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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 114

114. “Ji Mingzhu really died?”

“Um, do you want to eat something? I brought a lot of dry food and snacks…”

“No need.”

“Then why don’t you sit down and rest for a while? We’ve been walking for so long.”



Ji Mingzhu and Yao Guang watched as Bai Sha approached Tian Ji, occasionally offering care and concern, but Tian Ji’s responses were as indifferent as ever, short and devoid of any emotional color.

Both of them were speechless.

“Even if he’s not into romance, this is just too much…”

Ji Mingzhu glanced sideways. “Truly a wooden gourd.”

Yao Guang expressed sympathy for the girl. “Miss Bai Sha is really pitiful.”

Perhaps as a modified person, Tian Ji had never encountered any part of love and affection in his memory. His life had been mostly about executing missions and killing, never experiencing the taste of being liked or pursued by others.

As night fell, the team heading to Jiusheng City camped halfway. Due to the previous incident of Titan going out of control, the wilderness around Yangyuan City had long been scared off by the Titan’s aura. The Aberrations in the wilderness had some animal instincts and knew how to seek benefits and avoid harm. Unless controlled by Feibo as in the previous attack on Shangjing City, the wilderness was relatively safe now.

A makeshift camp was set up in the wilderness, with campfires flickering under the night sky.

Tian Ji leaned against a dead tree, looking up at the night, lost in thought.

He heard movement behind him and instinctively turned back, relaxing when he saw Ji Mingzhu.

“Why aren’t you asleep yet?”

“Yao Guang’s sleeping posture is terrible.”

Ji Mingzhu sighed, “I came out to get some fresh air.”

Tian Ji smiled and shifted to the side to let Ji Mingzhu sit down.

“Can’t you see that Miss Bai Sha seems to like you a lot?” Ji Mingzhu couldn’t suppress her curiosity and asked.

“Is that so?” Tian Ji’s expression wasn’t very surprised. After thinking for a moment, he said, “Maybe, but I have no such intentions at all.”

“Why?” Ji Mingzhu asked curiously. “Miss Bai Sha is pretty and has a good personality. Why don’t you like her? Or is it… that you prefer men?”


Tian Ji choked for a moment before squeezing out two words, “Not so.”

“Feelings like that are too unfamiliar to me.”

After a while, Tian Ji continued, “I don’t know how to respond or handle them. Besides, for people like us, emotions are even more dangerous than weapons. It’s better to stay away from them as early as possible than to risk dangerous outcomes.”

“What about you?” After Tian Ji finished speaking, he asked Ji Mingzhu, “I’ve never heard you talk about this either. At your age, shouldn’t you be more yearning for love?”

“What do you mean, at my age…” Ji Mingzhu gave him a sidelong glance. “If you count the time I’ve been frozen, I should be one of the oldest people in the world.”

Tian Ji chuckled helplessly. “Of course, that’s not how it’s calculated.”

“As for me… I’ve never really thought about this issue.”

Ji Mingzhu rubbed her chin. “It’s strange… Whether it was during school or later when I became a professional athlete, although many people said they liked me, I’ve never felt the same way.”

“Then your problem is more serious than mine.”

Tian Ji laughed, “Indeed, I think with your personality, you should find someone who can take care of you twenty-four hours a day.”

Lazy by nature, preferring lying down to standing up, lacking interest in everything, and being a bit impulsive… Tian Ji found it hard to imagine what Ji Mingzhu would be like in a relationship. He reckoned the other person would go crazy soon enough.

The two of them bantered for a while. Ji Mingzhu rarely saw Tian Ji being so talkative. Tonight was an exception. This man from the Netherworld Organization who usually emitted an unmistakable murderous aura, perhaps because the moon was beautiful tonight, looked surprisingly gentle. 

“Tian Ji.”

Ji Mingzhu paused and asked, “Do you have any likes?”

Tian Ji looked somewhat surprised. He thought Ji Mingzhu would take this opportunity to ask him some other questions, such as about his memories before amnesia, or what kind of agreement there was between Ash and him… But he didn’t expect Ji Mingzhu to ask such a trivial question.

“What do you mean?”

“Anything.” Ji Mingzhu said, “Because it seems like I’ve never seen you enthusiastic about anything. For example, Yao Guang likes various data and advanced lightbrains, I like mechs, Sun Yi likes… money. But you, it seems like you don’t have such hobbies?”

Ji Mingzhu looked at Tian Ji’s face and said, “People should have some hobbies, right? Otherwise, they’ll look cold and lifeless… like robots.”

“Remodeled humans can also be considered half robots.”

Tian Ji chuckled and then thought for a moment. “If I have to mention a hobby… it would be scenery.”


“Yeah, like the moonlight tonight, I really like it.”

Tian Ji continued, “And the vegetation, the city, neon lights… these are all good. Compared to being in the Netherworld Organization, where there’s only killing and bloodshed, these things make me feel alive.”

Ji Mingzhu pondered for a moment. “Then I think maybe you’d be suitable as a photographer?”

“A photographer?” Tian Ji laughed. “Are you serious?”

In the current world, with wars raging, the struggle between Sky Cities and the Netherworld Organization has just begun, and the Feibo and other aberrations are lurking. Each satellite city harbors its own secrets, all in all, it’s a chaotic world. In such a chaotic world, who would think of something like photography?

Even if the scenery is beautiful, there’s no one to appreciate it.

“There will be opportunities.”

Ji Mingzhu’s expression became more serious. “Although the world is not very beautiful right now, there will come a day when it will truly have peace. When that time comes, why not become a photographer?”

No more conflicts between races, no more life-and-death struggles, no longer falling into war because of the ambitions of a few. No more difficulties in understanding each other.

Under the moonlight, the silhouette of the youth gleamed.

Tian Ji suddenly became curious about Ji Mingzhu’s brother.

What kind of person, what kind of atmosphere, could have raised someone like Ji Mingzhu?

Bi Fang entered the building in front of him.

This was the temporary stronghold established by the Netherworld Organization in Yangyuan City. Three Titans stood quietly on one side of the stronghold, as silent as three sleeping mountains, appearing to be completely still without any movement.

But Bi Fang knew that the Titans in front of him were still “alive.” The flesh armor on their bodies was slowly undulating, as if breathing.

Zhu Rong, Ju Mang, Di Jiang…

Bi Fang silently recited their names and let out a sigh.

“It’s quite beautiful, isn’t it?”

A young voice came from behind.

Bi Fang turned around and saw Qi Ling walking towards him slowly.

Taking off the mask, Qi Ling revealed a face almost identical to Ji Mingzhu’s, but Bi Fang could easily distinguish him from the real Ji Mingzhu. Even though they looked similar, Qi Ling carried a scent of decay and aging that couldn’t be shaken off, blending youth and old age in contradiction.

“Long time no see.”

Qi Ling looked at Bi Fang, who seemed like a withered tree, and smiled, “Dr. Zhang Bifang. It’s been many years since we last met, hasn’t it?”


Bi Fang frowned, “You’ve changed to a new body again?”

“You noticed that too.”

Qi Ling chuckled, “It seems that becoming an aberration has made your senses much sharper than before…”

He touched his own arm and said, “Ji Mingzhu’s genes have been diluted a lot, and the shelf life of the clones produced has been greatly shortened. Originally, a body could be used for thirty years, but now, it needs to be replaced much sooner.”

“This half-human, half-ghost appearance suits you quite well,” Bi Fang said coldly.

“Pot calling the kettle black.”

Qi Ling didn’t care at all, “Dr. Zhang Bifang, aren’t you the same? At least from the outside, you seem to fit your description better.”

“Why did you call me here?”

Bi Fang didn’t want to waste time and asked directly.

“Don’t be so hostile. After all, we’re on the same boat now.”

Qi Ling shook his head and said, “No matter what grievances we have between us, at least for now, our goals are the same, aren’t they? I know your Feibo’s goal is to activate the ‘Fire Seed’ and bring the gods down to restart the world. In this regard, my thoughts are the same as yours. Since Sky City is our biggest obstacle at the moment, why not cooperate and solve the current problems together?”

“The destruction of Netherworld has no effect on our goal.”

Bi Fang said, “Since you’ve already joined the camp of the new humans, there’s nothing for us to talk about. When Sky City destroys Netherworld, we can still take action against the Immortals.”

“That’s true.”

Qi Ling nodded, “But do you think Sky City will let Feibo go? Don’t forget, Dr. Zhang Bifang, Dr. Ji Qiming was killed by your own hands. Compared to us, Shen Hong harbors even greater hatred towards you. They wish for all the Old Humans on this planet to disappear, not leaving a single one behind.”

Upon hearing Ji Qiming’s name, Bi Fang’s brow twitched.

“That’s his own doing.”

Bi Fang spoke slowly, “He positioned himself against all humans. If it weren’t for his stubbornness, all of this would have ended a hundred years ago. Sky City, Titans, Fire Seed, and… Ji Mingzhu. If he had chosen to stand with all the old humans, how could today’s situation be like this?”

Even today, Bi Fang had to admit that Ji Qiming was the most brilliant person he had ever seen.


“Now Netherworld and Feibo have a mutually dependent relationship.”

Qi Ling shrugged indifferently, “The real Ji Mingzhu is already dead. We’ve lost the means to balance Sky City. If that’s the case, there’s only one way to go, which is to directly attack Sky City and seize the Fire Seed. Isn’t that also your goal?”

He looked at Bi Fang, “The opportunity is right in front of us. Don’t forget, if we fail, Sky City will surely launch a major purge against the current aberrations. Isn’t that something you wouldn’t want to see?”

Bi Fang remained silent for a moment before saying, “I have a question… How are you controlling the Titans? Without Ji Mingzhu’s restraints, how can the Titans be controlled by others?”

Qi Ling smiled but didn’t answer.

Seeing that he had no intention of explaining, Bi Fang moved on from the topic.

He glanced at the three silent Titans and turned to leave.

“I understand. I can temporarily cooperate with you.”

Before leaving, Bi Fang said, “But there’s something I want to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“You said the real Ji Mingzhu is already dead.”

Bi Fang continued, “Are you sure?”

Qi Ling frowned, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, someone like you can survive until now.”

Bi Fang admired Qi Ling’s expression, feeling somewhat better, “And Ji Mingzhu, as Ji Qiming’s only relative, do you think he would truly trust you?”

With that, Bi Fang left straight away.

Qi Ling stood there for a long time, his expression changing constantly.


Yao Xiangrong came over, “Director General.”

“Have the Earth Womb Squad reinvestigate the explosion case from before.”

Qi Ling felt that something was off, “And… find out the whereabouts of Tia Shu.”



The revelations just keep on coming!

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