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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 110

110. Qi Ling’s Declaration

The handwriting on the note wasn’t neat, crooked and messy, but Ji Mingzhu was all too familiar with it.

Ji Mingzhu’s handwriting had always been rather poor, especially since becoming a professional player, his opportunities to write with a pen had dwindled. His autograph was often teased by fans as having “elementary school handwriting.” In contrast, his brother Ji Qiming’s writing was delicate and beautiful, with smooth lines that Ji Mingzhu envied for a long time.

Aside from the unique symbol only Ji Mingzhu knew, the note didn’t contain much information. It simply listed an address, located in Jiusheng City. At the very bottom, there was a small line of text.

“If everything started with me, then it should end with me as well.”

Ji Mingzhu stared at this line for a long time.

He didn’t know who the messenger was, but he knew the person must be connected to him, possibly arranged by himself before his memory loss.

If that was the case, then his amnesia might not have been an accident.

“If everything started with me…”

The handwriting was crooked, and Yao Guang took a while to read the first few words. He asked in confusion, “What does this mean? And what about that address, where is it?”

Ji Mingzhu closed the note. “Tian Ji.”

“What is it?”

Tian Ji was surprised to hear Ji Mingzhu call his name.

Ji Mingzhu looked up and met Tian Ji’s eyes.

Having just woken up from a coma, Ji Mingzhu appeared extremely weak and exhausted, far from the spirited demeanor he had while piloting the mech. Yet, even in this state, his gaze remained clear. Under Ji Mingzhu’s scrutiny, Tian Ji couldn’t help but look away.

Ji Mingzhu asked calmly, “Are you hiding something from me?”

Yao Guang turned back in surprise to look at Tian Ji, who had lowered his head, remaining silent.

“If we allied when I was in the Netherworld Organization, the information you have wouldn’t be so limited.”

Ji Mingzhu continued, “Why did we come to Yangyuan City? Because of the information you provided, along with Axiu’s analysis, we chose to come to Yangyuan City to use the computing power hidden by the Netherworld Organization to repair Axiu.”

Although Tian Ji hadn’t played a decisive role, he had undeniably provided a lot of information that subtly guided Ji Mingzhu.

“I don’t believe you would betray me.”

Ji Mingzhu thought for a moment and said, “But you must be hiding something from me… Is it about Axiu?”

Tian Ji’s eyes flickered.

Ji Mingzhu knew he had guessed correctly.

Tian Ji wouldn’t betray him, but who else could give him orders besides Ji Mingzhu?

Tian Ji was a semi-reformed person from the Netherworld Organization. The one who had removed the control system from the Netherworld Organization was, strictly speaking, Axiu before he lost his memory. So, it made sense that Tian Ji would follow Axiu’s orders.


Tian Ji said, “I can’t say.”

“Tian Ji!”

Yao Guang reached out and grabbed Tian Ji by the collar. “What the hell, an enemy in our midst? What are you trying to do?! Do you know that Tian Shu almost died?!”

Yao Guang suddenly paused.

When Ji Mingzhu was fighting with Zhu Rong earlier, and Tian Fei was about to fire, Ji Mingzhu hadn’t yet left the battlefield. Yao Guang had wanted to rush in to save him but was stopped by Tian Ji.

Could Tian Ji have foreseen this situation and known that Ji Mingzhu would be safe?

“You guys go out first.”

Ji Mingzhu sighed and said.


“Just go out.”

Ji Mingzhu waved his hand. “I’m a bit tired. Let me rest for a while.”

Yao Guang looked worried but eventually said, “Alright… You rest well then.”

He pulled Tian Ji and Sun Yi out of the room, giving Tian Ji a warning punch before leaving.

After they left, the room fell into a long silence.


After a long while, Axiu said, “I’m here.”

“You know why I lost my memory, don’t you?”


Axiu hesitated for a moment before saying, “The brain is the most critical part of the human body, especially the areas controlling memory. It requires complex methods to intervene, and the only thing capable of doing this is the intelligent chip deeply bound to you. In short, I was the one who erased your memories from your first awakening.”

But Axiu only knew that it was his doing. With Ji Mingzhu’s memory loss, all of Axiu’s database contents were also erased. He didn’t know why he had done it.

“Although I don’t know the exact circumstances or the reason for my actions, I know that I must have had a compelling reason.”

Axiu said, “Even so, my core programming has always been loyal to you. This hasn’t changed, whether before or after the data was erased. In other words, the reason for my actions was certainly not to harm you; on the contrary, it was to protect you.”

“I understand.”

Ji Mingzhu didn’t feel particularly angry because he knew Axiu would never betray him, even if Axiu was the one who erased his memory.

But why did Axiu do this? Why would he go so far as to erase his own database to wipe Ji Mingzhu’s memory?

Moreover, Ji Mingzhu didn’t even know if the memories that were erased included only the period from his first awakening from the cryo chamber to his second awakening in the rental room…

“My brother said the same thing.”

Ji Mingzhu thought for a moment and said, “I know he must have done a lot of things, but whenever I ask him, he never tells me. He just says, ‘Mingzhu, this is to protect you,’ and then quietly arranges everything.

But why does he have to do that? I’m already an adult, yet he still treats me like a child, thinking I don’t understand anything and often make impulsive decisions… Okay, I admit that might be true to some extent, but…”

Ji Mingzhu paused and continued, “But if it concerns me, why can’t he ask me?”

Even though he knew it was for his own good, the feeling of being kept in the dark and not trusted still made Ji Mingzhu uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, in Yangyuan City.

With the Thunder Division Minister’s order to cease resistance and the presence of three Titans, the resistance forces in Yangyuan City were quickly brought under the control of the Calamity Control Bureau.

People in the underground shelters watched in horror as Netherworld Organization members poured in from outside. They still didn’t understand what had happened, their faces filled with fear and uncertainty.


Yao Xiangrong knelt down respectfully in front of the person before him.

They had waited a long time for this day.

Qi Ling glanced at the three silent Titans in the distance and then stood up. “Begin.”

Soon, every television screen, LED screen, and satellite feed in the underground shelters throughout Yangyuan City simultaneously switched scenes.


Qi Ling’s voice echoed, causing everyone to look up in surprise, not knowing who was speaking.

The screen showed a masked person, obscuring his face. His voice sounded young, but his tone carried an inexplicable sense of age.

“I am the commander of the Netherworld Organization. You can call me Qi Ling.”

Not only in Yangyuan City but also in other satellite cities, public screens rapidly switched to the same scene, like a plague spreading quickly, taking over the original broadcasts. In bustling commercial streets and amidst popular TV shows, the sudden interruption left people bewildered.

“Damn it, what’s going on!”

“The public signal in the satellite city has been intercepted!”

“Trying to cut off the external signal… No use, they’ve replaced the source control point of the public signal!”

Panic erupted within the Calamity Control Bureau in various satellite cities.

“As you can see, we, the Netherworld Organization, have taken over Yangyuan City.”

Qi Ling’s tone carried a hint of amusement. “Just now.”

An uproar broke out in the satellite cities.

Since the establishment of the satellite cities, such an event had never occurred in human history. Satellite cities were the last bastions and homes of humanity, guarded by invincible Titans. For Qi Ling to declare the capture of one of these satellite cities was simply too shocking.

“Many people have misconceptions about the Netherworld Organization,” Qi Ling continued. “They think we are rebels, heretics, and instigators of war. But the truth is, I want to tell you, the real enemies of the Netherworld Organization have never been ordinary people.”

Pausing for a moment, he said, “It’s the Sky City. More precisely, it’s the group of Immortal Clan living above the Sky City.”

On the Sky City, Jin Qing and Chun Bai watched Qi Ling on the screen, their expressions extremely grim.

“Most of you see the Sky City as saviors.”

Qi Ling said, “The Immortal Clan give you technology, give you the illusion of safety, make you think you are the masters of the world?

No, they are just enslaving us. The reason they make you have this illusion is the malicious intention of the Immortal Clan. The Immortal Clan on the Sky City, along with their leader, the High Priest, are usurpers who exchange the lies of a dangerous world for their own power. They stand high above, enjoying the heavenly city, occasionally looking down on the ground, but they never truly lend a hand to humanity. As long as they exist, the war between humans and the Aberrations will never cease, never stop.”

Qi Ling’s voice echoed through every screen in every satellite city.

“We are one people, and the Sky City is the enemy standing against us. Do you think the Immortal Clan can bring you real peace and freedom? No, please wake up. They are not saviors, nor are they extraterrestrial beings, and they are certainly not gods!”

Qi Ling smiled and said, “They are just a group of artificial intelligences, yes, created by humans, intended to serve humans. They have no souls, no real thoughts, and no life.”

The crowds in the satellite cities were in turmoil, and the noise of unrest and fear began to spread.

“Are you willing to be enslaved by a group of artificial intelligences? I know you don’t want to.”

Qi Ling said, “But you dare not resist, right? Because the Sky City has controlled us for too long, we are afraid of losing the protection of the Sky City, and also losing the protection of the Titans, and our comfortable homes will no longer exist. But now, the situation is different.”

The scene shifted, and the camera turned to the three Titans in the city.

Although covered in a layer of flesh armor, everyone still recognized them.

Zhu Rong, Di Jiang, and Ju Mang.

They stood like three towering mountains, exuding an ancient aura.

People couldn’t remain calm. Titans falling into the hands of the Netherworld Organization was not good news for most people, but amidst the chaos, some people raised their heads, their eyes shining. Qi Ling showed them another possibility, another way for humanity to survive in this world without relying on the Sky City.

“All the misery of humanity stems from the ambitious artificial intelligences on the Sky City, they are our common enemy, and they must be defeated.”

Qi Ling said, “From today, Yangyuan City is no longer a satellite city belonging to the Sky City, but a satellite city belonging to humanity itself. These three Titans are the first call to arms for humanity to resist the Sky City. From today, all those who want to stand with us, all human brethren, all those who are unwilling to be enslaved by the Sky City, are welcome to come to Yangyuan City and join our fight. This is a declaration of war against the Sky City and a declaration to all our brethren.”

“Don’t worship them, but scrutinize them. We don’t need the so-called redemption from the Sky City, we only need our own homeland.”

In a moment of silence, Qi Ling said slowly, “That is all”

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