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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 128

128. Mecha Battle.

“Here they come, here they come!”

“Bloodthirsty Morandi, charge!!”

“Morandi will definitely win!”

As two mechas, one black and one white, entered the arena, the atmosphere exploded instantly. Cheers soared to the skies. Even Boss Bei himself hadn’t anticipated that this matchup, with such a stark difference in strength, would cause such a sensation. Yet for the organizers, this level of attention and atmosphere was exactly what they had hoped to brew.

On one hand, Bloodthirsty Morandi, a veteran ace who hadn’t been challenged in quite some time, naturally drew attention. On the other hand, there seemed to be someone behind the scenes pushing this, flooding the dark web with announcements that drew countless people to place their bets.

Boss Bei sensed something amiss here. The number of spectators and the scale of this match exceeded expectations. Nearly everyone bet on Miao Feiyan, while the bets on Ji Mingzhu were few and far between, as if intentionally targeted. If Miao Feiyan won, even with lower odds, the casino would still bleed.


Just as he was pondering, a subordinate suddenly entered the box and whispered to Boss Bei, “There’s been a significant amount of money placed, betting on Morandi’s opponent.”

Boss Bei raised an eyebrow. “How much?”

“Not much, less than three million.”

The subordinate hesitated. “But… he bet on Morandi’s opponent to win, and it’s the highest odds.”

Boss Bei paused for a moment.

The highest odds—Ji Mingzhu winning decisively, controlling the match within a minute and a half, with damage below 80%…

Was this person trying to suggest he had too much money? Even if it was just to skim some off the top, shouldn’t there still be some splashes in the water?

The source of this money was too suspicious, and the account couldn’t be traced. There was likely a skilled hacker behind this… Boss Bei felt that things weren’t as simple as they appeared.

His gaze fell on the two mechas in the arena, his eyes revealing a probing intent…

Miao Feiyan sat in the cockpit, adjusting his hair.

His shoulder-length hair was casually tied back. Despite the mask covering half his face, his handsome features were still discernible—a remarkably attractive young man.

As soon as he appeared, the audience erupted in fervent cheers, all rooting for Miao Feiyan. Almost every spectator had placed their bets on him, naturally hoping for his victory. The entire arena seemed to worship the star-studded pilot.

In contrast, when Ji Mingzhu in his black mecha entered, the reception wasn’t as warm. There were even some boos. In the eyes of these spectators, it would be best if this challenger was swiftly defeated, allowing them to profit effortlessly. Supporters on both sides presented a stark contrast.

Miao Feiyan had reviewed the challenger’s data beforehand. He knew the pilot in the black mecha opposite him was just a young man. Although he didn’t understand why the other had chosen him as an opponent, Miao Feiyan wasn’t concerned about the battle.

It wasn’t about underestimating his opponent but rather his confidence as a Titan pilot.

The alloy fence descended, separating the battlefield on the platform from the audience. The massive holographic screens displayed the two mechas facing each other from a distance, and the commentators were already in position.

Above them, a countdown formed by holographic projections began to diminish slowly: 10, 9, 8…

“This match has garnered a lot of attention.”

One of the male commentators joked lightly, “Even though it’s an impromptu addition to the lineup, the betting handle for this match is reportedly the highest of the year and has the widest disparity in odds between the two sides.”

7, 6, 5…

“Did you bet on Morandi too?”

The other commentator chuckled, “Are you expecting to add an extra rib to your dinner tonight?”

“Well, you can’t put it that way, hahaha…”

The male commentator continued jokingly, “It’s good that the young man has the spirit to challenge. Let’s hope our ace doesn’t go too hard on him. If he crushes the kid’s spirit, and he never wants to touch a mecha again, what then? Wouldn’t that be a deep regret?”

Laughter erupted from the audience stands.

3, 2, 1.

Battlefield release.

“The match has begun, and both mechas, one black and one white, simultaneously initiate! Let’s see… Oh my!”

At the moment the countdown ended, the two mechas, one black and one white, almost simultaneously charged towards each other. With a hum of their power cores, the laser cannons of both mechas raised up at the same moment, initiating a fierce exchange of fire!

Miao Feiyan raised his hand to complete a precise shot with his laser cannon. The black mecha opposite smoothly dodged to an extreme low position, and the next second, it returned fire with an accurate shot from its own laser cannon!

As soon as a master makes a move, you can tell the outcome. In the instant of their actions, the tension on the entire platform peaked. Both the commentators and the audience were no amateurs; even without the skill of a pilot, after watching competitions for so many years, they could see the basics. Whether it was the accuracy and continuity of the laser cannons or the fluidity of their evasive maneuvers, both were at the top level. It wasn’t surprising that Miao Feiyan could achieve this, but it was unbelievable that the young man opposite him could keep up without falling behind.


Miao Feiyan solidly took a hit from a laser shot. Fortunately, the mecha provided for the match had not deployed high-powered weapons, and he promptly deployed a force field to block the laser shot, while also feeling a chill in his heart.

This guy is a master.

The control over the mecha and the micro-details exposed during evasion were definitely not something an ordinary pilot could possess. What rank value of 2500? What mecha enthusiast? What mere desire to experience the thrill of mecha combat?

Who the hell was he lying to 1?!

The entire audience erupted in exclamations. The two commentators in the commentary booth looked at each other in disbelief, hardly trusting their own eyes.

The battle continued. Miao Feiyan put away any feelings of contempt and began to control his mecha seriously. The mechas piloted by both sides continuously circled in the arena, engaging in intense laser exchanges. Explosions echoed everywhere, with bursts of fire and continuous explosions.

There was no doubt that Ji Mingzhu’s control over the mecha was top-notch. His actions in the black mecha were smooth and without the slightest hesitation. Almost as soon as Miao Feiyan raised his hand to lock on target, Ji Mingzhu had already judged the trajectory of the opponent’s laser, executing a precise micro-maneuver to evade.

There were few obstacles on the platform, and the space for maneuvering was compressed. The laser bombardment between the two sides did not last long. As the distance between them continued to close, the space for using laser cannons had been minimized.


Almost simultaneously, the blades of both mechas sprang out from their sheaths, and the two alloy blades collided with each other, emitting a loud buzzing collision!


This loud sound was like fireworks, instantly igniting the atmosphere in the audience stands!


“Oh my god! Oh my god!”

“Did I just see that? What level of combat is this!?”

The audience erupted in frenzied cheers. The sight of these two mechas engaging in close combat made their hair stand on end. The precision of each attack stance was textbook-perfect, surpassing every other competitor in the underground mecha arena. This wasn’t just an expert picking on rookies; this was a battle at the level of Titan pilots!

As Miao Feiyan clashed swords with Ji Mingzhu, he felt an indescribable sense of pressure. His heart sank, realizing he had encountered a formidable opponent. No longer daring to be careless, the white mecha controlled its mecha blade, slashing through the air in a deceptive arc, attacking from an unexpected angle.

This strike appeared to be a feint but was actually a direct assault on a vital point. Controlled by the pilot, the blade flickered rapidly, creating a visual deception. If the opponent lacked sufficient combat experience, a judgment error awaited them, likely resulting in immediate mech destruction!

Ji Mingzhu’s gaze narrowed slightly, a hint of a smile playing on his lips.



The alloy mecha blade smoothly slid out from the center, the power core spinning wildly in an instant. With a twist at the mecha’s waist, Ji Mingzhu’s mecha moved like a sudden-opening swan, perfectly intercepting Miao Feiyan’s attack at an extremely precise angle.

But it didn’t end there. At the moment the block was completed, Ji Mingzhu pushed the control lever, and the black mecha’s blade flicked out like a whirlwind, sweeping across like a storm.

Defense always has vulnerabilities; only offense is the undefeated truth!

Miao Feiyan was shocked and pale, swiftly pulling the control lever back as the white mecha attempted to create distance. However, this fell right into Ji Mingzhu’s rhythm of attack. The black mecha continued to advance, the alloy mecha blade moving like a hurricane, weaving a dense grid of sharp strikes that forced Miao Feiyan to retreat step by step!

“Clang, clang, clang!”

In just a short two seconds, countless clashes occurred between the two. The two alloy mecha blades continuously intersected, rebounded, and collided, sparking like a forge in a steel mill. Bright sparks flew on the slightly dim arena, outshining the colorful neon laser lights around.

Ji Mingzhu controlled his mecha fiercely, launching a relentless assault with his blade, leaving Miao Feiyan no room to catch his breath. However, he knew that such an aggressive rhythm couldn’t last long. Regardless of the opponent’s status as a former Titan pilot, a momentary error in judgment might temporarily suppress him, but he wouldn’t be dominated indefinitely.

Miao Feiyan’s fighting style clearly followed the piloting methods of Shangjing City. Among all the pilots in Shangjing City, except for Ji Mingzhu, most had been influenced to some extent by Red Guard Commander Zuo Quanzong’s tactics in combat. After all, the current Titan pilots were largely nurtured by Zuo Quanzong himself.

Sure enough, Miao Feiyan’s mecha kept retreating and soon reached the edge of the arena. He knew he had no more room to retreat. His eyes narrowed fiercely, and his features, which were usually handsome and somewhat gentle, suddenly turned fierce. He quickly activated the buttons around him, pushed the control lever to the limit, and the white mecha forcefully broke away from the rhythm of battle, launching a counterattack!

Seizing the opportunity, the white mecha made a short-distance charge and directly engaged in a head-on collision with Ji Mingzhu’s black mecha. It seemed like a clash that could leave both sides injured. At this moment, Ji Mingzhu held the advantage and naturally wouldn’t exchange injuries with him, especially since his goal was to keep the mecha’s damage above 80%, which he hadn’t forgotten.

Ji Mingzhu’s mecha took half a step back, but Miao Feiyan persisted. The alloy blade, in an instant, swept toward his power core like a fierce whirlwind!

Like a hurricane sweeping fallen leaves, the alloy blade’s edge brimmed with killing intent!

“Marshal’s Secondary Spiral Blade Technique!!”

The commentators on the platform excitedly shouted the name of this move.

The Marshal’s Secondary Spiral Blade Technique was one of the unique mecha blade techniques of Shangjing City, derived from the foundational military spinning blade modified by two previous Titan pilots. It relied on the power core to provide stacked power within a small range to achieve continuous slashing, demanding extreme precision from the pilot. While the conditions for its execution were stringent and its range smaller than the original spinning blade, its difficulty lay in its relentless escalation of force and intensity once the secondary spiral blade was initiated, with the power core rotating multiple times at superfrequency. It was akin to a torrential downpour, leaving opponents struggling to defend, their only option being to brace for impact.

The moment Miao Feiyan unleashed the Marshal’s Secondary Spiral Blade Technique, it was confirmed that he was indeed a pilot from Shangjing City. However, this wasn’t a secret in the community, and he made no further attempts to hide it. Facing such an opponent, continuing to conceal his identity would only lead to a dead end!

The terrifying blade, augmented by multiple layers of power, had already reached a level capable of slicing through the air. The piercing sonic boom, filled with intense killing intent, rushed towards the black mecha.

The oppressive force brought by his opponent was almost tangible, even Ji Mingzhu could feel it.

Clang, clang, clang—

The black blade also unfolded in an instant. Ji Mingzhu had to control his mecha to retreat and alleviate the pressure. While he could engage head-on, doing so would inevitably increase the damage to his mecha. Both pilots were piloting mechas of the same level and model, meaning there was no inherent advantage from the machine itself. The outcome would depend solely on their skills: whoever had the superior technique would be the ultimate victor!

The white mecha swept towards Ji Mingzhu like a raging storm, and in that moment, the black mecha seemed like a small boat struggling in a torrential downpour. The black blade continuously clashed with the white mecha’s sword. To any observer, such a terrifying continuous assault would appear to be an unavoidable lethal strike. But, incredibly, Ji Mingzhu managed to parry every single attack!

The commentators were dazzled. This was a battle at the Titan pilot level, far beyond their ability to provide play-by-play commentary. Soon, their eyes could no longer keep up with the action. All they could do was watch as the black and white storms clashed violently. The spectators in the stands had no interest in the commentators’ words; their hands were cupped around their mouths as they screamed hysterically, going wild for the thrilling combat before them.


Is this all happening in under 1 ½ minutes?!

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