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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 117

117. Sand River Annelid

“This… I…”

Song Shiyi’s expression turned ugly, fluctuating between gloom and brightness.

The others weren’t fools either. The news of the Aberration’s appearance might have disrupted their judgment, leading them to panic and lose some of their rationality and composure. But with the inexplicable scene unfolding before them and Song Shiyi’s expression, even the slowest among them could sense that something was amiss.

The stubbled man who had agreed to tell Song Shiyi the mech key saw this and immediately shut his mouth, casting a vigilant gaze at him.


Song Shiyi’s expression stiffened as he tried to struggle in the crowd. “I can explain.”

Yao Guang grinned and said, “Then go ahead and explain why the Aberration’s sound is coming from you, and why you wanted to borrow this gentleman’s mech while everyone was in a panic. Could it be that you were eyeing his mech from the beginning, intending to take advantage of the chaos?”


Song Shiyi grew anxious, raising his voice. “It’s just a modified B+ grade mech. Why would I need to lie to him? I’m the captain of the Balk Transport Fleet of the Balk Consortium. We have so many mechs under the Balk Consortium, even A-class ones. Do I need to take risks for a B+ class mech?”

“The Balk Consortium…”

Yao Guang nodded and tapped a few times on his light brain. “Information about the Balk Consortium can be found on the public network. They do indeed have an elite transport fleet, and the captain’s name is Song Shiyi.”

Song Shiyi’s expression became more composed. “Do you believe me now? I didn’t lie to you, I…”

“However, Song Shiyi retired from the Balk Consortium due to being too old for the wilderness environment.”

Yao Guang’s gaze fell on the figure of Song Shiyi before him, his expression clear and sincere. “I didn’t expect you to take such good care of yourself Uncle. One couldn’t tell at all that you’re already sixty-eight years old this year.”

The others’ faces changed slightly, casting skeptical glances at him.

The “Song Shiyi” before them clearly wasn’t that old; at most, he looked to be in his forties. No matter how you looked, he didn’t seem like a sixty eight year old.

“That means he’s impersonating the captain of the Balk Consortium’s transport fleet? That’s quite audacious…”

“Although he doesn’t match up with the retired captain of the Balk Consortium’s transport fleet, there’s another identity that fits you quite well.”

Yao Guang smiled faintly and turned the light brain screen in his hand towards him. “Level four wanted poster from the Calamity Control Bureau, No. 5241 wanted criminal, second in command of the Wilderness Bandits, codenamed ‘Wild Wolf.'”

Everyone focused their gaze, and on the light brain screen with the Calamity Control Bureau logo, the person depicted was none other than the current “Song Shiyi.”


The young man who had just claimed to be a Level 3 pilot, along with several others accompanying “Song Shiyi,” turned pale with shock. The fiery gazes around them felt like they were burning holes into them.

The exposed “Wild Wolf” looked at the harmless-looking white-haired youth before him, full of suspicion and disbelief. “Who are you exactly?!”

This youth… is definitely not simple.

Although his RFT-21 Holographic Onomatopoeia device was a model produced two years ago, he had bought it at a high price, and its firewall level was very high. Even if a hacker wanted to invade, it would take some time. However, this youth simply tapped a few times on his light brain, and his simulator was immediately hijacked.

Moreover, while the Balk Consortium is well-known in various satellite cities, the members of their transport fleet are kept confidential, and no information can be found on the public network. How did this youth know? And how did he accurately find information about the captain of the transport fleet?

Could he have infiltrated the Balk Consortium’s database as well?!

This is too exaggerated…

“You’re good ah, so you’re a wretched swindler!”

“I knew it was fishy when the captain of the Balk Consortium’s transport fleet appeared here. Turns out it was fake, and he’s a wanted thief!”

“I knew something was off earlier!”

Feeling deceived, the members of the team surged forward without needing any direction from others, directly overpowering and pinning down the few individuals.

The Wild Wolf and his accomplices wanted to resist and find a chance to escape, but they were already surrounded by others. With the absolute numerical superiority, they couldn’t break through. Originally, they had planned to take a few hostages to delay time, but as one of them lunged towards Yao Guang, Tian Ji kicked him away, breaking his ribs and leaving him writhing in pain on the ground.

“Great kick!” Yao Guang applauded beside him.

Tian Ji’s skills were exceptional. Although he looked no different from an ordinary person, being a remodeled human, his physical abilities were several times stronger than an average person’s. Even with a light touch, the force was enough to keep that person bedridden for half a month.

“Thank you so much.”

The stubbled man, who had almost been tricked into giving away his mech key, approached and expressed his gratitude to Yao Guang repeatedly. “If it weren’t for you, I would have handed over my mech key, and my boss would have killed me for sure…”

The news of the Aberrations had shaken his spirit, and coupled with the intimidation from the band of thieves claiming to be from the Balk Consortium, it made the stubble-faced man feel extremely frightened in retrospect. If they had really deceived him into giving away the mecha, he felt he wouldn’t have enough lives to compensate for the loss.

Bai Sha witnessed the whole process from the side, looking at Yao Guang with surprise and asked, “How did you realize they were up to no good?”

Yao Guang scratched his nose. “Isn’t it easy to see?”

For ordinary people, the wilderness band of thieves represented a group of dangerous fugitives. These people first used the Aberrations to scare everyone, then raised the banner of everyone’s safety, and coerced the stubble-faced man into handing over the mecha, which was quite clever. But for Yao Guang and Tian Ji, who came from the Netherworld Organization, it was a bit too childish.

After all, when it came to these matters, the Netherworld Organization was undoubtedly the boss, and these tricks had long been played out…

Bai Sha was curious, “How did you find out their identities? Are you a hacker?”

“Just an internet-addicted youth,” Ji Mingzhu quipped from the side.

Yao Guang gave Ji Mingzhu a reproachful glance for disturbing his cool demeanor.

This incident was just a small episode in the process, but it also made Bai Sha curious about their identities.

Tian Ji didn’t need to be mentioned; it was obvious that he was a master of combat and marksmanship. In Bai Sha’s eyes, even the top mercenaries in Yangyuan City might not be as strong as Tian Ji.

Yao Guang, on the other hand, looked thin and small, like an undeveloped teenager, yet he was actually a top hacker who could easily invade the Balk Consortium’s database. This was somewhat unexpected to Bai Sha.

What about the other teenager? What could his identity be? What peculiarities did he have?

Bai Sha’s gaze turned to Ji Mingzhu, who was talking to Yao Guang, unable to resist the urge to explore further.

Ji Mingzhu always wore a duckbill cap, only revealing half of his face, appearing quite mysterious. But it was apparent that he was an extremely handsome young man. From Yao Guang and Tian Ji’s attitudes, he should be the leader of the team. Although Yao Guang and Tian Ji were familiar with him, there was a hint of deferring to him. Although Bai Sha didn’t have much experience surviving in the wilderness, as a scion of a financial conglomerate, she was quite sensitive to interpersonal relationships.

However, all the way, Bai Sha didn’t feel that Ji Mingzhu had any particularly outstanding qualities. Apart from being relatively affable, there was no obvious sign of physical training like Tian Ji’s, nor did he carry any equipment like a light brain.

Bai Sha speculated that Ji Mingzhu might be the son of a wealthy family, while Tian Ji and Yao Guang were friends or bodyguards responsible for protecting him, which made more sense.

The wilderness bandits who attempted to steal the mecha were tied up on the spot by the team, and everyone gathered together to discuss how to deal with them.

Although this was a lawless wilderness with no rules or legal constraints, the people were all from Yangyuan City, so they wouldn’t directly kill them. After a lively discussion, they decided to wait until they reached Jiusheng City and hand them over to the Calamity Control Bureau for disposal.

The leader of the wilderness bandits looked around shiftily, seemingly considering a response. He was noticed by someone beside him, who reached out and gave his head a hard pat, saying, “Behave! Stop scheming!”


Just as they spoke, a familiar alien roar echoed once again.

“Don’t understand human language, huh?”

Someone in the group glared at the leader of the wilderness bandits. “Still using the synthesizer to scare people?”

The leader of the wilderness bandits turned pale. “It’s not me, I didn’t activate it…”

His hands and feet were bound, and more importantly, the synthesizer had already been hacked by Yao Guang. He didn’t have the authority to control it.

The others were initially stunned, then exchanged glances, their expressions changing simultaneously.


The alien roar grew nearer from afar, closing the distance in just under two seconds.

The next moment, the earth trembled, and screams erupted from the other end of the group.

“Aberrations! The Aberrations are here!”

“The Aberrations really came!!”


The screams abruptly ceased as a sandworm, seven to eight meters long, burst out from underground, swallowing the screaming person whole. The sound of crunching bones echoed as the sandworm instantly crushed the person’s rigid bones, sending shivers down everyone’s spines.

Simultaneously, the ground continued to rumble as several sand mounds suddenly bulged up, revealing at least five or six more sandworms moving beneath their feet.


“Run, run quickly!”

The previously calm group erupted into chaos once again. At the rear of the group, people were directly swallowed by the sandworms, frightening everyone into scattered fleeing. The massive group of hundreds of people instantly turned into a chaotic mess, with everyone terrified, not even having time to gather their belongings before swiftly fleeing in another direction.

Their screams and commotion attracted the attention of more sandworms underground. Before they could run a few steps, two more gigantic sandworms burst from the ground, their sharp mandibles engulfing the fleeing figures entirely.

“Watch out for the ground.”

Axiu’s voice resonated in his mind. Ji Mingzhu’s expression changed, and he grabbed Yao Guang’s arm, diving to the side. Tian Ji also pulled Bai Sha’s hand and leaped away.


The bound leader of the wilderness bandits showed a terrified expression and shouted at the stubble-faced man, “There are at least seven or eight of them… Hurry up and activate the mecha! Otherwise, we’ll all die!!”


As soon as they heard this level of aberration, everyone realized the seriousness of the situation.

The stubble-faced man trembled all over, lying on the ground, his voice trembling, “I… I don’t know how to operate it… This is a modified mecha!”

The person next to him immediately grabbed the collar of the young man who claimed to be a Level 3 pilot, “You operate it!”

The young man, also bound hand and foot, shook his head frantically at the words, “I fucking won’t ah! If I were really a Level 3 pilot, why would I be a wilderness bandit!”

Being a Level 3 pilot was just a fabricated identity he made up to cooperate with the leader of the wilderness bandits’ plan. Even in the satellite city, real mecha pilots were extremely rare professionals. Unlike the entry-level players of the game “Warfall,” obtaining a real mecha pilot qualification required rigorous assessment to qualify for a pilot’s license. Those who could pass the pilot’s assessment were either serving within the ranks of the Calamity Control Bureau or recruited by major conglomerates. It was not something ordinary people could access.


The person next to him was on the verge of collapse, “If you don’t know, then what the hell are you pretending to be a pilot for!!”

“What’s the access key for the mecha?”

Just as everyone was about to despair, a voice sounded in their ears.

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