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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 113

113. Wow, *the iron tree blooms.

*A highly improbable or extremely rare occurrence.

The walls of Yangyuan City have already been damaged. The once impregnable fortress has lost its original protective function under the rampage of several Titans.

Outside the city, several long queues set out from Yangyuan City, heading towards the unknown wilderness.

Most of them are the original residents of Yangyuan City. After the Netherworld Organization announced the occupation of Yangyuan City, they were unwilling to stay in such a dangerous battlefield where war could break out at any moment and the next second they could be bombed into ruins by Sky City. They chose to leave the place where they had lived for a long time.

Among them are also some descendants of the tycoons who once dominated Yangyuan City. However, in the ranks of the “refugee army,” their identities no longer have any significance. Yangyuan City was mostly destroyed in the battle of the Titans, and overnight, many people’s wealth turned to nothing. This satellite city, once extremely prosperous in economic and financial terms, has become dim. Those who used to stand above most people, enjoying the resources at the top of the pyramid, can now only carry their remaining belongings and go to another satellite city to seek a way to survive.

Ji Mingzhu is also among them.

The Netherworld Organization does not care about the departure of these original residents of Yangyuan City. In addition to the portion of people choosing to leave, there are many others rushing from other satellite cities, making Yangyuan City even more bustling than usual. The members of the Calamity Control Bureau who were originally responsible for inspecting and registering at the city gate are also nowhere to be seen. It is almost in an unguarded state. Therefore, Ji Mingzhu left the satellite city smoothly without any hindrance.

“Hey, isn’t this the young lady of the Meiermara family?”

Amidst the vast crowd, a sharp and piercing mocking voice suddenly sounded in the ear.

Ji Mingzhu looked up to where the sound was coming from and saw several young men not far away, their hair colorful, and prominent metal rings hanging from their noses and ears, surrounding a young girl and openly making sounds of surprise and mockery.

The girl being surrounded was pale, nervously hugging the box in her hands.

“The dignified Miss of the Meiermara family, how did she fall to the point of fleeing with us refugees?”

“Yeah, what about your attendants and bodyguards? Weren’t they grand before?”

“Hahaha, look at her pitiful appearance.”

“Hey, Miss, it’s so dangerous here. Why not walk with us? Rest assured, we will definitely ‘protect’ you well.”

“What do you want!” The girl’s face was tense, putting on a fierce expression. “Get lost!”

Several young men glanced at each other, then burst into more intense laughter.

“She told us to get lost.”

“So scary, if we don’t leave, will your bodyguards rush up and take us away?”

“Do you really think you’re still the tycoon you used to be?”

Meiermara family…

Ji Mingzhu inexplicably felt that this name sounded familiar, and after a moment, he remembered it.

Isn’t this the bargaining chip Ji Mingzhu gave to the Lu Yan Tower Group when she originally traded with Lady Rong Ci from the Lu Yan Tower Group? At that time, Ji Mingzhu handed Lady Rong Ci a list, which recorded the investigation report of the Melmara family. It was precisely because of this report given by Ji Mingzhu that Lady Rong Ci was able to successfully secure the order from Calamity Control Bureau.

Although it’s none of his business, witnessing such blatant bullying in front of him, Ji Mingzhu still frowned.

“Tian Ji.”

“Haven’t I told you? Come with us, and when we get to another satellite city, we will definitely protect you well. After all, now that the Melmara family is gone, but your figure and appearance are still there, hahaha… Hey, what are you doing?!”

The young man in front, showing no restraint in his malice, taunted the girl in front of him, and the next moment, a tall man appeared in front of her, grabbing his hand.

Several people were stunned for a moment, showing a defensive expression. “Who are you?”

Tian Ji didn’t even bother to waste words with them, coldly said, “Get lost.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“Such arrogance…”

Several young men were instantly angered. Just as they were about to roll up their sleeves and come over to compete in arm wrestling with Tian Ji, the next moment, their eyes fell on the hem of Tian Ji’s lifted clothes.

A silver-gray gun suddenly appeared, and the expressions of several young men stiffened.

Tian Ji, tall and burly, had obvious black vine tattoos on his exposed face and arms, with a cold expression and extremely intimidating presence. These young men in front of him were just idle people from the lower city area of Yangyuan City. Although they hadn’t seen much of the world, they also knew who could be provoked and who couldn’t.

After hesitating for a few seconds, the leader of the young men glanced somewhat unwillingly at the silent girl, then fearfully at Tian Ji blocking their way, didn’t dare to utter harsh words, and left grudgingly.

Before leaving, he even whistled at the girl, “Miss of the Melmara family, if you’re interested in the future, feel free to come find us anytime.”

Tian Ji sneered, directly pulled out the gun from his waist, aimed at the knee of the whistling young man, and pulled the trigger.


The sound of the gunshot and the scream instantly attracted the attention of the people around, and many people looked over here. After seeing Tian Ji with a gun in his hand, they silently averted their eyes.

This is no longer a satellite city. If it were in the city, Tian Ji’s casual shooting would immediately attract the guards of the Fire Department, but in this wilderness where there are no people and no rules, no one would care about their lives or deaths. It’s better to mind one’s own business. This man with vine tattoos all over his body looks difficult to deal with at first glance. It’s better to stay away from him.

Tian Ji’s hand holding the gun was steady, and he said in a low voice, “I told you to get lost, didn’t you hear? If you say another word, you won’t need to speak anymore in the future.”

Under Tian Ji’s chilling tone, these young men couldn’t help but tremble, and their companion, holding his knees, let out painful screams, indicating the consequences of being too talkative. Their originally arrogant expressions wilted instantly, and they didn’t dare to retort. They quickly lifted their companion and left.

“Quite handsome,” Ji Mingzhu commented from the side.

Hearing Ji Mingzhu’s praise, Tian Ji felt a bit embarrassed for some reason, but luckily, the black vine tattoos on his face concealed his slightly reddened cheeks.

“Th-thank you…” The relieved girl at the end sighed and thanked Tian Ji, her face full of gratitude.

“No need to thank me,” Tian Ji said indifferently, retracting the gun.

“I’m Bai Sha,” the girl hesitated for a moment, not choosing to leave but instead engaging Tian Ji in conversation. “Are you guys leaving Yangyuan City too?”

Although Tian Ji seemed difficult to approach, it was obvious that these people in front of him had no ill intentions towards her. Without them, she might have just been insulted by those hooligans. As a former scion of a financial conglomerate, this identity wouldn’t protect her in the wilderness; instead, it might attract disaster. Bai Sha wanted to join Ji Mingzhu and the others, so she began to chat with Tian Ji.

However, Tian Ji obviously didn’t catch her meaning, just nodded and said, “Yeah, you can go now. Be careful.”

Bai Sha stood awkwardly in place, not knowing how to respond.

Ji Mingzhu found it somewhat amusing and stepped forward, saying, “Are you from the Melmara family?”

“Yes,” Bai Sha nodded quickly. “Where are you guys heading?”

“To Jiusheng City.”

“That’s great, I’m also going to Jiusheng City!” Bai Sha exclaimed joyfully. “I often go there, so I’m quite familiar with Jiusheng City. If you don’t mind, I can be your guide.”

Ji Mingzhu thought for a moment and didn’t refuse, “Sure.”

Tian Ji shrugged. Although he felt that adding another person would be somewhat burdensome, since Ji Mingzhu had spoken, he naturally had no objection.

On the way, Bai Sha enthusiastically chatted with them. She tactfully avoided inquiring about Ji Mingzhu and the others’ affairs and instead talked about her own.

Interestingly, Bai Sha’s experiences were somewhat related to Ji Mingzhu. After Ji Mingzhu cooperated with the Luyan Tower Group, the Melmara family lost the order from the Calamity Control Bureau, and the family’s finances plummeted. At the same time, Ji Mingzhu provided a large amount of evidence of the Melmara family’s illegal transactions to Lady Rong Ci, which, along with other factors, caused the Melmara family to withdraw from the ranks of top financial conglomerates. Their business declined sharply, and they could only rely on the few remaining factories to barely sustain themselves.

However, when the Titans went out of control, the Melmara family’s few remaining factories were also destroyed in the battle. Then came the announcement of the occupation of Yangyuan City by the Netherworld Organization. The patriarch of the Melmara family chose to stay behind, hoping to rise again through cooperation with the Netherworld Organization, while Bai Sha didn’t want to participate in this dangerous war or cooperate with the Netherworld Organization. So, she ran away, planning to go to Jiusheng City to find her friend.

“Is he your subordinate or bodyguard?”

Bai Sha looked at Tian Ji who was leading the way ahead and asked.

Among these people, Tian Ji seemed to have the strongest combat ability, and his recent action of pulling out the gun unintentionally caused the surrounding people to unconsciously distance themselves from him.

“No,” Ji Mingzhu shook her head. “He’s my friend. We’re together.”

“Oh, I see,” Bai Sha nodded, but her gaze couldn’t help but glance frequently at Tian Ji’s back.

To be honest, Tian Ji’s appearance was quite good, with broad shoulders, long legs, and handsome features. Although the vine tattoos on his body added a bit of gloomy taste to him, they also brought a very special charm, especially his posture just now when he taught those hooligans a lesson, which was full of a sense of security.

“Um, do you want some water?”

During the break, Bai Sha leaned towards Tian Ji’s direction, took out a few bottles of water from the box, and handed them to Tian Ji, asking softly.

Her face carried a slight blush, and her expression was shy. “Here, for you.”

Ji Mingzhu and Yao Guang exchanged a glance, both seeing a mischievous smirk in each other’s eyes.

Wow, the iron tree blooms.

Tian Ji turned his head to glance at Bai Sha and said calmly, “No need.”

“But you must be tired after walking for so long…”

Bai Sha said, “Don’t worry, this water was brought out from Yangyuan City, it’s very safe. How about I take a sip first? You…”

Tian Ji furrowed his brow, “I said no need.”

Bai Sha’s hand awkwardly hung in the air. “…”

Yao Guang whispered, “No gentlemanly demeanor at all.”

Ji Mingzhu agreed, “A blockhead.”

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