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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 22

  1. “My suggestion is to run, and run fast.”


In the dormitory, You Jia saw this scene and excitedly danced around, banging on the table so hard that he almost toppled over.

This is incredible!!

From start to finish, Ji Mingzhu’s state was incredibly stable. Every move, from evasion to attack, seemed as if it had been rehearsed countless times, a perfect performance. The top-tier fantasy mecha that would make most people tremble in fear had no chance to utilize its advantages against him. Ji Mingzhu seized the opportunity and took it down in one go!

It’s important to note that there are no Titan-class mechas in “Warfall.” If we were to choose the mecha with parameters closest to a Titan within the existing mechas in the game, it would undoubtedly be Jin Sandou’s Beast Hunter.

Although it is still far from a true Titan, Jin Sandou’s Beast Hunter can completely dominate when facing ordinary player mechas.

Jin Sandou never expected Ji Mingzhu’s attack to be so fierce and decisive. His timing was impeccable, launching attacks without giving any breathing room. The final move, the Flying Swallow Double Military Knife, was truly a stroke of genius. Each strike landed precisely in the same spot, as if measured multiple times with a ruler, cutting through the Beast Hunter’s heavily protected INN-Hafnium fiber-reinforced metal armor, resulting in a complete mecha explosion!

If given another chance, Jin Sandou would definitely not be so easily caught off guard.

Unfortunately, battles are battles, and even if Jin Sandou harbors regrets, he can only accept defeat. This emphasizes the importance of the pilot. If a more experienced pilot were piloting the Beast Hunter, Ji Mingzhu might not have had such an easy victory.

[Wow.] [That Flying Swallow Dual Military Knife… it’s a bit brutal.] [His movements are so graceful.] [I remember current professional players don’t have this style. His movements are incredibly smooth, even smoother than real people.] [Who cares about professional players? With this level of skill, competing professionally would be a waste. They should directly pilot real mechas.] [Indeed… I estimate his movement adjustments to be below 10%. If he can exhibit half of this level in reality…] [Could it be true? Is he one of “them”?]

“This kid…”

As Huo Zai watched the scene of the golden-winged mecha being swiftly and explosively defeated, a hint of curiosity flashed in his eyes. “Seems like there have been some changes.”

Ji Mingzhu’s performance in “Warfall” had already been impressive enough to catch the attention of Zuo Quanzong and Huo Zai. They even went against the traditions of Zongbingyi Academy, transferring him from the regular class to the mecha combat class.

But in today’s battle, there seemed to be some subtle changes in his style compared to before.

His attacks were more fierce, his desire to attack stronger, and his accuracy in seizing fleeting opportunities improved. These subtle growths, though not obvious, did not escape the eyes of Huo Zai, the Deputy Minister of the Thunder Division.

Like a beast breaking free from its restraints, the drawn sword from its sheath was sharper, its claws more lethal. Zuo Quanzong nodded imperceptibly beside Huo Zai, a trace of admiration revealed in his dignified expression.

As the Red Guard Commander and the once recognized strongest Titan pilot, Zuo Quanzong could easily identify the issues Ji Mingzhu had before. However, even he didn’t expect that in such a short time, Ji Mingzhu would experience such rapid growth, as if breaking free from some kind of shackles, no longer restricted in his fighting style, and already possessing the aura of a Titan pilot.

A genius.

Huo Zai, with his keen perception, noticed Zuo Quanzong’s subtle change in expression. Being observant, he quickly understood the reason. Zuo Quanzong had been absent for quite some time before this battle, and the changes displayed by Ji Mingzhu were likely related to Zuo Quanzong’s influence.

As Zuo Quanzong’s junior, Huo Zai had a close relationship with him, so he could only turn a blind eye to Zuo Quanzong’s actions.


Ji Mingzhu’s talent was even more astonishing than Huo Zai had anticipated. If he followed the normal path of development, Ji Mingzhu becoming a Titan pilot was almost a certainty. Perhaps he could replicate Zuo Quanzong’s path and, starting from a backgroundless commoner, become the strongest Titan pilot of his time—a sharp sword in the hands of Sky City…

The possibility crossed Huo Zai’s mind, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

Ji Mingzhu exited the cockpit and loosened his shoulders.

Whether it was the recent push for higher rankings or today’s battle against the Beast Hunter, Ji Mingzhu had not exerted his full strength.

In fact, even in the previous world championship, Ji Mingzhu hadn’t given it his all.

He needed to leave room for his “growth.”

Today’s battle, to some extent, could be considered a “report card” for Zuo Quanzong.

Ji Mingzhu had confidence that this report card would surely satisfy Zuo Quanzong.

The sky had darkened, and Ji Mingzhu stood up, preparing to have dinner.

The household robot in the dormitory had the function of cooking meals. Although the variety and taste were not as good as the cafeteria in Zongbingyi Academy, it was still quite decent.

Ji Mingzhu was about to activate the cooking program on the household robot when he lifted his gaze and noticed a steaming lunchbox already placed in front of it.

When was it prepared?

Ji Mingzhu couldn’t remember setting the cooking program for the household robot before entering the cockpit. With a sense of doubt, he picked up the lunchbox in front of him and took a bite.


Axiu’s voice sounded after a while. “I’m here.”

“You made this meal, right?”

Axiu replied, “…Is it that obvious?”

Ji Mingzhu chewed on the food in his mouth. “It’s pretty bad.”

The cooking program of the household robot was pre-set and couldn’t produce something this awful.

Axiu apologized, “…Sorry, it’s my first attempt.”

After a pause, Axiu continued, “I’ll have the robot make another serving according to the program.”

“No need,” Ji Mingzhu smiled. “It may not taste good, but… it brings back memories.”

Just like the first time Cang Lan and Shenghong cooked for him, it was also terrible.

“I’m sorry, I’ll improve next time.”

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Keep it up.”

Ji Mingzhu encouraged him before becoming curious. “You can even hack into household robots?”

“It’s not difficult. The built-in firewall of household robots is quite vulnerable to me.”

Ji Mingzhu was surprised. “What about mecha? Can you hack into a mecha too?”

“I haven’t tried. I don’t know if it’s possible.”

Axiu said, “For physical devices, I need to be within a distance of about 5 meters from the target to attempt hacking.”

Although Axiu had the opportunity to try when Ji Mingzhu piloted Aria’s Ambusher, at that time Ji Mingzhu was unaware of Axiu’s capabilities. Without Ji Mingzhu’s permission, Axiu naturally wouldn’t attempt to hack into the mecha Ji Mingzhu was piloting. It would pose a threat to Ji Mingzhu’s safety and violate Axiu’s first directive.

Ji Mingzhu pondered.

If Axiu could really hack into mechas… it would undoubtedly be an additional boost for Ji Mingzhu.

If there’s a chance to interact with mechas again, he must let Axiu give it a try.

Frowning, Ji Mingzhu finished the disagreeable lunchbox in front of him and was about to rest when Axiu spoke up, “I’ve received a message from the Mecha Division office.”

Opening the message, the content was simple. It basically stated that since Ji Mingzhu had left the classroom early today, he didn’t receive the assigned mecha uniform and needed to go to a designated location to pick it up now.

“Considering the time…”

Ji Mingzhu glanced at the sky; it was already past 10 p.m. The teachers at Zongbingyi Academy were certainly dedicated.

Reluctantly, Ji Mingzhu put on his clothes and opened the door to step outside.

The location mentioned in the message was conveniently nearby. However, Zongbingyi Academy was quite large, and even with Axiu guiding him, Ji Mingzhu found himself getting a bit disoriented.

It was the beginning of the school year, and everyone was busy with their own tasks. There weren’t many people wandering around the campus at this late hour. Ji Mingzhu followed the route for a while, and the number of people around gradually decreased. Only the sound of the wind and the crunching of fallen leaves accompanied Ji Mingzhu’s footsteps.

Something didn’t feel right.

Ji Mingzhu seemed to sense something, and his steps paused. He didn’t turn around or look back, but his gaze subtly scanned his surroundings.

At some point, several figures silently surrounded him.

They wore identical black masks and black tactical uniforms, blending in with the darkness of the night. Their movements were quiet and coordinated, clearly indicating their well-trained nature.

Axiu said, “They have anti-surveillance equipment on them.”

These individuals came prepared, equipped with advanced anti-surveillance devices. As a result, Axiu’s surveillance function didn’t detect their presence immediately.

On their masks, Ji Mingzhu noticed a familiar emblem.

During his previous encounters with Yu Heng and others, he had seen it before.

— They were members of the Feibo organization.

No….Why would members of Feibo be at Zongbingyi Academy?

Ji Mingzhu wondered. In this top-tier institution in Shangjing City, closely associated with Calamity Control Bureau, how could members of Feibo infiltrate unnoticed? Has Feibo’s influence grown to such an extent?

Furthermore, why were they targeting him specifically?

Ji Mingzhu felt a sense of danger rising within him. He was skilled in operating mecha, but when it came to physical combat, he was nothing more than a novice. After all, even during his time at the club, he would try to avoid the morning training tasks assigned by the coach…

Seeking help from Axiu in his mind, Ji Mingzhu asked, “What should we do?”

At the same time, he scanned his surroundings, searching for an escape route.

“Don’t panic,” Axiu’s voice, though young, carried a reassuring sense of safety. “I can temporarily take control of your body for an escape.”

“Like in the movies?” Ji Mingzhu breathed a sigh of relief. Having watched some sci-fi films, he was familiar with scenes where AI took over human bodies and wreaked havoc. Given that Axiu was an advanced artificial intelligence implanted in his neck, connected to his nervous system, it wasn’t surprising that it could do such things.

“I’m ready. Take control.”

With Axiu as his backup, Ji Mingzhu regained his confidence. He relaxed his body and surveyed the black-clad individuals slowly closing in on him. “It’s best if no one gets hurt. I’m quite afraid of pain, you know.”

After waiting for a while, Ji Mingzhu still didn’t feel any loss of control over his body.

“Don’t just stand there. The enemies are practically in my face,” Ji Mingzhu urged. “There’s no audience here, so there’s no need for dramatic last-minute reversals, right?”

After half a day, Axiu’s voice finally came through.

There was a hint of subtle embarrassment in the tone. “Data module missing. The [Asura Mode] function is temporarily unavailable.”

Ji Mingzhu exclaimed, “You…!”

Axiu attempted to regain some dignity. “There are other ways.”

Ji Mingzhu demanded, “Then tell me!”

“Run fast,” Axiu said.

Ji Mingzhu. “…”

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