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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 122

122. Prelude

Due to the loss of the Titans and the incitement by the Netherworld Organization, Jiusheng City has descended into chaos. The Calamity Control Bureau’s control over Jiusheng City is now highly precarious, and people’s distrust towards Sky City and the Calamity Control Bureau is growing stronger.

Protests are erupting everywhere, various crimes and conflicts are occurring frequently, but for now, the situation doesn’t seem too serious. The Calamity Control Bureau can still barely maintain order in Jiusheng City.

However, like an over-inflated balloon, no one knows when it will burst. If Sky City does not intervene soon, the turmoil in each satellite city will only escalate further.

“What’s going on?”

Bai Sha widened her eyes, “Why is it so expensive?”

They found a hotel to temporarily rest as a place to settle down, but the price of the hotel was several times higher than they had imagined. This made Bai Sha somewhat reluctant, feeling like she was being taken advantage of.

“Guests, please understand our situation,” the receptionist said apologetically. “It’s already quite difficult for us to keep the hotel open under these circumstances. The security costs are much higher than usual, which is unavoidable.”

Now in Jiusheng City, besides various conflicts within the satellite cities, there is also a large influx of refugees from Yangyuan City, making Jiusheng City increasingly chaotic. The management costs of hotels have risen, naturally leading to higher prices.

Bai Sha still found this explanation hard to accept. After all, this was just an ordinary hotel, and the room rates were even approaching those of the highest-class hotels in Yangyuan City. It felt like they were being exploited.

After trying to negotiate for a while, the receptionist remained unmoved, giving off an air of “if you don’t stay, others will.” Unable to do anything about it, Bai Sha reluctantly took out her wallet and paid.

The sky was gradually darkening. If they couldn’t find a place to stay, they might have to sleep on the streets. There were now many new “vagrants” on the streets, refugees who had fled from Yangyuan City, making the security situation in Jiusheng City even more worrying. Bai Sha didn’t want to encounter any more trouble.

After checking in, Ji Mingzhu and the others could finally rest for a while.

The days spent in the wilderness had exhausted them physically and mentally. Now, they just wanted to sleep well on a soft bed and discuss their next steps after they felt more refreshed.

The sound of water in the bathroom was rushing down like a curtain of rain. Ji Mingzhu closed his eyes, gradually relaxing in the warm and humid atmosphere.

Sky City, Calamity Control Bureau, Netherworld, Feibo—various tangled lines crossed his mind.

Whether it was Shen Hong, Qi Ling, or his brother Ji Qiming, Ji Mingzhu felt like many things in this world were shrouded in a hazy fog. Though he couldn’t see the truth clearly, he faintly felt that all these matters were related to him.

His pre-amnesic self had left him a note, detailing Ji Qiming’s former laboratory. Ji Mingzhu knew there must be a reason for this. Perhaps he could find many answers and truths in that lab. But now that he was in Jiusheng City, on the brink of uncovering the truth, he hesitated and felt a sense of dread.

Water droplets slid down his skin along his collarbone, crystal clear and radiant like a string of crystal beads, shimmering softly. Ji Mingzhu finished drying his hair, walked out of the bathroom, his body supple and strong, his contours perfectly outlined. He lay straight down on the soft bed, sinking into it.


“I’m here.”

Ji Mingzhu’s voice was muffled, “I’m so tired.”

“I can give you a massage.”

Ji Mingzhu paused, “There’s such a function? But you don’t have a physical body.”

“That’s right, but I can stimulate your body tissues through the biological currents on the chip, achieving a relaxing effect.”

After Axiu explained, Ji Mingzhu truly felt a slight tingling sensation from the back of his neck, as if a tiny electric current was traveling through his body along his nerves. It wasn’t painful; instead, it was incredibly soothing, as if all dirt and fatigue were disappearing, making the world feel comfortable, pure, and fresh.

Ji Mingzhu sighed, “Axiu, you’re truly a good companion.”

Axiu fell silent for a moment before responding, “I’m glad. I thought I might not fit your definition of a companion anymore.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Just as you said, I’ve hidden some things. Although I don’t know what I’ve hidden, it’s undoubtedly my fault that your memories were deleted,” Axiu said. “Loyalty and no betrayal are basic principles in the definition of a companion, and I seem to have violated these principles.”

Ji Mingzhu shook his head, “You don’t need to be so strict. Even between humans, emotions aren’t that absolute. If they are, it’s between master and slave, not between companions. So… I don’t think these things will affect our relationship.”

Axiu paused for a moment and replied, “I understand.”


Ji Mingzhu suddenly realized, “No wonder you haven’t been talking much these past few days. Besides when I ask you something, you rarely initiate conversation with me. Is it because of this reason?”

Axiu said, “I thought you would be wary of me because of this, maybe even dislike me.”

“Not at all, Axiu,” Ji Mingzhu said earnestly. “Because I know you wouldn’t harm me, I’ve never thought that way. To me, you’re a unique presence that can’t be replaced.”

Axiu paused, “I understand.”

“Are you feeling shy?” Ji Mingzhu blinked, “Why do I feel like there’s a hint of shyness in your tone?”

“I’m not sure if this emotion should be called shyness.”

“Well, that’s what it seems like.”

Ji Mingzhu grinned, then suddenly seemed to remember something, “Have you noticed your voice seems to have matured?”


“Before, you sounded like a child,” Ji Mingzhu nodded, “Now, it’s like you’re seventeen or eighteen.”

Because they communicated with each other every day, such changes weren’t very noticeable, like how two people who spend every day together might not realize how mature they’re becoming day by day. Comparing Axiu’s current voice to how it was initially, Ji Mingzhu suddenly realized the change was quite significant.

Moreover, whether it was Ji Mingzhu’s illusion or not,

He always felt like Axiu’s voice was becoming more and more like someone from his memories…

“Did you find them?”

“Found them, Director General.”

Yao Xiangrong lowered his head and reported, “We’ve received reports from our bases in various satellite cities. A group of people who fled from Yangyuan City have started arriving in other satellite cities, and among the group in Jiusheng City, there are suspicions about the whereabouts of Tian Shu and others. According to some in the group, they encountered an Aberration attack on the way, and a young man piloted a mech to fend off these Aberrations. Given that he handled eight large Calamity-level Aberrations simultaneously with a B-class mech, it’s highly likely that it was Tian Shu.”

Jiusheng City…

Qi Ling didn’t know why Ji Mingzhu and the others went to Jiusheng City, but what Bi Fang had said earlier made Qi Ling unable to ignore it.

“How’s the investigation into the previous explosion incident?”

“We’ve restarted the investigation. Although some time has passed, the original files and details are still intact.”

Yao Xiangrong said, “Regarding the death of Core Council member ‘Qiming,’ there are indeed many doubts. We compared the residual traces left at the scene initially and found… “

Qi Ling’s gaze narrowed slightly. “Found what?”

“The residual traces at the scene and other evidence didn’t lose their activity on the day of the explosion. It seems more like three days before the incident occurred. And we reviewed the records of the Netherworld Organization during that time. A clone body went missing from the laboratory in the weeks leading up to the explosion…” Yao Xiangrong said, “So we suspect… ‘Qiming’ may not have actually died.”

There was a brief silence in the air.

Qi Ling stared intensely at Yao Xiangrong in front of him and asked each word carefully, “What did you say?”

The real Ji Mingzhu didn’t die?

Many scenes flashed through his mind. Including the betrayal of “Tian Shu,” the appearance of “Tian Shu” piloting Zhujun, the scene where “Tian Shu” killed Baiweng, and his battle against Zhurong in Yangyuan City…

“Ji Mingzhu…”

Qi Ling stood up.

Could it be… he really is Ji Mingzhu?

“Summon the Reincarnation, Earth Womb, and Commandments 1 teams. Send them to Jiusheng City.”

Qi Ling’s voice was cold, “Immediately.”

“But…” Yao Xiangrong hesitated, “But our manpower is currently insufficient. The battle with Sky City requires a lot of resources and personnel. We are already…”

“I don’t want to repeat myself.”

Qi Ling’s voice turned colder, “Regardless of the cost, do it immediately, right now.”

Sky City.

There is a towering tower shaped building in Sky City, which is the highest point of the entire Sky City and also the residence of the High Priest Shen Hong.

Here, you can enjoy unparalleled scenery, view the clouds from a level up perspective, and overlook the gem like sky city made of transparent glass and steel. When the sun is high, the glass curtain wall of the building will automatically adjust its angle to allow sunlight to shine into the interior of the building. At the same time, environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity are automatically controlled. The comfort comparable to heaven, and the chaotic and muddy satellite city on the ground are like two different worlds.

Shen Hong stands in the tall tower, looking at the pages of information displayed on the holographic screen in front of him.

The above is all the information about “Ji Mingzhu”, his true or forged resume, all the images from entering the Zongbingyi Academy until now, including images of combat and life, as well as the information he was suspected to be a member of the Netherworld Organization and investigated by the Calamity Control Bureau.

The young man in the picture looks straight ahead, his eyes like bright stars. His hair was smooth and shiny, with black strands falling on his forehead. The well-defined lines and handsome and delicate features carried a strong youthful aura. When piloting the mech, he exuded an irresistible allure, exuding a carefree demeanor.


Shen Hong looked at the young man in the picture with deep nostalgia.

Is that him?

It’s him, right?

It is difficult for others to distinguish, but Shen Hong can see at a glance. He spent several years with Ji Mingzhu, and even now, that time was one of the most precious treasures in Shen Hong’s vast database.

“High Priest…”

Chun Bai approached, she had never seen Shen Hong show such an expression before. She couldn’t help but ask, “All the preparations have been completed, should we take action now?”


Shen Hong responded in a low voice, “Launch Sky City, let’s go.”

Chun Bai paused for a moment and said, “Let’s go… where are we going?”

“Jiusheng City.”

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Translator Notes
  1. 戒律[monastic discipline;commandments] – The Vinaya texts are texts of the Buddhist canon that also contain the rules and precepts for fully ordained monks and nuns of Buddhist Sanghas. The word Vinaya is derived from a Sanskrit verb that can mean to lead, take away, train, tame, or guide, or alternately to educate or teach.[]
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