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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 31

  1. You’re not Tian Shu right?

“Take it easy for now,” said Yu Heng as she stood up, softening her tone. “Yao Guang is also a member of my team. If there’s any way, of course, we don’t want to give up on him. But the situation is different now. Yao Guang has been taken to the Pestilence Division, and that’s on Calamity Control Bureau’s turf. If we want to save him, we…”

Unless the Netherworld Organization has the courage to go all out and directly confront Calamity Control Bureau’s headquarters, it’s as difficult as reaching the sky to rescue Yao Guang.

Does Netherworld have such capability? Perhaps they do. Over these many years, the Netherworld Organization’s infiltration of various organizations has been quite deep. If they really want to confront the Calamity Control Bureau head-on, the Netherworld Organization might be able to use their years of preparation to rescue Yao Guang right under Calamity Control Bureau’s nose.

But… Yao Guang isn’t worth it. In other words, Yao Guang isn’t worthy of the Netherworld Organization causing a commotion for him.


Tian Quan raised his hand and slapped away Yu Heng’s hand, taking a step back, his gaze filled with indescribable anger as he stared at her.

“Tian Quan,” Tian Ji’s tone turned cold and stern. “You’re not a newcomer anymore; you should know the importance of the situation.”

“Importance?” Tian Quan sneered, speaking each word deliberately. “Yao Guang and I have been with the organization for so long, we’ve done so much for them, and in the end, this is the outcome. You’re talking to me about importance?”

“How light is Yao Guang’s life? How heavy are your lives?!”

Tian Quan pointed at Ji Mingzhu beside him and said, “If it was Tian Shu who got caught today, would you still say such things? In your eyes, are we just insignificant pawns? For the sake of so-called greater plans, you are willing to kill Yao Guang before the Calamity Control Bureau even makes a move. Is that your attitude? Today it’s Yao Guang, who will it be tomorrow?”

Ji Mingzhu’s gaze flickered slightly.

Tian Quan gritted his teeth and said, “Since you don’t want to save him, then I’ll find a way myself.”

“What can you do?” Tian Ji frowned. “Do you think the Calamity Control Bureau is some backyard of your home?”

Yu Heng tried to advise, “Tian Quan, don’t be impulsive…”

“I’m not impulsive. I’m calm now,” Tian Quan said and then deeply glanced at Tian Ji, the leader sitting at the main seat, before leaving the concealed meeting room without looking back.

Kai Yang was just a newcomer to the team and had never witnessed such a situation before, so he could only lower his head in silence, trying his best to be inconspicuous.

“He’s going to cause trouble,” the masked figure Tian Xuan, who had been silent all along, said softly.

Ji Mingzhu noticed the strange mechanical quality in Tian Xuan’s voice, as if it was being altered by a voice changer. He became curious about Tian Xuan’s identity. Since Tian Xuan not only wore a blue mask but also concealed their body in a large robe, Ji Mingzhu couldn’t discern their appearance, age, or even their gender.

“I’ll talk to Tian Quan later.”

Yu Heng came to her senses and said to Tian Ji, “He’s just being impulsive. After all, he and Yao Guang are very close friends. It’s normal to feel unsettled for a moment. I…”

“No need to worry,” Tian Ji interrupted, shaking his head. He said to Yu Heng, “That’s not the main point of our discussion today. If Tian Quan wants to act on his own, then…”

His tone was calm, but the unspoken meaning in his words sent a chilling feeling to those who heard it.

It seemed that the internal situation in the organization was not entirely united either…

Ji Mingzhu silently pondered.

A thought gradually took shape in Ji Mingzhu’s mind.

Ji Mingzhu spoke, “You called me here, what’s the matter?”

His tone was nonchalant, and his attitude seemed very natural. “I’m still on a mission, and calling me out at this critical moment means I have to take considerable risks.”

Tian Ji flicked his hand, and a small black object flew towards Ji Mingzhu. Instinctively, he reached out and caught it.

It was a small alloy token with a complex serial number written on it, and a snake-like totem pattern on the back.

“The item I borrowed from you last time, I’m returning it now,” Tian Ji said. “It should be helpful for your mission. Take the opportunity to check it out.”

From the tone of his voice, it seemed like it was something the original owner had lent to Tian Ji.

Although Ji Mingzhu was curious, he maintained a calm demeanor and simply replied, tucking the token into his pocket.


“I’m searching,” Axiu quickly scanned the shape and pattern on the token and soon gave an answer, “I found relevant search results in the dark web. This is an anonymous certificate from a storage facility in the underground black market of Shangjing City.”

The black market’s storage facility could be understood as a place similar to an underground bank, where items stored were anonymous. Not only did many underground organizations favor this location for keeping valuable items, but even some corporate executives and government officials liked to store illicit assets here to evade scrutiny from Calamity Control Bureau’s Water Division.

Always coming to offer a pillow when you’re sleepy…

Ji Mingzhu secretly raised an eyebrow.

The original owner must have had some assets after serving in Netherworld for so long. Ji Mingzhu initially thought he hadn’t inherited the original memories, so it seemed unlikely that he would have any connection to the original owner’s possessions. But to his surprise, the situation turned around. The original owner had actually lent his storage certificate to Tian Ji, and now Tian Ji was returning it to him…

If he could find some useful information about the Netherworld in the black market’s warehouse, that would be fantastic. If luck was on his side, maybe he would even discover some mechas or other valuable items…

Get rich!

Ji Mingzhu was itching with excitement, even considering leaving the meeting right away to sneak into the black market and explore the original owner’s assets.

Seeing Ji Mingzhu’s silence, Tian Ji misunderstood his thoughts and said, “Relax, I didn’t touch your belongings. My mission encountered some unexpected issues, and I couldn’t make it to the black market.”

Ji Mingzhu responded nonchalantly, “Alright.”

But inside, he was delighted, thinking, “Great, those items are all mine now!”

Kai Yang tentatively asked, “So, what is the matter this time?”

He hadn’t been a member of the Big Dipper Squad for long, and most of the time, he only had direct contact with Yu Heng. This was the first time he had experienced such a gathering where everyone was present, and he had a feeling that it must be something significant.

Tian Ji said, “There are two things.”

“The first one is that we received information that the ‘High Priest’ of Sky City has fallen into a deep slumber. Now is the weakest moment for Sky City’s power, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Tian Ji said, “We need to find an opportunity to enter Sky City.”

“The Great Priest?”

It was the first time Ji Mingzhu heard this title, and it sounded quite prestigious.

Kai Yang asked in confusion, “Who is the Great Priest?”

Ji Mingzhu secretly praised Kai Yang’s question, “Good one, my man! That’s exactly what I wanted to ask!”

Yu Heng explained, “The Great Priest is the ruler of Sky City and also the leader of the Immortals.”

In the folktales about the Immortals, their leader was referred to as the “Divine Master.” Legend had it that when humans faced a crisis, the “Divine Master” would lead the Immortals from beyond the horizon to descend and possess the power to destroy heaven and earth. He could overturn mountains and rivers with a wave of his hand and purify humans tainted by other races. The Divine Master was an omnipotent symbol and the revered lord of the Immortals.

He was mysterious, powerful, omnipresent, and immortal.

Ji Mingzhu was astonished by all the hair-raising descriptions. He already knew the truth about the Immortals; this Great Priest was probably also an artificial intelligence, similar to the mechanical leaders in movies.

So, the Great Priest fell into a deep slumber… Does that mean he shut down? What happened, did he encounter a bug or get infected with a virus?

Ji Mingzhu found his own humor amusing, and his lips curved beneath the mask, but he quickly suppressed it.

“The second matter,” Tian Ji continued, unaware of Ji Mingzhu’s momentary distraction, “is that Sky City has a batch of S-grade mecha power cores that will be sent to Calamity Control Bureau in half a month.”

Kaixiang asked, “Are we going to snatch these cores from the Calamity Control Bureau?”

“Yes,” Tian Ji nodded, “but not all of them. Part of this batch of cores will be handed over to Thunder Division’s mecha manufacturing division to be installed in a prepared group of mechas. The other part will be sent to Lu Yanta Group for trial installation and docking. Our target is this particular batch of power cores.”

“Are we going to take them directly?”

“It’s challenging. The Calamity Control Bureau highly values this batch of cores, and given our current level of mechas and the number of pilots, it’s quite difficult to snatch them away.”

Tian Ji shook his head, “We can only break through from the inside. Besides, our top ace pilot from the Netherworld Organization is currently undercover at Zongbingyi Academy as a student. Even if Tian Shu could join the mission, I don’t want him to take that risk.”

“But we have obtained information on the current leader of Lu Yan Tower,” Yu Heng took over, “He publicly claims to have only one heir, but in reality, that heir is just the child of a servant, a front to deceive the public. The real successor is someone else, currently studying at Zongbingyi Academy. If we can capture this successor, the leader of the corporation will likely be willing to cooperate with us.”

“These wealthy folks have quite a few tricks up their sleeves,” Kai Yang remarked, feeling a bit overwhelmed. “What’s the name of this successor we need to capture?”

“You Jia,” Yu Heng replied.

Upon hearing that name, Ji Mingzhu’s gaze froze for a moment.

When Ji Mingzhu emerged from the concealed secret door, he saw Tian Quan smoking in the darkness. It was the first time Ji Mingzhu had seen Tian Quan smoke.

The bright red cigarette butt mixed with hazy smoke burned in the night, and tiny sparks gently fell to the ground. Tian Quan leaned against the motorcycle, and upon noticing Ji Mingzhu coming out, he casually extinguished the cigarette in his hand.

Ji Mingzhu reseated himself on the back of Tian Quan’s motorcycle, and neither of them spoke, just like when they had arrived. They silently headed towards the direction of Zongbingyi Academy.

“Do you want to help the Netherworld Organization complete this mission?” Axiu’s voice sounded.

Netherworld Organization’s target was the Sky City and also You Jia. Ji Mingzhu was now a student at Zongbingyi Academy and had become quite close to You Jia. Given You Jia’s attitude towards Ji Mingzhu, if he chose to cooperate, the Netherworld Organization’s mission would go very smoothly.

“What are you talking about?” Ji Mingzhu was somewhat surprised and responded in his mind, “Of course not.”

Not only did he not plan to help the Netherworld Organization with the mission, but he also had bigger plans.

He knew very little about the Netherworld Organization. Although the Big Dipper Squad consisted of seven members, they were far from the core of the entire organization. Figures like Bai Weng, the members of the Netherworld Organization’s “Core Council,” and the highest echelon “Supreme Bureau,” were the real heavyweights.

In fact, whether it was the Netherworld Organization or the Sky City, Ji Mingzhu didn’t have a good impression of either. But comparatively, the people in the Calamity Control Bureau seemed to be more humane than those in the Netherworld Organization. Rather than living a dangerous life where their cover could be blown at any moment while working for the Netherworld Organization, he felt it might be better to join the Calamity Control Bureau and become a formal mecha pilot.

Looking at Tian Quan’s back, Ji Mingzhu’s gaze flickered, as if pondering something.

“Do you want to rescue Yao Guang?” Ji Mingzhu suddenly spoke.

Amidst the roaring wind as the motorcycle sped along, Ji Mingzhu’s voice wasn’t loud, but Tian Quan still heard it clearly.

“Did Yu Heng send you to persuade me?” Tian Quan didn’t turn his head, his tone tinged with a hint of mockery, “Afraid I’ll act on my own and disrupt your plans?”

Ji Mingzhu didn’t reply but continued, “How long have you been with the Netherworld Organization?”

“…Two years. Why are you asking this?” Tian Quan furrowed his brows.

Two years meant that Tian Quan’s loyalty to the Netherworld Organization wasn’t as strong as imagined.

Indeed, if Tian Quan had been adopted into the organization from a young age and undergone years of brainwashing, he wouldn’t have engaged in a direct argument with Tian Ji and the others over Yao Guang’s matter. Ji Mingzhu was more inclined to believe that Tian Quan and Yao Guang joined the Netherworld Organization for some shared interest.

“Axiu, monitor Tian Quan’s physiological data,” Ji Mingzhu commanded.


In a place where Tian Quan didn’t notice, Axiu’s all-pervading scanning ability had silently enveloped him. Every action, every spoken word, and every fluctuation in his emotions would be captured through physiological data like breath, pulse, and heart rate.

“What exactly are you trying to say?” Tian Quan, sensing Ji Mingzhu’s silence, grew curious and pressed further.

For some reason, a strange premonition blossomed in Tian Quan’s heart. He felt something but couldn’t be certain.

“What I mean is,” Ji Mingzhu’s voice slowly began, a soft whisper, “I can help you rescue Yao Guang.”


Tian Quan hit the brakes, and the motorcycle, speeding along the dimly lit path, came to an abrupt stop.

Tian Quan turned around, his gaze locked onto Ji Mingzhu’s eyes.

In the moonlight, Ji Mingzhu’s attractive features appeared bright. Their gazes met and interwove. Tian Quan was a clever person; even though Ji Mingzhu had only uttered that one sentence, he quickly formulated several guesses in his mind.

It was a test and an opportunity.

After a deep look at Ji Mingzhu, Tian Quan let out a light laugh.

Tian Quan said, “Alright.”

He didn’t even inquire about Ji Mingzhu’s purpose.

Ji Mingzhu was a bit surprised, “Do you know what I’m going to say?”

“I’m not some dog raised by the Netherworld Organization,” Tian Quan replied. “Since we’ve come to this point, why not be open and tell you frankly? If you help me rescue Yao Guang, both Yao Guang and I are willing to owe you our lives. It doesn’t matter if you have your own agenda or… you want to do something against the Netherworld Organization.”

Axiu’s voice echoed in Ji Mingzhu’s mind, “He’s not lying.”

“I’ve had this feeling before”..

Tian Quan gazed at Ji Mingzhu, his voice gentle as he continued, “You… are not Tian Shu, right?”

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2 months ago

MC outright was going to ditch the netherworld. Kinda worried cuz it seems like exposing the scam that is Sky City feels more convenient if he’s in a secret organization? Rather than the government whose outwardly their (the immortal’s) dog.

1 month ago
Reply to  Morianse

Naah like he said the government is much better than a group that’s no better than terrorists. I kind of rooted for the Netherland at the beginning but in the end it’s the same brutal organisation that’s willing to threaten and abandon it’s members. Not to mention MC doesn’t even want to expose any scam, he’s only acting for his own safety and being an authorised pilot is much much safer than being in some shady aah organisation he doesn’t even know the purpose of

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