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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 115

115. Wilderness’ Footprint.

“Tian Shu… Tian Shu!”

The next day, Yao Guang woke up early, and Ji Mingzhu was groggily pushed awake.

He sat up with his hair sticking up, yawning, “What’s going on?”

“I made a discovery…”

Yao Guang mysteriously leaned in and whispered. Seeing Ji Mingzhu’s clearly sleepy expression, he asked in surprise, “What’s wrong with you? You look like you haven’t fully woken up… Couldn’t sleep last night?”

Ji Mingzhu gritted his teeth and forced a smile, “What do you think?”

Who would have thought that Yao Guang, a delicate-looking boy with white hair, would have such terrible sleeping habits? Snoring occasionally was one thing, but he sprawled out in all directions while sleeping. Ji Mingzhu couldn’t stand being pushed around by him, so he went out to find Tian Ji in the middle of the night and only returned to sleep in the latter half of the night.

“Definitely couldn’t sleep.”

Yao Guang didn’t consider it could be his fault at all. “Don’t worry, you’re probably not used to the wild environment yet. I’ll go out and buy some blankets and clothes for you to sleep on tonight. You’ll be much more comfortable.”

Ji Mingzhu gave him a sideways glance, “Has anyone ever told you that you have terrible sleeping habits?”

Yao Guang firmly shook his head, “Impossible, Tian Quan says I’m very quiet when I sleep.”


What a deeply touching brotherhood.

Ji Mingzhu rolled his eyes and yawned again, “What’s your discovery?”

“In our group, isn’t there a truck?”

Yao Guang whispered, “I just took a look. The things in that truck are very heavy. The tire marks are very deep. I roughly calculated with my optical brain, and the weight is estimated to be over forty tons.”

Who would bring such heavy things while fleeing in a hurry? It’s obviously not just ordinary goods.

Ji Mingzhu quickly understood, “You mean they brought a mech?”


Yao Guang said, “I had Sun Yi look into it. The owner of that truck used to transport for a financial group in Yangyuan City, likely involving mech-related transport work. I also investigated that financial group; they have a background in private mech armament. Either he’s transporting mechs for the financial group to another city, or he’s taken advantage of the chaos to steal a mech for himself.”

Ji Mingzhu shook his head, “As long as they’re not connected to the Netherworld Organization, it’s fine. Besides, what does it matter to us if someone brings a mech? We’re not bandits.”

Regardless of which possibility it is, this mech might be an ordinary person’s lifeline in this world. Ji Mingzhu, despite losing Phoenix Redeemer, wasn’t so depraved as to steal an unrelated person’s mech.

“That’s true.”

Yao Guang, having been a hacker for so long, was very sensitive to armed weapons like mechs and couldn’t help but investigate. But as Ji Mingzhu said, even if others had mechs, what difference did it make to them? They weren’t about to go and steal someone else’s mech.

“Sigh, such a pity about Phoenix Redeemer.”

Yao Guang sighed, “The power of the Celestial Empress Orbital Penetrator was too strong. Phoenix Redeemer didn’t even leave any debris. Otherwise, I might have been able to try and repair it. Without a mech, it’ll be inconvenient for us to do anything later. How about, when we get to Jiusheng City, we find a Netherworld Organization outpost and steal their mech?”

Ji Mingzhu stroked his chin, approvingly, “That’s a possibility.”

“Are you awake?”

As Ji Mingzhu and Yao Guang walked out of the tent, Bai Sha greeted them, “Come and eat something.”

Ji Mingzhu was somewhat surprised to see the beautifully packaged food in Bai Sha’s hands, “Where did this come from?”

Bai Sha replied, “I bought it from someone.”

The currency of the twelve satellite cities was unified, so even in the wilderness, it still had purchasing power, though the prices were higher than in the satellite cities.

But when Bai Sha finished telling them the price she paid for the food, Yao Guang confidently said, “You got ripped off.”

Bai Sha: “Huh?”

The road from Yangyuan City to Jiusheng City wasn’t far, just a few days’ journey. And because the route had been traversed by Titans, there were hardly any Aberrations around. Even with the higher prices in the wilderness, it shouldn’t be that exaggerated.

It seemed the sellers saw Bai Sha as a naive young lady and set an outrageous price, which Bai Sha, having never been to the wilderness before, didn’t haggle over. After all, as a former financial magnate’s daughter, she usually bought high-priced luxury goods and had little concept of money’s actual purchasing power.

“Ah, really?”

Bai Sha looked down in embarrassment, “I thought the prices in the wilderness were normal…”

The wilderness was very dangerous for a lone girl like her, with dangers not only from the wilderness itself but also from malicious people like those hooligan youths earlier. After being rescued by Tian Ji, Bai Sha followed Ji Mingzhu’s group, and no one dared to harass her.

Bai Sha knew she was in a protected role in the group and couldn’t help much, so she thought of using her money to buy some supplies for Ji Mingzhu and the others. She didn’t expect to get ripped off badly.

But she took it well, “It’s okay, fall into the moat once and you’ll be wiser next time 1.”

Ji Mingzhu looked at the food and other supplies in Bai Sha’s hands and thought for a moment. He decided not to reject her kindness.

When they set out, they had brought enough food, water, and other supplies to last until they reached Jiusheng City. With Tian Ji’s strength, even bringing Bai Sha along wouldn’t be a problem for them to reach Jiusheng City safely. After being saved by Tian Ji, Bai Sha felt guilty about being a burden and wanted to use her money to buy supplies, hoping to be less of a drag.

“What are you planning to do in Jiusheng City?” Bai Sha asked curiously during the meal. “Are you going there to seek refuge?”

Ji Mingzhu nodded without denying it.

After the battle with the out-of-control Titans in Yangyuan City, many people had lost their homes and didn’t want to be conscripted by the Netherworld Organization and become casualties of war. They chose to move to other satellite cities. There were many people like this. Bai Sha looked at Ji Mingzhu and Yao Guang, both young, especially Yao Guang, who looked around sixteen, the age of a high school student in Yangyuan City.

Feeling sympathetic, Bai Sha said, “I have a good friend in Jiusheng City. I’m going there to find her. If you don’t mind, I can help you settle down when we get there.”

She looked at Yao Guang, “You should still be in school, right? Jiusheng City has a few high schools. My friend knows the principals there and can arrange for you to attend. In these unstable times, you need a degree or a skill to survive.”

She spoke earnestly, seemingly believing that Yao Guang and Ji Mingzhu were ordinary kids and already planning their future path in Jiusheng City.

Yao Guang: “…”

Me? High school?

Ji Mingzhu suppressed a laugh, “Yes, Yao Guang here does need to learn some proper knowledge. He spends all day glued to his Light Brain, which worries us to death.”

Yao Guang glared at Ji Mingzhu.

Yao Guang had indeed been researching data and information about Jiusheng City on his Light Brain these days. However, Bai Sha misunderstood and thought Yao Guang was an internet-addicted teenager obsessed with playing games. She nodded in agreement, “Indeed, you can’t spend all day playing games on your Light Brain. It’s bad for your eyes. You can’t go on like this… What about you? You don’t look much older than him. You probably haven’t graduated yet, right? You should go to school with him.”

Before Ji Mingzhu could refuse, Yao Guang quickly replied, “Sure, sure. That would be great. Tian Shu here doesn’t have much education and indeed needs to study more.”

Yao Guang’s tone was full of schadenfreude, giving Ji Mingzhu a look that said, “You can’t escape either.”

Ji Mingzhu: “…”

Tian Ji, watching the two bicker, couldn’t help but smile.

The group continued traveling until evening.

As the camp was being set up, a sudden voice filled with fear rang out from the crowd.

“There’s an Aberration here!”

At this declaration, the group of hundreds immediately fell into chaos.

Some quickly packed their belongings, ready to flee, while others warily scanned their surroundings. Some were so frightened that their legs turned to jelly. The previously calm group became a scene of pandemonium.

“Everyone, calm down! Calm down!”

In the midst of the noise, a middle-aged man stepped forward: “Where’s the Aberration?”

“Song Ge, over here!”

The person who had first mentioned the Aberration knew the middle-aged man and hurriedly said, “I was just relieving myself nearby and saw Aberration footprints and droppings here… Look at this, it’s clearly fresh, so the Aberration must be close by.”

“If there’s an Aberration, what are we standing around for? Let’s run!”

“I can’t stay here; I have to go… I can’t die here…”

“I need to run too…”

“Everyone, quiet down and listen to me first!”

The middle-aged man raised his voice.

“My name is Song Shiyi. I was the captain of the Balk Consortium’s transport team.”

After a brief self-introduction, he continued, “I have many years of experience in wilderness transport. Don’t panic. The wilderness is dangerous. If the group scatters, it will be even less safe. We all came from Yangyuan City, and it wasn’t easy to get here. The more critical the moment, the less we should panic. We need to help each other if we want to get through this and reach our destination safely.”

Hearing that he was the transport captain for the Balk Consortium, the previously noisy group gradually quieted down.

“So… what do we do?” someone shouted, trying to sound brave. “If there’s really an Aberration nearby, we ordinary people can’t fight it!”

“This route is the safest path to Jiusheng City. The other routes have even more Aberrations, and they’re more concentrated. If we don’t take this path and scatter, do you think you’ll survive?”

Song Shiyi said, “None of us want to die, including me. We need to stay calm now. I’ve been doing wilderness transport for years. I’m not saying I’m the best, but among us here, no one knows the wilderness better than I do. If you want to reach your destination safely, listen to me. If you don’t care about your life, then go ahead. We’re a temporary group, and I can’t stop you.”

His authoritative tone finally brought some calm to the previously agitated crowd.

Song Shiyi stepped forward a few paces and glanced at the Aberration’s footprint. “This footprint is indeed fresh… The Aberration is nearby, but it doesn’t seem to be high-level. Does anyone have a weapon?”

The crowd exchanged uneasy glances, but no one spoke up.

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