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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 111

111. “The High Priest is awake.”

Qi Ling’s declaration echoed in every satellite city for a long time. Then, quickly afterward, the Calamity Control Bureau cut off the lines hijacked by the Netherworld Organization. The GG boards in major commercial streets and the television GGs all returned to normal. Various dazzling high-tech products danced on the colorful holographic screens as if Qi Ling’s image from just a few minutes ago had never appeared.

“How, how dare he…”

Huo Zai’s mouth fell open, his face filled with disbelief.

He had guessed that Qi Ling would accomplish something through the incident of Zhu Rong losing control, but he never expected Qi Ling to be so bold. After hijacking the other two Titans, Qi Ling actually declared war directly on the Sky City!

“I underestimated him.”

Bi Fang furrowed his brow and said softly.

Qi Ling dared to step forward like this, openly declaring war on the Sky City in front of everyone. Wasn’t he afraid of retaliation from the Sky City?

The technological level of the Sky City was beyond the reach of current humans. The mechanical bodies made of nano-memory alloy, just like their name, were immortal. The Sky City could easily produce a large number of weapons and effortlessly destroy Yangyuan City.

Huo Zai also thought of this point. He didn’t understand where Qi Ling’s confidence came from. “What is he thinking?”

After a moment of silence, Bi Fang said, “We have also been forcibly tied to this ship by Qi Ling.”

Qi Ling’s purpose in doing so was obvious; he was forcing Feibo to stand on his side.

If the Sky City really wanted to attack Yangyuan City and eliminate Qi Ling along with the Netherworld Organization, would Feibo stand idly by?

No, because the Netherworld Organization now had three Titans in their hands, breaking the original balance. The balancing force of humanity against the Aberrations was also weakened. If the Netherworld Organization failed, then the Sky City’s next target would undoubtedly be Feibo.

Moreover, Feibo’s target was also the Immortal Clan on the Sky City. Who could deal with the Immortal Clan? Of course, it was this group of Aberrations on the ground. Due to the restrictions of their underlying code, the Immortal Clan could not harm the Aberrations. If the Sky City dared to come down, the first thing Feibo would do is lead the Aberration army to kill them all.

Feibo and the Netherworld Organization had the same target. Although their ultimate goals were not the same, at this moment, the Netherworld Organization had taken the lead in raising the stakes, and Feibo had to follow suit with his own chips. After all, if the Netherworld Organization were to perish, the original balance would still be broken, and Feibo would have no good days either. As for the problem left by the Aberrations and the New Humans afterward, that would be discussed again after the Immortal Clan were eliminated.

“When I was in the research institute, I felt that Qi Ling’s methods were extraordinary.”

Bi Fang sneered. “I didn’t expect that after so many years, his mad personality hasn’t changed at all.”

However, there was one thing Bi Fang couldn’t understand.

That was how the Netherworld Organization managed to control the Titans?

The way the Immortal Clan and humans controlled the Titans was by using the restraints left by Ji Qiming to control the Titans in battle. But after the restraints were destroyed, the Titans should not be controlled by anyone…

But now, the three Titans in Yangyuan City were clearly on the side of the Netherworld Organization, which puzzled Bi Fang no matter how he thought about it.

Putting aside these questions, apart from these doubts, there was one thing Bi Fang was very concerned about.

Ji Mingzhu…

Bi Fang looked at the ruined Yangyuan City, silently repeating this name in his heart.

Who the hell are you exactly?

Are you Tian Shu, the ace pilot of the Netherworld Organization? Or… the real Ji Mingzhu?

“What should we do now?” Yao Guang asked.

The light brain in his hand was searching for messages on various forums on the public network. The recent remarks made by the Netherworld Organization had undoubtedly caused a huge stir. Discussions were rapidly spreading on both public forums and some private networks. Even the Calamity Control Bureau couldn’t stop these discussions.

If it were a small-scale discussion, the Calamity Control Bureau could still intervene. But the disturbance caused by the Netherworld Organization was too significant, and the content was highly explosive. Unless all networks were completely shut down, it would be impossible to stop the spontaneous and large-scale discussions among the people.

The final declaration of resistance by the Netherworld Organization didn’t attract much attention. People’s focus was more on the information revealed by Qi Ling.

The Immortal Clan of the Sky City… are actually artificial intelligence?!

This news was too astonishing and subverted common sense. However, the more it contradicted common sense, the easier it was for people to believe it. After all, the Immortal Clan were too mysterious for most people. They rarely appeared in the Sky City, and even when they did, they spoke almost emotionlessly…

Not only the public but also the internal members of the Calamity Control Bureau were shaken. Once the Sky City fell from its pedestal and people began to doubt their identity, this unease and questioning spread like a plague.

What if, what if everything Qi Ling said was true?

The allegiance of the Calamity Control Bureau wasn’t to some divine entity from beyond or to a savior; it was to a group of artificial intelligence. What meaning did their loyalty have?

Ji Mingzhu looked at the light brain in Yao Guang’s hand, his gaze passing over the overwhelming doubts and condemnations.

The situation had completely deviated from the expected trajectory and was heading towards chaos. No one had expected this move from the Netherworld Organization. After seizing the Titans and revealing the truth about the Sky City being artificial intelligence, they had almost put the Immortal Clan on the grill. Although nothing seemed apparent now, the Sky City’s rule seemed to remain stable on the surface. But as time passed, more and more people would believe Qi Ling’s words and turn against the Sky City.

Vaguely, Ji Mingzhu felt that something was amiss.

If the head of the Netherworld Organization, the real Qi Ling from Ji Mingzhu’s memory, the assistant beside Ji Qiming, then in terms of identity, Qi Ling should belong to the old human camp.

But Qi Ling hadn’t interacted with Feibo or cooperated with Bi Fang and others. Instead, he had established the Netherworld Organization on his own and now made such a declaration. On the surface, Qi Ling seemed to occupy the moral high ground, choosing to declare war on the Sky City for the freedom and liberation of humanity.

However, the problem was, Qi Ling himself wasn’t part of the New Humans. Why would he do this?

Ji Mingzhu felt like he had overlooked something.

However, regardless of Qi Ling’s true intentions, Ji Mingzhu couldn’t intervene now. His Phoenix Redeemer was destroyed in battle, and he didn’t have any high-level mechas. Even though he had excellent piloting skills, he couldn’t influence the current situation.

The battlefield now belonged to the Sky City and the Netherworld Organization. What Ji Mingzhu needed to do now was to unravel the clues he had given before losing his memory. If he could clarify all the past history, then the purposes of Sky City, the Netherworld Organization, and Feibo would naturally become clear.

With that in mind, Ji Mingzhu’s expression calmed down.

“We’re going to Jiusheng City.”

Ji Mingzhu said, “Yao Guang, search this address.”

“Ah? Oh, sure.”

Yao Guang’s hands quickly operated the light brain, and soon, a satellite map appeared on the screen. “The address on that paper seems to be not inside Jiusheng City but in the wilderness not far from Jiusheng City… Let me see.”

The satellite image zoomed in, revealing a dilapidated abandoned building complex on the screen.

“It’s here,” Yao Guang said.

Ji Mingzhu stared at the screen for a while. Suddenly, he pointed to a corner of the screen and said, “Here, zoom in.”

After zooming in, Ji Mingzhu stared at a nearly ruined building in the corner.

He recognized this place.

It was the First Research Institute, where Ji Qiming had once worked.

Sky City.

This was a building resembling a medieval cathedral. From the outside, it was filled with classical and elegant retro atmosphere. However, the interior of the building had nothing to do with classical style. A large number of silver-white high-tech devices stood, and colorful holographic projections filled every inch of space overhead, as if one were in a future era.

A group of people were sitting at a white conference table, each with a handsome and beautiful face, but their expressions were lifeless.

“Netherworld Organization chose this time to declare war on Sky City.”

Chun Bai said, “Could this be prompted by Canglan?”

Jin Qing shook his head, “That’s not his style, and moreover, the overall commander of the Netherworld Organization is very hostile towards us, so it’s impossible for him to cooperate with Canglan.”

“How could the Netherworld Organization have a method to control the Titans?”

Chun Bai couldn’t figure it out. After a moment, she asked, “How is the situation in the satellite cities now?”

A member of the Immortals beside her reported, “According to data statistics, discussions about this matter on the public network account for 47%. People from different social classes have different views on this matter. The upper class, such as the conglomerates, generally show disgust and are unwilling to support the Netherworld Organization’s resistance activities. However, support for the Netherworld Organization is higher among the lower-class people, which may be a hidden danger.”

“Maybe we can directly move Sky City towards Yangyuan City.”

Another Immortal said lightly, “We haven’t shown ourselves in the lower world for too long, which is not conducive to consolidating our rule. If Sky City is willing to intervene, it can make those wavering people give up their thoughts of resistance. If possible, Sky City can directly launch a devastating blow to Yangyuan City, burying most of the Netherworld Organization’s forces along with Yangyuan City. Although we will lose a satellite city, it won’t disrupt the balance between humans and aberrations.”

His words were met with nods of agreement from several other Immortals around him, indicating their apparent approval of his opinion.

“No.” Jin Qing shook his head.

Chun Bai said, “Yes, no. Don’t forget, the threat of the Old Humans in the lower world has not been eliminated. If the Netherworld Organization and the Old Humans have reached some kind of cooperation, the threat to us will be even greater. Or, have you already been able to resist the influence of the underlying code?”

Everyone looked at each other in silence, then fell silent.

In the silence, Chun Bai was about to speak when suddenly her movement paused, and the calm expression on her face was replaced by surprise and excitement in the next moment.

She looked around, her tone devoid of worry, replaced by unwavering confidence.

Chun Bai said, “The High Priest is awake.”

As her voice fell, moments later, the door of the meeting room opened, and a figure slowly walked in.

Without hesitation, everyone stood up at the same time and bowed their heads.

Everyone in the satellite cities knew that the Immortals were proud and never regarded others highly. The only person who could make them lower their noble heads was one.

The person who came in had a tall and slender perfect body proportion, with handsome features like a mythical sun god descending to earth. His golden eyes carried an unfathomable divinity. His figure walked slowly from the sunlight, as if a deity was stepping from the heavenly palace. With his appearance, the previously noisy meeting table instantly fell silent.

Shenhong’s eyes scanned the group of colleagues in front of him, and a faint smile appeared on his face, that seemed like a god carefully crafted.

“Long time no see, everyone.”

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