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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 124

124. Big sheep

Jiusheng City, Black Market.

As Ji Mingzhu and Sun Yi stepped into the territory of the black market, they quickly felt the difference from the black markets of other satellite cities.

In Shangjing City, due to the strict control by the Calamity Control Bureau, the black market usually hides deep, fearing a complete crackdown by the regulators. But the black market in Jiusheng City was much more brazen, occupying a large area of the city. Various burly men in different outfits walked the streets freely, and at a glance, many had weapons at their waists, utterly fearless.

“So many people…”

Sun Yi looked at the bustling scene of the black market, hardly believing his eyes. Coming from the black market in Shangjing City, he couldn’t believe how brazen Jiusheng City’s black market was. Stores openly displayed restricted weapons prohibited by the Calamity Control Bureau in their windows with price tags. Even mecha parts were casually placed outside. Neon signs advertised casinos, nightclubs, and underground fighting arenas.

Currently, the Calamity Control Bureau in Jiusheng City was understaffed. Most of the police force was busy clearing out protesters from the streets, leading to a relaxation in black market control. This allowed underground forces and organizations to surface.

Against this backdrop, more and more people gathered in the black market to buy weapons to protect themselves in future wars. This influx of people significantly boosted the black market’s economy, giving the streets a flourishing appearance.

“Hey, buddy!”

Ji Mingzhu and Sun Yi, two new faces in the black market, quickly drew attention. A middle-aged man in a suit approached Ji Mingzhu, a mysterious smile on his face. “First time here?”

Ji Mingzhu glanced at him. The middle-aged man looked like a white-collar worker, dressed in a suit and wearing a businesslike smile. But the noticeable scars on his face and neck revealed he was not as simple as he appeared. Ji Mingzhu casually replied, “Yeah, how did you know?”

“I can tell.”

Scarface smiled. “With so many people in the black market, most are familiar faces. You two are new, so you must not come here often. And usually, people come to the black market with a purpose. Who would stand at the entrance looking around like you two? You’re from another satellite city, right?”

“Yeah.” Ji Mingzhu nodded. “From Yangyuan City.”

“Yangyuan City?”

Scarface was surprised. “That’s not a peaceful place.”

Having mingled in the black market for years, Scarface quickly formed a rough guess about the young man before him based on his few words.

Refugees coming from Yangyuan City usually have dusty, weather-beaten appearances, their faces filled with uncertainty about the future and exhaustion from their journey. However, this young man before him did not exhibit such signs, indicating that his journey to Jiusheng City had been relatively smooth, likely with some protection along the way. Despite his young age, he showed no fear in the black market, not even flinching at the sight of Scarface’s face. Instead, he seemed more curious than afraid, suggesting he was either experienced or simply fearless. Scarface leaned towards the former.

“So, friends from out of town.”

Scarface’s smile became friendlier. “I love making new friends. If you don’t know anyone in the black market, I can show you around and introduce you to the place. Don’t worry, I’ve been in the black market for almost thirty years. I know every street and shop here. I guarantee fair prices and honest advice. You can ask around.”

Sun Yi started to decline, “No need, we—”

Ji Mingzhu interrupted him, “Sure.”

He looked at Scarface earnestly, his eyes innocent like a naïve young boy, “That would be great.”

Sun Yi was taken aback but quickly understood Ji Mingzhu’s intentions. He leaned in and whispered to Ji Mingzhu, “Young master, this isn’t a good idea. This place is dangerous. We shouldn’t trust someone we don’t know…”

His voice was low but loud enough for Scarface to catch fragments of the conversation.

Ji Mingzhu turned and gave Sun Yi a reproachful look, “What’s the big deal? I’ve heard Jiusheng City’s black market is lively. I wanted to see it myself. Besides, if anything happens, aren’t you here to protect me? Go away, don’t spoil my fun.”

Sun Yi showed a hesitant expression but eventually sighed resignedly and fell silent.

Scarface watched their interaction, his mind racing.

Young master…

It seemed this young man was from a wealthy family in Yangyuan City. Judging by his appearance and demeanor, he definitely did not look like a commoner. Even with his hat on, his refined air was unmistakable, suggesting he was used to a life of luxury. The other person was likely his servant.

Coming to the black market with a servant? This was a clear sign of a wealthy target.

Scarface chuckled inwardly but kept his friendly demeanor. “Don’t worry, I have some influence here in the black market, so nothing unexpected will happen. So, young master, what’s your purpose here? Are you looking to buy something, watch a match, or… looking for some fun?”

Ji Mingzhu’s eyes lit up. “Oh? What kind of fun?”

“There’s plenty of it here.”

Seeing Ji Mingzhu’s reaction, Scarface was certain: “In our Jiusheng City’s black market, as long as you’re willing to spend money, you can get any service you want. And we have plenty of beautiful women here in Jiusheng City. If you’re looking for fun, you’ve come to the right place.”

Ji Mingzhu’s expression showed considerable interest. At this moment, Sun Yi whispered quietly beside him, “Young master, don’t forget our main business. If we don’t handle it properly, the master will blame us.”

“I know, you’re nagging me to death.”

Ji Mingzhu seemed to recall something, his face showing a displeased expression. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “Let’s forget about having fun… I came here today for business.”

“Oh?” Scarface understood inwardly. “What kind of business? Feel free to tell me. Maybe I can help.”

“In the black market, do they sell weapons?”

“Of course they do.”

Scarface chuckled, “I’m just saying, as long as the price is right, we can get you any weapon you want. And… even weapons strictly controlled by the Calamity Control Bureau can be found here. It just depends on whether you can afford it.”

“Money is not a problem.”

Ji Mingzhu shrugged indifferently. “As long as it can be arranged.”

“So, Xiao Ge, what kind of weapon are you looking to buy?”

“Mechs, do you have any?” Ji Mingzhu asked.

Scarface paused for a moment.

Buying mechs?

This was a big deal. Although mechs were available in the black market, not just anyone could buy them. They were strictly controlled weapons, and acquiring mechs required personal connections. It wasn’t something an ordinary person could manage.

“We do have them, but…”

Scarface pondered, “Mechs aren’t something you can buy just because you have money. However, I do know some friends who are involved in this business. How about this, I can introduce you to them.”

“As long as you can get it done, there will be a reward for you,” Ji Mingzhu waved his hand.

“I’m not sure what level of mech you’re looking for?”

Ji Mingzhu narrowed his eyes. “A-class mechs, and an A-class power core.”

Scarface’s expression froze.

He looked at Ji Mingzhu suspiciously.

As soon as he opened his mouth, he wanted A-class mechas… Even in Jiusheng City’s black market, these are rare treasures. Ordinary organizations or conglomerates, how could they acquire mechas of this level? Even if they manage to buy them, they require a pilot of Level 4 or higher to operate.

Seeing Scarface hesitate, Ji Mingzhu impatiently asked, “Do you have them? If not, forget it. I’ll ask someone else.”

The fat sheep about to reach his mouth was trying to leave, and Scarface certainly wasn’t pleased. Suppressing his doubts, he gritted his teeth, “Of course we have them. Follow me.”

With that said, he gestured for Ji Mingzhu and Sun Yi to follow him.

“I heard that there are underground mecha battles in the black market?”

Following behind Scarface, Ji Mingzhu casually mentioned, “I’m quite interested in that. Do you need tickets for that?”

“Are you talking about the mecha challenge?”

Scarface said, “Yes, there is. The mecha challenge is currently being held, jointly organized by several major conglomerates in Jiusheng City, with generous rewards. Xiao Ge, would you like to place a bet?”

“I might go take a look.”

Ji Mingzhu said, “Mainly, I also play ‘Warfall’ regularly; my rank is already up to 2500. If there’s a chance, I really want to experience piloting a mecha.”


After hearing this, Scarface couldn’t help but roll his eyes inwardly.

Rank 2500? To put it bluntly, aren’t you just giving yourself up for slaughter?

Anyone who can participate in underground mecha battles in the black market is an experienced mecha pilot. Even some retired pilots from the Calamity Control Bureau occasionally participate. What’s the point of someone who just plays games like ‘Warfall,’ even if they have a rank of 2500? The real battles with mechas are on a completely different level from games; it’s rare to be so ignorant.

Sun Yi cleared his throat and pretended to advise, “Forget it, young master. We have important matters to attend to this time. It’s better not to get sidetracked… Besides, mecha battles are so dangerous. If you get injured, how can I explain it when we return…”

Ji Mingzhu narrowed his eyes, “Do you have a say in this? I’ll do whatever I want. Say one more word, and you won’t be coming out with me next time!”

Sun Yi choked, facing Ji Mingzhu’s arrogant attitude, looking like he dared not speak.

Full-on acting.

Scarface observed their interaction and thought for a moment, “If you just want to casually participate, there shouldn’t be a problem. The main thing is to participate. If you want to join, I’ll register you, and you can go up and play.”

“Okay, I’ll leave it to you then!”

Ji Mingzhu looked very happy, almost showing his ignorance and fearless youthfulness on his face. “You’re quite clever. Would you like to consider following me?”

“Haha, Xiao Ge, you’re joking.” Scarface smiled, “I’ve been around in the black market for a long time, just a bit more insightful.”

“There aren’t many insightful people.” Ji Mingzhu glanced at Sun Yi beside him with a meaningful look, “Unlike some people who are clearly pampered pets but insist on meddling in things that the master wouldn’t like to hear.”

He’s practically a textbook example of a hedonistic son of rich parents.

Sun Yi tsked in his heart.

Boss Ji, it’s really the entertainment industry’s loss if you don’t go into acting…

The two followed Scarface as they navigated through the streets of the black market, passing several alleys, and quickly arrived at their destination.

Before them was a vast complex of buildings, surrounded by dazzling neon lights and various laser beams flashing, casting a surreal glow over the architecture. The extravagant decorations, announcements of various rewards and discounts, numerous bars and restaurants offering a variety of food and drinks, attracted people from different walks of life who gathered here. If one didn’t know this was the black market, from the outside alone, it could easily rival the largest gilded halls in the capital.

In the center was a grandiose building that resembled an ancient Roman amphitheater, constructed with black and gold metal and tempered glass materials, exuding a distinct cyberpunk atmosphere. Massive holographic screens hung on the walls outside the building, continuously broadcasting the latest gaming and betting information, with fluorescent lights creating a colorful spectacle that provided a dazzling visual feast.

The air was thick with extravagance, easily stirring one’s blood and making them yearn to immerse themselves, forgetting all worries and troubles, and simply enjoying rest and relaxation, even indulgence.

“We’re here.”

Scarface led them to a building filled with high-tech gaming machines and rows of gambling tables, the dazzling lights dazzling the eyes. “Xiao Ge, wait here for me a moment. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure everything is arranged for you to have a great time!”

Ji Mingzhu nodded indifferently, his eyes curiously scanning around.

Scarface walked to the front desk and tapped on it.

The bartender wiped a glass and looked up, seeing Scarface before him. “Isn’t this Mengge from the West Street district? Coming to freeload drinks again?”

“Freeload? Come on.”

Scarface sneered, “I advise you to quickly offer me a drink. Later, you’ll have to thank me properly… Oh, and call Boss Bei over.”

“What’s up?” The bartender asked, “Boss Bei is in a business meeting inside. What do you need to tell me first?”

Scarface lowered his voice, leaned closer, and whispered, “I… brought a big fat sheep.”

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