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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 26

  1. Spring has come, I won’t speak first. Who dares to make a sound, you little worms?!

Regarding Ji Mingzhu, the sudden transfer student, others didn’t know much about him. However, based on his performance yesterday, they had a preliminary impression of him.

He was a rather gentle-natured young boy, and there was even a hint of timidity in his bones. Faced with Chang Haoyang’s provocation, he presented an appearance of strength despite his seemingly weak aura.

They never expected that this seemingly non-dominant, even somewhat feeble young boy would possess such… an audacious side.

“What did you say?!”

Chang Haoyang doubted if he misheard, expressing disbelief. “You’re saying that I… am unworthy?”

He looked like an enraged lion, his eyes bloodshot, as if he would tear Ji Mingzhu to pieces in the next second.

On the other side, in the observation room, the assessment officers from the Calamity Control Bureau heard Ji Mingzhu’s words clearly and couldn’t help exchanging glances.

How did this boy change so drastically in just one day?

“This child…”

Zuo Quanzong shook his head, but his expression showed no displeasure. Instead, a smile curved his lips, and there was a hidden sense of approval in his eyes.

Yes, it should be like this.

In the field of mecha piloting, despising all opponents and retaliating fiercely—this is the attitude a Titan pilot should possess.

Although Zuo Quanzong didn’t speak, the other assessment officers were all astute individuals. From Zuo Quanzong’s demeanor, it wasn’t difficult to perceive the Red Guard’s attitude. They all lowered their heads, each forming their own thoughts.

On the other side, news of the simulated combat assessment in the Mecha Combat Class quickly spread.

The assessment would take place in Training Hall No. 1 of Zongbingyi Academy. Although it was called a “hall,” in reality, it was already as large as two sports fields combined. The training hall had a rather retro structure resembling a traditional Chinese earthen tower. Surrounding the open space in the center were sloping, tiered spectator stands. It was constructed using high-intensity, technologically advanced composite building materials, yet it carried a strong sense of weight and solidity. The layout was intricate and well-planned.

The assessment for the Mecha Combat Class was not closed off, so once the news spread, nearly all the students from Zongbingyi Academy who weren’t in class rushed over.

As the elite program, the Mecha Combat Class students were seen as a mysterious group by most people. Now, they finally had the opportunity to witness the level of the Mecha Combat Class up close, and naturally, no one wanted to miss this chance.

“Wow, so many people?”

“You guys skipped class and came too?”

“Yeah, our Theory and Research class teacher even skipped class to come and watch. Of course, we had to come too…”

“This is so lively, it feels like a mecha competition…”

Observant students in the spectator stands noticed a few familiar figures up front.

“Isn’t that the head of the Mecha Division? Why is he here?”

“Look, Vice Dean Zhuge is also here next to the Division head!”

“And who is that man with a military-like demeanor? He’s not a teacher from our school, right?”

“It should be from the Calamity Control Bureau.”

“I see Chang Bei! Oh my god, my idol! I cried so much on the day he retired, and now I can see him here. wuwuwu…”

“Hey, hey, look at that… Isn’t that… the Deputy Minister of the Thunder Division, His Excellency Huo Zai?”

“Where?… Damn, it seems like it really is him!”

“The gathering of big shots! It looks like the rumors about selecting a Titan pilot in the Mecha Combat Class are true!”

“Who is that tall and slender person next to His Excellency Huo Zai? Why does everyone around him look respectful?”

“I don’t know, never seen him before…”

“Your Excellency Jin Qing.”

When Jin Qing appeared in the simulated training hall, even Huo Zai was momentarily stunned.

The teachers and head of Zongbingyi Academy, including Vice Dean Zhuge Hua, all stood up and bowed to Jin Qing.

Although Jin Qing had recently arrived in the Calamity Control Bureau, news of him being an immortal envoy from the Sky City and the newly appointed Minister of the Thunder Division had already spread throughout the Calamity Control Bureau. Zongbingyi Academy had a close relationship with the Calamity Control Bureau, so naturally, they were aware of this.

“Please be seated.”

Jin Qing still maintained his indifferent demeanor. There was not much expression on his face, only a slight nod towards those who saluted him.

The immortals usually resided in the Sky City and rarely “descended” to the mortal realm. Many people were seeing a real immortal for the first time, despite them having almost identical appearances to humans. However, their aura of aloofness and detachment from worldly affairs made it easy to distinguish them.

People’s reverence for the immortals was genuine. It was because of the existence of immortals that humans could stand firm in this dangerous world surrounded by Aberrations. It was also thanks to the numerous technologies provided by the immortals that humans could have their current stable lives.

When the silent Sky City sailed across the sky, everyone who looked up gained an infinite sense of security.

“I never expected that the envoy from Sky City would also be concerned about the selection of Titan pilots.”

“Indeed, the Sky City has always been watching over us!”

“If it weren’t for Sky City, we wouldn’t have the life we have now.”

“Let’s hope the students perform well and make humanity proud. Let’s not disappoint the envoy from Sky City.”

The simulated assessment hadn’t even begun, yet the entire venue was already bustling with people. It looked extremely lively, as if hosting a grand banquet.

Soon, the students from the Mecha Combat Class who were participating in the assessment started to enter one after another.

“Isn’t that the child from the Chang family? Chang Bei’s younger brother, right?”

“Yes, that’s him. I heard he’s the most likely candidate to be selected this year.”

“The one with the bandage on his left hand, isn’t that You Jia? I heard he’s quite a famous anchor in ‘Warfall’.”

“The You Corporation has close ties with the Calamity Control Bureau. I think his chances of being selected are quite high.”

“They are all quite influential figures…”

“Look at that young man, isn’t he the transfer student who caused a ruckus yesterday?”

“It should be him. Hmm, he doesn’t seem particularly outstanding, does he?”

“Looking at his thin arms and legs, he doesn’t seem like someone who can be on the battlefield…”

Discussions erupted among the spectators in the audience.

“Your younger brother doesn’t seem to be in a good mood, does he?”

A woman with short hair nudged the man beside her.

Chang Bei’s expression was indifferent as he glanced at Chang Haoyang below, but he didn’t say anything.

The woman clicked her tongue.

It seems that the rumors are true. The relationship between the two brothers from the Chang family is indeed not good.

Soon, the students from the Mecha Combat Class paired up and began the assessment under the watchful eyes of countless onlookers.

This assessment was not a holographic simulation but a real mecha. Of course, they were using the basic TS01 training model without high-powered laser cannons to prevent casualties during the assessment.

But even so, it was enough to excite the audience. After all, compared to holographic simulations, nothing beats the thrill of real mecha clashes!

Soon, the battles of the first few student pairs began.

Most people were witnessing the skill level of the Mecha Combat Class up close for the first time. It had to be said that being the elite program of Zongbingyi Academy, the Mecha Combat Class truly had its merits. Most of them had received professional mecha training from a young age, so they were not unfamiliar with operating at 0% correction levels.

Without the special effects of the “Warfall” game, the central mecha battle in the arena wasn’t as visually stunning, but it carried an indescribable sense of danger and brutality. The two mechanical giants collided with each other, and the audience could even see armor fragments flying off the mechas. The alloy weapons clashed continuously, creating a dazzling display of sword and blade, igniting the passion of the spectators.

“They’re really strong!”

“No wonder they’re from the Mecha Combat Class!”

“They probably have the skill level of a Level 2 pilot, right?”

“To have this level of skill right after entering school, they shouldn’t have any problem advancing to Level 5 with a few more years of training.”

After each battle, the audience generously contributed their applause.

The teachers from Zongbingyi Academy wore proud smiles on their faces and occasionally glanced at Ji Mingzhu beside them.

These outstanding students would become the backbone pilots of the Calamity Control Bureau in the near future, loyal warriors of the Sky City, guarding peace in the human world.


As the battle ended, the cockpit of the mecha opened, and You Jia walked out, sighing in relief.

His left hand was injured, and it affected his performance. Fortunately, his opponent wasn’t too strong, and although it took some effort, he still emerged victorious.

You Jia looked at Ji Mingzhu, who was preparing to enter the arena, and then glanced at Chang Haoyang across from him. After some thought, he quietly said to Ji Mingzhu.

“Good luck.”

Ji Mingzhu was momentarily taken aback, looking at You Jia and finally smiling back. “Thank you. I will do my best.”

In the audience, Tian Quan sat with his legs crossed, holding a bag of snacks he had somehow acquired, enjoying himself.

Seeing the friendly smile Ji Mingzhu directed at You Jia, Tian Quan couldn’t help but shudder with goosebumps.

Does he have to be so amiable?

Chang Haoyang stared at Ji Mingzhu’s profile with a sinister gaze.

He knew that Chang Bei was watching from the audience, so he took a deep breath, calming the surge of blood and Qi that was stirred up by Ji Mingzhu’s provocation.

He thought, “You just want to disturb my state of mind before the fight, hoping I’ll make a mistake? I won’t fall for such a crude trick.”

Chang Haoyang looked at Ji Mingzhu’s side profile, already planning seven or eight ways to humiliate him in his mind.

“Chang Haoyang is up!”

“Who is his opponent?”

“It seems to be that transfer student, right?”

“Oh, now this will be interesting.”

The people in the audience perked up, sitting up straight, watching the two in the arena.

If it were an ordinary person facing Chang Haoyang, the outcome would be almost predictable. But Ji Mingzhu was different; he was a rarely seen transfer student! The last time a student transferred to the Mecha Combat Class at Zongbingyi Academy, it was Zuo Quanzong, the current Red Guard Commander of the Thunder Division. This naturally sparked expectations. Would this transfer student named Ji Mingzhu have a chance to become the next Zuo Quanzong?

Even though they knew that geniuses like Zuo Quanzong were extremely rare, they still held such expectations.

Because… the current capital city needed a new “Zuo Quanzong.”

Ji Mingzhu stood beneath the mecha.

He could feel the gazes coming from all directions—some filled with doubt, some filled with anticipation, and some filled with disdain.

This feeling was just like the first time he stood in the arena.

Without any experience in professional competitions, Ji Mingzhu, who made his first appearance on the top-tier stage, faced numerous doubts and skepticism.

It had been a long time since Ji Mingzhu had felt this way, but at this moment, he even felt a bit nostalgic for it.


With one hand wrapped around the rappel line dropped from the mecha, Ji Mingzhu smoothly jumped into the cockpit as the line retracted.

On the other side, Chang Haoyang also entered his own cockpit.

The two TS01 mechas faced each other from a distance.

Ji Mingzhu glanced at the control layout inside the cockpit and gripped the control handles with both hands.

Then, under the watchful eyes of everyone, Ji Mingzhu’s mecha wobbled in place, as if attempting to take a step forward but struggling to maintain balance, nearly tipping over.

Audience: ???

Axiu: “Um… What are you doing?”

Ji Mingzhu relaxed his wrist. “Remembering my character.”

Given Ji Mingzhu’s background, he had never had any real experience with mechas before. Even if he excelled in games, transitioning to real-life operation required some adaptation time.

With his professional acting skills, Ji Mingzhu naturally couldn’t afford to make mistakes in such a crucial moment.

Chang Haoyang, observing the seemingly childlike mecha operation on the opposite side, couldn’t help but openly mock, “So, it turns out you’re all talk.”

Is this it? How could he boast so arrogantly before?

The military-looking male examiner from earlier furrowed his brows. “Are you ready?”


Ji Mingzhu’s voice came from inside the mecha. “I need a moment to adapt…”

The audience erupted with boos.

“This guy… Has he never touched the real thing before?”

“Well, that’s it. It’s his first time piloting a mecha, and he has to fight against Chang Haoyang?”

“I remember Chang Haoyang has nearly four to five years of real piloting experience, right?”

“Hahaha… Let’s guess if he can last thirty seconds.”

“This is an assessment, not child’s play.”

The examiner furrowed his brow tightly. “Who has time for you to adapt slowly?”


Ji Mingzhu said, “Then… we can start.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Chang Haoyang’s mecha powered up, its core lighting up.

Next moment, he charged towards Ji Mingzhu’s mecha!

“Thump! Thump! Thump!”

Although the TS01 was a training model, it stood at a height of seven meters. With each stride, it rushed forward like a small mountain, its power core spinning and emitting a daunting sound, accompanied by Chang Haoyang’s excited gaze from inside the cockpit.

Chang Haoyang was indeed excited.

He didn’t know where Ji Mingzhu found the courage to challenge him, nor did he know what skills Ji Mingzhu possessed to receive the treatment of a transfer student. But he knew one thing for sure: he would never let go of this opportunity for revenge!

In his mind, Ji Mingzhu’s face and Chang Bei’s expression merged together, and the cruelty and resentment within Chang Haoyang surfaced almost unrestrained. With excitement came a cruel smile that made people’s hearts tremble.

—Tear him apart, crush him, shred that annoying expression, make him kneel on the ground and weep in pain!

The distance between the two was not long. Chang Haoyang appeared before Ji Mingzhu’s mecha almost instantaneously. The next moment, his alloy blade had already been drawn from the sheath behind him, fiercely slashing towards the chest of the mecha in front of him.


A commotion erupted from the audience!

What is he doing?!

The chest of the mecha housed the cockpit. In games, if one could penetrate the defense and directly hit the cockpit, the opponent’s mecha would explode on the spot, deciding the victory or defeat.

But… this wasn’t a game; this was real mecha combat!

To strike directly towards the cockpit, was there some deep-rooted enmity?

If this blow landed, even if the training mecha’s lethality was limited, it would be enough to put the pilot out of action for one or two months!

And considering the way the transfer student was operating, just maintaining balance would be considered good, let alone mounting an effective counterattack. In the eyes of everyone, the outcome seemed predictable.

Some timid students had already closed their eyes.

Tian Quan watched with interest from above, stroking his chin.

Chang… Haoyang, right?

Do you know that you’re playing with fire right now?

Inside the cockpit, Ji Mingzhu still had time to chat with Axiu.

“I think I’m playing the part quite well,” Ji Mingzhu raised an eyebrow.

“It does look quite convincing,” Axiu replied.

“If I were knocked down in one strike, it would be even more convincing,” Axiu remarked.

“Unlikely,” Ji Mingzhu shrugged. “Geniuses always unleash their formidable fighting power in adversity, turning the tables at the last moment, that’s what makes it exciting and earns the admiration of others, don’t you think?”

“You make a valid point,” Axiu said, “but if you don’t act soon, adversity might turn into a dire situation.”

Ji Mingzhu smiled faintly, gripping the control handles on both sides with one hand each.

In the next instant, the motionless TS01 training mecha suddenly came to life!


The back blade mechanism opened, and the alloy blade sprung out from behind, firmly grasped by the mecha’s hand.

Amidst the audience’s gasps, the power core hummed like thunder, and a sharp light flashed through the air with a tearing sound.

—Spring has come, I won’t speak first. Who dares to make a sound, you little worms?!

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