Ji Qiming remained silent for a moment and then said, “Mingzhu, would you blame me?”

Ji Mingzhu hesitated for a moment, nodded, but after a while, shook his head. “Probably not.”


“Although I’m very disappointed, but… you won’t harm me.”

Though disappointed, Ji Mingzhu still spoke softly, “If there’s another way, brother, you wouldn’t want to send Canglan and Shenhong away, right?”

“Mmh. In my heart, Mingzhu, you’re more important than anyone else.”

Ji Qiming squatted down gently, helping Ji Mingzhu tidy up his messy collar. “Remember that.”

“If… I mean, if there’s a day, hypothetically speaking, when the world is about to be destroyed, would you be willing to save the world?”

The sky was filled with intense fiery clouds as Qi Ling held the steering wheel, casually asking such a question.

Save the world…

Ji Mingzhu found it somewhat amusing.

Even if there were such a day, it probably wouldn’t be up to him to decide whether to save it or not.

Drowsiness overwhelmed him, and Ji Mingzhu yawned, closing his eyes.

Qi Ling glanced at Ji Mingzhu’s quiet face through the rearview mirror.

“The fiery clouds are really beautiful.”

Qi Ling glanced at the sky and murmured softly, “Such a beautiful world, only the gods can possess it, right…”


“Tian Shu!”

Ji Mingzhu struggled to open his eyes.


Pain surged through every limb, Ji Mingzhu’s mind was in turmoil.

“He’s awake.”

The black market doctor tidied up his medical kit. “There might be a slight concussion, but a little rest should be fine.”

“It won’t be anything…”

Yao Guang hesitated.

Ji Mingzhu narrowly escaped danger by hiding in Zhu Rong’s cockpit, but the out-of-control Titan cockpit had a corruption effect on people thousands of times stronger than usual, which made Yao Guang worry.

“It’s nothing serious.”

The black market doctor said, “Although it’s incredible… there are no traces of corruption on him. It can only be called a miracle.”

“Let him rest.”

The black market doctor put away his medical kit. Yao Guang went up to prepare to give him money, but was stopped by the other party.

“No need for money.” The black market doctor smiled and said, “After all, I’ve lived in Yangyuan City for so many years… consider it a special reward for the hero.”

After the black market doctor left, Yao Guang quickly came to Ji Mingzhu’s side, nervously inspecting him. “Tian Shu, how are you feeling? Is there anywhere uncomfortable?”

“My head hurts.”

Ji Mingzhu rubbed his temples. Scenes from before he lost consciousness were like fragments jammed in his mind, causing a dull ache. “How’s Yangyuan City? Is Zhu Rong dead?”


Tian Ji poured a glass of water for Ji Mingzhu, hesitated for a moment, and then told the truth, “The Netherworld Organization launched an attack on Yangyuan City. Titans from other satellite cities arrived to support Yangyuan City, but… the Netherworld Organization seems to have some method of controlling Titans. After Zhu Rong was heavily injured and left, it returned and now both Ju Mang and Di Jiang are out of control, just like Zhu Rong.”

Ji Mingzhu was shocked.

“Dong, dong.”


Zhu Rong, Ju Mang, Di Jiang. Three Titans stood in Yangyuan City, like three terrifying giants. Even just standing there, they suppressed any thoughts of resistance.

The three Titans no longer looked like their original selves. They were covered in flesh armor. However, this time, they didn’t rampage and destroy the city like Zhu Rong did before. Instead, they walked slowly through the city, like three soldiers faithfully executing the king’s orders.

The Thunder Division Minister watched all of this despairingly.

All the mech squads of the Thunder Division were waiting for his command, but he hesitated to give orders.

No one understood the destructive power of Titans better than him. Just one out-of-control Zhu Rong was enough to push Yangyuan City to the brink of destruction. Now that the Netherworld Organization controlled three Titans, it meant that this was a war that couldn’t be won.

After a moment, his private communicator rang.

The Thunder Division Minister hesitated for a moment before choosing to answer.

“Minister Pang.”

On the other end of the line, Yao Xiangrong’s voice came, carrying the smugness of victory. “Sorry, but I’ve won this round.”

The Thunder Division Minister’s voice was hoarse. “…What exactly do you want?”

“That question, you should understand better than me.”

Yao Xiangrong said, “The Netherworld Organization’s goal has always been Sky City.”

“Do you think you can oppose Sky City like this?”

“Why not?”

Yao Xiangrong chuckled. “Since Zhu Rong went out of control until now, has Sky City intervened? With Sky City’s speed, it could quickly arrive above Yangyuan City, but has that palace floating in the sky appeared at all? Minister Pang, I think you should also understand what that means.”


“Sky City doesn’t care about saving you at all.”

Yao Xiangrong said softly, “The savior in your eyes doesn’t care whether you live or die, how many people die. As someone who has reached your position today, I believe you wouldn’t think of Sky City as the textbooks describe, appearing to save humanity, right?”

The Thunder Division Minister remained silent.

“Sky City enslaves you, orders you to exterminate the aliens, and keeps you like pets.” Yao Xiangrong continued, “In the eyes of the Immortal Clan, you are just useful pawns on the chessboard, as are all humans. What value does your supposed loyalty have in the eyes of the Immortal Clan? Of course, the Immortal Clan gave you Titans, but the control over Titans has always been firmly in the hands of Sky City. So I understand you. In order to avoid greater disasters, you can only choose to submit.”

“But now the situation is different.”

Yao Xiangrong said, “The Titans no longer belong to Sky City, and the Netherworld Organization has found a way to control the Titans. In that case, why should we continue to be dogs for the Immortal Clan? Minister Pang, don’t forget, the Immortal Clan and us, are ultimately not the same kind of people, and we should be partners standing on the same side, because we… are all humans.”

“Minister, what should we do?”

In a tense atmosphere, a commander couldn’t help but ask.

The Thunder Division Minister remained silent for a long time and asked, “Is there any response to the support message sent to Sky City?”

The commander hesitated for a moment. “…No.”


Just one word, “No,” already indicated enough problems.

The Thunder Division Minister glanced around. Yangyuan City, once prosperous and bright, had now become a ruinous existence, filled with corpses, flames, and ruins. This was the tragedy of humanity.

The Thunder Division Minister suddenly felt ridiculous.

Indeed, the Immortal Clan never cared about whether they lived or died. After all, no matter what apocalypse happened on the surface, they could hide in Sky City and avoid all disasters, spending peaceful and beautiful days in their own Eden.

“Follow my orders.”

The Thunder Division Minister spoke slowly, “All members of the Calamity Division, disarm yourselves and surrender.”

“Boss Yao Guang.”

Sun Yi hurriedly walked into the room from outside, seeing Ji Mingzhu, he exclaimed, “Boss Ji, you’re awake?!”


Ji Mingzhu nodded. They were able to withdraw from the battlefield smoothly and find a black market doctor under these circumstances, which was all thanks to Sun Yi. “Thank you.”

“Oh, why mention it.”

Sun Yi grinned. “Isn’t this just basic loyalty to the boss? And, Leader Ji, you looked so cool fighting the Titans!”

If Sun Yi had initially joined them because of Ji Mingzhu’s identity as a Titan pilot, now he admired Ji Mingzhu wholeheartedly. Daring to face Titans in a mech, his splendid and godlike maneuvers were beyond imagination, making it hard not to idolize Ji Mingzhu.

Yaoguang asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Oh, I almost forgot.”

Sun Yi handed a letter to Ji Mingzhu. “Someone found me at the door just now and asked me to give this to you.”

“Someone sent a letter?”

Ji Mingzhu looked at the envelope in surprise. “Who?”

“The lighting was a bit dim, couldn’t see clearly.”

Sun Yi thought for a moment, trying to recall. “He was wearing a blue hoodie with a hood, couldn’t see his face, but he seemed quite young from his figure. But I can’t shake this feeling that he’s familiar…”

Ji Mingzhu reached out and took the letter, then opened it.

Inside was a thin sheet of paper with a few lines of writing. At the end of these lines, there was a small symbol.

A letter ‘M’ in transformed English, with two small flames above two small peaks, resembling two candles joined together.

And the handwriting on it was very familiar.

—It was his handwriting.


Another one of his clones?

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