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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 27

  1. “You’re Tian Nan right?!”

Chang Haoyang’s attack didn’t come as a surprise to many. His arrogant and petty nature was well-known, and when Ji Mingzhu openly stated in front of everyone that Chang Haoyang wasn’t worthy of being his opponent, it was bound to leave a lasting grudge.

However, what many people didn’t expect was that Chang Haoyang directly launched an attack towards Ji Mingzhu’s cockpit. It wasn’t just about determining the winner; it was an act intended to send his opponent to the hospital. Even if he would face consequences from the Zongbingyi Academy afterward, Chang Haoyang didn’t care in the least.

He knew that the Sky Capital desperately needed a skilled Titan pilot. Even if he made a mistake, as long as he showcased the talent to become a Titan pilot, he would still receive protection from many people. Moreover, he was only injuring a commoner without any background. Who would bother to intervene and cause trouble for the legitimate heir of the Chang family?

As Chang Haoyang made his move, the surrounding audience gasped, but soon, they couldn’t spare any concern for Ji Mingzhu’s situation.

Because Ji Mingzhu also made his move!

In the blink of an eye, from the awkward and visibly inexperienced control of the real mecha, Ji Mingzhu sprung the blade mechanism, and the sharp alloy blade tore through the air. It was a mere moment, but the stark contrast was palpable. It was as if a fierce tiger had been released from its cage, revealing a chilling aura at the moment of breaking free from restraints.


The symphony of buzzing clashed as the two alloy blades collided, and the air seemed to freeze momentarily.

Chang Haoyang took the initiative with his attack, utilizing the acceleration provided by the charge to enhance the force of his alloy blade. On the other hand, Ji Mingzhu’s TS01 remained stationary. According to expectations, with both mechas having identical configurations and the same output power, Ji Mingzhu should have been at a disadvantage in this instant clash.

However, reality overturned everyone’s common knowledge. Ji Mingzhu not only blocked the strike but did so with stability! The TS01 took a slight step back with its hind leg, providing the massive mecha with impeccable support, leaving Chang Haoyang’s alloy blade suspended in mid-air, unable to make progress.

Chang Bei’s gaze subtly changed, displaying a hint of surprise.

“Botler Zero-Type Power Overclocking?”

Indeed, the power core of Ji Mingzhu’s operated TS01 was spinning at a rapid pace. A momentary surge of brilliant blue light radiated through the gaps in the armor, imbuing the alloy blade in his hand with a dazzling blue glow.

Botler Zero-Type Power Overclocking, also known as secondary overclocking, was an advanced mecha operation technique that even many Level 5 pilots couldn’t master. Even if experienced pilots knew this move, they might not employ it in real combat.

Being able to compress the power output of the power core through secondary overclocking during battle, resulting in a more powerful burst, brought significant benefits. However, it also carried risks. If not controlled properly, the entire mecha could lose balance instantly, providing the opponent with an opportunity to strike.

Yet, at this moment, everyone witnessed this scene. With just a basic TS01 training mecha and only in a simulated assessment of the mecha combat class, Ji Mingzhu skillfully executed the Botler Zero-Type Power Overclocking technique. The timing was perfect, executed effortlessly. One could imagine the pilot’s poised posture.

My goodness… Is this the level of control a student can possess?

Chang Haoyang, at the same time, widened his eyes in disbelief, unable to fathom what he was witnessing.

But Ji Mingzhu didn’t give him time to react. The intense blue light emitted from the power core didn’t weaken; on the contrary, it grew even stronger than Chang Haoyang’s TS01. Ji Mingzhu swiftly twisted the control handles, pushing them to the limit!


The humming of the power core resonated once again, and Chang Haoyang was taken aback.

In a split second, Ji Mingzhu’s mecha swiftly dodged the incoming blast from Chang Haoyang’s shoulder cannon. The maneuver was incredibly precise, narrowly avoiding a direct hit that would have had devastating consequences. The audience held their breath, witnessing the dangerous and thrilling display of skill.

Chang Haoyang’s eyes widened in disbelief as he realized the gravity of the situation. He attempted to raise his arm to defend himself, but it was too late. Ji Mingzhu’s mecha closed in with lightning speed, the power of the second overclock unleashed. The alloy blade in Ji Mingzhu’s hand accelerated exponentially, its velocity becoming three or four times faster than before, leaving Chang Haoyang with no time to react.


The blade sliced through the air, aiming straight for Chang Haoyang’s mecha. The audience gasped as they watched the scene unfold, realizing that Ji Mingzhu’s skill and control went beyond luck or coincidence. It was pure talent and proficiency in action.

The clash of metal reverberated through the arena as the blade struck Chang Haoyang’s mecha, causing a brilliant display of sparks. The force of the impact sent Chang Haoyang’s mecha stumbling backward, struggling to maintain its balance. Ji Mingzhu seized the advantage, pressing the attack relentlessly.

The spectators were captivated by the intensity of the battle, witnessing the unexpected turn of events. Ji Mingzhu, the underdog, had transformed into a formidable opponent, displaying a level of skill and strategy that left everyone in awe.

As the dust settled, Ji Mingzhu stood tall, his mecha radiating a victorious aura. The crowd erupted into thunderous applause, their earlier doubts and skepticism now replaced with admiration and respect for the newcomer who had defied all expectations.

In that moment, Ji Mingzhu had proven that talent, determination, and a relentless spirit could triumph over even the most experienced and arrogant adversaries. The tide of the battle had shifted, and the outcome was far from certain.

After all, he was the student admitted to the Mecha Combat Class with the highest score. Although Ji Mingzhu’s performance startled him for a moment, he quickly reacted. He swiftly maneuvered his mecha, attempting to break through from the side. At the same time, the armor on his shoulder opened, and the shoulder cannon extended, aiming directly at Ji Mingzhu’s mecha’s head, and fired!

As an instructional mecha model, the TS01 had limited firepower, with only one shot stored in the shoulder cannon. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t have been used at this moment. However, Chang Haoyang had a faint premonition that if he didn’t fire now, he might not get another chance!

Ji Mingzhu’s gaze narrowed slightly.

Still too young.

If it were one of his subordinates, using up the remaining firepower so recklessly in a 1v1 battle, he would scold them to no end during the post-analysis. It was a common mistake made by inexperienced rookies under pressure, their first instinct being to create distance and unleash firepower to create breathing room for themselves. Little did they know that for pilots like Ji Mingzhu, it was full of loopholes.

With a slight movement of the control lever, Ji Mingzhu’s mecha lowered itself directly, narrowly evading the fired projectile. The audience’s hearts were in their throats watching this evasion.

It was so close!

The mecha’s head was just about to be hit by the shoulder cannon. The precision of the dodge was almost like it had been measured with a ruler!

Was it luck? Or was it a stroke of good fortune?

Soon, Ji Mingzhu showed them that it was neither.

It was skill.


The shoulder cannon grazed the mecha’s head, causing a burst of flames on the ground. As the ground shook, Ji Mingzhu’s TS01 had already closed in on Chang Haoyang, activating the secondary overclocking again. The alloy blade in Ji Mingzhu’s hand suddenly accelerated with three to four times the speed, causing Chang Haoyang’s gaze to tremble. He tried to raise his hand to defend…

But it was too late!


The audience in the stands had their vision blurred. They couldn’t even capture the trajectory of the alloy blade from such a distance. In the next moment, the broken half of the alloy blade was already soaring in mid-air.

Chang Haoyang’s mecha’s alloy blade was directly severed!


Chang Haoyang was shocked and panicked. His expression became extremely frantic as he quickly manipulated the control lever, attempting to evade the attack by leaping into the air.

However, before the mecha’s legs could lift off the ground, Ji Mingzhu had already controlled the TS01 to reach out and grab his right foot.

Then, just like swinging a sandbag, Ji Mingzhu forcefully smashed him towards the ground!


The ground shook and rumbled. The two towering steel giants displayed more agility in their battle than human combatants. In just two seconds, they executed dazzling movements that left the spectators astounded. This final grab and smash ignited the passion of the audience, and they erupted into intense cheers and applause!

Ji Mingzhu’s face remained expressionless. For him, this battle held no real challenge. Although Chang Haoyang’s skills were already impressive among his peers, they were still quite immature in Ji Mingzhu’s eyes.

In the field of mecha piloting, Ji Mingzhu indeed possessed the qualifications to be superior to everyone else.



The alloy blade rose once again and then fiercely stabbed down. Chang Haoyang’s TS01 had already lost its balance and was unable to react in time. Even the previous attack, when Ji Mingzhu had forcefully smashed the mecha’s body down, had damaged the joints in TS01’s waist. Even if Chang Haoyang had reacted, the mecha wouldn’t have responded to his commands.

The alloy blade penetrated the armor gap with precise accuracy. Ji Mingzhu’s attack was as skillful as a butcher’s knife carving through meat, breaking through the defense and striking directly at the power core. The blade emitted a dazzling burst of fire, and faintly, one could hear Chang Haoyang’s terrified screams from inside the mecha.

With a sound of shattering, the blue light on Chang Haoyang’s fallen TS01 extinguished, and it completely stopped moving.

“So powerful!”

“Oh my god! This is too…”

“Chang Haoyang didn’t even put up a fight!”

“The movements were too fluid! Is this really a TS01? Are you sure these aren’t actions that only advanced mechas can perform?!”

“Secondary overclocking! That earlier move was definitely secondary overclocking!”

“Ah ah ah ah ah!!!”

“This is our transfer student.”

Zhuge Hua smiled and said to Jin Qing beside him, “The Red Guard Commander personally singled him out to enter the Mecha Combat Class. A young talent like him will surely become the backbone of the Calamity Control Bureau in the future… Your Excellency Jin Qing, Your Excellency Jin Qing?”

Zhuge Hua called out two more times before Jin Qing reacted.


There was no change in Jin Qing’s expression, as if he had just been in a daze.

However, behind Jin Qing’s emotionless eyes, as clear as glass beads, there was a rare sense of perplexity.

It was as if he didn’t know where he had seen this scene before.

The mecha soaring into the sky, being grabbed by another mecha at the leg, fiercely smashed down, and then the blade directly pierced the power core. The fragments and debris of the mecha scattered on the ground, and the strong smell of blood mixed with the unpleasant odor of burning oil. The steel giant slowly approached him from within the flames…

Like rapidly flashing scenes from a slide projector, it all disappeared in an instant. Jin Qing gently closed his eyes and activated the self-examination mode. In just one second, he had already completed the scan of his entire database.

No relevant records were found.

As the cockpit doors of both mechas opened and Ji Mingzhu reappeared in front of everyone, instead of jeers and doubts, he was greeted by overwhelming applause.

People admire the strong, especially the strong in the field of mechas. This is not only because of the awe-inspiring skills demonstrated by Ji Mingzhu, but also because such strong individuals will undoubtedly become the backbone in the future to fight against the Aberrations and exist as guardians of humanity.

Just like Zuo Quanzong.

Chang Haoyang’s face turned pale as he looked at the mecha on the ground that was already beyond recognition. He couldn’t find the words to say.

Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he knew that the failure in this battle couldn’t simply be explained by saying “the opponent had good luck.”

This Ji Mingzhu… was unbelievably strong.

Chang Haoyang had received training in mecha from a young age, and his mecha piloting skills were already enough to surpass his peers. He didn’t want to admit that his skills were inferior. But… up until now, Chang Haoyang had only felt the same kind of oppressive feeling from one other person. That person was Chang Bei, the previous Titan pilot and his nominal older brother.

Ji Mingzhu didn’t pay attention to the stunned Chang Haoyang and went straight back to his position.

Around him were eyes filled with astonishment mixed with admiration. It was at this moment that the classmates from the Mecha Combat Class, who had not paid much attention to Ji Mingzhu before, realized why this seemingly weak young boy had become a transfer student rarely seen in decades.

“Tian Nan!”

Ji Mingzhu sat back in his seat, and You Jia suddenly appeared in front of him, his face filled with excitement and eagerness, along with a hesitant and probing expression. He whispered,

“You are Tian Nan, right??”

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2 months ago

So immortal was just AI inside of aberration smh. Me thinks the AI rebels (?) and twist the story after the calamity, branding theirself as saviour even tho they were created by the one they had saved.

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