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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 12

  1. Mission

The Netherworld Organization’s target was the Titan “Zhu Jiuyin” in Shangjing City. The security surrounding the Titans made it impossible to breach from the outside, so they had to approach from within. No wonder they chose the former ace pilot as the operative, and no wonder they went to great lengths to create a positive and proactive false identity…

Ji Mingzhu lowered his head, hiding the flicker in his eyes, and softened his tone as if convinced by the man’s attitude. “I understand.”

The man nodded in satisfaction. “Good luck then. Once you complete this mission, I will propose your entry into the Core Council to the higher-ups.”

Core Council? Ji Mingzhu initially thought that the man in front of him, the “boss,” was the head of the Netherworld Organization. But now it seemed that there was a higher position above him, and the former pilot wasn’t even considered a true core member.

“Your abilities are already sufficient for entry into the Core Council,” the man said. “I have watched you grow, and I have seen both your talent and your loyalty to the organization. But your qualifications are still limited, so promoting you into the council would face significant opposition. That’s why it’s crucial for you to successfully complete this mission. Consider it your proof of worth.”

Ji Mingzhu nodded and said, “What about Jin Qing from Sky City…”

He wanted to extract more information, but the man interrupted him. “I understand your questions, and Yuheng has asked me the same ones… But there are things you don’t need to know at the moment.”

The man continued, “As for Sky City and the Immortals above, don’t mistake them for humans just because they have a similar appearance. They are nothing more than… a group of monsters.”

With that, the man glanced at Ji Mingzhu and said, “You don’t need to worry about anything else. Your most important task now is to pass the assessment at Zongbingyi Academy and become the next Titan pilot.”

“It’s getting late. Rest now.” With those final words, the man smiled warmly at Ji Mingzhu and left.

Ji Mingzhu watched the man’s departure and, as soon as he was out of sight, softly called out, “Axiu.”

Axiu immediately responded, “I’ve found the information.”

The moment Ji Mingzhu saw this so-called boss, he had Axiu search for his identity in his mind.

Since the man was one of the core members of the Netherworld Organization, Ji Mingzhu originally thought that his identity would be extremely concealed, and even with Axiu’s powerful information gathering abilities, he didn’t hold much hope. However, the result was unexpectedly easy to find. The man’s information was readily available.

Bai Weng, 32 years old, is currently the largest shareholder of the Harold Group. In addition to his shares in the Harold Group, he also owns numerous industries spanning entertainment, food and beverage, transportation, energy, and many other fields. He is a bona fide business tycoon and a renowned philanthropist.

Axiu listed all of Bai Weng’s assets and hidden industries, and with just a glance, Ji Mingzhu felt a bit overwhelmed. The astonishing figures of his wealth spoke to Bai Weng’s influence. How could such a wealthy figure, respected even by the government of the Satellite City, be a member of the Netherworld Organization, a group opposing Sky City?

Moreover, he wasn’t the true mastermind behind it all. There was the “Core Council” mentioned by Bai Weng. The Netherworld Organization not only extended its reach into the government of the Satellite City and planted its spies, but it also confronted Sky City head-on. Their operation two months ago dealt a heavy blow to Sky City. Now it seemed that the influence of the Netherworld Organization was much larger than Ji Mingzhu had imagined.

Ji Mingzhu, after all, was not the original owner with a sense of organizational loyalty. His intention was simple: to obtain more information about the Netherworld Organization through the identity of the original owner. Once he exposed himself, there was a high probability that he would become the organization’s primary target for elimination. At that time, he could use the information he gathered to turn the tables and seek asylum with the Calamity Control Bureau and Sky City.

Ji Mingzhu didn’t want to devote himself to anyone; he only wanted to survive in this unfamiliar world and find a way back to his original world.

After all, he had no one to rely on at the moment. Facing both the Calamity Control Bureau and the Netherworld Organization, it was like striking a rock with an egg. Moreover, this world was much more dangerous than the peaceful era he had come from. In addition to Sky City and these intricate factions, there were also formidable and dangerous non-human entities lurking, eyeing the human world.

The only exceptional aspect of Ji Mingzhu was his expertise in mecha piloting, which he had brought from “Warfall.” He had absolute confidence in this area.

“Axiu,” Ji Mingzhu asked, “Is there any way to acquire a mecha?”

“According to the available information, all existing mechas, including the Titan, and their manufacturing technology come from Sky City. At the same time, mechas are tightly controlled by the Calamity Control Bureau,” Axiu said. “If you want to obtain a mecha, you either need authorization from the Calamity Control Bureau to legally acquire one, or you can resort to illegal means, such as hijacking a mecha manufacturing facility authorized by the Calamity Control Bureau.”

Within the Calamity Control Bureau, there are different divisions. The Thunder Division is responsible for mecha weapon design and combat. After obtaining mecha manufacturing technology from Sky City, the Thunder Division is responsible for manufacturing the core power components of the mechas. The other components, weapon systems, and mecha maintenance, among other complex processes, are authorized by the Calamity Control Bureau to various factories under major conglomerates. Once a mecha is integrated and assembled, it is then inspected by the Calamity Control Bureau.

The core power components are the most crucial part of a mecha, tightly controlled by the Calamity Control Bureau. Additionally, the manufacturing of other mecha components is not assigned to a single company. Even if someone were to hijack a mecha manufacturing facility, as Axiu mentioned, they still wouldn’t be able to create a complete mecha.

The management of the Calamity Control Bureau is not foolproof. At least the Netherworld Organization and the Flight Organization have mechas that are not officially authorized, indicating that these two organizations have alternative channels. However, Ji Mingzhu currently couldn’t access them. Even with Axiu’s assistance, obtaining a mecha that belongs entirely to him, without worrying about being targeted by others at any moment, seemed almost impossible.

Ji Mingzhu urgently needed a mecha of his own. In this unfamiliar world, having a mecha similar to the ones in “Warfall” would provide him with a great sense of security. Additionally, with a mecha, he would have enough confidence and wouldn’t be restricted by others at every turn.

The original host has already been admitted to the Zongbingyi Academy, but he is not a student of the Mecha Combat Class. The Mecha Combat Class is an elite program within the Zongbingyi Academy, and it is not accessible to just anyone.

Bai Weng said that his mission was to become the new pilot of the Titan “Zhu Jiuyin” in Sky City, but he didn’t specify how to accomplish that—perhaps it was mentioned before, but Ji Mingzhu didn’t inherit the memories of the original host, so he doesn’t know.

For an unknown and impoverished boy like him, it’s incredibly difficult to enter the Mecha Combat Class where geniuses gather, stand out, and attract the attention of the Calamity Control Bureau. The challenge is beyond ordinary.

Fortunately, it is currently the holiday period at Zongbingyi Academy, so Ji Mingzhu doesn’t have to report to school immediately. He has ample time to think. As long as he achieves the goals of the Netherworld Organization, or at least appears to be completing their mission, the members of the Netherworld Organization won’t trouble him.

After pondering for a moment, Ji Mingzhu called out, “Axiu.”

“I’m here,” Axiu responded.

“I need to buy a cockpit for ‘Warfall’,” Ji Mingzhu said, stroking his chin. “Is there a way to get one?”

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