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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 118

118. “F*ck me, he really knows how to operate it!”

Although Ji Mingzhu’s voice was not loud, it sounded exceptionally clear in everyone’s ears.

The people in the group were momentarily stunned, their hopeful gazes turning towards the speaker. However, upon seeing Ji Mingzhu’s overly young and inexperienced face, their expressions visibly turned to disappointment.

Even though Ji Mingzhu wore a hat, the lower half of his face still showed an extremely youthful visage, probably not even surpassing twenty years old.

The stubble-faced man hadn’t reacted yet, staring blankly as he asked, “…Why do you need the mecha’s access key?”

“What else could I need it for?”

Ji Mingzhu replied in surprise, his expression natural, “To operate it, of course.”

“Don’t joke around!”

The people nearby were on the brink of collapse, unable to contain their anger as they directed it towards the young man in front of them, “It’s already at this point, and you still have the nerve to mess with us?”

Even the bound Wild Wolf couldn’t help but sneer, “Have you ever touched a mecha? You think you can just operate it? Do you think this is getting a driver’s license?”

It’s no wonder they didn’t trust Ji Mingzhu. After all, being a mecha pilot was already an extremely high-threshold profession, and mecha operation was incredibly complex. To drive a B-grade mecha proficiently, at least a Level Three driver qualification was required. If it was a modified model, the test of professional ability would be even greater.

Under normal circumstances, to obtain a Level Three driver qualification, one would need at least four years of mecha driving experience. Generally, to reach this level, one would need to be around thirty years old.

And Ji Mingzhu’s age really didn’t fit with being a Level Three driver.

Of course, this was speaking in general terms. There were always geniuses in the world. In various satellite cities’ Calamity Control Bureaus, there were also some outstanding driving talents. For example, Li Li from Yangyuan City obtained the qualification of a Titan pilot at the age of twenty and became one of the top mecha pilots in the field.

But how many people like that existed in the world? In the vast city of Yangyuan, there was only one Li Li. If this young man in front of them truly possessed such amazing talent, would he really appear in a fleeing group in the wilderness?

Upon hearing Ji Mingzhu speak up, Bai Sha reached out and tugged at the hem of Ji Mingzhu’s clothes, “Stop messing around… Operating a real mecha isn’t as easy as you think. It’s completely different from the controls in games. Don’t try to show off.”

Ji Mingzhu sighed softly, his gaze falling on the stubble-faced man’s face before scanning towards the direction of the truck.

The attack of several Sand River Annelids had thrown the originally orderly group into chaos, with various supplies scattered all over the ground. The stubble-faced man’s truck had also been overturned, revealing the contents inside the cargo box.

Inside, there was indeed a mech, with a corner of it exposed at the back of the truck, revealing its sharply defined dark golden metal armor to the air.

“Is this modified from the Twilight Hunter IV model?” 

Ji Mingzhu glanced over and recognized the mech, “The external armor seems to have been reinforced with RE sharpness, while the external firepower and weapon systems are from the same level of mech models… Are the power core and separator still using FHN422 components?”

The Wild Wolf was bewildered, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

The stubble-faced man’s eyes flashed with surprise, “Y-yes, do you really understand mechs?”

Although Ji Mingzhu’s earlier words were brief, just his observational skills alone were beyond ordinary people. In just a few seconds, he analyzed the original model and modification points of the mech, even asking about the specific model components of the power core and separator… Even professional mech repairers wouldn’t normally have access to this information. Mechs, as weapons strictly controlled by the Calamity Control Bureau and the Sky City, wouldn’t disclose specific model components. This alone showed that the young man before them was definitely not simple.

“In this situation, what benefit would I gain from lying to you about my knowledge?”

Ji Mingzhu smiled slightly, “Can you tell me the access key to the mech now?”

The stubble-faced man hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth, and quickly recited a complex string of passcodes, “The access command is on the left side outside the cockpit, and, uh, this mech has been modified twice. The control panel uses an old model…”

There was no other way in the current situation. Faced with the aberrations, human strength was too insignificant. The only thing that could contend with them was the mech he brought from the wilderness. Since only this young man in the group dared to speak up, they had no choice but to try anything they could.

“I understand.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded and then turned to Tian Ji, “Cover me.”

Bai Sha stood by, stunned, “Hey, you don’t really mean to…”

Before she could finish, Ji Mingzhu ran directly towards the direction of the mech on the truck.

The entire group was now in complete chaos, with everyone running around. If they could unite, perhaps they could delay for some time, but these people had no experience facing aberrations in the wilderness. In just a short while, at least twenty or so people had died under the Sand River Annelids’ attacks.

The commotion on the ground made the Sand River Annelids beneath the sand restless. Ji Mingzhu had just taken a few steps when the ground under his feet made a rumbling sound. He quickly lunged to the side, and then another hole opened up in the ground, with the ferocious mouthparts barely missing his body.


Tian Ji raised his gun without hesitation, firing several shots at the Sand River Annelids.

Bullets hit the Sand River Annelid, sparking tiny sparks. Although it didn’t cause much damage to the Aberration, it still caught its attention. The Sand River Annelid decisively ignored Ji Mingzhu beside it and turned its head towards Tian Ji, rushing towards him!

Tian Ji holstered his gun and calmly said to Yao Guang, “Find a place to hide.” Then, he sprinted in another direction with extremely fast movements, using the terrain and his agile body to engage with the Sand River Annelid.

“Hey, don’t…”

Bai Sha subconsciously wanted to stop Tian Ji. His method of attracting the attention of the Aberration seemed like he was rushing to his own death. Before she could finish, Yao Guang beside her pulled her over and found a place with cover to hide.

“Don’t worry.”

Yao Guang looked towards Ji Mingzhu’s direction, quickly activated his light brain, and stared at the screen intently, saying, “It’s a small situation; they can handle it.”

Bai Sha was momentarily stunned, then turned to look at the scene of devastation behind her, like a hell on earth.

This… was considered a small situation?

On the other side, under Tian Ji’s cover, Ji Mingzhu had quickly found the location of the mech. The mech in front of him was about 12 meters in size. Fortunately, because it was loaded into the truck lying flat, the cockpit was close to the ground. Ji Mingzhu quickly found the location of the cockpit door.

“Yao Guang.”

Yao Guang tapped rapidly on his light brain, with a large amount of data streaming across the screen. He inputted the passcode that the stubble-faced man had recited moments ago. The next second, there was a light click from the mech’s cockpit position, and the tightly locked door opened.

The stubble-faced man looked dumbfounded, “Y-you… can remotely control the access to the mech’s cockpit? Doesn’t the cockpit have a firewall? How did you manage that?”

Without lifting his head, Yao Guang replied, “Just dismantle the firewall.”

The stubble-faced man: “??”

F*ck, who are these people?

Ji Mingzhu quickly slipped into the cockpit. A myriad of complex instruments and control panels came into view.

“The third-generation LK cockpit, hardware replacement rate reaches 34%, remaining power core energy is at 88%, UFR module compatibility value is higher than 541…”

As soon as Ji Mingzhu entered the cockpit, Axiu diligently completed the scan, transmitting all the data accurately into his mind.

“The cockpit model is a bit outdated, huh.”

Ji Mingzhu sat down in the cockpit and quickly adjusted it. He turned many knobs rapidly with a stream of complaints coming from his mouth, but his actions were smooth and fluid.

This wasn’t surprising. Since Ji Mingzhu woke up, he had mostly dealt with mech models from the Calamity Control Bureau. The Bureau’s mechs were undoubtedly the top-notch ones on the market. The control panels in the cockpit were also the latest models, with many functional modules not available on the market. However, the mech he was currently in was just a private armed mech under the control of a conglomerate, so naturally, its configuration was inferior.

But Ji Mingzhu quickly adapted. He swiftly completed the adjustments and grasped the control lever. “Axiu, scan the location of the Aberrations.”



As Ji Mingzhu pulled the lever, the mech, which was originally calm, suddenly emitted a hum from its power core. The blue light on its chest lit up, and the whole mech slowly stood up from behind the truck.

“The Aberrations are coming again!”


Few people in the crowd noticed the situation with the mech over here. At this moment, their attention was completely focused on the Aberrations. The Calamity-level Sand River Annelids were overwhelming entities compared to humans. Moreover, there was more than one Sand River Annelid here. Every time one emerged from the ground, it took away several lives. The continuous screams and cries for help completely masked the faint hum of the power core.


In the flying sand and dust, another Sand River Annelid leaped out from the ground, and the tremendous impact sent surrounding people flying into the air. At the same time, the Sand River Annelid opened its monstrous mouth, ready to greet its prey.

In mid-air, a woman let out a frightened scream. The nauseating smell and the sharp rows of teeth in the approaching mouth almost made her faint on the spot. The child at her feet watched as the woman was about to fall into the mouth of the Aberration, crying loudly, “Mommy!”

Thud, thud, thud!!

The faint sound of armor colliding grew closer from far away, and a dark golden steel behemoth strode forward, emitting noises no less than the rumble of the Aberrations emerging from the ground!


The next second, the leaping Sand River Annelid was directly knocked away by the steel giant, its massive body tracing an arc in the air. With the cries of the Aberration, it heavily fell to the ground!

The woman was still screaming loudly, but the expected pain of being bitten into two did not come. She opened her eyes to see a dark golden mech, shining under the sunlight, like a mythical warrior descending to the mortal realm. It reached out its hand and caught several people steadily in its palm.

Wild Wolf widened his eyes. “F*ck  me, he really knows how to operate it?”


As the mech started up, its distinctive mech force field unfolded, creating a subtle confrontation with the bio-field of the Aberrations. Several Sand River Annelids underground also sensed the threat on the surface. The raised mounds of earth moved across the ground, swiftly surrounding the mech’s feet.

The man with a stubble shouted, “Be careful!”

Just as Ji Mingzhu controlled the mech to place the rescued individuals on the ground, a dull sound of earth being broken came from behind. Around the mech, five Sand River Annelids simultaneously emerged from the ground, fiercely pouncing towards the mech!

As a Calamity-level Aberration, their force field level was equivalent to a B-Class mech. Under normal circumstances, it would take quite an effort for a B-Class mech to deal with a Calamity-level Aberration. Moreover, with so many attacking simultaneously, even though the news that Ji Mingzhu could operate the mech sparked a glimmer of hope in everyone’s hearts, the counterattack from this group of Aberrations came too fast.

Their sharp teeth gleamed, and several Sand River Annelids attacked from different directions at the same time. The hearts of the crowd were instantly in their throats, as if they could already see the next moment when the mech would be torn apart and devoured by these Aberrations.

In full view of everyone, the Dusk Hunter IV model operated by Ji Mingzhu took a heavy and slow step forward, slightly leaning its body to dodge the attacks from behind.

Then, with a light click, a huge sword almost half the width of the mech’s body popped out, firmly gripped in its hand—

Without any hesitation, as if it had eyes on its back, the Dusk Hunter IV model suddenly turned around, and the alloy greatsword, like a dazzling sun, burst open with a golden halo, its blade flashing brightly!

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