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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 126

126. Bloodthirsty Morandi

The underground mecha challenge in the black market is located at the center of the entire Nightless City, in that massive building resembling a Roman Colosseum. The towering walls around it seem to isolate the surrounding world, keeping all civilization and rules at bay.

The audience waved their bets, shouting, screaming, and cursing, filling every inch of the air. The hum of the mechas’ power cores and the sound of armor clashing echoed throughout the arena. The overhead dome projected a pale red light, bringing an inexplicable barbaric atmosphere to the entire mecha arena.

The spectator seats were packed, and the deep red chairs appeared extremely luxurious, matching the peak and intense atmosphere of the competition. At the center was a huge ring, much larger than a typical sports stadium, allowing even mechas dozens of meters tall to fight without feeling cramped. Overhead was a massive holographic screen displaying the fierce battle. The ring was surrounded by a high-strength alloy wall, preventing the shockwaves from the battles from affecting the spectators. It looked like a futuristic version of the ancient Roman Colosseum, giving everyone a sense of tension ready to explode at any moment.

Ji Mingzhu and Sun Yi, led by Boss Bei, entered the arena smoothly. Guided by the staff, they passed through corridors filled with smoke and mist, the entire space saturated with the aura of mechas. The roar of engines and the sharp screeches of machines filled their ears. After passing through the corridor, they arrived at a rather luxurious private box.

When they reached the box, the match was in progress. Two standard mechas were attacking each other in the huge ring, with laser weapons and pulse cannons roaring through the air. Sparks and explosions continually erupted from the metal armor. The audience’s deafening shouts and cheers filled the air, rooting for their favorite pilots.

This was Ji Mingzhu’s first time in such a place. Aside from the Thunder Division of the Calamity Control Bureau, it was rare to see so many mechas gathered in one place. Compared to the orderly and strictly regulated Calamity Control Bureau, this underground mecha arena was more chaotic and violent, using the most advanced technology for the most primitive battles, stimulating people’s nerves.

“Want a drink?”

Boss Bei waved his hand, calling for a waiter, and smiled, “My treat.”

A few bottles of champagne were opened, releasing a sweet aroma. Boss Bei poured a glass for Ji Mingzhu, raising his glass to toast.

“Sorry,” Ji Mingzhu politely declined, “I’ll just have water.”

“Got it,” Boss Bei understood immediately, “Strict family rules?”

Ji Mingzhu nodded.

Boss Bei didn’t mind, his face remained amiable, leaving a good impression. He signaled for someone to bring Ji Mingzhu a glass of water and then clinked glasses with him.

“You can actually drink.”

Axiu said in Ji Mingzhu’s mind, “I can break down the alcohol in your body and speed up metabolism, so you don’t have to worry about getting drunk.”

“I know.”

Ji Mingzhu drank the water in one gulp and said, “But my brother doesn’t allow it… He explicitly forbids me from drinking alcohol even during our e-sports club gatherings.”

“Alcohol has many harmful effects on the body. Not drinking is a good habit, please continue to maintain it.”


Ji Mingzhu was amused by Axiu’s elder-like advice. Just as he was about to say something, Boss Bei pulled him back into the conversation.

“The participants in today’s two matches are quite extraordinary.”

Boss Bei pointed to the two mechas on the field, “That blue mecha, its pilot used to be a guest pilot for the Lan Tower Group. He has a lot of mecha combat experience and is qualified as a Level 4 pilot, codenamed [Black Flash]. As for his opponent…”

“I know, he’s a challenger who just arrived last month, right?”

Scarface, who apparently often bet on underground mecha fights, interjected, “He has fought eight matches so far and won all of them. Many people have high hopes for him. The odds for his match with Black Flash are about the same, with supporters on both sides.”

“You’ve got your ear to the ground.”

Boss Bei chuckled, “That’s right, but his background is quite significant… He used to be a pilot in the Thunder Division of the Calamity Control Bureau in Guoyun City.”

Scarface’s jaw dropped, “Really… a pilot from the Thunder Division?!”

“Of course, that’s not common knowledge.”

Boss Bei lit a cigar and exhaled a smoke ring, “Thunder Division pilots are the elite of the elite, chosen for their talent and extensive combat experience.”

Although [Black Flash] was a veteran in the underground mecha fights and a qualified Level 4 pilot, there was no doubt that against a seasoned pilot from the Thunder Division, his chances were not high.

“Just watching isn’t much fun.”

Boss Bei’s gaze turned to Ji Mingzhu, “If you’re interested, why not place a bet for some excitement?”

The insider information Boss Bei had just shared wasn’t something he would casually reveal. As one of the organizers and bookmakers of the underground mecha fights, anything he casually mentioned could allow outsiders to make a significant profit.

Scarface was eager to place a bet.

Ji Mingzhu remained calm and smiled, “Since Boss Bei mentioned it, I’ll join in. I’ll bet on the Thunder Division pilot to win.”

A waiter approached with a terminal. Without looking, Ji Mingzhu casually entered an amount of 400,000.

Scarface was secretly astonished.

Four hundred thousand… That’s a significant amount. An average middle-class family in a satellite city might not earn that much in a year. But seeing this young man place the bet so casually, it was like buying a snack on the roadside.

Is this what a rich person’s life is like…

Ji Mingzhu appeared calm on the surface, but in reality, entering that amount made him feel a bit pained.

The funds they had left were not much, with Yao Guang’s account holding only a little over 700,000 in liquid assets. This bet took away nearly half of it.

However, Ji Mingzhu understood the principle that one must risk something to gain something. To maintain the persona of a wealthy scion, this investment was necessary. Winning or losing wasn’t important; what mattered was making Boss Bei believe he was someone who didn’t lack money.

Sure enough, Boss Bei squinted his eyes, raised his glass towards Ji Mingzhu, and said, “Truly straightforward.”

Ji Mingzhu gave a nonchalant smile and then looked down at the arena.

On the ring, the two mechas were fiercely colliding. Both sides had almost exhausted their laser weapons and were now engaged in the final close-combat phase with mecha knives. The mechanical armor clashed, creating intense sparks. The two iron giants grappled, the deafening sounds of impact accompanied by the audience’s frenzied shouts, pushing the atmosphere to its peak.

Suddenly, the mecha controlled by the Thunder Division pilot leaped back, completing a high-difficulty spin jump with the knife. This advanced maneuver caught the opponent off guard. The mecha knife drew a swift arc through the air, striking the opponent’s mecha shoulder with a burst of sparks.

As the audience’s cheers grew louder, the Thunder Division pilot stood victorious in the end.

The bets were settled, and Ji Mingzhu earned nearly 250,000 chips.

Scarface watched with burning enthusiasm. This was why Nightless City was known as a huge money pit. Here, life and death decisions could be made in an instant, and in just a few minutes, one could earn what an average person couldn’t in a year. Of course, some people lost their entire fortune overnight. Every second was a thrilling rollercoaster, reducing one’s sensitivity to money. Even the most rational individuals found it hard not to go mad.

Seeing the increased amount in his account, Ji Mingzhu smiled and said, “Boss Bei is indeed trustworthy.”

Boss Bei also smiled, “Just making friends.”

It was clear that Boss Bei intended to build a relationship with this young man. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have casually shared such insider information, essentially giving Ji Mingzhu free money. This was the cleverness of a businessman. This maneuver significantly increased the likelihood of closing an A-class mecha order. Even though the money earned from the bet wasn’t much, even if the A-class mecha order didn’t go through, Ji Mingzhu owed Boss Bei a small favor.

After this interaction, the atmosphere between Ji Mingzhu and Boss Bei became much more cordial.

Boss Bei was very interested in Ji Mingzhu’s background. His sharp eye could discern from Ji Mingzhu’s demeanor and bearing that this young man was extraordinary. Additionally, Ji Mingzhu’s insights into mechas were impressive; even his casual remarks revealed a substantial understanding of mechas. Many of the terms Ji Mingzhu used were instinctive, but in the mecha field, they were not things an average person could come into contact with.

After chatting for a while, Ji Mingzhu suddenly changed the subject, “Boss Bei, what are the requirements for participants in this underground mecha tournament?”


Boss Bei was taken aback for a moment, then replied, “Of course, there are requirements. Besides needing a pilot’s license, you also need a substantial deposit to cover any significant damage to the mechas. The battle schedules also need to be arranged in advance… Why do you ask? Could it be…”

“Since I’m already here, just sitting around and betting isn’t much fun.”

Ji Mingzhu tapped the table, “To be honest, I’m also a mecha pilot. If there’s a chance, I’d like to spar with the contestants here.”


Boss Bei couldn’t help but look at Ji Mingzhu a few more times, “I didn’t expect you to have this talent, young master. Being a mecha pilot requires a lot of skill, and our contestants go through rigorous pre-competition assessments.”

Ji Mingzhu frowned, showing a disappointed expression, “Is that so? Then forget it…”

“However, rules are dead, and people are alive.”

Boss Bei took a puff of his cigar and said, “We’re friends now, aren’t we? And it’s not right to refuse a friend’s request. Since you’re here, you should enjoy yourself. Arranging a last-minute challenge match isn’t impossible.”

Scarface, hearing this, felt a bit anxious.

No way, are you serious?

He had heard Ji Mingzhu mention wanting to participate in the mecha challenge before but thought he was joking. The contestants here were seasoned veterans, pilots who had fought their way through countless battles. You are a rookie with a Warfall rank of 2500 points, aren’t you going up there to make a fool of yourself…..

Embarrassment was a secondary concern; the main issue was that if he got injured during the competition, wouldn’t that implicate him…

Scarface hurriedly tried to stop him, “I think we should forget about it. These matches are quite dangerous, and all the contestants here have signed death waiver agreements. If someone doesn’t hold back, it could get ugly…”

Ji Mingzhu pretended not to hear and said to Boss Bei, “Thank you, Boss Bei.”

Boss Bei squinted, his gaze becoming more scrutinizing as he looked at Ji Mingzhu, then at Sun Yi beside him. “So… which contestant would the young master like to challenge?”

Ji Mingzhu smiled and pointed at the holographic screen next to him.

The holographic screen displayed the list of contestants, each with their profiles, codenames, win rates, and odds clearly visible.

Ji Mingzhu pointed to the top contestant.

[Codename: Bloodthirsty Morandi] [Number of matches: 152. Win rate: 94%.] [Introduction: The superstar and legendary contestant of the ‘Nightless City’ mecha challenge, the uncrowned king of underground mecha battles. Since his debut, he has repeatedly won championships and defeated the former ace pilot to take the top spot. His mecha control skills leave his opponents in the dust. With a unique style and surprising tactics, he keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. His outstanding performances and thrilling mecha displays will undoubtedly amaze you!]


Boss Bei had anticipated Ji Mingzhu’s youthful exuberance, but he hadn’t expected him to be so audacious. He thought for a moment and advised, “I suggest you choose someone else.”

“Why?” Ji Mingzhu tilted his head, asking with keen interest.

“He is our ace pilot in the ‘Nightless City,’ with an extraordinary background…”

Boss Bei cleared his throat lightly, “There are many rumors about his identity, although he has never confirmed them himself. However, many people believe they know the truth… He is one of the former Titan pilots from Shangjing City, Miao Feiyan.”

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