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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 121

121. Arrival At Jiusheng

“Do you think what he’s saying is believable?”

Ji Mingzhu asked, resting his chin on his hand.

“Hard to say.”

Yao Guang tapped on his light brain, the screen flickering with numerous data entries related to the research institute Wild Wolf mentioned.

“I looked into this ‘Dunlamanna Research Institute’ thoroughly. Just as he said, it was jointly funded by Jiusheng City’s Calamity Control Bureau and some corporate interests. It serves as a facility for Titan maintenance and energy supply. Considering Jiusheng City’s reputation in mech research, which is the most authoritative among all the satellite cities, it doesn’t make sense for the Calamity Control Bureau’s Thunder Division to need a separate institution for this purpose.”

Yao Guang scratched the side of his face, “So logically speaking, there’s some credibility to Wild Wolf’s claims. There might really be an L-Class mech.”

L-Class mech…

Ji Mingzhu couldn’t help but ponder deeply.

Wild Wolf’s guess was accurate: Ji Mingzhu desperately needed a combat-ready mech right now. Whether it was for the research institute of Ji Qiming, his next destination, or for dealing with Feibo and the Netherworld Organization later on, having an advanced mech was essential for survival in this increasingly chaotic world.

And the idea of an L-Class mech was incredibly tempting for Ji Mingzhu. If it was as Wild Wolf described, with performance metrics that surpassed an S-Class mech by 65%, it would be an unbeatable force below the level of a Titan. If Ji Mingzhu had such a mech when he faced the three Titan pilots in Shangjing City, even without the interference missiles launched by Axiu with Huo Zai’s authority, Wen Kang and the others wouldn’t have been able to stop him—not even with the addition of Li Li.

However, Ji Mingzhu wasn’t foolish enough to believe Wild Wolf’s words outright.

He asked in his mind, “Axiu, what do you think?”

Axiu replied, “I’m in your head, observing.”

Ji Mingzhu: “…”

The AI’s dry humor was really hard to appreciate.

Axiu continued, “When Wild Wolf proposed the deal, I monitored his physiological indicators. When he mentioned the L-Class mech, his indicators remained relatively stable, showing no signs of lying. Whether or not the L-Class mech exists, at least in his perception, it does. Unless he was also deceived by that researcher. However, when he proposed the deal, I noticed a slight change in his facial expressions.”

Ji Mingzhu’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Are you saying his intentions aren’t straightforward?”

“At least not as simple as they seem. He must be hiding some other motives.”

“Have you reached a decision?”

Wild Wolf saw the group return, his expression calm and unhurried. His confidence wasn’t just for show; he genuinely believed he had the upper hand.

Even a Titan pilot would find it hard to resist the allure of an L-Class mech, which surpassed S-Class mechs in every aspect.

“I accept your deal,” Ji Mingzhu said, raising his eyebrows. “But I can’t fully trust your information yet. So, I can’t let you go right now. Once we reach Jiusheng City and verify your information, the deal will be complete.”

Wild Wolf didn’t seem surprised, as if he had anticipated Ji Mingzhu’s response. He shrugged. “Alright.”

Ji Mingzhu scrutinized him carefully, growing more suspicious.

Although Wild Wolf’s reasons were compelling, upon closer inspection, many inconsistencies emerged.

He had barely mentioned specific details about the researcher who revealed the L-Class mech information. Such information should be top secret, and Ji Mingzhu had never heard of an L-Class mech before. The fact that Wild Wolf had obtained such crucial information was suspicious in itself.

Moreover, as the leader of the Wilderness Bandits, he wouldn’t miss any opportunity to gain profit. The fact that Wild Wolf had tried to seize the bearded man’s mech by forging an identity indicated the bandits were quite short on funds. Holding such valuable information, he could easily approach any corporate entity or even the Netherworld Organization to secure a lifetime of wealth…

Ji Mingzhu sensed there might be a conspiracy at play.

However, for him, risk and reward went hand in hand. If the L-Class mech truly existed, it was worth the gamble. With Axiu, Yao Guang, and Tian Ji by his side, they could handle any danger that arose.

Two days later, the group traveling from Yangyuan City to Jiusheng City finally reached their destination.

Jiusheng City was smaller in area compared to Shangjing City and Yangyuan City, but it held a very important position among the twelve satellite cities.

The twelve satellite cities each have their own development focuses. Shangjing City maintains the closest ties with Sky City, being a direct subordinate city. The influence of Calamity Control Bureau is the greatest there. If one were to choose a “capital” among the twelve satellite cities, Shangjing City would undoubtedly be it.

Yangyuan City, on the other hand, is the financial and economic hub, teeming with conglomerates and boasting the most outstanding economic development.

As for Jiusheng City, its first impression is as the “Mech Capital”. It houses the most companies for mech manufacturing and maintenance among the twelve satellite cities, along with the highest number of registered mech drivers and mech repair technicians. Its expertise in mech maintenance and development is unparalleled among the twelve satellite cities. Jiusheng City also lays the most solid foundation in mech research and modification. Many modified mechs from the Calamity Control Bureau’s Thunder Division in Shangjing City originate from Jiusheng City, and a considerable portion of the Thunder Division’s research teams across the satellite cities consist of members from Jiusheng City.

Upon entering Jiusheng City, Ji Mingzhu immediately noticed the strong mech-like architectural style. Unlike the neon-lit ancient cyberpunk architecture of Shangjing City, the overall style here exudes a futuristic feel. Many of the exteriors of the city’s skyscrapers are adorned with a new type of material resembling mech armor, reflecting a cool gleam under the sunlight, brimming with a sense of technology and futurism.

“We want freedom!”

“We refuse to be slaves to artificial intelligence!”

“The fate of humanity should be in our own hands! We deserve to live with dignity!”

“We support the Netherworld Organization!”

Just as they stepped into Jiusheng City, Ji Mingzhu and his group witnessed throngs of people on the streets, young and old alike, waving flags adorned with various slogans, loudly parading.

“So many people…” Yao Guang remarked in astonishment.

Following the Netherworld Organization’s declaration of war against Sky City, a wave of support for the Netherworld Organization and resistance against Sky City spontaneously swept across all satellite cities. This uprising may have been instigated by the Netherworld Organization or was a result of people’s spontaneous support… After all, upon learning the truth that Sky City is ruled by artificial intelligence, many found it difficult to accept such a reality.

From childhood to adulthood, the people here were indoctrinated with the belief that “Sky City is the guardian deity saving humanity”. When this belief was ruthlessly shattered, people often transformed into indescribable, deceived anger. Until now, Sky City has not responded directly to the Netherworld Organization’s declaration of war with an indifferent attitude, further fueling people’s escalating fury.

From afar, piercing sirens sounded, and a group of heavy-duty motorcycles from the Calamity Control Bureau’s Fire Division swiftly approached. Upon seeing this scene, the assembled parade crowd instinctively put away their banners and dispersed.

“Let go of me! On what grounds are you arresting me!?”

Several young people ran slower and were ruthlessly pressed to the ground by the Fire Division guards, struggling and shouting loudly, “You bunch of Sky City lackeys! You are traitors to humanity! You don’t deserve to stay in our satellite cities!”

The expressionless Fire Division guards skillfully took them away. The previously bustling street quickly returned to calm within a very short time, but everyone knew this calm was only temporary.

Ji Mingzhu watched this chaotic scene unfold helplessly, sighing, “The situation in Jiusheng City is worrying too…”

Apart from Yangyuan City, which has been occupied by the Netherworld Organization, Jiusheng City and Baiquan City are the most severely affected among the twelve satellite cities. This is because the Titans in these two satellite cities have already been controlled by the Netherworld Organization. Losing the Titans has naturally diminished the authority of the Calamity Control Bureau considerably, and people’s resistance has become increasingly intense.

The residents of the satellite cities have invested too much faith in the Titans. The Titans not only symbolize the pinnacle of human strength but have also gradually become a spiritual symbol in the long battle against the Aberrations. If the previous Netherworld Organization was once universally condemned as a pariah and a terrorist organization, now with control over three Titans, the Netherworld Organization in a certain sense has gained legitimacy in resisting Sky City and has garnered quite a few followers.

“Should we find a place to settle down first?”

Yao Guang adjusted his collar, saying, “I’ve been in the wilderness for so many days; I feel like I’m about to mold…”

The conditions in the wilderness are extremely harsh. Although the team encountered no other dangers except for a few Sand River Annelids along the way, everyone’s face still showed signs of fatigue from the journey through the wilderness to Jiusheng City. Rest and replenishment of energy were urgently needed.

“Yeah, let’s find a place to stay first.”

Ji Mingzhu adjusted his hat to avoid being recognized by others. “Miss Bai Sha, what are your plans?”

Bai Sha hesitated, saying, “I’ve already contacted my friend in Jiusheng City, but she hasn’t replied yet. Can I stay with you for now? Don’t worry, I won’t cause you any trouble. As for money…”

Originally, according to Bai Sha’s plan, once they reached Jiusheng City, she intended to repay Ji Mingzhu for saving her earlier by helping him and Yao Guang contact the school and settle them down.

Originally, she thought she could still be of some use. However, now it seems that she was just being presumptuous… Not only can she not help much, but also Ji Mingzhu and the others have special identities. Bringing herself along would easily increase the risk of exposure.

After these days of getting along, Bai Sha and Ji Mingzhu’s group have become less unfamiliar and can be considered half-friends. Although she comes from a conglomerate background, Bai Sha is easy to get along with. She didn’t complain even when roughing it in the wilderness and even took the initiative to help Tian Ji carry luggage, showing no signs of being pampered as a rich kid.

Ji Mingzhu didn’t find her troublesome and nodded, “It’s okay, you can stay with us. We’ll wait until your friend contacts you.”

Jiusheng City is not safe right now. The Calamity Control Bureau is busy dealing with the Netherworld Organization’s matters, and security within the city has been neglected. Alone, Bai Sha might encounter danger at any time. With them, at least safety can be guaranteed.

“Tian Ji, keep an eye on him.”

Ji Mingzhu turned to Wild Wolf, saying, “If he doesn’t behave…”

Wild Wolf chuckled, raising his hands in surrender, “You don’t have to be so wary of me, right? I’m just an ordinary person. Even if I wanted to run, I couldn’t.”

Ji Mingzhu smiled faintly, “It’s best to be like this.”


I need, well not need but want, to go to some anti-govt protests so I won’t be able to post for a couple of days, might inhale a couple of canisters of teargas or be blasted by a gallon of water, but we do what we need to. Hopefully I’ll be back safe and sound. Updates will resume on Thursday, God willing.

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