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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 127

127. Of course.

Miao Feiyan…

Ji Mingzhu vaguely felt that this name was somewhat familiar, and after a while, he finally remembered.

At the beginning, Bai Weng mentioned this name to him when assigning him the task of “joining Calamity Control Bureau and becoming a Titan pilot”. Miao Feiyan was one of the Titan pilots of Calamity Control Bureau’s Thunder Division. Unlike titans like Wen Kang and Wei Lan who only had titles but not the qualifications to pilot Titans, Miao Feiyan had piloted the Zhu Jiuyin and belonged to the same level as the deceased Chang Bei.

However, before Ji Mingzhu joined Calamity Control Bureau, Miao Feiyan had already been investigated by Calamity Control Bureau for multiple charges such as “dereliction of duty”, “collusion with corporations”, and “participating in underground mecha black matches”. Later, Calamity Control Bureau even revoked Miao Feiyan’s title and position as a Titan pilot. Ji Mingzhu didn’t know the specific reasons behind this, as he had never met Miao Feiyan in person.

But… it was quite surprising for Ji Mingzhu to see Miao Feiyan participating in the Nightless City’s mecha challenge.

Seeing Ji Mingzhu’s silence, Boss Bei thought he was shocked by this news.

“In the Nightless City, it’s not surprising to find all sorts of talents,” Boss Bei said with a smile. “Miao Feiyan was already quite famous when he was in Shangjing City. His combat style was distinctive, and he knew many people. His identity isn’t a secret within the circle, but many newcomers to Nightless City’s mecha matches don’t quite understand the situation and like to challenge him as an opponent. Fame attracts attention, after all…”

Many people came to Nightless City to participate in mecha challenges—some were long-established players, some were elite under corporate banners, and there were even elite pilots trained by underground organizations. Of course, there were also young people like the young man in front of him who came here for fun. Countless people wanted to make a name for themselves and climb up with the title of a champion. As the king of the entire underground mecha competition in Nightless City, Miao Feiyan naturally became an easy target for challenges.

However… just looking at Miao Feiyan’s terrifying win rate, one could imagine the fate of those who attempted to challenge him.

“With so many names on the list, I suggest you consider another,” Boss Bei advised.

Boss Bei took a puff of his cigar. “After all, it’s just for fun. There’s no need to take such big risks. Miao Feiyan, this person, doesn’t know when to stop. Sometimes he doesn’t even give me face. He’s quite arrogant. If you get hurt, it won’t be good.”

“It’s him,” Ji Mingzhu said.

Boss Bei’s finger paused.

He had made himself clear enough, and there was no malice. Miao Feiyan was Nightless City’s strongest ace player. Even disregarding that, as a former Titan pilot in the world of mecha pilots, Miao Feiyan stood at the pinnacle. What confidence did this young man have to challenge him?

“Are you sure?” Boss Bei asked. “Anyone participating in underground mecha matches needs to sign a life or death responsibility waiver. In the event of injury or death during combat, the organizers won’t be responsible. If it were someone else, they could still give me face and go easy, but Miao Feiyan won’t spare me that courtesy. You really should think this through.”

“I’ve thought it through,” Ji Mingzhu nodded and smiled. “Since I’m here, it’s a good opportunity to see the strength of the legendary Titan pilot.”

Boss Bei looked at Ji Mingzhu’s face, squinting slightly.

He couldn’t quite figure out what this young man was up to.

“Alright then,” Boss Bei shook his head, flicking some ash off his cigar onto the table. “I’ll have someone arrange it. Opening in an hour.”

“A last-minute match?”

“Oh? More excitement to look forward to?”

In the vast underground mecha arena, spectators saw a sudden announcement pop up on the giant holographic screen above, notifying them of an impromptu match. Instantly, discussions erupted.

Last-minute matches weren’t uncommon here. According to the rules, even these matches would go on as scheduled.

The news spread quickly, and all eyes focused on the screen. As the names of the opposing sides slowly appeared on the screen, the entire venue erupted in cheers.

【Bloodthirsty Morandi vs. Southern Sky】

Bloodthirsty Morandi?!

That name alone was like a golden signboard, causing every spectator’s first reaction to be disbelief.

You need to know, ever since Bloodthirsty Morandi ascended to the throne of the top ace, no one has dared to challenge him for a long time. His name in Nightless City is an invincible monument. Moreover, the true identity of Bloodthirsty Morandi is widely circulated within the circle. No one with any sense would think of going up against him; it’s akin to seeking death.

Unless they’re a reckless greenhorn.

When the already red-eyed gamblers saw this news, they immediately became excited. The appearance of Bloodthirsty Morandi meant that the outcome was already secure. Though the odds were certainly not high, it was a guaranteed profit — enough for them to recover their losses.

Of course, some people remained cautious and inquired about the challenger, Southern Sky’s background.

Unusual occurrences must have their reasons. What if the challenger turns out to be someone not to be trifled with?

In Nightless City, there are no secrets; even if there were, it’s because the price isn’t high enough. After inquiries from various sources, the identity of Bloodthirsty Morandi’s challenger also surfaced.

It’s said that the challenger is a young man from a wealthy family in a satellite city, currently negotiating a deal with Boss Bei for a batch of mechas on the black market. He’s also a fervent mecha enthusiast, coming to the black market to experience the atmosphere of underground arenas.

Ji Mingzhu and Sun Yi’s trip to the black market wasn’t exactly covert; besides Scarface, many people had seen them, including bartenders, Boss Bei’s men, and box attendants. Information in the black market flows freely, and with a bit of effort, anyone interested can easily find out.

Although the exact identity of the challenger wasn’t known, the gathered information was enough to ease some concerns.

Young, wealthy background, mecha enthusiast, and allegedly with a mecha rank value of only 2500, hardly any combat experience…

Isn’t he just here to deliver himself?

The audience who learned of this news immediately became excited and started spreading the word.

As soon as the betting opened, it attracted a large amount of capital. The name Bloodthirsty Morandi itself was already a drawcard. It garnered attention from many sides, regardless of whether they usually bet or not; everyone wanted to participate for the sake of discussion later.

Moreover, battles with such a stark difference in strength were rare. Why not try to fleece Nightless City’s house while it’s easy?

Driven by such thoughts, countless people chose to bet on Bloodthirsty Morandi’s victory, and within a few minutes, the odds had widened significantly.

Apart from simple win-lose bets, underground mecha matches also allowed bets on factors like battle duration and mecha damage. Many bet on Miao Feiyan resolving the fight within a minute, with odds already at 1.08. This means that even if one bet a hundred, they could only earn eight points at most.

Still, something is better than nothing. No one believed Miao Feiyan’s opponent had any hope of winning.

In the preparation room for the match, Ji Mingzhu loosened the pilot’s gloves on his hands.

It had been a long time since he wore a mecha suit, and Ji Mingzhu still felt somewhat unaccustomed to this sensation.


Yao Guang’s voice came through the communication channel, tinged with a hint of mischief.

“I leaked some information and used Miao Feiyan’s name to stir things up on the black market dark web. Now the attention is up, and the betting stakes are much higher than before.”

Yao Guang was adept at these things, probably having done similar tasks before at the Bureau of Impending Calamities. “I guess the black market boss didn’t expect such a simple match to cause such a stir.”

“What are the odds now?” Ji Mingzhu asked as he adjusted his clothing.

“For a straightforward win-lose bet, your odds are currently at 56.”

Yao Guang smirked, “Seems like not many are betting on you to win.”

Ji Mingzhu roughly calculated the price of purchasing an A-class mecha, “Seems like it’s not enough.”

“If the odds differ too much, the house will step in to control them. This number is about right within the original estimate,” Yao Guang explained. “For straightforward win-lose bets, the odds aren’t high. But for specific match conditions, they’re much higher. Odds of winning within a minute and a half are 102; winning with mecha damage and power supply above 80% is 98… Winning within a minute and a half with power supply above 80% gives a total odds of 157.”

Ji Mingzhu was surprised, “That high?”

“It’s normal for them to be high,” Yao Guang said. “I did the math. If we invest all of our current funds totaling 1.1 million, even with fluctuating odds, we could stabilize above 150, maybe even higher… That would guarantee us at least 170 million.”

“A Void Rift and an A-class power core together cost about 280 million.”

Through the communication, Yao Guang’s enthusiastic tone and the rapid tapping on his light-brain could be heard. “And considering the funds we’ll need afterward, I’m planning to add a bit more leverage, aiming for around 400 million. I’ve calculated that this figure sits just within the Nightless City casino’s tolerance range without causing a backlash. If we push the leverage too high, the organizers might get unhappy, so this number is just right.”

For the casino, especially places with notorious reputations like underground mecha arenas, short-term gains and losses are not their main concern. They prioritize their own reputation and long-term benefits. If Yao Guang is willing, he could even earn more from it. Even if Boss Bei is reluctant, he can only reluctantly acknowledge it. However, such actions may affect future cooperation. Yao Guang isn’t that greedy; he’s willing to take what’s good enough.

“The information has been released, preliminary preparations are done, and the betting stakes are up. Now the only question is…”

Yao Guang tilted his head slightly and asked, “Are you sure about winning within a minute and a half, with the mecha damage rate and power supply maintained above 80%? Your opponent is a Titan pilot.”

For anyone else, it would seem like an impossible task. Titan pilots aren’t just anyone you can defeat easily. Moreover, Miao Feiyan is Titan pilot who pilots Zhu Jiuyin, on par with Chang Bei, stronger than pilots like Wen Kang and Wei Lan.

Even though Yao Guang has confidence in Ji Mingzhu, he couldn’t help but express some concern and asked.

Ji Mingzhu adjusted his mecha suit and stood up immediately.

The form-fitting mecha suit accentuated the young man’s figure. The staff opened the door for him, and the cheers of the audience echoed from afar. Radiant laser lights shone through the doorway, highlighting his features even more.

The strong aura of the mecha surrounded him. Ji Mingzhu took a deep breath and stepped towards the cockpit of his mecha.

“Of course.”

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