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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 119

119. “You’re Ji Mingzhu?”

Suddenly appearing, the mech seemed like a war god descending to earth. Its dark golden armor shimmered brightly under the sunlight, and the moment it moved, everything around seemed to lose color in an instant.


The alloy greatsword popped out from its sheath with a click, instantly locking onto the Sand River Annelids attacking from behind. The thick and sharp blade flashed like lightning, swiftly slashing through the air. Due to the mech’s massive size, those present couldn’t even see how it moved!

The next moment, the blade swept across the body of the Sand River Annelid, sending it crashing to the ground with a heavy impact, stirring up a large amount of dust.


At the same time, three more Sand River Annelids leaped into the air, launching an assault towards the mech piloted by Ji Mingzhu.

From two o’clock, six o’clock, and ten o’clock directions, they formed an encirclement strategy.

“Be careful!”

Bai Sha’s heart jumped to her throat.

In terms of combat power and force field level, a B-Class mech was roughly equivalent to a Calamity-level Aberration. Facing so many Sand River Annelids simultaneously, even an experienced pilot would find it extremely challenging. The current situation was too perilous, causing Bai Sha to involuntarily cry out in shock.

Ji Mingzhu’s eyes narrowed slightly as he pulled the control lever—

The alloy greatsword that had already swung out was unexpectedly forcefully pulled back!

This scene completely defied logic but unfolded before everyone’s eyes! Under the control of the mech, the massive alloy greatsword seemed to possess a life of its own as it swiftly retracted in mid-air. The kinetic energy was abruptly countered and transmitted back to the mech’s body, causing the outer armor to emit a creaking sound of strain. For an ordinary pilot, attempting such a move in combat would likely result in the mech’s arm being torn off instantly.

However, Ji Mingzhu’s maneuvers were clearly beyond the comprehension of an ordinary pilot. Almost in an instant, he executed several precise micro-adjustments, neutralizing the recoil force from retracting the sword. Then, using the momentum, he spun half a circle, and the hefty sword blade seemed to transform into a massive hammer, slamming thunderously onto the nearby Sand River Annelid!


The muffled sound seemed to strike directly at everyone’s hearts.

The most unbelievable scene followed immediately after. After the alloy greatsword completed its strike, it suddenly bounced off the Sand River Annelid’s body, tracing two arcs in mid-air before returning to the mech’s hand!

Thud, thud—

Two more sounds followed. The dark golden alloy greatsword agilely spiraled through the air, executing incredibly flashy maneuvers. After heavy strikes on the relatively soft body of the Sand River Annelid, it bounced high into the air again upon being passed through the mech’s hand, swung out once more with the blade raised like a spring-loaded mechanism, completing two rounds of rebounds on the surrounding Sand River Annelids in a short instant!

The bodies of the Sand River Annelids flew outward under tremendous impact, crashing heavily onto the ground!

If there were any mech pilots familiar with this scene present, they would undoubtedly be astonished, their jaws nearly dropping.

Zuo Clan’s Three Courts Springing Blade!

The signature technique of Zuo Quanzong, the current Red Guard Commander of Shangjing City’s Calamity Control Bureau, was the pinnacle of mech swordsmanship. Currently, in the entire human world, fewer than five individuals could master this technique. Utilizing multiple micro-adjustments to achieve a continuous sword reception and ejection maneuver with the mech’s blade against enemies, it not only demanded high operational skills from the pilot but also keen judgment of the battlefield and enemy positions. Angle, precision, and smooth operation were all essential, making it ideal for breaking through multiple enemies when surrounded. Since Zuo Quanzong developed this technique, it had been a long time since anyone could replicate this textbook-level Three Courts Springing Blade, and even Zuo Quanzong himself rarely used it during his tenure as a mech pilot due to its demanding operational and mech rigidity requirements.

Yet, Ji Mingzhu used it so conspicuously, and with a B-Class modified mech at that.

Unfortunately, the people present lacked deep theoretical knowledge of mechs. While they didn’t recognize the skillful execution of Ji Mingzhu’s Three Courts Springing Blade, it didn’t diminish their perception of Ji Mingzhu’s prowess.

Even though ordinary people rarely encountered real mechs, they had seen plenty of scenes of the Calamity Control Bureau’s mech forces fighting against Aberrations, and some had even watched professional matches in “Warfall.”

Regardless of whether in games or reality, they had never seen such a splendid operation. The impression of clunky mechs was shattered in Ji Mingzhu’s hands, as if the mech had its own life—fast, fluid, and deadly. In just a few brief seconds, these Sand River Annelids were sent flying and crashed heavily to the ground.

This scene was incredible and strangely familiar at the same time…

It seemed… just like a few days ago, when a pilot in the city of Yangyuan, piloting a phoenix-like crimson mech, faced off against the towering Titan with the body of an S-Class mech.

Back then, the Phoenix Redeemer’s graceful and flamboyant figure on the battlefield left an indelible impression on countless people.

Was it a coincidence?

The Aberrations were tough-skinned with vigorous vitality. After being knocked down by the mech, they quickly recovered their combat capabilities. Several Sand River Annelids cautiously surrounded the mech, emitting low growls like warnings.

If possible, Ji Mingzhu could indeed have resolved these several Sand River Annelids in an extremely short time. Although he pilots a B-Class mech, this is not difficult for him. A sufficiently skilled mech pilot can maximize the mech’s performance to achieve capabilities beyond its class.

But Ji Mingzhu didn’t do that.

On one hand, it’s because the people around him aren’t wearing protective gear. Once they get the Aberration blood on them, they’ll be corrupted in a short time. So, when Ji Mingzhu was fighting just now, he mostly used the flat side of the blade to strike, avoiding using the sharp edge to cut.

On the other hand, although these Aberrations have terrifying appearances, Ji Mingzhu knows their origin—they are once humans who have been mutated. Unless absolutely necessary, Ji Mingzhu doesn’t want to kill his former compatriots.

The power core emitted a dull hum as it spun, intermingling with the low growls of the Aberrations. The people around dared not even breathe loudly, their palms sweating nervously, their eyes fixed firmly on the scene before them.

After a brief standoff, the Sand River Annelids surrounding the mech seemed to realize that this mech was not easy to deal with.

Although it just stood quietly in place, assuming a simple defensive posture, it showed no openings, completely confounding these Sand River Annelids and leaving them no space to attack. Despite losing their human intelligence and reasoning ability, the remaining beastly instincts allowed them to discern which enemies were more formidable and threatening.

Clearly, the mech piloted by Ji Mingzhu posed the highest level of threat.

Moments later, the Sand River Annelids gave up their attack. Under the tense gaze of the others, they slowly retreated into the ground, their rumbling movements gradually fading away.

“They… they’re gone?”

Wild Wolf, tied up and bewildered, said blankly, “They just left like that?”

“The Aberrations ran away!”

“We’re alive!!”

“Thank you, thank you so much…”

After a moment of silence, the crowd erupted in the joy of surviving the calamity. Cases where humans encountered Aberrations in the wilderness and safely survived were few and far between. When the Sand River Annelids had just appeared, they had already been on the verge of despair, almost giving up their desire to survive. Now, with the retreat of the Sand River Annelids, amidst their disbelief, they were overwhelmed with ecstatic relief.

When the cockpit opened and Ji Mingzhu’s figure reappeared, the crowd was once again stunned. Amidst the earlier chaos, few had seen Ji Mingzhu entering the mech. Now, as the pilot emerged into view, people realized that this young hero who had just saved hundreds of people was actually so young?

“Thank you so much.”

The woman, whose face still bore tears of fear from almost being swallowed by the Sand River Annelid moments ago, approached Ji Mingzhu with her child in her arms to express her gratitude. Others also regained their senses, coming forward to convey their thanks.

Ji Mingzhu adjusted his cap and waved in the crowd’s direction, but his voice was immediately drowned out by the roar of the crowd.

Bai Sha felt her mind was somewhat hazy.

She looked at Ji Mingzhu, calm and composed, recalling the “small scene” that Yao Guang had mentioned earlier. She suddenly felt as if those Aberrations weren’t really that frightening after all?

Who exactly were they…

Although the Sand River Annelids had retreated, the recent perilous scene was still vivid in everyone’s minds. No one dared to linger in place for long. After expressing their thanks, they quickly regrouped, packed their belongings, and swiftly departed.

The stubbled man checked the mech that Ji Mingzhu had just piloted. He had been prepared to deem the entire mech as scrap, yet even after they set off again, he found no traces of damage on the mech. In fact, the energy reserves were still around 75%, indicating it was virtually unharmed.

This made him curious about Ji Mingzhu’s identity. Facing so many Calamity-level Aberrations with a B-Class mech and achieving an unscathed retreat? Even the top pilots of the Calamity Control’s Thunder Division probably couldn’t accomplish that…

On the other side, Ji Mingzhu reunited with Yao Guang and the others, carrying a full load of supplies.

These supplies were all forcibly stuffed into Ji Mingzhu’s hands by the team just now in gratitude, and Ji Mingzhu did not refuse the heartfelt gesture.

Compared to the battles against the aberrant waves in Shangjing City and facing Titans directly in Yangyuan City, dealing with a few Calamity-level aberrations in the wilderness was indeed a much easier task for Ji Mingzhu.

“Miss Bai Sha has been looking at you all this time.”

Yao Guang whispered to Ji Mingzhu, “She won’t recognize you, will she?”

Ji Mingzhu glanced back and met Bai Sha’s gaze. She was startled and quickly looked away.

“It shouldn’t matter,” Ji Mingzhu said. “We’re just traveling together temporarily. When we reach Jiusheng City, we’ll each go our separate ways. Even if she recognizes me, it’s not a big deal.”

More importantly to Ji Mingzhu right now was whether he should approach the stubbled man and see if he could buy the mech from him…

The address left on the note was Ji Qiming’s former First Research Institute. Ji Mingzhu wasn’t sure if other forces had noticed this place or if there were hidden threats. It was risky to go there without any guarantee of safety. If they had a mech, even just a B-Class one, it would provide some security for Ji Mingzhu and the others.

As night fell, unexpectedly, the stubbled man came to Ji Mingzhu’s tent.

Before Ji Mingzhu could decide how to broach the topic, he heard something unexpected from the stubbled man.

“Wild Wolf… is looking for me?” Ji Mingzhu looked surprised.

“Yeah, we asked him about the Wilderness Bandits and the safe route to Jiusheng City. He said he knows the route but he doesn’t want to tell us and only wants to tell you…”

The stubbled man’s attitude was cautious, even using respectful language towards 1 Ji Mingzhu.

“There shouldn’t be some other thoughts behind this right?” 

Yao Guang frowned suspiciously, saying. “Could it be that he wants you to help him escape?”

After all, Wild Wolf is the leader of the Wilderness Bandits wanted by the Calamity Control Bureau. After arriving in Jiusheng City, he likely faces a long imprisonment. Under pressure, it’s possible he sought out Ji Mingzhu. Ji Mingzhu had just saved the entire team, and his status was now very different. If Ji Mingzhu was willing to speak up, others in the team would also choose to give him face and release Wild Wolf and his people.

“I don’t know,” Ji Mingzhu pondered. “Let’s go and see.”

Tian Ji oiled his gun, loaded it with bullets, and escorted Ji Mingzhu, Yao Guang, and Bai Sha to the tent where Wild Wolf was held.

However, the first words Wild Wolf uttered were not the expected plea for mercy.

“Let’s make a deal.”

Wild Wolf looked at Ji Mingzhu, half of his face shaded by the brim of his hat, and said, “Lord Ji Mingzhu, the Titan pilot of the Calamity Control Bureau.”

Ji Mingzhu raised an eyebrow. “You know me?”

Seeing Ji Mingzhu neither confirm nor deny, Wild Wolf felt reassured, realizing his guess was probably correct.

Before he could say anything more, a scream pierced through the air.


Bai Sha covered her mouth, pointing at Ji Mingzhu with wide eyes, her expression as if she had seen an alien.

“Y-y-you… you are Ji Mingzhu?!”

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  1. Uses the formal terms such as nin instead of ni which is the informal you[]
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