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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 129

129. Victor.

The relentless blades came crashing down, and even without being in the midst of it, one could feel the terrifying power just by watching. Just when everyone thought Ji Mingzhu couldn’t hold on any longer, the next second, he controlled the black mecha with another precise and elegant spin, successfully dodging the incoming blade.

He dodged it again!

Like a candle flickering in the wind, seemingly on the verge of being extinguished at any moment, yet always managing to survive by just a hair’s breadth.

But that tiny margin was enough to drive countless pilots insane. It seemed like Ji Mingzhu could only make the mecha sway left and right to dodge, but anyone with a bit of expertise knew what this represented: extreme precision, extreme micro-control, and an unparalleled understanding of the mecha and its every structure. Miao Feiyan’s assault was like a storm, but in reality, his rhythm had been completely grasped by his opponent.

It was terrifying.

Clang, clang—

Twelve rotations, twenty-four rotations, thirty-six rotations…

Miao Feiyan’s Marshal’s Secondary Spiral Blade Technique had already reached forty-four rotations, which was nearly his limit. This advanced technique, once in motion, would accumulate a massive amount of kinetic energy with each rotation, increasing its destructive power while also exponentially testing the pilot’s control abilities. Typically, a Level 4 pilot capable of performing twenty rotations would be able to dominate others at the same level, showcasing Miao Feiyan’s impressive strength.

But clearly, his opponent was even stronger.

All the spectators’ eyes were glued to the black mecha opposite. No one cared about the pilot’s identity inside anymore; they just wanted to know how far this pilot could go. When would this seemingly fragile, storm-tossed black mecha finally explode?

Ji Mingzhu’s figure remained unwavering in the cockpit. It had been a long time since his nerves were this tense. For a professional player, encountering a worthy opponent was exhilarating. After leaving Shangjing City, Ji Mingzhu occasionally missed the days of challenging Wei Lan, Wen Kang, Mo Hongyu, and others in the Calamity Control Bureau. If he had more time, he would have liked to enjoy this moment longer.


The black mecha’s blade struck out suddenly, cutting in with the precision of a move practiced hundreds of times, firmly blocking Miao Feiyan’s blade.

After maintaining high-precision micro-control for so long, Miao Feiyan’s focus had started to waver. Ji Mingzhu had been retreating all this time while he had been attacking, never sensing an offensive intent from his opponent. This caused his taut nerves to relax for just a moment, and in that fleeting moment, a flaw appeared and vanished instantly—

Ji Mingzhu’s eyes narrowed slightly, knowing his opportunity had arrived.


The power core spun rapidly, and amid the collective gasps from the audience, the black mecha surged forward!

Botler Type-0 Overclocking!

In an instant, he executed the classic high-difficulty secondary overclocking. The hum of the power core echoed through the arena, and the black mecha, piloted by Ji Mingzhu, shifted from its previous defensive stance to an incredibly aggressive one. The sudden change was terrifyingly swift—so fast that Miao Feiyan barely had time to react before the black mecha’s blade was already within striking distance!


Miao Feiyan was shocked. His extensive combat experience and keen battle instincts as a Titan pilot made him decisively abandon his attack in that critical moment. He pulled back his mecha blade and initiated his own overclocking, attempting to counter Ji Mingzhu’s strike.

Overclocking is a fundamental skill for advanced pilots and a crucial indicator of their prowess. Both pilots activated their overclocking almost simultaneously, but the difference in their skill levels was immediately apparent. Miao Feiyan’s was a standard overclock, boosting energy output to 130% for a short time. However, Ji Mingzhu’s secondary overclocking was more advanced, pushing energy output beyond 180%. Moreover, Ji Mingzhu’s transition from normal to overclocked output was seamless, with virtually no delay!

The two steel warriors collided, their alloy blades clashing violently like two comets colliding, creating a sonic boom and shockwave that rippled outward. The entire arena seemed to be caught in a sudden storm, causing a painful pressure in the eardrums and making the scene before their eyes blur for a moment.


The white mecha was sent flying!

Miao Feiyan quickly operated within the cockpit, narrowly regaining the mecha’s balance before hitting the ground.

His expression had turned incredibly serious, even shocked.

…Who the hell is he?!

Several names flashed through Miao Feiyan’s mind. Throughout his career as a Titan pilot, he had faced other Titan pilots from various satellite cities many times, but he had never felt such an intense sense of pressure.

It’s like…

It’s like the Red Guard Commander in his youth.

In Miao Feiyan’s impression, only Zuo Quanzong, who once represented the pinnacle of pilots, could possess such strength.


A young teenager?

Suddenly, Miao Feiyan thought of someone. His name had been echoing throughout all the satellite cities recently, whether for his heroic feats or his piloting skills, making him the most talked-about topic in recent days.

Before Miao Feiyan could recall the person’s name, the black mecha opposite him attacked again.

No room for breathing, no time to adjust. Solving a formidable Titan pilot within ninety seconds at minimal cost doesn’t allow any holding back.

Clang, clang, clang—

The black mecha strode towards Miao Feiyan, like the Grim Reaper advancing in a black cloak, causing Miao Feiyan’s breath to hitch. The next second, the alloy blade of the black mecha was already upon him!

The angle of attack was precise and relentless, a standard positional preemptive strike. Miao Feiyan’s brow twitched; without much time to think, his body instinctively moved to counter.

Military Style Second Class Variable Frequency Blade, Pursuing and Attack Dislocation Step, attacking from the left, targeting his power core…

In an instant, Miao Feiyan’s brain completed a complex assessment. Ji Mingzhu’s movements were fast and accurate, his grasp of the battlefield situation and timing of attack were perfect, instantly shattering the initiative Miao Feiyan had built. Miao Feiyan realized there was a gap in their operational skills, but this gap wasn’t insurmountable.

After all, the opponent was just a young person. Youth meant lack of experience, prone to getting carried away. Miao Feiyan only needed to seize an opportunity to execute a counterattack and strike decisively…

Miao Feiyan swiftly adjusted the dial. The white mecha he piloted sprung the blade in place, the mecha’s blade curling up like a snake along his forearm, moving the blade to a parallel position. At the same time, the power core spun rapidly, executing a secondary variable-frequency maneuver almost identical to Ji Mingzhu’s just moments ago. The entire mecha seemed like a bloodthirsty beast, charging straight towards Ji Mingzhu!

Come on!


The two alloy blades collided fiercely, sparking intense flashes like two beasts grappling with each other, neither willing to give an inch. In the underground mecha arena, there was no sight more thrilling than this. The surrounding audience was ignited almost instantly by this scene, adrenaline surging, emitting awe-inspiring cheers.


They immediately exchanged several strikes, beginning a rare offensive battle. A storm brewed inside the arena. Just as Miao Feiyan thought Ji Mingzhu was preparing for a head-on clash with their mecha blades, Ji Mingzhu suddenly pulled back his assault.

He can change tactics too?!

Miao Feiyan was shocked. His mecha blade was already operating at maximum speed, overclocking engaged. Each strike was at full power, driven by tremendous inertia, making precise maneuvers almost impossible. He had assumed his opponent was thinking the same, but Ji Mingzhu managed to execute fine maneuvers even in this situation?

What level of skill was this?!

Alarm bells rang in Miao Feiyan’s mind. He felt like he had been tricked. Before he could react, the black mecha in front of him had already closed in. At such close range, he could clearly see every detail of the black mecha’s exterior paint.

The power core in the chest rumbled and spun, emitting a surging blue light, enhancing the mecha’s sharply angular form like the sharpest sickle. Miao Feiyan could even see the dual eyes on the mecha’s head. Whether it was an illusion or not, he sensed a hint of mockery in his opponent’s movements.

“You’re strong.”

The match had been going for one minute and eighteen seconds when Ji Mingzhu’s voice echoed in Miao Feiyan’s cockpit. It was through their mecha communication channel, unheard by the audience.

Miao Feiyan heard the clear voice of a young man resonating in the cockpit, calm yet with a touch of swagger: “But I’m stronger.”

The black mecha whipped up a strong hurricane, slicing through the thick air, executing a perfect high-speed reverse rotation to evade Miao Feiyan’s blade. Then, it continued to stride forward. With a push of the control lever to the limit, the mecha leaned sideways, shoulders slamming forcefully, pushing Miao Feiyan’s mecha several meters backward. Immediately after, a lightning-fast move with an alloy glow sliced through the air, aiming to strike!

—Rapid Shadow Lateral Caesar’s Kill Technique!


The commentator on the platform stood up directly!

This scene is both magnificent and highly artistic, like a knight in steel armor charging with a sword. Amidst the dimly lit arena, the vibrant neon lights flickered, but even they paled in comparison to this spectacle.

Is this the kind of maneuver expected in underground mecha matches?

Is this the kind of combat they should be seeing here?!

In just over a minute of intense duel, fraught with danger, the peak-level performance from both sides could seamlessly fit into the ultimate Titan pilot showdowns held in various satellite cities. Its appearance here now even brought a tearful feeling to the commentators.

Boom… Boom!

Ji Mingzhu’s magnificent, perfect, and deadly Lateral Kill Technique concluded with the black mecha’s blade slicing directly into Miao Feiyan’s mecha’s power core, causing sparks to burst out before dimming down.

The black mecha, victorious!

Instantly, the entire arena erupted into thunderous cheers from the audience.

That was so exhilarating!!

So spectacular!

Just a minute ago, it was hard to imagine Miao Feiyan, the king of underground mecha matches, losing. If someone had predicted this outcome beforehand, most would have dismissed it as rigged. However, anyone who witnessed the battle just now couldn’t deny it with a clear conscience. Miao Feiyan’s performance was flawless, showcasing the level expected of a Titan pilot. But the crucial point was… his opponent was simply too strong.

“Congratulations to this young challenger for achieving the ultimate victory!”

The commentator’s ecstatic voice rang out, momentarily bringing the frenzied audience back to their senses.

Wait a minute.

The audience suddenly realized something.

Didn’t they… bet on Miao Feiyan to win ah?

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