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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 21

  1. [How about the Consul’s modified version? Does it have this variation?]
[This should be a custom modification by Tian Nan himself…] [He’s so versatile, with both skills and modification abilities. I’m in love~] [It looks flashy, but we won’t know if it’s any good until it’s put to the test…]

Mecha modification is not an uncommon practice. After gaining a certain understanding of “Warfall,” many players attempt to modify their mechas. However, it is not easy to obtain the right to name the modified mecha with a suffix.

This requires the modifier to possess extensive knowledge of mechas and be able to make significant improvements based on the original design to gain the system’s recognition and obtain an exclusive suffix name.

Some people, even with a named modified mecha, fail to perform well in actual combat. Therefore, mecha modification is a seemingly simple yet technically demanding endeavor.

The Consul’s modified “Breaking Clouds” is not actually Ji Mingzhu’s own creation.

Its creator is Ji Mingzhu’s former teammate.

“How’s it, Captain?”

Tang Jingxuan proudly displayed his new creation. “Take a look at the mecha I modified!”

“Breaking Clouds?”

Ji Mingzhu glanced curiously, with a dark expression. “The name you chose is quite targeted…”

The team they were facing the next day was the “Heavy Clouds Squad.” And now Tang Jingxuan came up with “Breaking Clouds.” Isn’t he clearly causing trouble?

“A few days ago, the Heavy Clouds Squad was mocking you on Weibo and even encouraged their fans to bomb your account. I can’t stand for that,” Tang Jingxuan snorted. “Tomorrow, you’ll pilot this mecha and demolish them!”

Ji Mingzhu rubbed his chin. “If the coach finds out, he’ll scold us.”

“That’s true.”

Tang Jingxuan sighed. “Then we’ll have to…”

The two exchanged glances, simultaneously revealing mischievous smiles and said in unison, “Give them a surprise.”

The next day, during the match, the coach looked at Ji Mingzhu, who suddenly changed his pre-selected mecha to a modified one called “Breaking Clouds.” As he heard the enthusiastic cheers from the audience, his face turned as dark as a bottom of a pot.

“You two are really rebellious.”

After the match, Tang Jingxuan and Ji Mingzhu were tasked with doing laundry for the entire team for a month, along with receiving a self-reflection package.

“Five, four, three…”

The countdown representing the start of the match slowly ticked away, gradually dissipating Ji Mingzhu’s nostalgic feelings.

Blaming those troublesome teammates.

They had originally agreed to celebrate all night together after winning the championship. But now that he had time-traveled, he wondered if Tang Jingxuan and the others would miss him.

Ji Mingzhu clicked his tongue and shifted his gaze to the opponent’s mecha.

This model was one that Ji Mingzhu had rarely seen before. It was likely one of the special fantasy-type mechas in the world of “Warfall,” which meant he had to take it seriously and be fully focused.

With its rich golden paint and slightly exaggerated design, especially the pair of shiny golden wings at the back, it appeared to defy dynamics. Rather than a mecha, it resembled a design forcefully created for visual effects in a movie…

Due to the opponent’s mecha looking too outlandish, Ji Mingzhu momentarily couldn’t find any weaknesses and didn’t know where to start his attack.

As the countdown ended, both mechas were finally able to move.

The current map was set in a city terrain, with towering skyscrapers and intertwining city bridges. In the steel forest, the two colossal beings stood in the center, awaiting the start of the battle.

Ji Mingzhu’s “Breaking Clouds” stood at a height of twenty meters, already considered a medium to large-sized mecha among non-Titan class mechas. However, Jin Sanduo’s “Jin Krypton Man” reached a towering height of thirty meters, towering over Breaking Clouds and almost matching the adjacent high-rise buildings in height.

The glass facades of the modern buildings reflected the silhouette of the “Jin Krypton Man,” showcasing a golden radiance like that of diamonds. It made Jin Sanduo’s mecha appear like a mechanical version of a mythical angel, shimmering brilliantly.

Neither of the mechas made the first move; they stood in confrontation, exuding an impending storm.

The spectators couldn’t help but wonder: Which side would strike first?

Facing an unfamiliar mecha, Ji Mingzhu was on high alert. Despite the seemingly simple stance of Breaking Clouds, its body was subtly adjusting angles with Ji Mingzhu’s precise control, ready to swiftly adopt an offensive or defensive posture in response to the opponent’s movements.

Ordinary spectators might not notice it, but the keen-eyed professional players in the audience were already intrigued.

This mysterious expert called Tian Nan… His adjustment precision must be very low.

Highly precise adjustments like Ji Mingzhu’s can’t be achieved with high adjustment rates.

In comparison, Jin Sanduo’s Beast Hunter seemed a bit straightforward. On one hand, his adjustment rate was only 36%, making it difficult for him to perform precise micro-adjustments like Ji Mingzhu. On the other hand… as a top-tier fantasy-type mecha with fully optimized configurations, he didn’t need such flashy maneuvers.

After a brief standoff, Jin Sanduo grew impatient and abandoned his probing. Relying on the advantage of his mecha’s configuration, he launched a direct attack!

His exaggerated golden wings soared high behind him, and the golden power core spun vigorously, emitting a buzzing sound throughout the city. In the next moment, a fierce barrage of firepower poured out from the metallic wings!


The extensive firepower covered Breaking Clouds and the surrounding area, causing the meticulously arranged high-rise buildings to explode simultaneously. One after another, the buildings collapsed, creating a visually explosive effect!

[Damn, this firepower…] [I told you, Jin Krypton Man’s equipment is truly invincible.] [Tsk, it’s only invincible in the game. This brainless operation is no match for Tian Nan with just a finger.] [Haha, if you’re so capable, why don’t you make the game developers delete fantasy mechas? Stop making excuses.]

Amidst the intense explosions and flying debris of steel, Ji Mingzhu, piloting Breaking Clouds, also began to move!

The white-painted Breaking Clouds cut through the scattered smoke like a sword and swiftly moved to the right. The mecha’s movements were extremely exaggerated, tilting at an angle of nearly sixty degrees as if it were being pushed down by invisible hands!

In the midst of this falling-but-not-falling motion, Breaking Clouds completed the transition from motion to stillness. Its right leg heavily stomped on the ground, exerting a reactionary force that flattened a low-rise building beneath it. The massive body abruptly halted its high-speed movement, then decisively charged straight toward the direction of Jin Krypton Man!


At the same time, the titanium-gold blade component belonging to Athena appeared in Breaking Clouds’ hand, reflecting a chilling radiance under the sunlight!

Gorgeous! Decisive! Flawless variable footsteps!

A violent gasp echoed through the audience.

This movement was so fluid and yet so dangerous… It was as if they were dancing on the edge of a knife. With even a slight operational error, the twenty-meter-tall mecha would lose its balance and be torn to shreds by the heavy firepower of the Beast Hunter.

What kind of confidence did they have in their own maneuvers?!

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Breaking Clouds maneuvered through the urban landscape like an experienced parkour athlete. With a light push of its arms against the rooftops, its body swiftly bounced up. In mid-air, it performed a beautiful spin, plunging the titanium-gold blade into a high-rise building and then swiftly swinging its body again. Countless laser cannons and beams grazed past Breaking Clouds, but Ji Mingzhu seemed to effortlessly navigate through the devastating barrage—a sight that drove the spectators wild.

Inside the cockpit, Ji Mingzhu’s gaze showed no sign of nervousness. The Beast Hunter truly lived up to its name as a formidable mecha. It not only possessed intense bombardment firepower but also a formidable targeting system with excellent predictive capabilities. Ji Mingzhu didn’t want to rely on complex variable footsteps and feints to evade the firepower net. But it seemed like there was no other choice.


As if having eyes on its back, Breaking Clouds, during its descent, performed a full spin. A laser cannon flashed by, obliterating a building behind it.

Fortunately, Ji Mingzhu had switched to this mecha before the battle, equipping it with the Warfall’s instantaneous acceleration system. This allowed for such swift turning movements through instantaneous power manipulation. If he had been piloting the Consul, even with two extra hands, that laser cannon would have hit him squarely!

Countless spectators in the audience couldn’t help but feel a surge of anxiety.

The gap in mecha models wasn’t so easily compensated for. That laser cannon had hit Tian Nan’s predicted trajectory, and from their perspective, there was no way to evade it. However, at this moment, Tian Nan showcased an extraordinary predictive ability. Although the spin seemed simple, it involved extremely delicate maneuvers.

Under the dominance of the Beast Hunter, if Ji Mingzhu became even slightly careless, this battle would be over.

Jin Sanduo, piloting the Beast Hunter, had his finger on the firepower button. Watching the modified version of the Consul mecha skillfully maneuver through the high-rises like Spider-Man, he put away his initial underestimation.

What an interesting opponent.

Ji Mingzhu didn’t launch an attack rashly. He, too, was waiting for an opportunity.

Finally, the torrential firepower net experienced a brief pause.

No matter how absurd the fantasy mecha was, “Warfall” had to consider a certain degree of balance. The indiscriminate bombardment by the Beast Hunter also had its limits. After continuous firing, there would be a cooldown period of about two seconds.

An opportunity had arrived.

Ji Mingzhu’s eyes narrowed slightly as he swiftly adjusted the dial and forcefully pushed the control lever with both hands.


The power core spun rapidly, and in that instant, Breaking Clouds, the white mecha, underwent a second overclocking. Surging blue light erupted through the gaps in the mecha, emitted by the power core.

“Thud, thud, thud!”

During the momentary lull in the Beast Hunter’s firepower, Breaking Clouds launched its attack. The mecha tilted forward and began its assault toward the Beast Hunter’s position, taking large strides even before the other spectators could react.

The C32 titanium-gold blade unfolded, effortlessly slicing through the remains of high-rise buildings. Following Breaking Clouds’ path of movement, it left behind a trail of blazing destruction—a radiant path of carnage.

—Forward momentum, Flashbound Blade!

Faced with such a perfectly timed and surging onslaught, Jin Sanduo, too, felt an unusual surge of excitement. His blood seemed to ignite throughout his body. While his piloting skills might not match the very top players, the might of the fantasy mecha had granted him an undefeated streak for quite some time.


Jin Sanduo abandoned waiting for the firepower to recharge. With a crisp sound, a massive Knight-Lance sprung out from his back, firmly gripped in his hand.

Bring it on!


The titanium-gold blade clashed with the Knight-Lance in mid-air, erupting with a force reminiscent of a comet striking the Earth. The point of collision created a terrifying shockwave, shattering glass and leaving nothing in its wake, as if a hurricane had swept through, leaving no trace of life.

Whether in terms of power systems or armor strength, Breaking Clouds paled in comparison to the Beast Hunter. This heart-stopping collision seemed like an attempt to crush an egg with a rock in the eyes of others.

But Ji Mingzhu showed no fear!

Under his control, the titanium-gold blade executed a clever reverse spin. Jin Sanduo reacted swiftly, swiftly opening and closing his Knight-Lance, attempting to intercept Breaking Clouds’ blade trajectory.

In the blink of an eye, the two colossal warriors had exchanged several moves in the midst of the crumbling battlefield.

Clang, clang, clang!

The titanium-gold blade and the Knight-Lance incessantly clashed and crossed paths, their speed bewildering to the onlookers.

The Beast Hunter boasted the finest attack capture system, enabling it to keep up with such a rapid melee combat rhythm. However, Breaking Clouds was merely a B-class mecha, even with Ji Mingzhu’s modifications, its overall combat prowess could barely rival an A-class. How could an A-class mecha keep up with the movements of top-tier fantasy mechas?


What was even more astonishing was yet to come. Just when everyone thought Breaking Clouds was barely holding on and defeat was inevitable, in the next second, two steel chains suddenly shot out from behind Breaking Clouds and firmly anchored themselves in a distant mountainside—


Jin Sanduo was completely caught off guard, his gaze freezing in place.


The sword-like chains swiftly retracted, bringing even greater forward momentum to Breaking Clouds. Simultaneously, Ji Mingzhu activated the Botler 0-Type power overclocking, causing the power core to complete a complex secondary rotation in an instant, resulting in an astonishing burst of power!

The giant mecha that had just been engaged in close-quarters combat instantly reversed the situation. Jin Sanduo had never expected Ji Mingzhu’s move. In such a short period of time, he had no time to defend. Even though the Beast Hunter’s mecha was capable of retaliating in an instant, the mecha was ultimately limited by the pilot’s abilities, and Jin Sanduo was unable to respond in time!

The C32 titanium-gold blade transformed into a streak of lightning in the air, piercing directly into the joints of the Beast Hunter. Breaking Clouds tightly grasped the hilt, recklessly charging forward like an out-of-control train, following the direction of the chains!

“Thud, thud, thud!”

The tremendous force propelled the Beast Hunter to retreat, continuously crushing numerous buildings along the way. Dust and debris filled the air, perfectly exemplifying the brutal aesthetics of violence.

Finally, the Beast Hunter was slammed against the mountainside at the edge of the city, causing the mountains to rumble and stones to cascade down.

Before Jin Sanduo could readjust his balance and counterattack, in the next second, a breathtaking flash of the blade swept across his field of vision—

Double Blade of the Soaring Swallow Style!

The C32 titanium-gold blade traced a cunning arc, first horizontally slashing through the previously pierced armor crack. Then, Breaking Clouds’ entire mecha spun upward, transforming into a white spinning top in the eyes of everyone. It rotated at an incredible speed without the slightest hint of motion disorder, harnessing the body’s momentum to accumulate potential energy. Finally, it came crashing down with tremendous force!


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