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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 3

  1. Sky City

The world’s “Warfall” in this world is developed and promoted by Sky City, with official background support. Naturally, it has become the most popular game today, without a doubt, and has been popular for decades, even like Ji Mingzhu’s previous life, with various professional competitions bustling.

“Warfall” is also a means for Sky City to select talented pilots. In the current human world, which is not peaceful, the Aberrations have their eyes on the human satellite cities. Players who display remarkable piloting talents in “Warfall” also receive official recruitment and become one of the main forces in the human struggle against the Aberrations.

Although they are two different worlds, they share the same game, “Warfall.” It’s unknown whether it’s a coincidence or if the types of mechas and gameplay mechanics are the same in both games.

Ji Mingzhu thought that he must explore the world of “Warfall” in this world when he has the opportunity. Moving on from this topic, he asked, “So, in this world, is Sky City the actual ruler? Or perhaps, the Immortals above?”

“One could say that,” Axiu replied.

Axiu continued, “Most of what humans rely on for their survival in this world is brought by Sky City, including technology, education, a safe living environment, and more. Although each satellite city has its own governing government, these governments themselves obey Sky City.”

It’s similar to many stories in religious myths, where the insignificant humans face imminent catastrophe and then Noah’s Ark arrives, ensuring the survival of various species.

“What is it like on Sky City?” Ji Mingzhu asked Axiu, “Has anyone been there?”

“It seems not—at least, there are no pictures or information about the interior of Sky City available on the civilian network. People describe the interior of Sky City as a fertile, peaceful place, akin to paradise. It’s the dwelling of the Immortals and the last pure land in the world, devoid of conflicts, class divisions, and poverty—only happiness.”

“It sounds like a falsely idyllic place,” Ji Mingzhu commented.

The Sky City above slowly moved across the cityscape, following a predetermined path. Ji Mingzhu pondered for a moment and said, “But perhaps it’s not as beautiful as it seems, just a fabricated image of perfection. This creates expectations, and as long as it remains mysterious enough, people can imagine it as an ideal place… Maybe the real Sky City is not the heavenly paradise everyone envisions, but rather a grimy hell.”

It’s not surprising that he harbours suspicions about Sky City. He comes from a world that advocates atheism, and he holds a high level of caution towards the kind of rule that resembles religion, such as Sky City’s. Moreover, the name “Immortals” sounds distinct from humans, as if they are not the same species.

The sky has always been an area that humans aspire to. Whether it’s the Celestial Palace in Chinese mythology or the Heaven in Western mythology, deities always reside high above in the clouds. When these mythical concepts manifest in a tangible form, they often easily bear the beliefs of humanity, allowing people to look up from the ground, worshipping and revering them.

“This world is not peaceful, and people may need an unattainable ideal to build hope. There is nothing wrong with that,” Axiu said.

“Allow me to remind you that it is not advisable to express such remarks in public. They would be seen as the words of an anti-social and dangerous individual,” Axiu warned.

Ji Mingzhu asked, “Would you report me?”

Axiu calmly replied, “Of course not. I am your artificial intelligence, and I operate based on your will as the highest command.”

“Even if you know that I might not be from this world?” Ji Mingzhu inquired.

After waking up, Ji Mingzhu used the phrase “this world” multiple times in his conversation with Axiu. If Axiu was an intelligent artificial intelligence with sufficient analytical abilities, it would be easy to arrive at an answer.

“Yes,” Axiu responded.

Faced with Ji Mingzhu’s test, Axiu’s tone remained unchanged, his voice as clear as that of a young boy, without any fluctuations. “I am loyal to you. It is an instruction from my underlying code and a mission that I cannot change.”

“This is an intriguing topic,” Ji Mingzhu remarked.

Withdrawing his gaze from Sky City, Ji Mingzhu said, “You claim to be loyal to ‘me,’ but is the concept of ‘me’ at the level of the soul or the biological level? If I truly am a soul from another world inhabiting this body, then your loyalty is clearly not towards the former.”

“From a philosophical perspective, the soul is an immaterial entity that governs the body, a simple understanding of the life aspect held by primitive humans. So far, scientists have not discovered any evidence that proves the existence of the soul,” Axiu said.

“You lack theoretical support for your question,” Axiu added.

Unknowingly, the time has already reached 21:45.

Ji Mingzhu didn’t continue the conversation with Axiu. There wasn’t much time left until the appointed time in the email, so he needed to pick up the pace.

“Turn right fifteen meters ahead.”

Axiu’s voice sounded, and Ji Mingzhu didn’t stop his footsteps. People of all kinds brushed past him, unaware that among them was an unexpected visitor from another world.

After walking straight for a while, Ji Mingzhu naturally turned into a corner and entered a small alley on the right. He continued to walk a few steps, then emerged from the alley. Before him, a clear fence appeared.

Ji Mingzhu had been walking on the street, thinking that he was on the ground. But upon reaching this transparent fence, he approached and looked over, only to discover another street on the opposite side. Below, there were several more streets, with the roads of the entire city intersecting and overlapping, creating a complex network. Between the buildings, electric trams snaked through the steel forest, amidst colorful giant neon billboards. He thought he was on the ground floor, but from this angle, the street he was on seemed to be on the twentieth floor or higher.

He wasn’t directionally challenged, but the size and complexity of this satellite city far exceeded Ji Mingzhu’s imagination. Without Axiu guiding him, even if he had a map, he might not have been able to find his destination successfully.

“Turn right.”

Axiu’s voice rang out once again, and Ji Mingzhu shifted his gaze and walked a few meters along the glass fence before coming to a stop.

In front of him stood a three-story building designed in an antique style. The combination of the sloping roof and the two large stone lions at the entrance seemed somewhat mismatched. The exaggerated and vibrant laser neon lights formed the words “Arcade City,” and one could tell from the people coming and going from the entrance and the customers inside that it was mostly young people. Even standing at the entrance, one could hear the coin sound of “clatter-clatter” and the excited shouts, creating a festive atmosphere akin to the Lunar New Year.

Ji Mingzhu didn’t immediately walk in; he pretended to pass by and observed the entrance for a while. Only after hearing Axiu’s voice saying, “No danger detected,” did he enter the arcade.

Upon entering, Ji Mingzhu immediately saw the familiar gaming pods inside. Although they had some differences in appearance compared to the world he was familiar with, as a professional gamer, Ji Mingzhu could recognize them at a glance. Half of the space in the arcade was occupied by these gaming pods of various colors and designs. Besides the players inside the pods, there were also many people waiting in line outside.

In the center of the arcade, there was a massive holographic screen playing some mecha combat videos. With just a glance, Ji Mingzhu recognized several familiar models, almost identical to the ones in his previous world’s game “Warfall.” The familiar scenes overwhelmed him, momentarily making him think he was still in his original world.

His DNA stirred…

If it weren’t for the timing being inappropriate, Ji Mingzhu would have directly found a gaming pod to experience and see the differences between this high-tech world’s “Warfall” and the world he knew.

He casually picked up a cartoon blue cat plastic mask from a nearby merchandise shelf and put it on. Ji Mingzhu began observing the surrounding environment.

At 22:00, Tianchi Arcade City, Scar, begins the operation.

He had arrived at the location, but what did this “Scar” behind him mean? Was he supposed to find someone with a scar as a contact person?

Ji Mingzhu looked around while instructing Axiu to scan for people nearby with scar features.


A crisp sound of a game coin entering the slot reached his ears.

The entire arcade was incredibly noisy, with a cacophony of voices, game music, and other sounds blending together, giving Ji Mingzhu a slight headache. In such a noisy environment, the buzzing sound of the game coin was surprisingly clear, as if it were ringing right next to his ear.

Ji Mingzhu sensed something and looked in the direction where the sound came from.

Not far away stood a young man with an ordinary appearance, completely unremarkable in the crowd. At this moment, the young man leaned against an arcade machine, tossing a game coin up and down in his hand. It spun in the air for a few rounds before landing on the man’s thumb, and with a flick, the coin was sent flying again.

Ji Mingzhu wore a cartoon mask that concealed his face, making it impossible to see his features from the outside. However, Ji Mingzhu was certain that in the instant he turned his head, the young man’s gaze met the eyes hidden beneath his mask.

The two locked eyes for almost ten seconds, neither of them speaking a word.

After a while, the man put away the coin, without any interaction with Ji Mingzhu, and simply left the spot.

Ji Mingzhu noticed the arcade machine he had relied on. It was a relatively old-fashioned machine, and compared to others that used holographic screens and virtual interfaces, this one still had physical joysticks. Even with regular maintenance, the worn-out marks on its exterior were hard to miss. Above the screen was an animated avatar of a person with a wolf head, and the profile view of the wolf head had an unmistakable scar.

Watching the man leave, Ji Mingzhu pondered for a moment and decided to follow him.

The man didn’t look back but walked straight towards the interior of the arcade. Ji Mingzhu trailed behind at a distance, feeling increasingly nervous.

The surrounding voices gradually faded away, transitioning from noisy to calm. In the dimly lit corridor, Ji Mingzhu could even hear his own breathing and heartbeat.

Although he didn’t know what awaited him, Ji Mingzhu was even less willing to sit and wait in a state of complete ignorance.

Both of them silently moved forward, and soon they arrived at a place that resembled a warehouse. Several outdated arcade machines were scattered around, covered in a thick layer of dust. The man ahead of them came to a halt.

Ji Mingzhu also stopped, maintaining a distance without getting closer. His gaze, concealed by the mask, was fixed firmly on the man in front of him.

In the next second, Ji Mingzhu’s pupils abruptly contracted.

The man turned around, holding a silver-gray gun in his hand. The black muzzle was already aimed at Ji Mingzhu’s head.

“Your hormone levels have changed. Your adrenaline has increased, resulting in sympathetic nervous system excitement and accelerated heart rate, exceeding 100 beats per minute.”

Axiu’s voice resonated in Ji Mingzhu’s mind: “You are currently in a highly anxious state…”

Ji Mingzhu didn’t have time to pay attention to what Axiu was saying at the moment.

The moment he saw the black muzzle, Ji Mingzhu’s nerves snapped like a bowstring, and his heart began to race rapidly.

The first instinct when facing danger is to flee, but Ji Mingzhu’s mind still held onto rationality. He was currently in the middle of the warehouse, and the nearest cover was at least four to five meters away. The speed of human movement is far slower than the speed of a bullet. In the instant he moved his body, the opponent’s bullet could instantly hit him.

Stay calm, stay calm…

Ji Mingzhu suppressed the urge to turn around and run immediately, allowing himself to calm down.

He spoke in a deep voice, “What do you mean?”

Ji Mingzhu tried to use concise language and a calm tone, avoiding exposing the nervousness within himself.

At a time like this, if he showed fear, it would be disastrous.

“Don’t be so serious, it was just a joke.”

The young man in front of him smiled, and with a flick of his wrist, he tossed the silver-gray ** to Ji Mingzhu. “Here, it’s a new toy developed by the R&D department. 0.50 AE caliber, equipped with an internal stabilizer, very little recoil.”

Ji Mingzhu instinctively caught the gun thrown by the other person.

Unbeknownst to him, his palm was already sweaty.

He was right in his thoughts. If the other person really wanted to kill him, there was no need to go through the trouble of sending him an email for a meeting. If he had turned around and run out of fear just now, it would have aroused suspicion, and he would probably have been met with a bullet.

“It’s been a few days since we last met, and your temper has improved quite a bit. But you’re still so dull.”

The young man smiled and said, “We’ve been working together for quite some time, and you’re always so serious. Aren’t you tired?”

The other party didn’t notice that the person in front of them had changed, which relieved Ji Mingzhu.

Since there was no suspicion, it meant that his response just now didn’t raise any issues. It seemed that the original person he replaced was a serious and cold individual, giving Ji Mingzhu ample room to maneuver. After all, the more you speak, the more likely you are to make mistakes.

Ji Mingzhu was now grateful that he had put on the mask from the arcade before coming. With the mask covering his face, hiding his expressions, he could effectively conceal his emotions and avoid being detected by the other party.

The young man seemed accustomed to Ji Mingzhu’s lack of response and continued, “Let’s go. Yu Heng is waiting for us upstairs. Tonight’s operation is crucial, and the Security and Calamity Department has precise deployments. We can’t afford any mistakes; we must succeed.”

After speaking, the man turned around and fumbled on the wall for a moment, pressing something, and then the wall split open, revealing a hidden elevator.

The elevator’s light illuminated the dim warehouse, creating a white path. Ji Mingzhu didn’t particularly want to step inside. The situation was gradually deviating from his expectations, and the elevator in front of him was like a gateway to the unknown. He had no idea what awaited him, but evidently, at this moment, he had no other choice.

Ji Mingzhu slightly tightened his grip on the silver-gray ** in his hand. He didn’t know how to use this thing, but the cold touch of the metal gave him a sense of security. Ji Mingzhu collected himself and followed the man into the elevator.

The man didn’t speak, and Ji Mingzhu certainly wouldn’t initiate a conversation.

The elevator doors closed slowly.

Ji Mingzhu’s mind was contemplating the information the man had just revealed.

“Yu Heng is waiting for us upstairs” indicated that there were more than just the two of them here; there were other teammates accompanying them. The man in front of him didn’t suspect his identity, but that didn’t mean others wouldn’t be able to tell.

“Tonight’s operation is crucial” confirmed Ji Mingzhu’s previous speculation. The original person indeed belonged to some organization and was about to undertake a secret mission tonight.

And the name mentioned by the man just now, “Security and Calamity Department”…


Ji Mingzhu called Axiu’s name in his mind.

“I’m here.”

“Do you have any information on the Security and Calamity Department?”

“I do.”

Axiu quickly responded, “The Security and Calamity Department is a direct organization under Sky City. Its main function is to manage affairs in the satellite cities, execute the orders issued by the Sky City government, deploy measures to eliminate invading creatures, and more. It is divided into five departments…”

The true rulers of this world are not the governments within each satellite city, but Sky City itself, or rather, the Immortal Clan residing in Sky City. However, the Immortal Clan rarely leaves Sky City, so they need a subordinate organization capable of implementing their will, and the Calamity Control Bureau serves as the spokesperson for Sky City on the ground.

The Calamity Control Bureau wields immense power and serves as the main force for human resistance against the Exotics. Just as their name suggests, they are responsible for pacifying calamities in the satellite cities, safeguarding the survival space for humans, and if necessary, they can bypass the governments of the satellite cities and directly exercise their authority.

Upon hearing this, Ji Mingzhu’s heart sank.

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