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After Winning The Esports Championship I'm Going To Pilot A Mecha

After Winning The Esports Championship I’m Going To Pilot A Mecha: Chapter 32

  1. Before the plan starts, let’s have a quick snack.

“Why do you think that way?” Ji Mingzhu’s breath slightly hitched, and he countered with a question.


Tian Quan looked at him. “The tone, the expression… Although Tian Shu was never very talkative, during this recent period, I’ve sensed a subtle difference in you.”

“Such as?”

“When you talk to me, you hardly bring up any topics yourself. Instead, you wait for me to initiate the conversation, and then you respond. And every time we meet, you wear a mask and a face covering. It’s likely to prevent any clues from appearing in your expressions, thus revealing something…”

As Tian Quan pondered, he continued, “Like just now, when we entered the room. Even though you were the one who led me through this secret passage originally, this time you let me go first… While it’s possible to explain it in other ways, all these oddities combined make it hard to ignore this sense of abruptness.”

“Just because of these, you thought I’m not the real Tian Shu?”

“That’s what I initially thought.”

Tian Quan shook his head. “But that doesn’t quite add up. If you’re not Tian Shu, why do you look exactly the same as Tian Shu? If you were placed by some other power within the Netherworld Organization, you wouldn’t be so… completely unaware.”

“It’s simple.”

Ji Mingzhu smiled. “I am Tian Shu, but not entirely… I’ve lost my memory.”

“Memory loss?”

This answer left Tian Quan momentarily stunned. “That actually makes sense… When did it start? Let me think… Was it during the operation with Jin Qing? When we met at that time, you must have already been in a state of memory loss?”


This explanation perfectly addressed all the doubts Tian Quan had. Besides memory loss, there truly was no other plausible reason. Given Tian Shu’s past strength and caution, even if it were from Ping Huo Bureau, it would be near impossible to secretly replace him with someone who looked exactly like him without the Netherworld Organization noticing.

“I see.”

Tian Quan gave Ji Mingzhu a deep look. “Apart from memories related to the Netherworld Organization, are the rest of your memories intact… like your mecha skills?”

Ji Mingzhu nodded. “Yes.”

Tian Quan continued, “So, you need to find an ally within the Netherworld Organization. On one hand, they can help you gather information without arousing suspicion. On the other hand, this person should not be too loyal to the Netherworld Organization. It would be even better if they’ve developed some resentment toward the Netherworld Organization due to certain matters.”

Tian Quan was indeed very clever. Ji Mingzhu openly admitted, “Yes.”

Tian Quan squinted. “You’re telling me all this, aren’t you worried…”

Ji Mingzhu chuckled. “First, you’re an intelligent person. You should also understand that the Netherworld Organization won’t save Yao Guang. Even if they have the capability, they won’t pay such a high price for Yao Guang. More likely, before you rescue Yao Guang, the Netherworld Organization will secretly kill him in the Pestilence Division.”

Tian Quan pursed his lips but remained silent.

“Second, you’re right about one thing – you’re not truly loyal to the Netherworld Organization,” Ji Mingzhu continued. “You mentioned the operation at the research institute two months ago. You saw me taking something from the institute, yet you chose not to report me but instead kept that secret… This is the second reason why I’m willing to help you.”


Ji Mingzhu paused, revealing a rather mysterious smile. “Since I’ve chosen to come clean and discuss these matters with you here, naturally, I wouldn’t be without any tricks up my sleeve.”

Tian Quan was taken aback.

He seemed to have sensed something and lowered his head, finding an inconspicuous red dot on his chest.

With his experience, he naturally knew what it was.

“Automaton-style Anti-Reconnaissance Sentinel Gun…”

Tian Quan looked towards the direction from which the red dot was emitted. “You can actually control…”

Just sixty-seven meters away from where they were in this alley, there stood an unremarkable building. This building was the private property of the Lai Qu Group, with three unmanned anti-reconnaissance sentinel guns installed on its rooftop.

“These three sentinel guns are technically illegal armaments, but since they belong to a Group, and they keep these things hidden, unless they’re too blatant, the Calamity Control Bureau won’t interfere. And these sentinel guns won’t be active most of the time; they are only used during specific occasions to safeguard the headquarters of the Lei Qu Group.

Naturally, the firewall of the Lei Qu Group is tight enough. Even Tian Shu would find it difficult to breach these sentinel guns without a backdoor. However, for Axiu, as long as the firewall wasn’t handled by the Calamity Control Bureau, it’s not too challenging for it to quietly crack and infiltrate.

While Axiu monitored Tian Quan’s heart rate and physiological signs to check for signs of lying, Ji Mingzhu had already discreetly taken control of one of these sentinel guns. From this angle, it could perfectly aim at Tian Quan’s location, and if Tian Quan made any suspicious movements, Axiu would be able to easily take him out.

“No wonder you’re so fearless,” Tian Quan remarked, not expressing any dissatisfaction but rather acknowledging and admiring Ji Mingzhu’s prudence. “Who’s controlling that sentinel gun? Your friend? Can I meet them?”

Ji Mingzhu took out a pair of headphones from his pocket and handed them to Tian Quan. He gestured to put them on.

Confused, Tian Quan took the headphones and wore them. From the headphones, a mechanized voice of a young boy emanated.

“Hello, Tian Quan. I’m Axiu.”

Tian Quan was taken aback. “This is… an artificial intelligence? But, aren’t artificial intelligences banned…”

“Since it’s a collaboration, I naturally need to show my sincerity,” Ji Mingzhu said. “By the way, let me tell you something. While research into artificial intelligence is officially prohibited, in reality, artificial intelligence has firmly established its foothold in this world, with quite extensive teams behind them.”

“What do you mean?”

Ji Mingzhu didn’t speak but gestured to the starry night sky above.

Tian Quan hesitated. “Are you saying…”

The news was astonishing.

Upon learning this, Tian Quan quickly realized why Yao Guang, who had never failed before, was discovered by the Calamity Control Bureau at this crucial juncture.

“I’ve already shown you my sincerity,” Ji Mingzhu said. “I’ll help you rescue Yao Guang. In return, you also need to help me… dismantle the Netherworld Organization.”

“Both of us? Plus Axiu?”

Tian Quan hadn’t expected Ji Mingzhu’s ambitions to be this significant.

“It’s not that I want to do this, but we have no choice.”

Ji Mingzhu looked at Tian Quan. “As long as the Netherworld Organization exists, we will always be under threat. Given the Netherworld Organization’s style, once they know we’ve betrayed them, they won’t give up easily. You wouldn’t want Yao Guang to be rescued only to be pursued by the Netherworld Organization afterward, right?”

Taking a deep breath, Tian Quan replied, “It’s thrilling… but intriguing.”

It was as if he was reacquainting himself with Ji Mingzhu. “Is this your goal? If someday your memory returns, will you still hold onto your current ideas?”

Ji Mingzhu’s lips curved. “We’ll discuss future matters in the future. For now, I’ve already come clean. Will you join?”

“I don’t seem to have many other options.”

Tian Quan smiled. “But I have one condition… try not to involve Yao Guang too much. After rescuing him, I hope Axiu can create a new identity and background for Yao Guang, so he can live a peaceful life.”

Ji Mingzhu was curious. “I’m quite interested to know – your relationship with Yao Guang… Are you brothers? Or…”

“We’re not related by blood,” Tian Quan explained. “Yao Guang and I both grew up on the streets of Shangjing City.”

“But Yao Guang and I are different… I grew up in the slums, but Yao Guang escaped from a welfare institute.”

Children who grew up in the slums always carried a wolf-like bloodlust in their gaze because of their precarious circumstances. They would seize every opportunity to survive, fight brutally for a morsel of food, for something useful, and they would clash at garbage processing stations, biting and tearing at each other.

“His parents were originally officials of the Shangjing City government. To a certain extent, he also came from a privileged family. When I first saw him on the poverty-stricken street, I knew at a glance that this child wasn’t one of us.”

Mentioning Yao Guang softened Tian Quan’s gaze considerably.

Ji Mingzhu paused for a moment.

From a certain angle, Tian Quan’s current expression was quite similar to Ji 【Qi Ming】’s.

Very gentle.

However, this was just a fleeting moment. Tian Quan quickly concealed the emotions in his eyes. It seemed he wasn’t eager to discuss his relationship with Yao Guang. “Do you have a plan for rescuing Yao Guang?”

Ji Mingzhu shrugged. “Plans are usually worked out through careful deliberation, right?”

“The defenses of the Calamity Control Bureau are stringent. It’s nearly impossible to infiltrate from the outside.”

Tian Quan frowned. “Netherworld Organization has a few informants within the Calamity Control Bureau, but they only answer to Bai Weng and a few members of the Core Council. Even if it were you, you wouldn’t be able to control them.”

“Do you know who these informants in the Calamity Control Bureau are?”

“I only know the identities of two of them.”

Tian Quan said, “I had brief contact with them during previous missions. Besides the Calamity Control Bureau, there are also some undercover agents placed by the Satellite City government. For instance, during the operation involving Jin Qing, that senior director was one of them.”

Tian Quan then mentioned a few names. Ji Mingzhu had Axiu jot down these names, preparing to find a breakthrough from them and gradually expose these informants of the Netherworld Organization.

“We’ll need to avoid these people’s surveillance to rescue Yao Guang.”

Tian Quan said, “The matter of you helping me save Yao Guang should also be kept hidden from the Netherworld Organization. They haven’t suspected you yet. Your identity is unique. As long as you avoid excessive contact with their operatives, there shouldn’t be much risk of exposure for now.”

Within the Big Dipper Squad, Tian Shu was also a rather mysterious character. He had close connections with Bai Weng, Tian Ji, and others. He had a chance of entering the Core Council of the Netherworld Organization.

Once the Netherworld Organization learns of Ji Mingzhu’s intentions, they would undoubtedly eliminate him immediately. Currently, Ji Mingzhu, Tian Quan, and Yao Guang were all hanging by a thread. If Ji Mingzhu were exposed, Yao Guang and Tian Quan would also be in danger.

After pondering for a moment, Ji Mingzhu asked, “How long do you think Yao Guang can hold on?”

“Considering the Calamity Control Bureau’s modus operandi, after they capture Yao Guang, they’ll try to extract information about the Netherworld Organization from him. Yao Guang is a technician, not a threat. The Calamity Control Bureau probably won’t resort to strong measures immediately.”

Tian Quan thought for a moment and said, “Yao Guang isn’t that stubborn. He’ll likely reveal some relatively unimportant information to buy some time… Ten days, at most ten days. After this period, even if Yao Guang manages to stall further, the Netherworld Organization probably won’t give him that opportunity.”

Ten days…

This timeframe wasn’t necessarily long or short, but rescuing Yao Guang within ten days was indeed a challenging task.

Ji Mingzhu nodded, indicating he understood, then got back on the back seat of Tian Quan’s motorcycle. “Let’s go.”

Tian Quan was puzzled. “Go where?”

“Back to school.”

Ji Mingzhu looked at Tian Quan strangely. “Don’t tell me you want me to rush into the Calamity Control Bureau now, shouting ‘Release Yao Guang, or I’ll cause a scene’?”

Tian Quan: “…”

He was now truly certain that the youth before him was completely different from Tian Shu.

Ji Mingzhu said, “These next few days will probably keep us busy. Tomorrow we’ll need to take a day off. You’ll have to accompany me to the black market.”

“Why the black market?”

Ji Mingzhu reached into his pocket and touched the metal token inside. “To unseal the packet.”

Tian Quan: “?”

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Inner Child
8 months ago

And he says it with a straight face too.

9 months ago

pfft- " to unseal the packet" hahaha why do you sound like your unsealing some illegal dr*ugs? HAHAHA

2 months ago

Yall, this is a happy ending right? MC choices and plot development really make me worry rn. Like, I’ve seen some action with undercover MCs, but I’ve never seen anything like this where it gave me anxiety (towards MC and his ending) in a CN novel.

2 months ago
Reply to  Morianse

Don’t worry it’s definitely HE

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